The Mechanics of In Flight
One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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I just recently discovered the In Fight story line and am enjoying it greatly. In it gabriel, you have drawn a lovely parallel between Musubi's and Shirou's back story and their respective distortions. I saw in one of the opening blurbs that, despite this parallel that, you stated Musubi would not develop a reality bubble. I would counter that she already has, and she has shown it already. When she activates her bubble, Musubi turns into Yume.

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Err, I think you might have misunderstood what a reality marble is. It isn't a powerup or even really a spell: it's a different reality entirely. It's a belief so powerful and alien from our own that it becomes its own world. It is a gamebreaker, because it's very existence changes the rules of what's possible.

Musubi could be said to be somewhat possessed, but that's a far cry from a reality marble.

Also, this belongs in the Lore Thread.

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I'm sorry, not only is it correctly called a "Reality Marble", but there's also the fact that you're misunderstanding the entire basis for what it is, along with what a person/being has to have to even qualify for the chance of having one.

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Exactly what they said.

While every living being in Nasuverse has the potential to have a Reality Marble, being able to cast one means one had to first shed his "humanity" for that. Which is precisely why, under normal circumstances, only TYPEs and some Dead Apostles (most of those who have it being Ancestors) can use a Reality Marble.

Look at Shirou, one of the very few humans who can use a Reality Marble. During the fire which consumed every material thing he had, he also had to rid himself of every feeling, whether it was compassion or anger, sadness or happiness, just to be able to walk forward. Then, when he could walk forward no more, he acknowledged the fact that he is going to truly die, and laid down to await his death. Then, when he was on the verge of passing away (he could even be seconds from it) and wasn't even conscious, someone saved his life by binding an artefact that granted nigh-immortality to him. When he woke up in the hospital, I'm pretty certain he didn't even know what to think; after all, he should've been dead, and yet there's that person talking to him who wants to take him somewhere. So he goes with the guy, because he's incapable of saying no to a request that doesn't hurt him directly, and starts living with Kiritsugu, and at that time Avalon is "changing" Shirou's origin to "Swords", and not because Shirou's origin was something that can be changed, but because by shedding the viewpoint of a human and almost losing his life, he lost his own origin, so there was a blank slate Avalon could inscribe a new origin onto. And so he starts living with Kiritsugu, but at the same time he doesn't even consider himself to be human. He learns cooking because Kiritsugu couldn't cook. He becomes Shinji's friend because Shinji wanted a friend. He starts to practice magecraft because it is a tool to help other people, despite the fact that it can kill him. He becomes estranged with Shinji because Sakura was hurt. He becomes a member of the archery club because Taigawanted him to join it. He leaves the club because Shinji wanted him out. He repairs the school's equipment because Issei needs help. He joins the Heaven's Feel because other people might need help. He would have formed a contract with the world, condemning himself for eternity, because it could give him the power to help other people. Even in In Flight, after he already got through a part of it and had it forced upon him that his [it's a three-letter word, you can guess; also, I love censorship] is just as important as that of any other person, he still has problems with that.

And Musubi? As much as she is a love freak, she was like that even before the accident. Yes, she is broken, but only because her "love triumphs all" attitude is always present in her, regardless of time and situation, while Shirou is broken (and thus able to use UBW) because there was a time when there was literally nothing inside of him. And for all there is to it, she has no problems with calling herself a Sekirei and trying to get what Sekirei should get.

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Shioran Toushin

not 'humanity' per se, but the human common sense, or the human perception of reality... or that is how i interpret it anyways.

and Musubi IS a candidate for RM, but as not all crazyes get it automatically, she needs to actually develop her own world (Shirou Cheated in that aspect, because of the crosscontamination from EMIYA's soul, UBW for Shirou always existed but it ecame 'real' because of the ressonance with EMIYA's own AKA Shirou had an epiphany about UBW and UBW was made 'real' in the sense of he realized his inner world, to deploy it he still needed external power sources).

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Servius Regis


To get an RM, Musubi would have to be so distorted that her perception of the world could overpower reality given enough energy. She may be a bit off, but I doubt that she reaches that level.

Shirou's was manifested in UBW for the reasons you stated, yet he is theoretically able to do this in the other routes as well, but he currently lacks the training and prana to do so.

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Shioran Toushin

Shirou HAS UBW, but only in UBW and HF he realized that yes, he was a blade and had a superb inner world, he skipped all the years EMIYA needed, beause in UBW cross contamination or ressonance and in HF because of the GARm, in Fate EMIYA told a few tips to Shirou, but he still needs to realize his inner world.

and IF!Musubi is distorted (not on the level of shirou)_ but her common sense is on the borderline of 'normal' and 'alien', but then again Sekirei are neither Magus or beings that have the innate potential to suddenly develop RM (like DAA, Aliens, Demons, supernals), Shirou was a lucky (and an anomaly in the system), but th Magus can (IIRC Roa and Nrvsq) try and develop one by themselves, by changing their common sense to something not-human (or natural), but they already have the methods of manifesting them (magic knowledge), OTOH Musubi, even if she has the potential and is distorted lacks the knowledge or the situations that could let her spontaneously manifest one by herself.

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