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One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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Allright guys, in my long, loooong time browsing fanfics I've only come across 3 Ayako/Shirou fics.


So, I am going to ask you guys to give any and all the Ayako fics you've found. Good Ayako fics are preferable but not necessary; at this point I'll even take crappy Ayako fics. There you have it, so HIT ME!

5/24/2012 #1
NAJ P. Jackson

I don't think a new thread was necessary for this. The Recommended Stories thread would have suffice.

That said I don't know any Ayako fics, sorry. I'm not much of a fan of hers. I just don't see the point of adding minor females to be leading females in stories.

5/25/2012 #2
Sage of Eyes
'Holds up torch' Burn the disbeliever..
5/25/2012 #3
lhklan The Unpronounceable

Ayako/Shirou huh? It's a favorite of mine, so I can gave you a few that I found:

Shirou Never Misses:

All From A Hospital Bed:

Also, look for a doujin author by the Name of Ronpaia/Rhompair. He wrote 3 Ayako/Shirou doujins, and in the One Day series does include a couple of Ayako/Shirou moments.

Most of his works are Non-H, BTW

5/25/2012 #4

Hmmmm, are the doujins translated?

Also, does anyone know of more Ayako fics?

5/25/2012 #5
lhklan The Unpronounceable


Heartcatch Mitsuzuri, Mitsuzuri Sion and Square Mitsuzuri are all translated. One day is translated up to vol 16.

5/25/2012 #6

I found heartcatch Mitsuzuri and volume 6 of One day. Could you link me to the other ones please?

5/27/2012 #7
giodan 5/28/2012 #8
gabriel blessing

There was one on Adult fanfiction net called 'On Target'. Its a lemon, but the writing is good, so if that's your thing, go for it.

6/17/2012 #9
Obiki Doragon

with a little research I now know why, though you all may know this already, as to why he called it Heartcatch Mitsuzuri. The voice actress for Ayako is also the voice of Erika aka Cure Marine from, wait for it, Heartcatch Pretty cure.

6/18/2012 #10
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