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One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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Tyrant's Bane

This Thread is for those whom are or are planning fanfics of their own and are looking for help and or feedback. Post your ideas or questions here and (hopefully) the community here can give you a hand


After being inspired by Gabriel Blessing's Numerous epic works of Fanfiction Ive decided to give my own try at one. Ive been ironing out the details of a crossover fic of sorts between these two and am looking for a bit of advice from the community. I figure this forum would be the best place to seek help from seeing as to how passionate and knowledgeable the community here is in regards to FSN and other Type Moon related works.

Known decisions:

It is going to basically blend these two worlds together.

It will be a rewrite of almost the entirety of the HSDK timeline though.

It is going to focus on Kenichi as being the main character, but there will be major differences. He will still lack talent in martial arts, but he will however be a prodigy of magic and will work in secret to combine the two together into his own style.

He will have recently moved into the city and will initially be living alone

He will not talk about his families past much

He will not be your typical shonen idiot, he is a magus and will be somewhat intelligent

He will have (or adopt) most of the ideals he has in the manga, albeit for actual legitimate reasons (whether or not hes actually able to maintain them is another thing entirely)

His primary love interest is NOT guaranteed to be Miu.

their WILL be much asskicking, there WILL be epic. ( I have so much planned for this....)

Shirou and the other characters from FSN are currently not planned for an appearance in my fic. Ill think about it, but in all reality this fic is more set in their "world" so to speak and not on them.

The 5th grail war occured several years ago and as such Kenichi is not nor was he a Participant of it and has at best sketchy information of it.


What im looking for is some advice on how to proceed with this. An absolute rewrite from the beginning would be the best, but at the same time somewhat boring if I actually try to explain in detail the training he goes through at the dojo, nor is much of the Ragnorok arc going to be applicable without major changes (which i am considering). I do not however want to skip ahead to a much farther point in the manga and start from their as it denies the reader of much of the character development they are going to need in order to understand this "new" Kenichi. So I would appreciate any advice or tips the community could provide on how to proceed and if anyone would be interested in beta reading once i start pushing out chapters.

If you have any questions or details about how im going to write this story feel free to ask and I will do my best to answers so long as it does not pertain to spoilers.

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well, um...Kenichi...prodigy...I'm just not seeing that. Ever

4/20/2012 #2

Four Words: Send me a Link.

As for advice:

- Beware the power levels. Stronger isn't always better.

- Don't be afraid of detailing actions. Taking the from Maxi's words: Don't just say they traded a thousand punches, better make one punch and describe the hell out of it.

- While there's only so much ways to make the same thing different (if you doubt it check naruto fics, specially the wave arcs), you can do the same things that the manga shows, if you keep it unique in some way, be it the point of view, focusing on the different mindset of the character, or just making it funny along the way.

- Beware the pacing. GB himself fell victim of this mistake, and I also suffered great casualties in my fic ideas from it. If you make chapters of the spot, wait a few days after you finished writing, then reread it to check it. If you are more of a planner make a rough timeline and divide your chapters and the time they cover into it.

I'm not a experienced writer, and I make a lot of mistakes, so let me tell you from experience: Write without fear, take criticism and improve on it, but take it with a grain of salt. Don't write only when you have inspiration, but only review your chapters when you're inspired. Last but not least: DON'T GIVE UP. The first chapters are easy, as are the last ones, as you near the middle is where the beast is uglier and harder to tackle. Be prepared for it.

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Third Fang

question: how is this a FSN crossover if, other than the fact that the hgw happened, there are little to no elements of fsn in it? if you are merely using nasuverse elements in the story, it would be more accurate to call it a hsdk/type moon crossover

4/20/2012 #4

@Tyrant's Bane

You need to find a way to blend the "only people with talent prosper" feel of Nasuverse with the somewhat faulty logic of "anyone can improve" Kenichi universe.

For example, in theory all the master class martial artists only have a great amount of talent in order to /learn/ new techniques and improve, but nothing that actually prevents them from doing anything, like in Type-Moon were you need some kind of innate Hax to fight at high level.

Hell, in Kenichi you can stumble into a reasonably strong (by their standards) martial artist by sheer accident. Both works have too different a tone for that to work. In theory, if you have to scale things up you need to make the base magi much more hardcore in direct combat, sans weird and exoteric spells.

With so many people having access to Walking&Breathing at near perfection walking around like in the Kenichi universe, it is just ridiculous to believe the more established powers don't exploit this particularity of the world.

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@Tyrant's Bane: Advertising your own fanfic idea and giving it its own thread here just seems...wrong. Especially since all you have is the backstory. ^^;;;

We have a fanfic/crossover idea thread for a reason.

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Tyrant's Bane

hmm, your right, probably should have thought of that before I posted. Guess its a little late though unless someone knows how to integrate this thread into another and then delete it or something.

4/20/2012 #7

Can you edit thread tittle? If yes then you could change it so that this is where writers post and people comment while the other thread for random people discussing random crossovers...

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