The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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Welcome, gentle folk, to the first Omake Olympics!

This thread will soon become a battleground for some of the most prevalent authors on the forums duel for supremacy, first in four separate categories and then neck to neck!

Participants are encouraged to give themselves over-the-top titles to suit their lofty stations! Get whimsical with it! Have fun, peoples!

Let the Olympics begin!

General Rules!

These rules may be subject to change should it prove necessary.

1: Authors may participate in all events, and submit as many individual stories as they wish! Separate stories for each event will be acceptable, but in the event that both win their respective category the author may select only one to proceed into the final round! Props to the author that manages to win multiple events with a single submission.

2: Authors may not continue previous omake, unless the omake they are continuing was first written during events. If this is the case the author may, if they so wish, combine the omakes in question into a single entry in the final round should they win an event with one of them.

3: Authors can be judges: however, they cannot judge in the category if they wish to participate in it for obvious reasons!

4: The Deadline for signing up for the first event is one week after all the judges for the first event have submitted themselves! After that, each author must then sign up to each succeeding event one week before that event starts! If you haven't signed up to be either a participant or a judge, then you'll just have to be a spectator!

5: Final Deadline for submitting entries to an event will be two weeks after the event begins! Failing to meet this deadline will lead to immediate disqualification and SHAAAAAME! Some leeway will be afforded, however, to allow for different time zones.

6: Judges may only preside 3 events, and each category may only be presided by 3-5 judges. Choose wisely. (If there are not enough judges or too many, these numbers might change.)

7: If you wish to participate, please make your wish to do so clear. You are encouraged to use bold to denote this. (Like so: "I am Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Contest and I would like to participate in Y and Y and judge in Z!")

8: Each Judge will assign a rank of 1-10 to each entry, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. The average of each rank will then be that entry's score. Ties will throw a monkey wrench into this scoring method, so judges beware!

9: The order of events will be decided by the judges. The first set of judges will decide the second event as, and the second set will decide the third event and so and so forth!

10: All submissions must be related to IF or HoS - the power of random will not avail you! If you can draw the story from one setting into another, then you are free to mix and match as you like! Simply try to mix with things most people would know of: more enjoyment for all, that way!

Event Rules: to be established at the discretion of the judges.

The Events!

Events can be added, provided of course that the event in question has more than two participants.

The Second Event!

Bad-assitude! - Authors competing in this category will each strive to find a way to weaponize the power of awesome in order to destroy their enemies! Submissions to this category will duel with words until only one remains! Because there can only be one!

Prize: The author of the most bad-*ss story will have an ethereal lumberjack beard grafted onto their spiritual body! While the beard is not visible to all but the most spiritually-attuned of eyes, it nevertheless fills those around the wearer with inexplicable fear and dread! WARNING: You may feel a sudden urge to flex, spontaneously compose guitar solos and/or surf down a mountain on a river of lava.

Last Day of Entry: May 12th

Last Day of Submission: May 26th


Kinglugia, Bringer of Storms and Raincaller!

thirdfang, Erudite Bad *ss!

Ihklan the Unpronouncable!

gwonbush the Lurking Puma!

Current Entrants:

Sagitarius, Archer Guard of the New Year Sky! - Failed to complete: CRITICAL MANLINESS FAILURE!

Syroc, Errant Giggle-Peddler of the Northern Wastes!

JamJackEvo, the Doppelgänger of King!

SatireSwift, Master of Tangential Logic!

The First Event!

Horror! - Authors will compete to creep the f*& out of everyone with lovecraftian horrors and stab-y, scream-y ghosts! Authors will seek to impress upon others the fear and dread of the crawling chaos that lurks within their minds! FOR THE GLORY OF NYARLATHOTEP!

Last Day of Entry: April 13th

Last Day of Submission: April 27th

Prize: The winner of this category will have the honour of being able to don the Spiky Black Epaulets of Grimdark, thus solidifying their place as an evil warlord! (Minions not included: the union is on strike.)


Sagitarius, Archer Guard of the New Year Sky!

David, Lord of GrimDark!

Kinglugia, Bringer of Storms and Raincaller!

SatireSwift, Master of Tangential Logic!

Current Entrants:

Syroc, Errant Giggle-Peddler of the Northern Wastes!

Entry: Seeds = 5,4 - 7,5 - 7,7 - 7,7 = 7,075

Animesage, Weaver of Tales!

Entry: Not Submitted = 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 = SHAAAAAAAAME!

JamJackEvo, the Doppelgänger of King!

Entry: Salamin = 7,6 - 7,6 - 5,8 - 10,7 (Please bear in mind that we are basing our scores on a 1-10 scale before you break it ) = 7,925

Winner: JamJackEvo, The Doppelgänger of King!

Wear your epaulets with pride, o spinner of the night! Now go slap Cthulhu around a bit: you deserve it!

Humour! - Battle against your peers with the power of laughter! Submissions to this category will each vie to amuse and entertain in the hopes that their abilities will see them to the end! Crush your enemies, and leave them in a giggling heap!

Prize: the victor will win the knowledge that their competitors have all died a little inside, their spirits broken by their magnificence! They will also earn boasting rights - especially over certain megalomaniacal prophet-kings whose name starts with an 'S' and ends with an 'yroc'. But not too much, because that's a good way to annoy people.


Kinglugia, Bringer of Storms and Raincaller!

Rajvir Singh

Animesage, Weaver of Tales

Ihklan the Unpronouncable

Current Entrants:

Syroc, Errant Giggle-Peddler of the Northern Wastes!

Sagitarius, Archer Guard of the New Year Sky!

SatireSwift, Master of Tangential Logic!

Drama! - Authors in this category will attempt to reach into the judges chests and either massage or stab their heartstrings! It's all about emotion here, and the author who manages to evoke it the most will know the sweetest nectar of all: victory.

Prize: The winner of this event will be able to sit pretty with the knowledge that they have found a way to manipulate their fellow human's emotions, and thus that they have mastered the first step to becoming an esper!



SatireSwift, Master of Tangential Logic!

gwonbush the Lurking Puma!


Current Entrants:

Syroc, Errant Giggle-Peddler of the Northern Wastes!

Animesage, Weaver of Tales

Romance/Shipping! - Ship to Ship combat! Authors will put on their tricorne hats and set forth to destroy all other comers from atop their mighty frigates. Harness the power of love! And then destroy all comers with it!

Prize: The winner of this category will become the captain of the legendary dreadnought: the HMS Polygamy. This ship is a mobile Tenchi Solution, spreading love and nosebleeds wherever it goes!


Animesage, Weaver of Tales!

David, Lord of GrimDark!

Kinglugia, Bringer of Storms and Raincaller!

Ihklan the Unpronouncable!

Current Entrants:

Syroc, Errant Giggle-Peddler of the Northern Wastes!

Sagitarius, Archer Guard of the New Year Sky!

Sage of Eyes, Lord Captain of the Shipping Fleets!

The Final Event - The name says it all. The last event of the olympics is also the most important and determines whose omake-kung-fu is strongest! All hail the glorious victor!

Prize: Glory. So much glory. Also, lordship over the omake threads.



David, Lord of GrimDark

Current Entrants: Anyone who wins an event participates

JamJackEvo, the Doppelgänger of King

Entry: pending

Let's have some fun, eh?

4/6/2012 . Edited by Mu-Sensei, 1/11/2015 #1

I'd likely to hesistantly apply to be a judge of a drama event(if it isn't filled out by the time specified.)

4/6/2012 #2

Perhaps there should be rules of content as well. For instance, is IF the required field or is any TM related story acceptable?

4/6/2012 #3

Hrrm, let's keep this related to IF.

4/6/2012 #4

We've got to ascertain the timeline rules now. Otherwise, things could get messy later on. Also, might as well announce my intents in style


I, Sagitarius, Archer Guard of the New Year Sky,

Of unsound mind and of able body,

Hereby announce my participation as a contestant in the following events: Humour, Bad-assitude and Romance/Shipping.

As well as to confirm my status as presiding judge over the Horror preliminary event.

To all other judges and competitors, I shall say, MAY THE BEST WRITER WIN!

4/6/2012 . Edited 4/6/2012 #5

Depending on what is needed, I'll be a judge in humour, badas-situde, drame or romance .

I've barely ever read horror-type and i dislike song fic, so i would be a poor if not pathetic judge for those event.

4/6/2012 #6

Only for In-Flight fanfics?

4/6/2012 #7
Sage of Eyes
Hmmm... I feel that the fact that I am most affiliated to pairing stories I will be too much of a gamebreaker for it. So I'll judge Pairing/Romance instead of active paticipation, but If more judges are needed you can put me in as a substitute for all judge places (Since I might want to write one, one day.)
4/6/2012 #8

I, kinglugia, Bringer of Storms, Raincaller, have decided to judge the following categories:



4/6/2012 . Edited 4/6/2012 #9

I Rajvir Singh apply to be a judge for the folowing items below



4/6/2012 #10

I, gwonbush the Lurking Puma apply as a judge for:


Song and/or Dance!


Be warned, I'm playing hardball with these categories. You have to be good to get a high score from me.

4/6/2012 . Edited 4/6/2012 #11
Third Fang

I apply to be a judge of the badassness:


I wrote FFD.

end Resume.

final statement: I know this sht.

4/6/2012 . Edited 4/6/2012 #12
Sage of Eyes

@Syroc: More whimsical you say?

I, Sage of Eyes, creator of Misaki, who has blinded many with her cuteness, and succesful Writer of 10-or-so Pairing Omakes apply for the sacred rite of territory over lording the lands of Pairings/Romance!

4/6/2012 #13
David The Lord Of GrimDark

I David The Lord Of GrimDark who having a fancy title is unnessearcy because my name pretty much already has one, will pass judgment over:



I will also fill any void if it is needed

And I will participate in:


If there is not enough interest, we may have to get rid of horror and song and/or dance.

Third Fang is judging Bad-Assitude? I hope my story does not go up in flames under the sheer awesomeness of his eye-sight.

4/6/2012 . Edited 4/6/2012 #14

Ara ara... how interesting~

I, Animesage, Weaver of Tales, wish to pass judgment upon those seeking to succeed in Romance as well as Comedy. Furthermore, I request to participate within the Drama category.

The rest of you participating... brace yourselves... ufufu.... ufufufufu~

4/6/2012 #15


... I'll just put you down as "Sage of Eyes, Lord Captain of the Shipping Fleets", then.


Hmm, you may be right. If nobody else wants to join them by the end of the first event, they'll be removed.

4/6/2012 #16


If need be, I can particpate in horror as well. Ufufufu...

4/6/2012 #17


Such a scary laugh... *Shiver*

This is all for fun, matey. Join in if you want to, don't if you don't feel like it. (I'm not all too certain I can manage all that well in that eventin any case, since I've never tried my hand at it ^^)

4/6/2012 #18
Sage of Eyes

Doffs commodor hat and smart suit.

I propose that the first event be declared April 13th and as it will be Friday the 13th then I propose that the First Event should be Horror.

4/6/2012 #19


Really? Because I was gonna suggest bad-*ss: there's already 3 in there, and we technically have a full roster of judges.

Although the date does work pretty well...

Animesage, what's your take?

4/6/2012 #20


Ufufu~ No worries, I'd like to take a crack at writing horror. I never wrote a horror story before after all.

I think the date would work pretty nicely. Fitting, I'd say Halloween would be better, but it's April.

I'd be happy to write something before then if I have someone to compete against.

As for Drama... I hope that the rest of you will do your best... *smile* I will be giving it my all.

4/6/2012 . Edited 4/6/2012 #21
David The Lord Of GrimDark

Are you saying the stories must be submitted by the 13th?

4/6/2012 #22


So ominous...


Alright, then it's settled.

The first event will be Horror, and the deadline to join in will be Friday 13th. After that, the Deadline to submit your entry will be the 27th.

Hopefully we can locate the last judge before then, because otherwise we might be in trouble ^^

Let's hope that none of us are jinxed, ne?

4/6/2012 #23


Ah, it's nothing to worry about. Just need to uphold the rep and whatnot. ;P Eh, though I think only the EC folks would know what I'm talking about.

By the by, it's strictly limited to IF? Or does it extend to stuff created out of IF? I can work with either of course.

4/6/2012 #24

I, JamJackEvo, The Doppelganger of King, takes up the challenge and will commence the ancient craft of writing through:



It is time for my horror-writing prowess... to resurface once again! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

4/6/2012 #25

IF-related. If you can draw a line from IF to something else... well, just try not to make the reference obscure, I guess. That way everyone can enjoy it without having to look everything up ^^

4/6/2012 #26
David The Lord Of GrimDark


Oh right, you were the one who reccomended all those horror books. Well, this should be fun.

4/6/2012 #27

... Damn, I'm about to get steamrolled, aren't I?

4/6/2012 #28

kukukuku~I hope you won't mind be being a judge for Horror as well~

Currently looking for Horror pics, anyone can recommend me websites for those?

4/6/2012 #29

Enters forum to see list of contestants: (^_^)

Suddenly sees Animesage's entry: (O_O)

Looks around wildly.

Cries: (T_T) what the hell did I get myself into?

Seriously guys, I know half the people here don't like it, but I'm telling you now, if you're not in the EC and aren't aware of the horrors that Animesage can unleash... particularly if it's like the April Fools day omake... Yeah, you're gonna want to run.

4/6/2012 . Edited 4/6/2012 #30
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