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One of my reviewers mentioned the idea of starting a forum for those who want to debate various points of my story without clogging up the review section too much. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.
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As some of you recall the Story's you love to hate, or just plain hate thread was about fics that you just really hated. ( PLH was certainly a frontrunner in that thread of most hated author. )


However this thread isn't about the fic's themselves but of of the details, aspects, cliches etc that annoy you like nothing else could.


Some examples I've seen on this topic are.


Author hate ( As in hating the original author of the material the fic's author is writing about. )


Cannon hate ( Basically the same as above just replace author with cannon. )


Redemption for romance's sake .


To kick things off here are some of my own. ( A quote from a thread just like this which i took part in. )


When information that was completely forgotten/unknown and only JUST unveiled in-verse( at the time. ), kept absolutely secret or simply very uncommon knowledge for some reason is known by everyone and the dog.

Crossover fic's with SUPER reverse engineering of techs on a completely different level, sciences etc without any real starting/reference point on it. .

And the whole spill my life story/truth at a moments notice mentioned a page back.

8/24/2012 . Edited 8/25/2012 #1

Hum, let's see people creating new things when they should use what is canon(or adapt it a little) and using what is canon when they should create new things.

Unreasonable focus on romance in detriment of the actual plot.

8/24/2012 #2

Horrible, horrible grammar for one...

Or mixing two different universes, say, Bleach and Nasuverse, without even trying to do some adaptation. Oh, I don't have any qualms with Xovers, but-

I'd like the author to be able to come up with a reasonable explanation and is able to blend the crossovered series perfectly which gives us readers new ideas instead of just-

dropping characters of one universe into another universe, basically just jamming things in.

8/24/2012 #3

Define reasonable here, since we are here do you consider GB's crossovers reasonable? Because I would say they are nowhere even close to being crossed perfectly.

8/24/2012 #4


Which crossovers? HoS? IF?

Those three Xovers are blended quite...nice.

In IF, gabe doesn't just jam things in. Yes, he replaced Minato with Shirou, but he also used the fact that Shirou's past prior to the fire is unknown, and weaves him into the Sekirei timeline, he also doesn't make Shirou too OP in that fic of his.

In HoS, Shirou was summoned as the Gandalfr, which compliments his abilities up to eleven, thanks to UBW. Hell, he also made Shirou seem like EMIYA and what he hasn't known in ZnT timeline, he basically finishes it by writing an epilogue where Shirou is dead, up upon a hill of blades.

And he didn't make everything overpowered, that is why I consider it reasonable and good. I hate too much curbstomp battles.

An example of a seemingly OP being in a backwater planet in one of the most grimdark universes since the creation of NGE:

The Swarm of War : SC and WH40k

Even though the being is feeling too OP to us, you must know that he/it is still overconfident of his abilities and makes much mistakes. And the fact that the OP being is in a backwater planet with political fools also helps him in his quest...But it will be different when he reaches interplanetary...

And as such, he/it's not considered as a God Sue, despite his powers. He has FLAWS and as such, he CAN be DEFEATED.

8/24/2012 #5

I see, that is more or less how I see it but your use of the word 'perfectly' confused me.

8/24/2012 #6
Cirex Review

Naruto adoption crossover fics. These stories usually start out with an angry mob chasing a five year old Naruto for no reason other than they hate him (usually they are accompanied by goverment officials like Anbu) with the intent to kill the little brat. Then at the last moment, he is saved by (insert name here), and then taken away fron horrible Leaf Village to be raised elsewhere, only to come back years later as the ultimate competent badass.

I've seen this damn formula done a million times; from popular stuff like Dragonball Z and Warhammer 40k, to Hellgate: London and Ninja Gaiden.

One of my personal "favorites" is actually 300. As in, "THIS IS SPARTA!"

Stories like these killed Naruto for me.

8/24/2012 #7
Shioran Toushin

as i mentioned somewhere before the:

sudden and mostly asinine 'wardrobe changes' which 90% of the time are unrealy stupid and not even functional clothes.

the sudden I Know Better even when i just learned about it.

and finally the whole 'i am/was wearing a mask because i am actually smarter/harsher/more emo/a genius/prodigy and just now i am choosing to shed it because it suits the plot... AKA for no reson at all.

the whole 'my secret identity is that of famous writer/player/Music icon/idol and somehow everyone knows and utterly loves my alter ego' i mean, this is not freaking Hanna Montana for god's sake nd the whole lets' form a music bnd and become music idols because we suddenly know how to play instruments and are bishonen.

8/24/2012 . Edited 8/24/2012 #8

Oh go every f**king Naruto story on this site has at least some element of that crap, *Epic Face palm*

8/24/2012 #9
Shioran Toushin

Naruto, Harry Potter, Kim Possible, Oreimo, Poke-freking-mon, Digimon, Ranma, etc.

while some wardrobe changes are not that offensive the paragrphs long description of each little uninteresting and useless detail on the 'new' 'baddass' clothes grtes on my nerves, sensibility and eyes...

but i have to admit that some of the wardrobe changes end up usefu, are plausible and actually serve as something more than a 'declaration of badassnes' or a reminder that this is not the original character/Chracter in name only.

8/24/2012 #10

Meh there's also the random Sue and Stu's that are overpowerd on crack and stuff, then you also have excessive bashing which just gets boring after sometime there's also Cannon covering all over again with just one point of difference here and there, then there's Lemons just to increase reader count then bad grammar and then even worse grammar and thinking about what I hate in fanfics gives me a head ache I'm going to read Monster Girl Saga it calms me down a bit,

8/24/2012 #11

delete, Stupid slow internet

8/24/2012 . Edited 8/24/2012 #12
Shadow Rave

One of my biggest pet peeves is using character inserts for crossovers and having the story 'still' follow canon virtually to the letter. It's lazy. Unoriginal and done way too often.

8/24/2012 #13

Harry Potter being the Heir of Four Hogwarts House. And What the heck is the the House of Emrys(or whatever the spelling) is? Harry Potter going go claiming his heritage the next day and a crapton of money.

Naruto adoption crossovers is undeniable one of the largest genre back then. Or it could count the same as 'some incident happened and Naruto had unlocked super powerful and rare bloodline and turns out he is the descendant of :insert name here: and other useless stuffs as well'. This follows the formula as character bashing fics. Predictable.

Wardrobe.. Yeah changing clothes just for the story is nice but unless everyone of us is some kind of fashion-nuts, there's no way we can imagine the exact details of them. Unnecessary details.

And the infamous CRA. I like my harem romance nice and slow, thank you very much.

EDIT: HoS is not that perfect. GB uses the same element of dumping character X into world Y. Yes, it makes sense since FoZ summoning is really open-ended. But I just can't see how Nasuverse can be implemented in FoZ. Louise have magic circuits in her? I thought only Nasu magi have that? Not to mention, it's not exactly make any sense for magi in FoZ have circuits seeing FoZ has it's own magic system(limited system but still).

And kinglugia? Shirou IS replacing Minato in that story. Even by some complex explanation and intricate words in IF, Shirou Emiya, is by no means, Minato Sahashi. Their looks is not even similar at all.

8/24/2012 . Edited 8/24/2012 #14
Cirex Review

Regarding adoption crossovers, I have to say that Shinji Ikari is tied for second with Harry Potter . Of course, it's been a while since I checked it out so either one could have rocketed to first place.

8/24/2012 #15

Having mentors that are as OP as fvck.

Long explanations of *this person*'s super-humanly absurd training. Also exaggerations. Not to mention the freakin' amount. Seriously, a resting period is just as important as the workout itself yet these writers (I absolutely refuse to acknowledge these people as authors, because they do not deserve as such if they keep spewing amateuristic BS right in front of me and many others) don't give a damn about that. Give me 1000 push-ups... voila! You're buff and strong now. Maybe I'm going a little crazy with this one but I can't help what I feel about this subject.

The mentions of "Flashback." Honestly. Sometimes writers start a chapter with *this person* reminiscing and instantly go to the flashback--pointing out the obvious with FLASHBACK written right after the paragraph. I deem this pointless and cuts the flow of the story. If a writer wants to insert a flashback, then they are free to do so, but the least they can do is relay it into the story that is more credible and natural than an abrupt stop with the words FLASHBACK/END FLASHBACK.

Grammar, spelling, the usual. Oh! And the difference between your and you're; between there, their, and they're; between defiantly and definitely (epic facepalm for how much this is common); between common and come on.

8/24/2012 #16


I second the grammar thing but the OP mentor archetype can be written well but one has to be careful in using them.

One such example is very evident in Rurouni(sp?) Kenshin, Hiko Seijuro has been said time and time again to able to curb stomp every single one of Kenshin opponents, the only reason he didn't go after them is because he had no reason to. The author handled him rather well in only facing other seriously OP opponents (like Fuji) but even then he was taking it easy on the giant. He fought with his cloak which exerts a counter pressure of 40kg to any shoulder movements as oppose to Kenshin's mastery exam where he removed it.

Okay I am rambling but all I can say is OP mentors can be used well if written correctly.

On my peeves, I am fairly open minded but I really hate dialogue style stories as well as poorly written Self-Inserts.

8/24/2012 . Edited 8/24/2012 #17


I agree with you on the poorly written Self-Inserts.


I know that realistically a self-inserts into a world like say Naruto would honestly be killed in ten seconds flat which is why i don't go MARY/GARY STU if their given a power off the bat ( of course there are the people who just give themselves the top teir powers. ) since really how would they be considered relevant by the main cast.

Also the whole i know the future should just get them locked up and pumped for information because you know the future.


As for another peeve of mine i remembered just now while ranting about that, is when authors apply modern day morals to worlds that really wouldn't have such sets of morals.



I don't think GB was going with as strong of a fusion as IF is, if really fusion at all with HOS it seemed that he was content to keep halk magic and Nasu magic as very different things.

8/24/2012 . Edited 8/25/2012 #18


I know and what peeves me most is that self-inserts are very good tools for creativity and exploration.

I Was A Teenage Dummy Plug and Dreaming of Sunshine are good examples

8/24/2012 #19

School Fics, *Barf* hate them with a burning passion, and then they're fics with too many details, I mean literally I have to read life 4000 words of a freaking getting ready and having break fast scene then I'm out of here, SERIOUSLY WTF!! Man.

Then there's also Unoriginal fics, sure concept can be adopted and tweaked but if you're going to basically plagiarizer someone don't bother writing.

8/24/2012 #20


Ah yes those two, i really need to sit down and read through those.


As for recommendations of my own Sleeping with the girls ( No not like that get your mind out of the gutter. :P ) by admiral-tigerclaw.

8/24/2012 . Edited 8/24/2012 #21
Shioran Toushin

i tke your School fics and raise you Musical Fics as in Characters from a not Musical series, singing for the hell of it (i can make exceptions when they go to a bar or sing Karaoke or sing for a reason) basically becoming Musical Fics... or the cliche scene of the guy/girl singing to ask for forgiveness or to declare their feelings (i can make exceptions with that, providing that the characters and series have the right background and the authors are not doing it because it's baddass romantic)

8/25/2012 #22


While it is a bad thing to plagiarizer without any doubts about it, however the mention of unoriginal leads to while not a peeve but it does cause me to tilt my head or put me off.


The subject is challenges, yeah it nice that the idea's are being thrown out for others to play with, i dislike the fact of how much a challenge dictates about the fic itself like the pairings or who gets bashed. But beyond the main idea the rest should be either optional or suggestions rather then mandatory.

8/25/2012 . Edited 8/25/2012 #23

Frankly, most of those challenges have impossible requirements which is stupid. Not only that, those who accept those challenges should be prepared to write it. Not just write one chapter and then not updating it for EVER. Those troll authors.

8/25/2012 #24

God Mode is my biggest hate in ff. Unless the point of the series is comedy there should be no god like characters in a story(Only time I find that it works). You know that part of the point of having a story being action or adventure is that it has actual action or adventure, not just one character going around curb-stomping people. This is horribly prevalent in Naruto fics and is why I don't trust their review count anymore. Another thing that annoys me is when characters are suddenly a shit-ton smarter or dumber than their canon counterparts. Like in a crossover with Naruto and a sci-fi tech series and Naruto can not only competently use the tech without training but like in one case, becomes a world-class hacker that can bypass government security. Naruto is clever not smart, you can be one without the other, yet people have Naruto INVENTING gadgets and being omnipotent-like in intelligence.

8/25/2012 #25

One thing I seriously hate more than anything is too short chapter , I mena seriously 300 words a chapter that's inasnely stupid. You need at least 3000 to get the feel going.

8/25/2012 #26


Don't even get me started on that. You're just browsing around the website. You read a description that looks like the story's going to be good, and the first chapter's less than 400 words.

Never mind the stories that have less than 1000 words, but more than one chapter.

8/25/2012 #27

Ara ara, I remember this sort of topic back in Beast's Lair.

As for pet peeves, I would say that summaries that start with 'What if'. I'm not entirely sure why, but it's a bit of a turn off for me.

8/25/2012 #28
Shioran Toushin

in regards to Godlike CHaracters, i believe that the only godlike characters should be God-like Characters: like R.Shiki, Superman, Haruhi, they are 'godlike' because they are prectically God.

for the others to achieve godlike tendencies (like being awesomely hax) you need a lot of character 'progression' and a ton of invested time...

8/25/2012 #29
Third Fang

(whistles innocently in the background and tries to look inconspicuous.)

8/25/2012 #30
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