The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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Tyrant's Bane

So as title says, what do you guys think is gonna happen with Gabriel's newest series? It seems pretty good so far, and i like how close hes managed to keep the characters attitudes and general behavior to canon. Im also loving how things are going in terms of character development right now. Shigure has always been one of my favorite characters and seeing her play so prominent a part makes this fic a joy. In addition seeing her and Kenichi play off each other makes it even better, Shigure x Kenichi always been kind of a sunk ship in canon, but I think it would play out well here in this fic and kinda hope it goes this way. Seeing as how entertaining the interactions have been between the two so far, im really hoping the ending is Shigure x Kenichi

I am hoping however that he doesnt go the same way he did in Those who Love Monsters, Having Kenichi side or go back with Shinobu and leave the masters of Ryozanpaku would kinda go against his character in my opinion.

Also how long do you think this fic is gonna last? a few more chapters or do you think it might hit as long as Hill of Swords and In Flight?

4/8/2012 #1
Final Cyn

What i want to know is, where is Shinobu now? At the end of the bakemonogatari anime she was hanging out in his shadow, and that's where she was during TWLM, it would be pretty amusing if she's been in his shadow the entire time in this fic.

4/8/2012 #2

The only thing I can think now is a KenichiXMiuXShigure threesome...well, Kenichi doesn't want to hurt either of their feelings...

As for Shinobu, her relationship with Kenichi is currently tsun-tsun and has been lightly implied to have a few dere-dere fluff in it as well.

4/8/2012 #3

since Gabriel called it a horror Genre, the standard route is that either Miu, Shigure, or both will die in front of Kenichi.

At least that is what I see if Gabriel keeps the same feel as what TWLMs had.

Not that I would enjoy reading it, but it wold be par for the course

4/8/2012 #4

Just a random question, maxi:

Does Horror and grimdark occur side by side?

If so, then I feel pity for the poor sap...

4/8/2012 #5


not always.

Girmdark means that the future is bleak, the world is cold and few if any give a d*mn. Horror often occurs in 'happier' places, hiding in the shadows, waiting to destroy it all like a piece of china. Horror can occur in grimdark, but it is expected. Horror tends to come in subtly, sinking its tendrils in the ordinary world, gnawing at the surface like a pestilence, creeping like a disease into the facade the people raise around them. Before they know it, the shadow consumes them, corrupting them and filling their minds with things that bear not repeating lest one falls into madness.

In the grim dark, there is no facade, no perfect world, no light to hide the shadows. In grimdark, the world is already a bad place, horror is but a portion of the death and disease running rampant in grim dark. Look at Warhammer 40K, the end is inevitable, the Imperium cannot win against the forces of darkness. Thye know there are bad things in the dark, and they shoot them with fire and lead buying as much time as they can. The end is already inevitable, horror cannot add anything more to the fact. They will fight, they will die, and their last breath will be wasted screaming defiance at that which feeds upon them.

In horror, the fight with that which creeps in the night is secondary to the fight with the self. In horror, the battle is as much with your mind and your fears as it is with that which corrupts you. Whether you live, or you die, in horror one tries to deny the monster, tries to keep that which lurks in the darkest part of man from escaping.IN grimdark, you don't care of the monster. You just try to kill it. You don't fear death, the world is hell already, the only difference between living and dead is movement. Horror is the act of trying to stay alive, grimdark is the act of defying death. If you die in grimdark, you don't scream in fear in the end, you scream your hate, your rage.

4/8/2012 . Edited 4/8/2012 #6
Tyrant's Bane

I guess that could work, he does have one harem fanfic going =D

Somehow I dont think thats gonna happen though, ill be honest when I say im really rooting for a Shigure/Kenichi ship, Shigure is honestly one of the most interesting and entertaining characters of the manga, with Akismae and Chikage coming close 2nd/3rd. Miu is a good character and all, but shes doesn't have a terrible amount of depth to her if that makes any sense. Who knows, maybe Kenichi will accidently vamp Shigure.

Also ive noticed that there is a disturbing few implications at foreshadowing in the some the chapters which seem to implicate hes going to lead a life of bloodshed, which seems to be completely OOC for him.

4/8/2012 #7
Final Cyn

Here's my prediction:

1-Shigure gets vamped, and whatever vamp turns her gets offed so she can't use the kill your sire and become human again method. She then has to resist giving in her new nature while finding a way back to human.

2-Miu kills somebody accidently and either goes on a rampage or runs away out of guilt.

3-Shinobu shows up either being chased by something nasty and needs help, or Kiss Shot shows up and is... annoyed with Kenichi.

4-Kenichi is dealing with his vampire side getting stronger.

5-Kenichi is forced to chose between helping Miu, Shigure, or Shinobu.

Add in Kushinada's newfound fascination with the Night world, concerned friends and masters, a few meddlesome Kai, some enemies(human and otherwise) and a few GB plot twists and stir.

4/8/2012 . Edited 4/8/2012 #8
Tyrant's Bane

All those would be fairly interesting, especially #1 since it would be interesting to see Shigure and Kenichi's roles switch as he becomes the teacher in order to help her learn control.

Also do you guys think he should extend this past the original 5-6 chapters he said he was planning on doing? I feel this could easily become just as interesting as In Flight and HoS and be extended quite a bit.

4/8/2012 #9

Alright, all who agrees to TB's opinion say aye.


4/9/2012 #10


Yeah, Honor thy masters isn't grim dark at all, although it IS very dark

Also, at the risk of de-railig this thread, there IS hope for the imperium inn the form of 2 scenarios where it indoubtly wins. 3 if you mix them both together.

Scenario 1:The Emperor, in someway or form, comes back. Be it by acscending to full on warp-godhood or just getting healed, he is an automatic "I-win" button for the imperium.

Scenario 2: They find a complete and intact STC. The utility of this thing is quite frankly ridicilous. With it, wholesale construction of baneblades as the STANDARD tank of the imperium is child's play. There is a reason why the Admech seeks it so lustfully. It's the sum of all knowledge of all human technology. And much more then that.

Scenario 3: Both. Can you say "curbstomp"?

4/9/2012 #11


Lugiaking asked the difference between horror and grim dark, and I gave my answer. I didn't say at any point that HTMs was grimdark.

and frankly I'm going with scenario 4: The astronomicon fails. The empire crumbles, everyone is scr*wed

THAT is grimdark. Happy endings are rare in the genre

4/9/2012 . Edited 4/9/2012 #12


I didn't mean to imply that I thought you said that HTM was grim dark =P

Hoh, the scenarios weren't about what's going to happen in the the 40k verse. Merely that THERE IS a hope spot. Or two in this case. It doesn't make the 40k setting any less grimdark if you'll notice.

But talking about "I win" buttons, all the factions, with the exception of the Tau and possibly the Deldar, has at least one.

4/9/2012 . Edited 4/9/2012 #13
Lord Bishamon

Actually the Impierium is as likely to fall as Failbaddon is likely to conquer everything.

Which is exactly nill. The true scope if Grimdark isn't that the IoM fails and everybody is screwed, that just takes it from Grimdark to Tragedy, it's that nothing will change. It's an eternal war that will go on forever claiming uncountable souls. Heroes and planets, on both sides, will rise and fall as the years pass, but ultimately nothing will change.

Besides this situation suites the Ruinous Powers best. It plays to their strengths way better then a universe under Chaos undivided, you would have to be crazy to think they'd want it to change now.

If this was in any way close to realistic the Emprah, who spent millions of years guiding humanity, wouldn't have pussyed out and bitch slapped Horus properly. The IoM would continue expanding, possibly killing off the Eldar after steeling the webway from them, and possibly the Tau before they had the chance to become a problem. It would all boil down to Necrons vs. IoM vs. Orcs...

Dude that actually sounds kinda epic...

4/9/2012 #14
Tyrant's Bane

Maybe i should start a new topic and get a poll going to see if we can get GB to extend this......

On another note, do you think the foreshadowing at the beginning of ch3 "It was the fox that set me on the path of destruction that I was most likely inevitably destined to follow." means that Kenichi is doomed to fall into darkness himself? I personally hope not, it would suck if he had to leave his masters at Ryouzonpaku and kinda ruin the story imo.

Also considering how much development weve seen out of Shigure in this fanfic do you think shes going to end up following Kenichi on his journey without him knowing again? Im hoping this is the case, i want more kenichi x shigure action/ending =D

4/9/2012 #15
Lord Bishamon

Actually I think sooner or later all of the Masters will be involved, or do you think they won't go hunting for Kenichi the moment he disappears. What's more Yami still want's that title so...

It's probably going to all come to a head in one single moment of utter epic horror and awesome. That said horror can have happy endings, and if anybody could pull it off Kenichi could.

4/11/2012 #16

I should really get to reading some of this, I guess...don't really know either series that's part of the crossover, though...

4/12/2012 #17
Tyrant's Bane

Gabirel Blessing has returned to the forums once more!! =D

Anyways, if your reading this GB, can you give us any ideas or thoughts about whats been going on with Honor Thy Masters? like maybe you plan on expanding it way past 6-6 chapters??? Or tell us it isn't going to end like those who love monsters (It was a great story with a rather sad ending in its own right. Please don't do two bakemonogatari crossovers that end the same or similarly twice T_T ), and of course, more Shigure x Kenichi please, it brings us much joy and entertainment as well as providing us with a realistic characterization of an extremely interesting and underutilized character in the manga.

4/16/2012 . Edited 4/16/2012 #18

One of the great tragedies of Honor thy masters is the way Kenichi ignores any and all efforts from Shigure to get closer.... We can safely ignore the first chapter since it was intended as a stand alone one shot and there were some slight shipping moments like the way Chikage put sugar in Kenichi's tea or Kushinada slightly rubbing his hand when he gave her the hair. But from the 2nd chapter onwards Shigure was more or less clubbing him over the head with come hither signs and Kenichi simply ignores it... I know its canon but it becomes pretty painful to read. As in painful I dont mean badly written but tragic... Shigure manages to overcome the mental distraction of a major kami and helps Kenichi fight off a mind reading demon? Easy! She only did her duty as a master!

She bared her heart to him during those mind reading moments? Even easier! She was just trying to get his attention as a desciple! Argblgblgbl!The only thing Kenichi seems to have in his mind is "Miu-San Hurhurhur!" oh and finding if his former vampire master is alive.

Chapter 3 was even more painful. Shigure decides to follow him in the jaws of hell disregarding any and all danger and what does Kenichi do? He sees it as some kind of effort to invade his privacy! I mean cmon! Even Ranma the champion of obliviousness would have seen something is going on.

And we come to the meat of chapter 3. The fox shows that Shigure's greatest fear is Kenichi seeing her kill and our moron of a hero because oblivious is no longer sufficient to describe him chalks it up on some obscure master thing...

And then we reach the gamebreaker! Kenichi and Shigure wake up naked in each other arms and apparently paralized.And what does Kenichi think? "Ur thats not so bad the fox must have run out of inspiration Ur!".... He complately and utterly ignores the posibility that the fox didnt run out of inspiration but simply taunts Shigure with her greatest and most secret desire. Obliviousnes Gold medal for the 2012 olympics Shirahama Kenichi! To tie it off he ignores her yet again when she follows him to the park! Never does he even think that Shigure has some more personal interest in him! He just goes emoshit.

So TB while I hope so hard for a Shigure x Kenichi ending the signs so far are not promising...There will probably some kind of scene where Shigure dies for Kenichi and our moron of a hero will still think that she was protecting him as he "Martial Arts" master just for the extra heartbeak....Bleh Im depressed now...

4/18/2012 #19

Is it me or this is going to be straight depressing end?

6/29/2012 #20

But that's what makes it so good! Learn to drink the tears, they're salty at first, but then you realize what your actually tasting is dreams.

6/29/2012 #21
Tyrant's Bane

wow, ch4 was um interesting. Very dark, somewhat disturbing, yet very very good. Im still hoping for my shigure x Ken ending but im starting to get the feeling that he plans on sacrificing himself to save shinobu. I wonder if Shigure will tell the others about the nightworld now that they have some inkling of whats happening with him.

7/1/2012 #22

After reading chapter 4 I now have the idea of an inhuman KenichiXMiuXShigure setup stuck in my head has that happened to anyone else?

7/2/2012 #23
Lord Bishamon

Actually if anybody has been checking up on Medaka Box from time to time, the direction the author took it was so contradictory to He who Loves monsters it's hilarious.

In fact, if I didn't know better, I would have said the author did it out of spite...

7/2/2012 #24
Tyrant's Bane

YES, we have an update, an awesome update, we have possible harem end?........ YES!!!!

I was hoping this would end on a happy note and in paticular with Shigure and Kenichi together, and it looks like we might just get that.

I mean, Miu is nice and all, but is kinda a ditz, Shigure is just made of win.

12/2/2012 . Edited 12/2/2012 #25

I don't follow the story but i was happy because at least gabe is active again. I was starting to get worried.

12/2/2012 #26
Tyrant's Bane

also, i must add, lol Sakaki, you may never be able to live that down if Shinobu declares you a member of a harem in Ryozanpaku.

12/2/2012 . Edited 12/2/2012 #27

The ending was confusing. Is this one going to be a happy end?

12/2/2012 #28
Tyrant's Bane

I really really hope so.

12/2/2012 #29
Hmm... And now I'm really interested: will Kenichi try to become almost_human again or will he accept his nature as.. well.. freack of nature?
12/2/2012 #30
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