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Topic just to document the extensive amount of RPing that went on through PM from January 17th-27th 2012

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*Fiyero* "Hey, it's alright." I crawled into the empty space on her bed, careful not to touch her burns. "I think your hair is starting to look a lot better," I told her. Really, I was just trying to change the subject but now that her hair wasn't so unnatural looking it was cute in a way.

*Elphaba* I turned on my side to face him, wincing slightly as I did. "Oh, you're just saying that," I said with a tiny smile.

*Elphaba* I wrinkled my nose distastefully. "Cute? I don't believe that word has ever been associated with me," I said with a small laugh. "I am not cute."

*Fiyero* "If that's what you want to think, then go right ahead," I told her, turning on my side, away from her. "I thought girls typically liked it when you told them they were cute." I said this mostly just to torment her.

*Elphaba* I scoffed and rolled my eyes though he couldn't see. "I thought you liked that I wasn't like other girls," I pointed out playfully.


I closed my eyes as I shook with silent laughter for a few moments. "Yes but you not being like other girls makes my job a whole lot harder than usual. I had to learn all new tactics and plans. None of my old stuff works anymore."

*Elphaba* "Like what old tactics? Hey baby, did it hurt when you feel from heaven? Your eyes shine brighter than the lights of the Emerald City!" I imitated his voice to mock him. "Oh yes, I never would have fallen for any of them."

*Fiyero* I turned around, smiling. "What, do you not like pick up lines?"

*Elphaba* I bit back a smirk and shook my head. "Nope, they don't fool me. They only make me laugh."

*Fiyero* I cleared my throat and nodded towards her smile. "Woah!" I said, "Did the sun just come out or did you smile?"

*Elphaba* I rolled my eyes and my exasperated smile grew larger. "Oh no, what have I gotten myself into?" I muttered, shaking my head a bit.

*Fiyero* "Excuse me could you give me directions?" there was a rather long pause. "To your heart."

*Elphaba* I couldn't help but laugh. "You're such an idiot," I joked with a smile.

*Fiyero* I laughed and kissed her cheek. "I know a lot, I had some fun with pick up lines in middle shook. Usually one of these works though. I gave her my most sly, suggestive, charming smiles I could summon. "Makes them melt."

*Elphaba* I put a hand to my forehead and pretended to swoon. "Oh Fiyero, take me now!" I said dramatically.

*Fiyero* "Oh, you think you're so funny." I wrapped one arm around her waist, carefully pulling her closer. "I still love you though, mostly."

*Elphaba* "Mostly?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. I rested my hands lightly on his chest. "Well then maybe I should act like all the other girls so you'll really love me. How does that sound, Fifi?"

*Fiyero* I scoffed loudly. "That is a terrible pet name!"

*Elphaba* I grinned wickedly. "But I suspect that's what other girls would call you, right? And since it would make your life so much easier if I were like them, I am simply obliging."

*Fiyero* "I bet you couldn't even go through one day like them," I replied, challenging her to a bet. Really, I just couldn't picture it.

*Elphaba* I yawned, pretending to look bored. "Now it's them acting like me that would be the real struggle. How difficult is it to act shallow when you aren't? You did it so well for two decades straight," I said sweetly, giving him a small kiss.

*Fiyero* "I already told you twice. I happen to be genuinely self absorbed and deeply shallow. You think too much of me."

*Elphaba* "That's not true. You're nothing short of wonderful, my love," I said with a smile, in a rather good mood considering recent events. "I've never believed in your charade for an instant--that's what really sets me apart from the other girls. Well isn't that right?"

*Fiyero* I smiled knowingly. She was right and I knew it but I wasn't about to let her know I knew. "Someone has been feeling better," I noticed, referring to her rather upbeat mood.

*Elphaba* I shrugged a bit. "It beats moping around, at the moment I just feel like I need to relax. For my health, if nothing more. I am going stir crazy in here though, I hate staying in one place for too long," I frowned, my fingers messing with one of the buttons on his shirt just for something to do. "You don't think Frex will come back here, do you?" I asked, meeting his eyes.

*Fiyero* I shook my head though I wasn't at all sure. "I don't think so. Maybe well get a chance to help you walk if you're up to it soon," I said about her previous comment.

*Elphaba* I sighed, feeling my body ache all over. "I think I'm fine for the time being," I said, adjusting a bit so I could rest my head on his shoulder. "Thank you for your company, Yero. I know it's kind of like you're trapped here too."

*Fiyero* I shook my head, disagreeing. "Not really, being trapped implies being unhappy. I'm not unhappy when I'm with you." I gave her an overly sappy smile.

*Elphaba* I was unable to fight a large smile and I leaned in to kiss him gently. "Well then I'm not complaining. I just feel bad that we'll most likely be 'trapped' here for the New Year as well. If you wanted to go out and do something I would understand."

*Fiyero* "Oh, don't be silly! Who else would I spend the new year with? Some people I don't know?" That had been the tradition so far, but now that I had Elphaba, everything would be different. I stretched out and put my arms behind my head comfortably as I thought.

*Elphaba* I carefully rested my head on his chest and listened to his heart beat. "Alright, we'll spend it together then. How should we celebrate?" I asked contently.

*Fiyero* "You tell me," I replied, settling in a little closer and removing one of my hands from behind my head to fix it around her. "What do you think you'll be up to?"

*Elphaba* I shifted uncomfortably and sighed. "I'm not sure. I'm still pretty sore. Also we have to decide how to go about my resurrection, considering the whole school thinks I died. Imagine that shock."

*Fiyero* I smirked. "It's simple, really. You're prince charming-- that's me, saved you at the very last moment only to swoop you off your feet to live happily ever after." I thought about this for a second before laughing. "That's not at all true, is it? I suppose we could just celebrate in here since you probably won't be up to much by then. Maybe we can sneak a few drinks by Maureen." I searched for one of her hands for a moment before finding it and taking it in mine, carefully laying both our hands across her stomach.

*Elphaba* I grinned at his little story as he told it. "That should work. I'd imagine Maureen would be with her family as well, we could give her the night off. I'm sure she wouldn't mind, prince Charming."

*Fiyero* I gave another small laugh, closing my eyes. "Oh, I love you-- most of the time," I teased.

*Elphaba* I closed my eyes and let out a contented sigh. "I just love you in general. Maybe I'll just continue to believe that my prince really did save me."

*Fiyero* "I wouldn't complain, but it's not true." I stroked her hand carefully with my thumb. "I think it was a bunch of teachers that saved you. That's what Maureen said."

*Elphaba* I nodded a bit. "Well then it's a good thing I at least have them on my side," I said with a tiny laugh. "I was wondering how I got here."

*Fiyero* After a moment of just laying there, I opened my eyes, remembering the vile of medicine. I felt the slightest bit guilty for forgetting since I was taking care of her for the most part. "We should probably reapply your medicine soon."

*Elphaba* I nodded with a sigh. "I hate that stuff," I grumbled, still complaining. I was thankful to have it though, I was seeing an improvement in my hands.

*Fiyero* "Might as well do it now," I groaned, helping her into a sitting position. "Sit up, now."

*Elphaba* I rolled my eyes. "As if I have a choice? Yes sir," I muttered.

*Fiyero* I reached across the bed to grab the vile and unscrew it. "Okay, what's worse?"

*Elphaba* "Actually the back of my neck hurts...after my hair got soaked it stuck to the back of my neck..." I felt bad for telling him these things.

*Fiyero* "Alright," I said as I gathered her hair in my hand. "Can you hold it out of the way for me, please?" I handed her the ponytail and spread the salve onto my hands. Her neck was just as bad as her back was if not worse. "Okay, here it goes," I said, giving her a fair warning before rubbing it onto her neck.

*Elphaba* I winced and clenched my fist as I felt the familiar biting sting on the sensitive skin on my neck. "Ugh, I hate this," I said through clenched teeth. "I wish they'd go away faster, I have no idea how fast I'm going to heal," I said, worried about the wedding deadline. I did not want to get married looking distorted like this, I was unhappy enough about my appearance in the best of times.

*Fiyero* "You have no idea, or you have an idea?" I asked, reaching over to her bedside for a hair band that had been there since I had gotten there. I guess Maureen must have taken it from her wrist. "I'm going to put your hair in a ponytail." I took her hair back into my hands and tied it as neatly as I could (which isn't saying much).

"All done."

*Elphaba* I turned and kissed his cheek lightly in thanks. "Thank you, love." I sighed and leaned back against the headboard. "How's my face looking?" I asked sarcastically, crossing my arms. "Probably like a deep fried vegetable," I said with a short laugh.

*Fiyero* "Don't say that," I said quietly, replacing the vial in its original place. "It's really not that bad." It was, in fact, pretty bad, there were extremely burned patches on the side of her face and on her cheek, the rest wasn't too bad. By far, not the worst, but still it made me feel terrible. "It's not that bad." It could be worse.

*Elphaba* I rolled my eyes lightly and looked down at my hands with a sigh. "Just keep me away from any mirrors and I won't call you out for lying. Yero, I want you to invite Maureen to the wedding if she would like. She's been an excellent help to me and I hope she knows I'm grateful."

*Fiyero* "I will," I said with a slight smile, ignoring her earlier comment. "You could always invite her if you want."

*Elphaba* I shrugged. "I'm a little tired at the moment. I have no idea why I'm so tired..."

*Fiyero* "You're welcome to go to sleep. I should probably go check my mail and take a shower

before I go back to sleep." I really was just waiting for the moment when she felt better. I felt terrible for her.

*Elphaba* I nodded. "Yes, feel free to leave at any time. The room, I mean."

*Fiyero* I nodded and stood up to stretch. "Should I wait for you to fall asleep or go now? What would you prefer?" I asked, grabbing my keys.

*Elphaba* I rolled my eyes. "I'll be fine, mother. Really, go."

*Fiyero* "Just looking out for you." I squeezed her hand and found my school bag, slinging it over my shoulder as I exited the room. I figured I'd check the mail first.

*Elphaba* I settled down into my pillow and closed my eyes, taking a breath. After a few moments I tried to get to sleep.

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*Fiyero* I moved to my dorm's box. There was a few things for James and one envelope addressed to me. I opened it and read as I walked. Dear King Tiggular...

I scanned the letter for the main idea, trying to find key words. The strange thing was, it didn't seem at all important. They were saying I needed to get my tattoo redone because it's

present condition wasn't actually acceptable. I had forgotten that once I took the throne they would make me change my tattoo. I wasn't allowed to have the same one as my father

because it wouldn't identify me. I scoffed and shoved the letter away in my bag and disappeared into my dorm to take a shower.


Sudden flush of boiling water, soaking my hair which stuck to the back of my neck. I looked down at my hands which I saw had burst into large green flames, leaving my flesh charred and scorched. I moved my hands ot shield my face but it only ignited it too with the painful flames. Engulfing my hair and my clothes. I laid on the ground in silence as I went up in flames and I heard loud cheers ringing in my ears, growing louder and louder and louder until I felt my ears would explode.

*Fiyero* I had time to cool off over the course of my shower. I found myself in a rather good mood as I headed back to the Nurse's office.

*Elphaba*I tossed and turned as I covered my ears to stop the piercing sounds of the applause. THE WITCH OF THE WEST IS DEAD! GOOD NEWS GOOD NEWS! SHE'S DEAD!

*Fiyero* I opened the door to Elphaba's room, dropping my bag in an empty chair before sitting at the very edge of her bed, stretching across it's width at Elphaba's feet.

*Elphaba*GOOD NEW--GOODNESS KNOWS--DEAD---WITCH--WICKED---WICKED--WICKED---SHE'S--DEAD---NEWS!--DEAD! I started tossing and turning on the floor and covered my ears. "STOP!" I shrieked, gasping for air as I felt the fire spread.

*Fiyero* Elphaba began moving in her sleep. "Fae?" I said slowly, reaching up for her hand, wondering if I should wake her up.

*Elphaba*I felt my hands being pushed to the ground by an invisible force and I could not pry them up, as if they were glued to the floor. I gasped again and felt my entire body feel as heavy as a weight, trapping me so I could not move or run or save myself. All I could do was yell then, as if it would solve anything. I couldn't hear myself over the loud screams in my ears.

*Fiyero* "Elphaba!" I said, raising my voice, still on edge with everything that had gone on in the last few days. "Wake up!" I shook her shoulder carefully.

*Elphaba*Something pushed me down upon the floor harder if that was possible and I felt even more trapped. "LEAVE ME ALONE!" I yelled out. "PLEASE STOP!" I cried.

*Fiyero* She seemed to be extremely distressed. I sat down on the edge of her bed and sat her up. "Come on, Fae, don't do this...whatever this is."

*Elphaba* I gave a shuddering gasp and opened my eyes, feeling a cold sweat break out on my forehead. I coughed and gasped, taking painful breaths.

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*Fiyero* "Calm down, it's okay." I brushed some of her short hair out of her face. "It's okay, it was just a dream, Elphaba." We had to do something about those nightmares.

*Elphaba* I blinked once and looked at him for a split second before resting my head on his shoulder and tried to catch my breath. "I'm sorry...I'm sorry I'm sorry," I gasped, shaking my head.

*Fiyero* "Hey, don't." I placed my arms around her carefully. "Don't worry about it." This was miserable.

*Elphaba* I felt myself shaking as I clung to him. "No--I keep having these dreams and disturbing you. I shouldn't be. I've been taking all of your time just because I got hurt when I shouldn't have," I said shakily, blinking back tears. "I am sorry." Funny how all it took was a terrifying dream to break my resolve.

*Fiyero* "Don't be," I said, stroking her hair a few times. "For better or for worse?" I leaned my head against hers, wondering what we would be doing if she hadn't gotten hurt. Not that I had anything terribly important to do, I was just stressed out about everything with the Council biting my head off and everyone was expecting something of me.

*Elphaba* I nodded silently, taking a few deep breaths. "I'm weak, aren't I?" I said with a humorless laugh. "It took them no time to realize how easily they could destroy me."

*Fiyero* "That's not true! It took them long enough." I paused for less than a second before realizing what I had said wasn't what I had meant to say. "What-- That's not what I meant."

*Elphaba* I closed my eyes tightly and sniffed once. "No, but you're right."

*Fiyero* "No, you and I both know that's not true and it's not what I meant."

*Elphaba* "Look what I've been reduced to!" I said, suddenly angry. "What they did with a smile on their face--and with such ease! I let this happen to me, I should have been able to defend myself but I just couldn't."

*Fiyero* "You need more sleep. Just go back to sleep," I said, not wanting to continue the conversation

*Elphaba* "I can't sleep now! Every time I close my eyes I'm burned alive again," I said in a hoarse whisper.

*Fiyero* "well, what do you want me to do, Elphaba?" I asked, starting to get the slightest bit irritated.

*Elphaba* I frowned and took another breath. "I don't know," I said again. "You've already done so much, I wish there was something more that I could do."

*Fiyero* I pulled away from the hug and reached over for her bag. "Do you have any books in here? I could always try and read to you." I had been thinking about that lately. This would be a good time to take advantage of being stuck here. Reading out loud to her would give us something to do and it might help me get better with reading.

*Elphaba* I raised my eyebrows. "Really, why?" I asked, interested. "I'm sure I have one in there, but you don't have to if you don't want to."

*Fiyero* I shrugged. "Its something to do." I dug around until I found a book. I opened it and sat back against the headboard, resting the book on one knee. "Shall I start from the beginning or was there another spot yhou'd liked me to start with?"

*Elphaba* I leaned back on the headboard too and carefully leaned my head on his shoulder. "The beginning is fine, you wouldn't know what was going on if you started from the middle."

*Fiyero* "I'm just going to apologize now for my mistakes, okay?" I nodded and turned to the first page. "Chapter one..." My reading actually wasn't that bad, I tripped up every few words and occasionally just got stuck, but Elphaba helped me out, so I didn't feel too badly.

*Elphaba* I smiled a bit as he read, starting to calm down considerably as I listened. Occasionally he would stumble on a word and I would work him through it, but he seemed to be reading fairly well. "I'm really proud of you, you know that?" I told him with a soft smile after he finished the first chapter.

*Fiyero* "I can't imagine why," I said, flipping the page. Although, quite honestly, I was proud of myself as well.

*Elphaba* I kissed his cheek quickly and settled back in against his shoulder. "I'm serious though. You have improved so much, it's admirable is what it is. I'm very impressed."

*Fiyero* I felt myself turn the slightest bit red as I fiddled with the corner of the page. "I'm glad you're impressed. Elphaba," I began. I closed the book, keeping my finger in our current spot. "Never mind." I cracked the book again. "Chapter two..."

*Elphaba* "Wait, finish your thought. What were you going to say?" I asked, putting my hand over the page so he couldn't read on.

*Fiyero* "Nothing, it was unrelated." I slid her hand off of the book so I could continue reading.

*Elphaba* "Yero," I whined. "Please, love?"

*Fiyero* I sighed and looked down at the edges of the paper. "I have to go to the Vinkus."

*Elphaba* I felt my heart sink at his words and confusion set in. "Wait--what? Why? When?"

*Fiyero* "There are just, there are somethings I have to get in order. Things about the wedding and taking the throne. It'll only be a few days, I promise. I don't know when I'll go."

*Elphaba* I nodded, my heart still settled in my stomach. "Alright, that sounds fair." I was assuming I couldn't accompany him this time. "Do you really think they'll test me? To see if I'm suitable?" I asked after a moment, something that has been on my mind.

*Fiyero* "I know the will, but who cares what they think? I mean, really! It's not like they are going to cancel our marriage." I sighed. "But they will guilt and manipulate us in an effort to get us to call it off on our own." Little did they know, we were hopeless.

*Elphaba* I raised my eyebrows, slightly interested. "Really? They'll try to get us to call it off on our own?" I said.

*Elphaba* "Oh, well then I wish them the best of luck in trying to split us up," I rolled my eyes.

*Fiyero* I smiled and reopened the book. "Should I continue with the story?"

*Elphaba* I nodded with a slight smile and settled back into him carefully. I really didn't want him to leave, but I knew I'd have to face it. "You know, I find the idea of you reading very attractive," I said teasingly.

*Fiyero* "Oh, yes," I laughed, "because this..." I furrowed my eyebrow and brought the book closer as I did sometimes when I couldn't figure out a word, letting out an "uuhhhh" simultaneously. "...Is very attractive."

*Elphaba* I shrugged and laughed a bit. "Well I think so. At least it's better than those awful pick up lines," I grinned.

*Fiyero* "You-you mean you didn't like them?" I asked, pretending to be upset and hiding my face in the book. "I thought you liked them!"

*Elphaba* I giggled and rolled my eyes. "Oh, look at us! We're so in love!" I said sarcastically.

*Fiyero* I sat back up, staring down at the page of the book. I didn't want to go. "Will you be okay by yourself for a few days?"

*Elphaba* I nodded. "Yes. Not that I want you to leave, but I'll get by. Don't worry about me while you're gone."

*Fiyero* "I'll ask Doctor Dillamond to check on you every so often, okay?" I pulled my knees up and set the book on my feet. "I'll probably leave tomorrow."

*Elphaba* I nodded, biting my lip. "Alright. Do you have any idea how long you're going to be there?"

*Fiyero* "I'm not sure. Probably less than 6 days." I paused for a long time, taking one of her burned hands in mine and examining it. She looked better. "I'll write you."

*Elphaba* 6 days...? I raised my eyebrows at him. "You'll write to me? What will you write?"

*Fiyero* "I thought you ought to know what's going on while I'm there. Much of it, I'm sure will concern you."

*Elphaba* "You're right, I would like to know. Will you be okay taking this trip?" I asked carefully, it was the first time he would be returning since his mother died.

*Fiyero* I nodded and moved the book to the bedside table. Truth be told, I was nervous. I knew I would be busy the entire time I was there, though.

*Elphaba* I entwined our fingers, trying to be supportive. "Well I'll be here if you care to find me," I said with a quiet laugh.

*Fiyero* "I better get to bed." I said looking down at our hands. "I'll probably get up early."

*Elphaba* I nodded, trying not to be dissapointed. "Alright, love," I said with a most likely not convincing smile.

*Fiyero* "Should I go sleep in my room so I don't wake you?" I offered, getting up from the bed and untangling our fingers.

*Elphaba* "Whatever you want to do."

*Fiyero*' "You could use the sleep." I leaned down and kissed her for a long moment. "Goodbye."

*Elphaba* "Goodbye," I said, attempting to stay upbeat about this. "Please tell Maureen about your plans?"

*Fiyero* "I will."

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I felt I had stayed much too long. My trip hadn't gone as well as I might have liked. The council was still dead set on Elphaba coming in for an interview, some of the servants had quit, and

Avaric and I had barely talked the entire time. But two of the days I had spent there had been used to redesign my tattoo. I hated it. There was only one part of my body that wasn't

branded with the blue diamond which I now despised. I was now wearing long sleeved, button up shirts and long pants so everything would be covered. I should have known they would

do something like this. And I hadn't written as much as I promised. I would have kept her updated, but I simply hadn't found the time to. As the train came to a slow stop, I found myself

feeling better. I grabbed my suitcase, readjusted my shirt and sighed as I got in line to exit the train. Happy New Year.


Getting through the three days without Fiyero was difficult, but not unbearable. I kept up on applying the medicine and was starting to see a slight difference in the healing. This was

hopeful. My hands were considerably better. Doctor Dillamond and Brrr had visited a few times as well, which I always looked forward to. It was nice to have company. I even started

talking to talk to Maureen for long periods of time when she didn't have anything to do. Apparently most of the time her job got very boring, even a little lonely. She told me about her

husband and young daughter and all of the ridiculous injuries kids have complained to her about. One girl had even came to her when they got a bad haircut, thinking she could do

something. She even painted my nails for me just for something to do. It took a great deal of convincing though. When I wasn't visiting with them I was sleeping or reading. I finished so

many stories I was almost getting tired of all the reading. Almost. Despite all of this, I missed Fiyero. I thought about him a lot, I was worried about him. I constantly looked forward to his

letters, but there weren't many.

*Fiyero* I stopped by my dorm first and threw my suitcase on my bed, only I took out the small wooden bird I had found for Elphaba in the village. I wasn't sure if she'd even want it, but it was a poor effort in making up for the lack of writing. Then, I headed over to the Nurse's station, eager to see Elphaba again.

*Elphaba* Maureen had suggested I started a few days ago so every so often I would pace around the room. My legs and been stiff and ached for the first time, reaggravating the burns on my legs and feet, but it was getting easier. I was starting to get more self-sufficient as well. Once I got tired of reading I got out of bed and walked out of the room and to Maureen's main office, sitting down to talk to her for awhile.

*FIyero* I put my hand on the door knob, the mail boxes catching my eye. Hopefully there wouldn't be as much mail in the next few days. I opened the door and slipped inside.

*Elphaba* As I talked to Maureen I was starting to get more and more stir crazy. I didn't even know when Fiyero would be getting back, in his last letter he said it would be soon. That was two days ago, though. When I heard the door click open I looked over to see who was in the doorway. I felt my face brighten and I stood. "You're back," I smiled, trying not to sound too enthusiastic.

*Fiyero* I raised my eyebrows in surprise. She looked much better and, "You're standing!" I slipped the small wooden bird into my pocket and took a few steps forward, happy to see her. "I missed you."

*Elphaba* "I missed you too," I grinned, relieved that he was back. "And of course I'm standing, I'm not that lazy."

*FIyero* "You look much better! I guess Maureen took care of you!" I teased, smiling at Maureen. I pulled Elphaba into a rather tight hug for a few seconds. She smelled good, I had missed that smell. My trip had seemed a lot longer than just a few days.

*Elphaba* I looked back to Maureen with a smile, Fiyero's arm still around my waist. "Yes she's been a great help," I said warmly before looking back to Fiyero. "Oz I'm glad you're back."

*Fiyero* "You have no idea how glad I am to be back," I replied with a smile. I was so happy to see Elphaba looking so well.

*Elphaba* My smile grew and I kissed him quickly. "Well you have to tell me everything," I said. Maureen stood up and grabbed her purse. "I have a few errands to run, I'll be back later you two," she smiled.

*Fiyero* I waved to Maureen. "Okay, we'll hold down the fort here!" I slipped the small wooden (book reference) bird from my pocket. "I'm sorry I didn't write more." I slid it into her hand with an apologetic look.

*Elphaba* I looked down at the beautifully crafted detailed bird. "It's lovely, but you didn't have to do that," I said with a slight smile.

*Fiyero* I shrugged. "It was my pleasure."

*Elphaba* I kissed his cheek. "You spoil me, Yero," I laughed. I had begun wearing my necklace again now that my neck wasn't quite so severe. The medicine definetly relieved pain, possibly more gradually than I would have liked, but it worked.

*Fiyero* "Here, have a seat," I offered, pulling out her chair for her. I figured we had somethings to talk about concerning the Vinkus and her interview, first and foremost.

*Elphaba* I sat in the chair, rolling my eyes at his gentlemanly gesture. "So tell me everything, I've been so anxious."

*Fiyero* I sat in the chair across from her. "Well, they still want to interview you for sure." I wasn't so excited about this, but it seemed inevitable now. "I told them that we'd have to delay it, so we still have plenty of time before that pops up."

*Elphaba* I let out a long breath, having expected that. "Yes...alright. Will they be coming here or will I have to make a trip?"

*Fiyero* "We have to make the trip. But don't worry about that too much, like I said, we have plenty of time."

*Elphaba* I shrugged and crossed my arms uncomfortably. "I'd almost rather get it over with, hear I'm not suitable, then marry you."

*Fiyero* I laughed and touched her shoulder from across the table. "Its good to see you feeling so well." *Elphaba* I smiled at him and nodded. "I really am. My hands are almost completely healed and I'm in less pain now. It's not completely gone, but it's less. Now they just have to fade."

*Fiyero* I nodded and sat back. "Good, good." Why did I feel so nervous? I had terrible butterflies in my stomach that I couldn't get rid of.

*Elphaba* I frowned, thinking about all that could have happened to him while he was there. "So what did they want you for?"

*Fiyero* I raised my eyebrows distractedly. "Hm? What? Did you say something?"

*Elphaba* "I asked what they wanted. Why did they invite you to come?"

*Fiyero* "That's all. They just wanted to talk about the marriage." I didn't really want to show her the new tattooing yet. I was still mad about it.

*Elphaba* I nodded. "So what did they say about the marriage?" I prodded.

*Fiyero* "They're not pleased. They hosted a few dinners where there were a lot of women. I think they were trying to make me fall in love with one." I laughed and rubbed my rather

sore skin on my arms. "Obviously, it didn't work."

*Elphaba* I raised my eyebrows and crossed my arms, leaning back in my chair. "Oh?"

*Fiyero* "Mhm!" I said with a very sly smile.

*Elphaba* I narrowed my eyes. "Must have been nice, surrounded by such beautiful women all dying to be in your bed," I said, my voice dripping with sarcasm. Honestly, though I didn't feel threatened, I felt jealous. Very jealous.

*Fiyero* "Yeah, I couldn't stop thinking about all the interesting things you would have said. You would have enjoyed it. Every so often a little voice in the back of my head that sounded a lot like you would makes some sort of a sarcastic comment." I laughed and drummed my fingers.

*Elphaba* "Oh I'm sure," I rolled my eyes. "So how many girls were there?" I asked casually, pretending not to really care. "Many blondes?"

*Fiyero* "Twenty or thirty. Yes, blondes and redheads. And they even threw in a few guys. The whole thing was extremely awkward for everyone, I think."

*Elphaba* "Ah," I raised my eyebrows and nodded, glancing away for a moment. I'm sure they were all dying for one night with the king. The idea that the committee would throw that on him angered me a bit too. Any bimbo in Oz would be better than me in their eyes.

*Fiyero* I moved my chair over to her side of the table, noticing the look in her eyes. "I missed you," I offered, pulling her into a tight hug.

*Elphaba* I rested my head on his shoulder and wrapped my arms around him too. "Even in the company of all of those pretty girls?" I asked sarcastically.

*Fiyero* "Mhm!" I replied, pressing a kiss to her temple. "Even in the company of all those pretty girls."

*Elphaba* I cracked a small smile, feeling a bit better. "In that case I missed you too. I will tease you about the girls forever, as well."

*Fiyero* "That's my girl," I laughed, finding her hand. I examined it, her burns were almost gone on her hands and... "Are your fingernails painted?" I asked, biting back a laugh.

*Elphaba* I threw my head back and sighed. "Oh yes, I forgot about that. What, you don't like them?" I pretended to be upset.

*Fiyero* "That's cute," I teased, setting her hands back down in her lap. "Maybe you can do mine sometime."

*Elphaba* I gave a harsh laugh. "Because that is very manly, of course. I didn't do them, it was Maureen. She insisted."

*FIyero* "Interesting changes have been happening while I was away." I moved my chair back across the table to my side.

*Elphaba* "And for you too, as you have come back with twenty or thirty mistresses," I said. Let the teasing begin.

*Fiyero* "You really aren't going to let that go are you? Very well, I won't say anything else about what I did in the Vinkus!" I crossed my arms and turned away from her.

*Elphaba* "Why, are you not spilling the dirty details, hm?"

*Fiyero* "Well, there was this one brunette, right?" I said, turning suddenly and pretending to be letting loose a particularly scandalatious story. "Kidding of course. I went to bed-- alone-- before some of them even left."

*Elphaba* "However DID you resist such temptation?" I said sarcastically.

*Fiyero* I just laughed and looked down at the table, rubbing the grain with my thumb.

*Elphaba* "So is that really it, then? They brought you there to find you a new bride?"

*Fiyero* "Yep," I said, not looking up. "That and to put me in a time out and give me a good talking too."

*Elphaba* "Did you have to sit in the corner and think about what you've done?"

*Fiyero* "I did. It was very boring." I shook my head with a small smile.

*Elphaba* "Because of all the thinking?" I bit back a laugh, grinning. "I'm sorry, love. I bet they made you dress up to meet the girls too."

*Fiyero* "I had to wear a tie," I pouted, "a tie"

*Elphaba* I gasped as if it were an awful fate. "My poor baby," I said sympathetically.

*Fiyero* I laughed and buried my face in my hands. "This conversation is ridiculous."

*Elphaba* "Want me to be serious Elphaba again?" I raised my eyebrows. "I can tell you all my grievances if it's what you prefer."

*Fiyero* "Oh, I don't care..." I drummed my fingers again, staring at her from across the table.

*Elphaba* I frowned. "What? What are you staring at?" I asked, bringing a hand to the side of my face that was burned self-consciously.

*Fiyero* "Nothing, sorry." I turned my eyes back down on the table.

*Elphaba* I nodded. "Okay...so, just out of curiosity, why didn't you write more?"

*Fiyero* "There just wasn't enough time," I said with an exasperated sigh. "They scheduled the heck out of my days."

*Elphaba* "Okay, okay fine," I said defensively. "I get it."

*Fiyero* "What?" I asked confused. "Did I do something wrong?"

*Elphaba* "No, you're fine. I just got worried a bit, and obviously I should have been with all of those girls sniffing around you," I added lightly.

*Fiyero* "That was just one night!" I defended my self.

*Elphaba* "One night and thirty pretty girls," I pointed out.

*Fiyero* I laid my head on the table. "You're giving me a headache."

*Elphaba* "Headache, how terrible," I sighed and rolled my eyes. "Sorry," I said shortly.

*Fiyero* "It's okay, I think I'm just a little overwhelmed from traveling." I sat back up and adjusted my collar.

*Elphaba* "I bet," I nodded, drumming my fingers on the table, deep in thought. "Do you have any advice for me? For the interview? I know there's probably not much I can do, but you

know how to deal with them better than I do."

*Fiyero* "Just...use the 'yes dear' technique. Agree to whatever they say, even if you don't follow through with it. That's the best advice I can give you. They're going to win some things

and you're going to win some."

*Elphaba* I frowned and crossed my arms. "Just do everything they say?" I didn't like the sound of that.

*Fiyero* "No, just say you're going to do it, even if you don't. Obviously it won't work every time, but it does mostly."

*Elphaba* "And what do you think they'll ask of me?" Maybe this was a bad idea.

*Fiyero* "I'm not exactly sure. I don't know." I really should invest some time in finding new staff.

*Elphaba* I sighed and leaned back in my chair. "This might be hard for me."

*Fiyero* "I know, I'll be right there, I promise." I moved my chair forward. "For the most part, you won't have to do anything you don't want to. I'll help you out."

*Elphaba* "Hopefully they don't insist on seeing me alone."

*Fiyero* "We'll see," I sighed, leaning back.

*Elphaba* I nodded, thinking it over. I knew they couldn't convince me to step down no matter what, but I was worried about how they would try to tear me down. I would try to be as agreeable as possible, but I knew it would be difficult if they were horrible. "What time is it?" I asked casually after a moment.

*Fiyero* I pulled up my sleeve to find my watch. "Six-thirty."

*Elphaba* I nodded, figuring Maureen would come back and then leave early to spend time with her family. I urged her to go home many times, especially considering I was feeling better. She spent too much time here, she did have other things to do. "What do you suppose we do?"

*Fiyero* "What do you mean?" I asked, looking over at her.

*Elphaba* "Maureen has a family at home, she can't spend all of her time here."

*Fiyero* "Okay," I said slowly. I wasn't grasping the intent of the conversation. "What are you asking?"

*Elphaba* I rolled my eyes. "Did you remember the date?"

*Fiyero* "What date?" I couldn't remember ever deciding to go on a date with Elphaba. "Where are we going again?"

*Elphaba* "I mean what day it is. You're back just in time for New Years."

*Fiyero* "Oh," I said slowly. I knew that. "What are you up to?"

*Elphaba* "I'm pretty much stuck here," I replied, slightly irritable.

*Fiyero* "That's fine. What would you like to do? I can go get some food, or...what would you like?" I asked, willing to cater to her needs at the moment.

*Elphaba* "You're asking me how to plan a celebration? Isn't that your specialty?"

*Fiyero* "Alright, I'll go get some food and champagne!" I stood and went to the door. "Anything else, your highness"

*Elphaba* I leaned back in the chair, a soft smirk gracing my face as I waved a dismissive hand. "Just about four attractive men to carry me around and feed me grapes. Chop chop," I grinned.

*Fiyero* "Yes, master." I slid out the door and started into town to go find the nearest liquor store and some food.

*Elphaba* I smiled and rolled my eyes at him. I was glad I didn't have to spend New Years alone, unlike all of the other years.

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*Fiyero* I returned with some champagne and pasta. It smelled so good, it was difficult to not eat it on the way back. As soon as I got back into the room I set the food down on the table. "I'm starving."

*Elphaba* I smiled as he came back but hid it after a clock-tick. "What took you so long?" I pretended to be annoyed.

*Fiyero* "I died on the way over," I lied, opening the food and finding the glasses I had stopped by my dorm to get. "Alright. I guess we can open one bottle now and wait until midnight for the other one?"

*Elphaba* "You're the boss," I teased. "Sounds lovely."

*Fiyero* I laughed and poured her a glass of champagne. "For you." I poured one for myself and sat back down, grabbing one of the forks from inside the bag.

*Elphaba* "Thank you," I said, accepting the glass. "Doctor Dillamond and Brrr stopped by a few times while you were gone."

*Fiyero* "Did they?" I asked, taking a bite of pasta. "What did they have to say?"

*Elphaba* "This and that, they were just keeping me company. It's nice to see them."

*Fiyero* "I'm glad they dropped by, I didn't want you to be alone the whole three days."

*Elphaba* I shrugged. "Well I obviously didn't have to worry about you getting lonely," I teased.

*Fiyero* I shook my head and twirled my fork in the noodles again. "Are you going to eat?"

*Elphaba* I nodded and took a bite. "Thank you for bringing it back, I'm usually the one cooking on New Years."

*Fiyero* "Don't worry about it," I said, bringing another bite to my lips.

*Elphaba* "Father used to throw these lavish parties for his clients, it was a big deal. He always hired the same pianist," I took a sip of champagne. "I could never sleep, the guests were always so loud."

*Fiyero* "Well, you don't have to stay up so late, you can sleep if you'd like." I took another bite and then a sip of champagne. "Whatever works for you."

*Elphaba* I gave him a look. "I know I'm mature beyond my years but do you really think I'm so boring that I would go to sleep early on New Years?" I smirked.

*Fiyero* I laughed and shook my head. "Alright, I'm sorry. I take it back."

*Elphaba* "So what about you? How did you usually celebrate? Don't sugar coat because I'm not stupid."

*Fiyero* "I told you. Drink, party, go to bed." I looked up, giving her a scandalatious look. "Fun times."

*Elphaba* I laughed and pointed at him. "What is that look?"

*Fiyero* "Nothing. Just nothing." I laughed and took a bite of pasta.

*Elphaba* "Were you trying to be seductive, dear?"

*Fiyero* "No, but I can do that if you want," I replied with a suggestive look towards her. "Here," I picked up the bottle of champagne. "Why don't you have more to drink."

*Elphaba* "Oh, I see. Now you're trying to get me drunk," I teased, accepting the drink. "Well thank you."

*Fiyero* "You're welcome!" I laughed and took a drink of champagne.

*Elphaba* We finished eating fairly quickly, Fiyero in particular, but still had champagne left. "Now tell me something, am I going to have to buy something nice for this interview thing? You know, good impression and all?"

*Fiyero* "What happened to that one dress? The one you wore to the coronation? Can't you just wear that?" I asked, leaning back as I talked.

*Elphaba* I raised my eyebrows, remembering the dress. "That thing was huge," I reminded him. "I also couldn't breathe in it," I laughed lightly. "Surprised you remembered that."

*Fiyero* "Well, I liked it." I shrugged and downed the rest of my glass. "Or the one you wore the last time we went to the Vinkus. I liked that one too."

*Elphaba* I sighed. "That one was destroyed. I kind of liked it too, though."

*Fiyero* "I would be happy to buy you a new one." I poured myself a new glass and looked at my watch. "Ah, we still have four hours."

*Elphaba* "Why do you insist on buying me things? I have money." Not a lot, but still. "You don't have to keep spending your money for me."

*Fiyero* "I like spending money on you. And why shouldn't I? I have more than enough money and I love you." I tossed the empty food container into the trash.

*Elphaba* "I'd love you even if you were penniless on the streets of the Emerald City. You know, maybe."

*Fiyero* "You just love me for my looks and you know it." I smirked. "And my eyes apparently."

*Elphaba* I felt color rush to my cheeks and my eyes widened a bit. "Why did I ever tell you that?" I cursed myself, shaking my head.

*Fiyero* "Because you love me!" I answered for her.

*Elphaba* "Doesn't mean I have to tell you what I like about you," I said, sort of flirtatiously.

*Fiyero* "Why not?" I said, pretending to pout.

*Elphaba* "I--uh--well shouldn't there be some air of mystery to my feelings? There isn't always an answer for everything," I said.


"Shouldn't there be an answer sometimes though?"

*Elphaba* I rolled my eyes. "Alright, I love your eyes. So what?" I blushed, taking a sip of champagne.

*Fiyero* "That's cute," I teased. "You have beautiful eyes too, for the record."

*Elphaba* I rolled my, apparently, beautiful eyes. "Cute...cute...you keep saying that. I'm not cute. That's a little too perky," I laughed.

*Fiyero* "And what's wrong with being perky?"

*Elphaba* I grimaced. "It's not me, is it? I mean, I wasn't born for the rose and pearl or anything. To be perky and cute you also have to be charming and graceful, winsome, etc.." I shrugged, taking a drink.

*Fiyero* "Well, you check out on most of those." I rubbed my arm and drummed my fingers on the table again.

*Elphaba* I snorted and rolled my eyes. "Nice one."

*Fiyero* I rolled my eyes, too lazy to fight about it. "Whatever you say, Elphaba."

*Elphaba* I smirked at him. "You say that a lot," I pointed out, my brain feeling the slightest bit foggy.

*Fiyero* "Whatever you say, Elphaba," I repeated, twirling the stem of my glass between my fingers.

*Elphaba* I laughed. "Oh boy, are you going to bother me with that from now on?"

*Fiyero* "No, I'll let it go." I paused for a long moment. "Unlike some people we know." I gave a pointed stare at Elphaba.

*Elphaba* I returned his pointed glance. "What do you mean by that?" I asked, raising my eyebrows.

*Fiyero* "Nothing." I took a sip from my champagne.

*Elphaba* "You mean about how I keep reminding you of all the pretty girls worshipping you?" I asked before clearing my throat. "Look there he goes, isn't it dreamy? Pick me Fiyero! Oh please pick me!" I said dramatically in a high-pitched mocking voice.

*Fiyero* I gave her a slow look. "I don't know if you should be drinking," I teased.

*Elphaba* "Oh Fiyero is so cute! Why doesn't he love me!? I wore my shiniest jewelry and my shortest dress!" I continued to whine. This was fun.

*Fiyero* I reached over and took her glass, setting next to mine. "You're ridiculous."

*Elphaba* "I'm just having a little fun. I can tease them because I have something they want," I smirked.

*Fiyero* "Yes, you do." I drank the rest of her champagne and slid her the glass back with a teasing grin.

*Elphaba* "Hey!" I complained. "You lousy drunk, you are the reason I started drinking in the first place!" I joked.

*Fiyero* "I'm pretty sure you're buzzed and I'm not right now," I said with a small smile. "Here, I'll pour you another glass." I tipped the bottle into hers, filling it with the sparkling wine. "I really did miss you."

*Elphaba* "You have higher tolerance," I pointed out. "Don't pretend it isn't entertaining to see me like this," I said, accepting the glass.

*Fiyero* "Oh no, it's entertaining alright. It's just there are quite a few insults coming from you when you're drunk. Even if they are all in good fun." I leaned on the table, propping myself up on my elbows.

*Elphaba* "I'm not drunk," I insisted. I was just getting there. "And I insult you all the time without alcohol, never mean anything of it," I shrugged.

*Fiyero* "Yes, but it's not every other word." I rolled my eyes and poured myself a glass of champagne, figuring I might as well catch up with her.

*Elphaba* I rolled my eyes and took another sip. "Idiot," I muttered sarcastically. "Oh hey...you're right!"

*Fiyero* I rolled my eyes and leaned back in my chair lazily. "So what did you do while I was gone?"

*Elphaba* I glanced upwards and frowned, thinking about it. "I talked to Maureen and Dillamond...rested...read...walked around a bit. Still haven't left here though, I'd rather not without you."

*Fiyero* "I think we should probably be extra careful when we go out from now on. It's going to be difficult."

*Elphaba* I nodded, raising my eyebrows. "Yes, yes you're right. For now, let them have their fun before the Wicked Witch makes a comeback," I winked.

*Fiyero* I rolled my eyes again. "You're not a wicked witch."

*Elphaba* "Much to your disappointment, hm?" I said sarcastically.

*Fiyero* "You are wicked." I glanced at my watch. "Only an hour and a half left."

*Elphaba* "Alright, favorite parts of this year for you? This is a game Nessa and I used to play, reliving the past year's events. Favorite moments?" I asked, happily buzzed.

*Fiyero* "Um..." I thought for a long moment. "Well, spending time with you, going to the Emerald City, and probably saving Brrr. What about you?" I could tell now just by the way Elphaba was smiling, the alcohol was taking affect. I downed the rest of my glass, still trying to catch up, although I did feel a little bit foggy now.

*Elphaba* I pursed my lips as I thought. "A lot of that stuff too and...oh! Of course," I said, holding up my left hand and showing my ring. "That was a pretty good day."

*Fiyero* "Oh! of course, that was a lot of fun." We were nearing the end of the first bottle of champagne and as I took another sip, I was really starting to feel the difference.

*Elphaba* "Let's see now...there's also when you sang to me, our first night together, Lurlinemas..." I counted off, briefly thinking that I wouldn't be quite so forward were not for the alcohol.

*Fiyero* "I still don't know why you liked that so much, my singing." I rolled my eyes. "It's awful. I think you just like me, that's all. We did have a pretty good, pretty eventful year together, didn't we?"

*Elphaba* "Mm," I said, putting down my glass. "And just imagine where we'll be at this time next year."

*Fiyero* "Married!" I said excitedly, raising both of my eyebrows as I brought my glass to my lips.

*Elphaba* I nodded with a small giggle. "Oz I can hardly imagine that. Married, graduated, lots of changes. Big big changes."

*Fiyero* "Big changes," I agreed, finishing off my glass and setting it to the side for the moment. My head was unclear from the alcohol now.

*Elphaba* "If things go as planned by then we would have been married for almost a full year. Wow," I said, resting my foggy head against my hand.

*Fiyero* "Pretty exciting. We will. I don't know what this 'If things go as planned' is." I tapped the edge of the table twice with my forefinger.

*Elphaba* I shrugged. "Do you think I'll be well enough by the wedding date? And then there's the interview."

*Fiyero* "I don't know, I guess that's a matter of your opinion." I looked her over. "You're still a little bit burned but you look much better." I grasped her hand. "I can tell you've been using your medicine."

*Elphaba* "Well of course," I shrugged. "I want to heal as soon as possible." This was a really bad time to be looking even less pretty than usual, but I pretended it didn't bother me as much.

*Fiyero* I squeezed her hand and set it down on the table. "I think I'll have one more glass for now."

*Elphaba* I slid my own empty glass his way. "You say that, but you'll cave soon enough."

*Fiyero* I filled mine all the way, but stopped at the half way mark on Elphaba's. "Here you go," I said with a small smile, sliding her the glass.

*Elphaba* "What are you afraid I'm going to do if I'm too drunk? Or are you afraid of what you might do?" I said with a large teasing smile.

*Fiyero* "Exactly." I slid her the glass and took a sip from mine.

*Elphaba* "Oh my," I said, taking another drink.

*Fiyero* "What was the 'Oh my' for?" I asked, my words starting to slur a bit.

*Elphaba* I shrugged. "I hardly know what in Oz I'm saying. Remember? I'm drunk, apparently."

*Fiyero* I rolled my eyes. "Well, if you're already drunk and I'm getting there, I'd better stop." I slid my glass far off to the side so I wouldn't pick it up again.

*Elphaba* I rolled my eyes. "I give you two minutes before you pick that up again," I said, pointing at him with a smile. "It's fun not being the responsible one for once."

*Fiyero* "Alright, I'll take you up on that." I slid my watch off my wrist and set it on the table, careful to roll my sleeve back down. "Two minutes."

*Elphaba* "Boy time flies," I said with a chuckle, taking another sip. "Oz this year has been...both terrible and completely wonderful at the exact same time," I said with a dramatic gesture of my hand.

*Fiyero* I nodded in agreement. "I know. Maybe we can eliminate the terrible part this year." Although, I knew the beginning of it would be difficult already. "One minute left, by the way."

*Elphaba* "Good to know," I grinned. "Are you going to be cheesy and kiss me at midnight?" I laughed.

*Fiyero* "Well, what would you prefer?" I asked slowly, a little bit confused.

*Elphaba* I shrugged. "No complaints. I'm just trying to be difficult one more time this year."

*Fiyero* "You're awful." I looked down at my watch and fastened it on my wrist. "Time is up. Two minutes, I win."

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*Elphaba* I rolled my eyes. "Fine fine fine," I sighed. "You proved me wrong."

*Fiyero* I stretched out a bit before slumping down in my chair comfortably. "Okay, least favorite moment. Go."

*Elphaba* "Hmm...our fight before I went to James when I thought you were going to leave me," I said.

*Fiyero* "I still can't believe you thought I didn't love you anymore." I gave a short laugh. "We're hopeless."

*Elphaba* "I'll drink to that. And yes, it was an awful feeling. Other bad moments...all of the encounters with Father," I remembered. "All of the stuff that's been going on since we came back from the Emerald City too."

*Fiyero* "That's for sure," I reached over for my glass sneakily, trying to be surreptitious.

*Elphaba* "Your turn," I requested. "Worst parts of the year."

*Fiyero* "Thinking you were dead for sure. That was terrible." I took a drink from my glass as I thought. "My mother dying, of course, almost throwing you into the lake, and watching you struggle with your allergy. Also, being turned into a scarecrow was pretty lonely, but it wasn't that bad."

*Elphaba* I nodded, listening to his list. A lot of it had to do with me too, not all though. "Well, despite it all, we're still standing. Still together. Still mostly in one piece."

*Fiyero* I nodded and finished off my glass, glancing at my watch again. "One hour left."

*Elphaba* "Hmmm..." I sighed, leaning back in my chair. "You know? Despite everything terrible that has happened this year, I still say it has been one of the best years for me."

*Fiyero* "Me too, I'm looking forward to spending the new year with you. It should be interesting."

*Elphaba* I smirked and raised my glass. "Here's to that."

*Fiyero* I refilled my glass and raised it next to her. "Cheers."

*Elphaba* We clinked glasses and I took another drink. "Well this is not where I imagined us ringing in the New Year but it'll do, I suppose."

*Fiyero* I took a drink from my glass as she did. "It's not too bad, I could think of worse places," I slurred.

*Elphaba* I nodded and laughed lightly, soon the laughter grew and I was laughing louder. "Why is it--that you and I--are always in some sort of hospital together?" I asked through my laughter. "We keep coming back to it! Oz...if you think about how much we've grown as a couple in this year alone," I said, calming down and shaking my head.

*Fiyero* I joined in on her laughter, wondering when the last time I had ever heard her laugh that hard. "You have a great laugh," I said on an unrelated topic. "I like it."

*Elphaba* I shook my head, still laughing a bit and trying to catch my breath. "That's a silly compliment."

*Fiyero* "How so? I like your laugh, what's so wrong about that?" I shifted in my chair and sat forward a bit. "Is it hot in here to you?"

*Elphaba* "In what way?" I asked playfully with a short laugh.

*Fiyero* "Augh, just hot." I would have unbuttoned my top button, but even in my drunken state, I knew better.

*Elphaba* I shrugged. "I'm not that hot," I said.

*Fiyero* "Maybe it's just me." I found a folder on a nearby table and fanned myself with it for a moment. "Probably just hot flashes," I joked.

*Elphaba* I rolled my eyes and put my hand to his forehead. A little warm, but no cause for alarm yet. "Don't die on me now, you know the rules, only one injured person at a time. I've got dibs."

*Fiyero* "I'm fine." I brushed my hair back, feeling unbearably hot. "How much longer do we have left until midnight?"

*Elphaba* I frowned. "No seriously, Yero. Are you feeling okay?" I asked dizzily, feelingly slightly concerned.

*Fiyero* "Probably had too much to drink." I shifted in my seat.

*Elphaba* "Maybe you should put on some lighter clothes?" I asked, noticing his long sleeves.

*Fiyero* "No." I pushed my glass away. "New year's resolution: Not as much drinking."

*Elphaba* "Well no arguments there but--" I shook my head and took my seat again with a sigh, trying to clear my foggy head.

*Fiyero* "Do you mind if I opened the window for a few moments?" I asked briefly, standing up.

*Elphaba* "Go ahead," I said slowly, feeling worried about him. I guess it was a little stuffy, but nothing unbearable.

*Fiyero* "I can't believe you're not hot at all." I moved over to the window and unlocked it, cracking it open a bit and leaning back against the windowsill.

*Elphaba* "Well you are wearing rather heavy clothing," I gestured to his outfit in comparison to my short sleeved dress.

*Fiyero* "I know." I pushed the window open a little bit more, the cold air feeling good. "Okay, all's well with the world," I announced, leaning on the pane of glass.

*Elphaba* I poked a finger into his chest and looked up at him dizzily. "Don't scare me like that," I slurred.

*Fiyero* "Sometimes when I drink too much, I get really hot." I pressed my cool fingers to the inside of my collar.

*Elphaba* "Well you need to take care of yourself more then," I complained, knowing I was a hypocrite considering I had been in the hospital for more than a week.

*Fiyero* I rolled my eyes. "I already told you it's my new year's resolution. I stopped drinking for now. I'll have one glass after midnight and that's it."

*Elphaba* I nodded. "Okay, love. Now what would you like to do?" I asked with a smile, crossing my arms.

*Fiyero* "I don't know." The guilt was starting to eat me up for not telling Elphaba one of my true intents of going to the Vinkus. "I have something I need to tell you about."

*Elphaba* I nodded and gestured for him to continue. "Go on," I said slowly.

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*Fiyero* "Just, I didn't do this, okay? It wasn't at all my choice." I placed my hand on my top button and worked them open until I was at the last button where I slid my shirt off, revealing

the fresh blue diamonds across the upper part of my body.

*Elphaba* At first I was speechless, staring at the fresh tattoos through my drunken haze. "Did they make you get these?" I asked quietly, reaching a hand out to touch them before

thinking better of it and returning it to my side.

*Fiyero* I nodded shamefully, they were still sore. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner."

*Elphaba* "Wait they made you get these?" I repeated again. "I don't understand--what about your father's design?"

*Fiyero* "I guess it was my mother protecting me. Everyone's supposed to have their own. Like a finger print." Only more painful. I looked down at my arm where you could see the slightly darker ink of my original tattoo. *Elphaba* "Does it hurt?" I asked gently.

*Fiyero* "It stings a little bit," I replied, rubbing my arm.

*Elphaba* I frowned and nodded. "And...you're not happy with them?" I slurred, trying to read him.

*Fiyero* "I hate them." I made a face, looking down at one of the wretched blue markings. "But, there's nothing I can do, they're there forever."

*Elphaba* I looked at them, still trying to process. I was angry that they had him do this against his will, but not that he had it done. "Well I like them," I said before I could stop myself. Yay alcohol.

*Fiyero* I nodded. At least someone liked them. "Thanks, Fae." I shrugged back into my shirt and began re-buttoning it.

*Elphaba* I nodded with a slight blush. "I've told you about how I feel about the diamonds. I find them beautiful, even if you don't," I explained casually.

*Fiyero* I leaned down and pulled her into a long kiss without really thinking. "I love you, Elphaba." She made me feel better about the tattoos, not quite as self conscious, even if I did still hate them at least she appreciated them and that would backfire on the council. So hah! I buttoned a few more buttons but stopped before reaching the top. It was too hot for that and what was I hiding at this point?

*Elphaba* I grinned and kissed him back, resting my hands lightly on his chest. "I love you too, Fiyero," I said with, somewhat happily dizzy. I really did like the diamonds for some reason. They were unique and interesting. "You'll get used to them too, I'm sure of it."

*Fiyero* "Maybe," I slurred, burying one of my hands in her rather short hair catching a glance at my watch. "Twenty minutes."

*Elphaba* "Ugh, we're both so drunk," I noted, only slightly aware of that fact as I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck so I was closer to him.

*Fiyero* I brought my free hand down to her waist, pulling her a little bit closer. "Will you sing for me one more time this year? Please?"

*Elphaba* "Ugh, I never should have sang for you in the first place," I complained with a laugh, bringing one hand to tangle in his thick hair.

*Fiyero* "I like it when you sing. Please?" I asked with a kiss. "See how nicely I'm asking?"

*Elphaba* "I do see that, yes," I slurred. "I don't know how pretty my drunken singing will sound, my love."

*Fiyero* "Good enough for me. Besides we're singing that one song that everyone sings on the new year anyway so you might as well get warmed up, you have fifteen minutes."

*Elphaba* I groaned and rolled my eyes again, not sure what to sing. I gave him an exasperated look before thinking of something."At long long last Im making my way out of here, erase the past it's as of today clean and clear! Today I start my quest to find my special destiny, do more than just the best I could. 'Cause in my gut I know I can do something great, I don't know what yet but when I'm through just you wait! When they see all I've done, they'll tell me you're so wonderful! We'd wished back then we'd understood you'd be making good."

*Fiyero* "This song is so you," I rudely interrupted with a laugh. "Sorry, continue." I loved hearing her voice. I could listen to her sing all day long.

*Elphaba* I laughed with him and took a moment to remember the rest of the lyrics."Good. I'll be making good, undertaking new inventions or discoveries, maybe find a cure for some disease. Maybe I can make world hunger cease, or else maybe paint a masterpiece! Something that astounds, something that amazes, something that has everybody singing my praises. And long long last I'm taking my turn at my own life, just watch how fast I'm going to learn how to fly. Just watch the lightning strike and when they see what I can do, all Oz will love me like they should, in all likelihood! Once I'm making good."

*Fiyero* I smiled kissed her quickly. "You really have a beautiful voice." I looked down at my watch again. "I could listen to it all day long. All day. By the way we have three minutes left."

*Elphaba* "Good, let's get this year over with," I said playfully, in a rather good mood because of Fiyero and the alcohol.

*Fiyero* I watched the second hand tick until it reached the twelve. "Two minutes." Exciting stuff. *Elphaba* Far away I could hear distant excited voices, no doubt from nearby dorms who were hosting get togethers. "Well this beats any New Years I've had in the past already," I said with a laugh.

*Fiyero* "I'm glad to hear that, I promise next year will be better." One minute left.

*Elphaba* I wrapped my arms around his neck again and smiled. "Promise?"

*Fiyero* "Promise." And I wouldn't break the promise this time. "Thirty," I whispered into her ear.

*Elphaba* I smiled softly, getting butterflies in my stomach for no apparent reason. I couldn't imagine a place I'd rather be.

*Fiyero* I pressed a kiss to her neck for a long moment before beginning to count down. "Ten, nine, eight..."

*Elphaba* I smiled and began counting down with him. "Seven...six...five...four..." I joined in.

*Fiyero* "Three," I could hear people in other doorms saying the same things we were at the same time.

*Elphaba* "Two," I whispered, my smile widening.

*Fiyero* "One," We said finally. I pulled Elphaba into a deep kiss, smiling joyfully. "Happy New Year," I breathed once we pulled away.

*Elphaba* I beamed back at him, dizzy with joy and the buzz of the champagne. "Happy New Years, Yero," I agreed, kissing him again.

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*Fiyero* I secured my arms around her waist and returned the kiss, my head spinning.

*Elphaba* I removed my lips from his for a moment but pressed my forehead to his, still smiling. "Well the year is off to a good start so far," I said with a breathless laugh. "I love you, Yero."

*Fiyero* "I love you too, Fae." I rubbed her arm for a moment before realizing... "We didn't sing the song."

*Elphaba* "Oh, well are you complaining?"

*Fiyero* I shook my head slowly. "Nah. Do you feel like drinking more or should we just shave the bottle?"

*Elphaba* I giggled and looked at the ceiling. "Oh I'm pretty sure I'm going to hate myself in the morning as it is."

*Fiyero* I laughed. "Good point. Wouldn't want to start the first day of the new year off with a really bad hangover, now do we? We'd better clean up our mess for Maureen though."

*Elphaba* "Mhm, hide the evidence," I laughed. "Oz I missed you, I really missed you. A lot. Even if it was only for a few days," I rambled.

*Fiyero* "Oh! You are so drunk!" I kissed her briefly and gathered our things, hiding them in my bag. "I missed you too. I never stopped thinking about you."

*Elphaba* "I know I'm drunk! Why else would I ever say these things?" I giggled. "I never stopped thinking about you either--I don't know how I'll manage if you have to travel on the job ever."

*Fiyero* "I'll take you with me as my beautiful wife who knows everything." I laughed taking her hand.

*Elphaba* I laughed and squeezed his hand. "Never ever in a million years did I believe I would get married," I told him like it was a secret, leaning in to him.

*Fiyero* The funny thing was, I could have said the same thing. I never thought I would settle down, but that could have just been a phase. "Dance with me."

*Elphaba* I raised my eyebrows at his request but said nothing, simply standing and approaching him. "If you insist," I said with a soft smile, taking his hand.

*Fiyero* I slid one hand around her waist and again started dancing to music that didn't exist. I didn't care, and I wasn't sure that Elphaba did either. I was happy to see her oblige so quickly. "I love it when you dance with me."

*Elphaba* I moved my free hand that wasn't clasped in his hand and rested it lightly on his chest, one of my fingers brushing over one of the new visible diamonds. "Well I love dancing with you," I said honestly, even though if I were sober I would have been less blunt.

*Fiyero* I placed my now free hand on her back, smiling. "I knew it."

*Elphaba* I smiled and rolled my eyes, looking up into the eyes I found so very attractive. "I should never drink, you'll know all of my secrets." *Fiyero* "I won't tell anyone," I slurred, pressing a kiss to her lips. Even though I never would have imagined spending our new year's celebration together this way, it wasn't so bad. In fact, it was actually quite nice.

*Elphaba* I smiled and laughed a bit, resting my head on his shoulder happily as we swayed back and forth. "Mmmm, I love you," I said contently. "I can't wait for our wedding," I slurred.

Oh my gosh, that site is so cool! I have a feeling I'll be spending a loooooot of time on this site.

*Fiyero* I leaned my head against hers as we danced slowly together. "Me either and I love you too."

*Elphaba* "Hmm...I just wish my burns would heal. If they don't look better by the wedding I don't know what I'll do," I confessed through slurred words, closing my eyes.

*Fiyero* "Maybe you should talk to Glinda about that green foundation you mentioned a while back, hm?" I teased.

*Elphaba* "Or I could just coat my skin with blue diamonds," I teased back. "Blue diamonds on a green field."

*Fiyero* "That would be very interesting." I laughed and pulled her a little closer. Maybe this year would be even better than the last. *Elphaba* "You're right. Blue is more your color. Your diamonds, your eyes. You can have blue."

*Fiyero* "And you're the best looking green woman I know," I laughed.

*Elphaba* I laughed too, moving my hand back to behind his neck. "Well that's not saying much, unless there was another green woman at that party of yours."

*Fiyero* "No, but I do recall the entire school painting themselves green, don't you?" I reminded her. "You were still the best looking, by far."

*Elphaba* "Ah yes, I remember. Well in that case if they keep using cheap paint to imitate me I'll be the most lovely girl in school," I joked.

*Fiyero* "You're the most lovely in any case."

*Elphaba* I rolled my eyes and buried my face in my neck with a sigh. "You're sweet," I slurred.

*Fiyero* "I love you," I reminded her. There were very few things that made me happier than hearing Elphaba sing or dancing with her. I got both in one night. I was a fairly happy man.

*Elphaba* "I love you too," I said, closing my eyes as we swayed back and forth. I felt very secure in his arms, as well as happily dizzy. I had felt slightly anxious with him being so far away for so long, for my sake and his. "This is nice."

*Fiyero* "It's very nice," I agreed, finding the office rather peaceful. It seemed far away from the noise of the other dorms, of the other students' parties. Despite it's lack of personal touch with the metal tables and cabinets of medicine, it felt safe.

*Elphaba* "I'm sorry if this night hasn't been terribly exciting," I said with a quiet laugh, leaning back a bit to meet his eyes.

*Fiyero* "It's been lovely," I said, staring down into her deep brown eyes.

*Elphaba* "I know things have been difficult for us since the incident, hopefully now things will return to some level of normal. Or a better normal."

*Fiyero* "It's a new year, why not?" I asked, running my fingers up her spine briefly.

*Elphaba* I shivered as I felt his fingers trail up my back. "And you've been just wonderful to me since it happened," I slurred, giving a small shake of the head. "So very wonderful. You're always so good to me." I wasn't used to it.

*Fiyero* "And you've been very patient with me," I said, toying with the ends of her short hair. "It's mutual."

*Elphaba* I laughed lightly. "Patient? How so?"

*Fiyero* "I know I demand a lot of attention and sometimes I stare at other girls, but you never get angry with me for it." I thought for another moment. "I try your patience a lot and I'm sorry. You're very nice about it, about my intolerance for school and reading even though you like things like that. And it's almost gotten to the point where, if I'm determined enough, I like to read a little bit as well. And it's all because you've been so terribly patient with me.'

*Elphaba* I listened to him intently, slightly disbelieving of what he was saying. "Wait...so you're thanking me for being patient with you?" I said, trying to sort it all out. "I'm fine with all of those things, I'm patient because I love you and because I believe in you. I feel like you're more patient with me than anything, you don't mind so much when I lose my temper and yell at you for no apparent reason. You deal with my incredibly low self esteem which, admittedly, I dump on you far too often and you help me through it. You don't complain when I read too much, you have seen first hand how awful my magic can turn out. I'm not a very easy person to love," I said with a tiny laugh. "You've always been patient with me as well."

*Fiyero* I laughed and gave her a kiss. "You talk too much."

*Elphaba* I laughed. "And I talk too much!" I announced with a grin. "Oh but you make me so happy," I slurred.

*Fiyero* "I do?" I asked with a grin. I don't know why this came as such a surprise to me, I already knew that. But I guess it was just nice to actually hear her say it out loud.

*Elphaba* I nodded and kissed him happily. "So so happy," I emphasized with a grin, still pleasantly dizzy. "Before I met you I was hardly ever happy." *Fiyero* "I make you happy," I repeated to myself. I made her happy. This small piece of news put me in an extremely good mood. "I'm glad to hear that. You make me happy too."

*Elphaba* I smiled and raised my eyebrows. "Really? Well I thought you said you were always happy," I reminded him.

*Fiyero* "Sure," I agreed, giving in quickly. "Let's go with that."

*Elphaba* "Okay," I said with a shrug, wrapping my arms around his neck again. "When are we moving in to the new dorm?"

*Fiyero* "Whenever you'd like," I replied plainly, removing my hand from her hair and linking it with my other hand around her waist.

*Elphaba* "Well how long do you think we'll be gone on our honeymoon?" I asked with a sly smile.

*Fiyero* "Forever," I said, returning her smile.

*Elphaba* "I see, so we'll just stay in Ev forever and never ever come back to Oz?" I said with a slight laugh.

*Fiyero* Through my drunken haze, this sounded wonderful. "Why not? Let's do it."

*Elphaba* I glanced up at him with a confused look. "What?" I asked, smiling a bit. "You know we can't do that," I laughed.

*Fiyero* "Says who?" I slurred, meeting her eyes. "Whoever said we're limited?"

*Elphaba* "Basically everyone I've ever met, but that's beside the point. What about you? You have your life in the Vinkus," I said, glancing at the visible tattoo again.

*Fiyero* "They'll find someone else to pick on eventually." In any right state of mind, I might have said this, but I certainly wouldn't have meant it. I was committed to the Vinkus, no matter how much I hated the idea.

*Elphaba* "Silly boy," I rolled my eyes before kissing his cheek. "Things will be wonderful for us no matter where we are, I hope."

*Fiyero* I frowned the slightest bit. "You hope?"

*Elphaba* "No, I didn't mean it like that. I just hope things aren't so complicated for us, but it won't matter as long as you're mine."

*Fiyero* I pulled her into a long kiss and then a hug, not letting her go for several minutes. I was still thankful that she woke up. The more we were in her, the less I felt like I was taking her for granted. "I love you so much, Elphaba." So much.

*Elphaba* "I love you too," I said with a slightly confused smile. There was an odd sort of intensity in his eyes and I wondered where it was coming from. "What are you thinking?"

*Fiyero* "How lucky I am that you woke up," I said, pulling her closer as if she would disappear if I let go.

*Elphaba* "Of course I woke up," I said softly, moving a hand to the side of his face. "I had someone to wake up to."

*Fiyero* I pulled her into another tight hug, my eyes watering the slightest bit. Yay alcohol.

*Elphaba* I rested my head on his shoulder, bringing one hand to the back of his head to hold him close. I missed being close to him, having to be cautious because of the injury. It still caused me some discomfort, sort of like a sunburn would, but not enough to say something. Right now I didn't care all that much, I was just happy to have him near me again. "You'll never lose me," I whispered into his ear.

*Fiyero* "Promise?" I asked, feeling oddly dependent. I figured most of it was the alcohol. Still, I had to admit: I needed Elphaba. No matter how silly or dependent it made me sound. I needed her.

*Elphaba* "I promise," I replied, taking a deep breath and exhaling softly. "I'm sorry I gave you a fright, I'll always come back though."

*Fiyero* I squeezed her the slightest bit before pulling back. "We've had a few close calls lately, haven't we?"

*Elphaba* I nodded. "We'll have to be more careful from now on," I agreed.

*Fiyero* I tucked some of her hair behind her ear, smiling. "Maybe we should go to bed."


"Mmm, but I'm not tired," I pretended to complain with a smile, though I was getting a little drowsy.

*Fiyero* "Well, what would you rather do?" I asked, reaching past her to shut the window. It was almost a little chilly in the room since I had forgotten to close it.

*Elphaba* "Alright fine, as long as you stay here tonight," I asked. "Hmm...which way is..." I looked around to look for the door to my temporary room, pretending to be more confused than I was. Though my mind still was considerably foggy.

*Fiyero* "Oh dear. This way." I pointed to the door, taking her hand. Only, in the process of actually reaching the door, I tripped on the leg of a chair that I didn't quite see.

*Elphaba* I covered my mouth and burst out in a fit of laughter as I watched him. "We should never be allowed to drink together," I said between laughs.

*Fiyero* I sat up, laughing so hard my stomach hurt after only a few seconds. "I think that was an honest mistake, I'm really not that drunk. Help me up please!" I asked, reaching for her hand.

*Elphaba* I laughed even harder and offered him my hand.

*Fiyero* I took hold of her hand and her elbow and pulled her down next to me, still laughing. "See how you like it!" I gasped, struggling to find words through the fit.

*Elphaba* I gasped and was pulled to my knees on the ground, laughing harder so that my stomach began to ache. "What was that for?"

*Fiyero* "You were laughing so hard, I--" Ironically, I started laughing too hard to finish the sentence.

*Elphaba* "Oh--Oz--" I gasped between laughs. "What am I going to do with you?" I giggled, taking his face in my hands and kissing him deeply.

*Fiyero* I smiled against her lips, noticing the sudden depth to her kiss. "What was that for?" I asked, confused.

*Elphaba* "To get you to stop talking," I giggled. "You were about to suffocate from laughter. I don't know what I'm doing, I'm drunk," I slurred.

*Fiyero* "See why you should have only had half the glass?" I asked, still laughing. I pulled her into a deep kiss to return her favor. "There, now we're even."

*Elphaba* I smiled dizzily, biting my lip. "Well I certainly have missed /that/," I said with a breathless laugh. "Help me up?"

*Fiyero* I slid my hand beneath her, placing the other on her back. I took the opportunity to lift her up. I smiled and stood up. "Now what are you going to do since you can't get down?"

*Elphaba* I giggled and shrugged. "You can't carry me forever, you know."

*Fiyero* "And why not? I wouldn't mind." I laughed and shifted her a bit in my arms.

*Elphaba* "Well then there's isn't much I can do then, is there? I suppose you can do whatever you want with me if you don't intend on letting me go any time soon."

*Fiyero* "Alright, are we finally going to bed?" I slurred, tired from staying up late and traveling.

*Elphaba* I nodded. "Yes, that sounds fine."

*Fiyero* "Alright." I shifted her to one arm so I could open the door and turn off the lights.

*Elphaba* "I don't know how safe it is for you to carry me when you're drunk as well," I pointed out with a quiet laugh.

*Fiyero* "You're probably right. I meant to turn on the lights just now..." I let her slide to her feet and flipped the light switch back to on.

*Elphaba* "Hmm...I know I'm going to be a joy in the morning," I rolled my eyes, stumbling over to sit on the edge of the bed.

*Fiyero* After a moment of thinking and staring at the light switch I decided it was probably best to turn the lights off since we were going to bed. "You always are." I flipped the switch for the third time and made my way to the bed as well, kicking off my shoes.

*Elphaba* "What's that supposed to mean?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

*Fiyero* "Nothing, nothing at all." I slid my socks off and threw them down somewhere by my shoes, not caring where they landed.

*Elphaba* I removed my shoes as well and laid back on the bed, scooting over to make room for him and closing my eyes. "Thank you for staying," I mumbled, feeling a little more tired.

*Fiyero* "Of course," I replied, sliding in next to her and laying my arm across her stomach. "Happy new year."

*Elphaba* "Happy new year," I replied back, opening my eyes to look at him. "I love you."

*Fiyero* I settled in closer to her. "I love you too." I closed my eyes and listened to her breathing through what was almost silence aside from the distant hollering and screaming of parties.


I laid in silence for several long moments, lost in thought. "Fiyero?" I asked quietly. "I'll deny this in the morning but I'm really scared for this interview," I mumbled sleepily.

*Fiyero*"I know," I said, wrapping my arms around her comfortably without opening my eyes. "I'll be right there with you the whole time. you have nothing to worry about."

*Elphaba* "They aren't going to like me..." I sighed. "They tried to get you someone better."

*Fiyero* "But they couldn't because there is no one better," I slurred, already beginning to fall asleep.

*Elphaba* "Whatever you say," I whispered quietly, beginning to fall asleep,.

*Fiyero* I rubbed her hand with my thumb for the longest time until I finally fell asleep, completely content.

*Elphaba* I stayed awake for a few more minutes, listening to out matched breathing, and thinking about what this year already promised to bring to me. Everything was going to change from this point. I was excited and scared at the same time as I finally went to sleep.

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1/27/2012 #16

*Fiyero* Headache. I didn't want to open my eyes. I had experienced worse hangovers, but this was still a hangover none the less. I didn't know whether or not Elphaba was awake. I just laid there, willing myself to go back to sleep but it never happened. I couldn't even tell what time it was.

*Elphaba* I knew I had woken up when the first thing I realized was an awful pounding feeling in my skull. I made a quiet sound of protest and shifted slightly, unwilling to open my eyes. On top of this, my burns always felt worse in the mornings. I hate mornings.

*Fiyero* I heard a small sound beside me, letting me know Elphaba was most likely awake. "Ouuuuuuch," I said quietly.

*Elphaba* "Morning," I grumbled, my voice barely above a whisper. Must kill alcohol. Why couldn't I find a spell to relieve this kind of pain? *Fiyero* I retreated to my side of the bed, reclaiming my arms from her. "I have a headache."

*Elphaba* "No kidding," I muttered irritably. I couldn't help but remember the last time we were hungover together, the first night I spent in his dorm. Why was drinking a good idea? Ever?

*Fiyero* I sat up and put my head in my hands, massaging my temples but still not opening my eyes.

*Elphaba* I turned my head and glanced past Fiyero, after reluctantly opening my eyes, at the bedside table where I saw a small bottle of aspirin and two glasses of water. "Maureen you are an angel," I whispered.

*Fiyero* I looked over at the table. "Busted."

*Elphaba* "Mmhmm," I nodded, feeling slightly guilty. "Still, I appreciate the gesture," I said softly. Why did the sun have to be bright?

*Fiyero* I groaned and shielded my eyes from the sun. "Excuse me," I said, leaning over her to shake a pill into my hand and take hold of my glass of water.

*Elphaba* I rolled my eyes and held out my hand for my dose as well. "Don't forget who is the actual patient in this ward," I mumbled sarcastically.

*Fiyero* "Sure, sure," I said dismissively, shaking the bottle into her hand before placing the cap back on and taking my dose. "We'll have to remember to thank Maureen."

*Elphaba* I nodded, dry swallowing the pill quickly. "Yes, we owe her a lot," I said, rubbing my temples.

*Fiyero* "I wonder if there's anything we can do to help her."

*Elphaba* "I still haven't officially invited her to the wedding, her family may come as well if she would like. She's a very nice woman, I'm thankful that she's the one looking after me."

*Fiyero* I looked down at Elphaba. "She has a family?" Why was I so surprised at this?

*Elphaba* I looked up at him and nodded. "Yes, she has a husband and a young daughter. She told me about them while you were away, that's why I always urged her to take some time off and go home once in awhile."

*Fiyero* I nodded and buttoned my shirt up again as I listened. "Huh, she sure does work hard for someone with a family."

*Elphaba* I nodded. "She got married three years ago, her daughter just turned two. She says she has a nanny and a brother that looks after her as well." I noticed him buttoning up his shirt. "Are you going to wear long sleeves all the time now?" I asked.

*Fiyero* "That's sweet," I said flopping over just before she addressed me. "Yes. At least for now. I just don't want to see them." I was too mad to even look at them for the time being.

*Elphaba* "Well that's a shame," I mumbled. "You shouldn't be embarrassed by them. I can understand why you would be mad, though. How did that whole situation even go? Giving you no choice?"

*Fiyero* "It's a little hard to explain. It's sort of in the job description, though I'm not exactly sure why. But when I was little my mother signed a contract saying I wouldn't have to

undergo any more tattooing until I took the throne. Unless of course I chose to. Obviously, I didn't." I paused for a moment, trying to explain simultaneously. "I have a small aversion to

needles. Not to the point where I'm afraid of them, I just think it-- I'm not a big fan of sharp things stabbing me to be honest. Anyways, do you remember when I signed the coronation

papers? There were what? Three papers?" I rubbed my sore skin on my arm as I spoke. "I guess it was really my fault, because I didn't read any of the papers, but one of them was an

agreement to follow certain procedures. Since I took the throne /and/ signed the papers, I overrode the contract and now I'm basically required to follow their rules." I peeled back the

end of my sleeve, examining the blue tattoo that reached almost to my fingers on my left hand only. "I didn't even get to choose the design. I would have picked something that wasn't all

over my body. This damned thing is everywhere." It was nearly impossible to cover it all. They even went to the trouble to reach down to my ankle, which I didn't care for because I

thought it was girly. "They probably just did it to tick me off and demonstrate their power." I sighed and let my sleeve fall back to my wrist. "I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually. I should

have read the papers...I was just too stressed out to even think. I mean, only the night before, my mother..." I swallowed. The last trip had been particularly sad, being in the house all

alone. Especially since some of our oldest servants quit just so they wouldn't have to work for me. People I knew my whole life. I took a sip of water to distract myself. "I don't know how I

get so worked up over the tiniest things sometimes, it's ridiculous." I laughed.

*Elphaba* "No, it's not a tiny thing. I think you have every right to be reacting this way, Yero," I sighed softly, taking his free hand in my own. "You're probably just feeling like they're giving you no control over your life, which isn't a very good feeling. I'm angry at them for doing this to you, contract or not. It's appalling. I've always thought it was terrible of them to put so much on you immediately while you were still grieving, Doctor Dillamond sends his condolences by the way, and you're handling all of this much better than I ever would have. If this were happening to me, imagine the scene I caused in the classroom when trying to save Brrr only much more magnified." I gently pushed his sleeve up a little further and looked at the tattoos again. "I'm sorry I wasn't there, I wish I could have been. Look at it this way, now that you don't have your Father's design, even though I know you liked it, you can be an individual now, you can just be Fiyero. And it doesn't mean that you'll be any less connected to your father in any way. Either way, both of your parents should be so proud of you. Not to mention that I find them very...very attractive," I added with a blush. I lifted his hand and kissed the tattoo that was closest to his hand before placing his hand at the side of my burning face where I covered it with my own. "I'm not even sure why. Maybe it's because now we're both..well...different."

*Fiyero* I smiled and rolled up my other sleeve. "Thanks, Fae, you're right. Thank you." her words. As usual made me feel much, much better about myself. Maybe the long-sleeved were too much.

*Elphaba* I shrugged modestly and gave a small laugh. "It's what I'm here for." *Fiyero* I rubbed her cheek gently for a few seconds with my thumb, smiling. "I honestly don't know what I'd do without you." *Elphaba* I shrugged. "You'd be fine. Ignorance is bliss, you never know. There might have been someone out there that would make you happier but you'd never know because you never met her."

*Fiyero* "I see what anyone could see in anyone else but you." Did that even make sense? I thought to myself, slightly confused.

*Elphaba* I furrowed my brow. "What?" I asked, slightly confused.

*Fiyero* For once, I was almost glad to see her confused. "Don't worry about it. I love you." I kissed her and stood up. "What should we do today?"

*Elphaba* I shrugged, still sitting up in the bed. "I'm not sure. There aren't many choices unless we feel like braving the outside world," I pointed out nervously.

*Fiyero* "We could just take a walk in the woods. I'm sure the majority of students are in class or too hung over to go outside."

*Elphaba* "That sounds nice. I could really use some fresh air," I sighed. I had been trapped her for Oz knows how long. I hated it.

*Fiyero* "Do you want me to go get you some fresh clothes and a coat?" I offered, finding my bag and shoes beneath her bed.

*Elphaba* I smiled softly and nodded. "Thank you, that'd be wonderful," I sighed. The pain in my head was certainly starting to lessen.

*Fiyero* I slid into my shoes and slid my bag over my shoulder. "Okay, I'll be back in a few." I slid out the door. "Maureen," I said, going over to her desk briefly. "Thank you."

*Maureen* I looked up from my papers and smiled politely. "Thank you for what?"

*Fiyero* "Everything," I said with a small laugh. "All your help with everything. I really appreciate the time and effort you've put in to help Elphaba." I lowered my voice a little bit.

*Maureen* I was slightly taken aback, raising my eyebrows. "My pleasure, Fiyero. It's my job after all," I said with a tiny laugh.

*Fiyero* "Well, you certainly do an excellent job." I shifted my bag and drew back to my full height. "I think we'll probably sneak outside for a quick walk, just so she can get some fresh air."

*Maureen* I nodded. "Yes, that should be fine. Weather forecast says nothing about rain so you should be fine. She needs the air, I imagine she's going crazy. I've been trying to keep her company the best I could."

*Fiyero* "Sounds good, we'll stay away from the lake." I glanced out the window. "Thank you again, I noticed that you painted her nails." I gave a bright smile. "I'm impressed."

*Maureen* I laughed. "Oh, that. She and I were just bored. As awful as the situation was, it's nice to have some company every now and then. I must say that I'm incredibly impressed at her recovery, however. It's truly remarkable and I couldn't be more pleased."

*Fiyero* I nodded in agreement but took a few steps towards the door. "I better go get her some clothes."

*Maureen* I smiled and nodded, looking back at my papers for a brief moment. "You're very devoted to her," I pointed out.

*Fiyero* I laughed and pressed my back to the door. "I try my best."

*Maureen* I smiled and nodded, looking down at my papers. "Just make sure she's careful out there, don't want her snagging on any tree branches," I joked. "I think she'll be fine. Go on now."

*Fiyero* I exited the room and walked down to Elphaba's dorm. I still had the key in my possession, so it was easy to get in. I grabbed her a warm sweater and one of her frocks, also finding her coat and gloves from her closet before returning.

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*Elphaba* I sat up in my bed and began to apply some of the burn cream to my arms and neck.

*Fiyero* I returned to Elphaba's room and tossed the clothes on her bed. "Here you are, my dear."

*Elphaba* "Thank you, love," I rolled my eyes, accepting the clothes. Truth be told, I was excited and nervous to get out. I was stir crazy, but I was worried if someone might see me and realize I wasn't actually dead like they had hoped.

*Fiyero* "You're welcome." I stepped out of the room, allowing her to change. I sighed, looking down at my arms. We were different, weren't we?

*Elphaba* I pulled on the frock carefully, trying not to have too much contact with my injured arms. They still looked bad from what I could see on my arms. I pulled the sweater over my head and ran my fingers through my shorter hair with a sigh before walking out to greet Fiyero.

*Fiyero* "Ready?" I asked with a large smile. I was so happy to see her out and about. She looked so much better than she had even four days ago.

*Elphaba* His smile was infectious and I found myself grinning as well. "More than ready," I sighed. I turned to Maureen. "We'll be back later." She nodded. "You two enjoy yourselves."

*Fiyero* "Thanks, we will." I took her hand in mine and we headed towards the door. "Okay, straight out and to the trees, okay?" I said as I put my hand on the door knob.

*Elphaba* I took a deep breath and nodded. "Don't let me out of your sight," I breathed nervously for a split second, grasping his hand with a small smile.

*Fiyero* "Never," I replied with a wink as I opened the door, pulling us both outside. "Quickly, quickly," I reminded her under my breath until we were out the door. But even then we weren't completely safe.

*Elphaba* I followed him swiftly, feeling the odd sensation of being in the halls again after so long. The last time I was here... Don't think about it. Even so, I felt a tremendous weight lifted from my shoulders. It felt good to get out, even just for a moment. Luckily, it was sort of early on New Years Day. There must be people much more hung-over than us.

*Fiyero* Once there were a few trees around us, I felt considerably better. "You doing alright?" I asked, turning my gaze to Elphaba.

*Elphaba* "Still walking and haven't tripped yet, doing pretty well if I do say so myself," I said sarcastically, glancing behind my shoulder once.

*Fiyero* "Sarcasm, check." Regardless of her sarcasm, I smiled and kept walking, swinging our hands as we went.

*Elphaba* I inhaled deeply and let my lungs fill up with icy air. "It's so nice to--I don't know--breathe again," I said sincerely. "I feel like I've been locked away forever."

*Fiyero* "You look happier," I noticed, taking a deep breath myself. My headache had dwindled to barely more than a slightly uncomfortable twinge. I was feeling considerably better.

*Elphaba* I smiled at him softly. "You know me, I'm always happy."

*Fiyero* I laughed at her comment. She was feeling better for sure. I let go of her hand and slid my arm around her waist, finding her other hand to hold onto instead.

*Elphaba* "How do you think the school will react?" I asked after a brief moment of silence. "I probably look like I just crawled out of my own grave."

*Fiyero* I smiled and rolled up my other sleeve. "Thanks, Fae, you're right. Thank you." her words. As usual made me feel much, much better about myself. Maybe the long sleeves were too much.

*Fiyero* I frowned. "That's a disturbing thought..."

*Elphaba* I frowned too. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to joke."

*Fiyero* "Its okay. You look beautiful, I don't know why you keep saying how terrible you look when I doubt you've even looked in the mirror once since you woke up, hm?" Knowing Elphaba, I was probably right.

*Elphaba* "Well I'm going to go ahead and not believe you considering the fact my hair is still the way it is and I have burns and scars on all parts of my skin. Thus meaning that I probably look like my face got smashed in a waffle iron."

*Fiyero* I was about to ask what a waffle iron was before I figured it out on my own. "You look wonderful," I repeated. "I mean, there are a few scars but they aren't that noticable."

*Elphaba* "Thank you for fibbing," I rolled my eyes. "Makes no difference to me, I'm still going to cause quite a shock when I'm out and about."

*Fiyero* I gave up. "I imagine so."

*Elphaba* I sighed. "Maybe we shouldn't worry about that just yet..." I said. "What would you like to talk about?"

*Fiyero* "I was thinking about the interview this morning. They're going to ask you some really personal questions, you do realize that, don't you? I know you're not going to like it, but you have to answer."

*Elphaba* I frowned, silent for a minute as my stomach twisted uncomfortably. I was dreading this interview, I had a feeling it would end badly no matter what. "What kind of personal questions?" I asked nervously.

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*Fiyero* "Well, they'll probably ask you about the possibility of children and your skin color." I looked down at my feet. "Again, just tell them what they want to hear, even if it's a lie."

*Elphaba* I sighed heavily and bit my lip. "Oh...do you really think it's best to lie?"

*Fiyero* "I don't know. They won't spare you're feelings though. They'll get straight to the point and ask you exactly what they want to know."

*Elphaba* I nodded, holding my breath before exhaling heavily. "So I should expect them to be pretty harsh?"

*Fiyero* I thought for a moment before nodding. "Yes." In all honesty, yes.

*Elphaba* I tightened my jaw a bit and nodded, looking straight ahead. "Well I should be able to handle it. They don't have any say over any of our choices, right?"

*Fiyero* "No." And even if they did, couldn't we just ignore it? For now?

*Elphaba* I took a deep breath. I knew what they would have to say would bother me either way, but I would try to behave and not let it get to me. "And this is completely unavoidable?"

*Fiyero* "Pretty much. I mean, I could try and arrange things differently." I'd been a good boy lately. Maybe they'd be more allowing to me.

*Elphaba* I sighed. "No, I'll go. I'm just being difficult. But if they try to throw more girls your way then they're hearing a piece of my mind."

*Fiyero* I laughed and leaned over to kiss her head. "I don't know why you feel so threatened, you know I'm not interested."

*Elphaba* "I'm not threatened!" I blurted out defensively. "Okay...maybe a little bit," I rolled my eyes.

*Fiyero* "Why?" I asked, kicking leaves on the ground as we walked.

*Elphaba* I shrugged and sighed. "You know me. I still have trouble believing how I possibly live up to them. They're all so--Oz I don't know--sparkly and graceful. They know how to giggle and flirt and they know /all/ the proper ploys. They're just so charming and pretty, the kinds of girls who were born for the rose and pearl. I'm just not that kind of girl. I mean--they're the kind of people more cut out for that kind of job, and everyone knows it," I tried to explain, looking straight ahead.

*Fiyero* I didn't say anything in response. I looked slightly to the side, away from Elphaba as I thought. She was different, there was no denying that. And, in a weird way, so was I, we agreed on that earlier. I was incredibly nervous about ruling the Vinkus, though I tried not to let it show. But, just knowing Elphaba would be beside me made me feel more comfortable with the thought of having to face my new life style. No one thought I'd be a very good king. And certainly, no one would think Elphaba would be an appropriate choice, at first glance. Maybe we'd just have to surprise them.

*Elphaba* We walked in silence for a few minutes, lost in our own thoughts, before I spoke again. "All personal feelings you have for me aside, I have to ask. Do /you/ think I'll be a good queen? Not a good wife, do you think I have the potential?"

*Fiyero* I nodded. "Yes, I think you're extremely capable. I always said you should go into politics."

*Elphaba* I scoffed and smiled. "Well I'll keep that in mind then, only that."

*Fiyero* After a few more minutes of walking and thinking, I started to worry, letting my anxiety show through a bit. "Elphaba?" I asked.

*Elphaba* "Yes?" I asked distractedly, still looking straight ahead.

*Fiyero* I stared down at the ground uncomfortably. "I don't think I can do it."

*Elphaba* I immediately stopped walking and looked up at him. "What do you mean?" I asked seriously.

*Fiyero* My stomach was tying itself in knots. This, I thought to myself, is what happens when you think too much. "I can't rule the Vinkus, I haven't even got a clue how to."

*Elphaba* I frowned. "Don't be silly, of course you can," I stressed, squeezing his hand.

*Fiyero* I made a face and decided to keep walking. I had no training going into this. My mother would have helped me ease into the job and now I felt like I was drowning, trying to grasp some sort of idea about what to do.

*Elphaba* I sighed. "Yero, wait!" I said, reaching out and grabbing his hand so he'd stop walking. "Talk to me."

*Fiyero* "Don't worry about it, lets just keep walking," I called, sliding my hand free from her grasp.

*Elphaba* I kept my feet planted firmly on the ground and I crossed my arms. "I'm not moving an inch," I called. "You know I'm too stubborn to give anything up." I could read it in his face that there was something he was truly anxious about, and though I knew what it was, I wanted him to say it.

*Fiyero* I sighed and turned around, my stomach still performing amazing acrobatics. "I'm just worried about going into this job without any idea of what I'm doing, that's all."

*Elphaba* I nodded, listening intently with my arms still crossed. "Yes...and?"

*Fiyero* "I feel like I'm drowning," I admitted finally. "I was supposed to be eased into this and trained by my father or mother, but since that is no longer a possibility...I have no idea

where to even start. I'm so nervous."

*Elphaba* I sighed and looked down for a moment before nodding. "Well that's only natural. I think you have every right to be nervous, but you aren't alone. You have me, you have Doctor Dillamond who could be a wealth of knowledge to you if you'd need it, there was even that man we met in the Emerald City who was very supportive of you. He can't be the only one who approves of you."

*Fiyero* I took a deep breath and ran both hands through my hair, making it stick up in every which way, not that I cared. "You're right." I found her hand again. "You're right, I can do this."

*Elphaba* I bent up and kissed his forehead for a brief moment. "You can. I sincerely believe that, I'm not saying that it will be easy or that it won't be stressful, but you can do it."

*Fiyero* I nodded and squeezed her hand. "/We/ can do this." I took in another deep breath, looking up at the sky through the canopy of the trees. "Not a bad day to be out."

*Elphaba* I looked up at the sky with a slight smile as well and nodded. "It really is, isn't it? Unusually warm weather for this time of year."

*Fiyero* "I know!" It was really nice not to be freezing cold, half way buried with snow for once. As much as I had been enjoying it, the snow got tiring after a while.

*Elphaba* I nodded before lapsing into another quiet moment. "Fiyero?" I said softly, looking up at him. "I think your mother would be proud of you."

*Fiyero* I closed my eyes for a short time, breathing slowly as I thought. "Why's that, Elphaba?"

*Elphaba* "Because you could have walked away from all of this," I said. "You could have taken the easy way out but instead you took on all of these responsibilities, and not everyone would do that. It's really brave of you, and I think she knew you could do it all along."

*Fiyero* "Why is it that you always know just what to say to make me feel better?" I asked with the slightest smile. "I hope she'd be proud."

*Elphaba* "I know she would be," I said instantly. "If there was one thing I took away from the time I had the privilege to meet her, it was that she was incredibly proud of you and loved you so much. I'm sure both of your parents did."

*Fiyero* A small wave of sadness washed over me. I still missed my mother a lot. Certain things would remind me of her and then I'd remember she was gone. "Yeah," I said with a laugh. "Probably to proud, huh?"

*Elphaba* I gave him a small kiss. "Feel a little better?" I asked.

*Fiyero* "Much." I returned her kiss briefly before taking her hand and resuming our walk.

*Elphaba* I smiled a little as we walked. "Didn't you say that our shared dorm has already been assigned for after we're married?"

*Fiyero* "Yes, I did, my dear," I replied, swinging our hands again to entertain myself

*Elphaba* "Well...I haven't seen it yet," I shrugged. "Maybe we could pay a visit to it before we actually move in."

*Fiyero* "That'd probably be advisable." I closed my eyes again for a few moments as we walked, just to give them a rest.

*Elphaba* "Advisable. Big word," I smirked. "Fiyero you're going to run into a tree if you don't know where you're going."

*Fiyero* "You're terrible. And you wouldn't do that. I'm too tired." I stayed up too late way too many nights in a row and we had actually gotten up fairly early despite the time we had gotten to bed the night before.

*Elphaba* "I don't have the greatest track record. Can you really trust me?"

*Fiyero* "I think so," I said, leaning on her the slightest bit. "My eyes are just tired."

*Elphaba* "Did you get much sleep in Vinkus?"

*Fiyero* "Are you kidding me?" I opened one eye. "When have I ever gotten sleep in the Vinkus?"

*Elphaba* I shrugged. "What? I'm sure your rooming situation was rather cozy. Large room, comfortable bed, about twenty or so women willing to share it with you," I joked.

*Fiyero* "I know, it just gets so crowded and cat fights break out every so often because they all want to be next to you once you finally try and get some sleep!" I complained.

*Elphaba* I smiled and rolled my eyes. "You poor thing, how awful that must be."

*Fiyero* "But you're welcome in my bed any time you'd like," I offered with a mischievous grin.

*Elphaba* I put a hand over my heart with my free hand and pretended to be very flattered. "An invitation to sleep with the king? My my, what an offer!" I announced sarcastically, retuning his grin.

*Fiyero* "I never can make you blush anymore," I said, half joking. "You just come right back with some snappy, sarcastic, witty reply.

*Elphaba* "Oh you still have the power to make me blush, though I never knew why it entertained you so much when I did."

*Fiyero* "It's attractive," I said simply, sliding my arm around her waist so I could scoot closer to her and give her that same mischievous smile.

*Elphaba* I raised my eyebrows. "Attractive?" I scoffed, flicking my eyes away with slight embarassment before returning them back to his. "How so?"

*Fiyero* "You get just the slightest bit greener, only it's a nice dark green, it's pretty." I realized how odd that probably sounded. "I don't know, I just think it's pretty."

*Elphaba* "Well maybe I don't blush as often because I'm more comfortable around you, or that you're just not embarrassing me enough."

*Fiyero* "Maybe," I said with a small sigh. "Oh well."

*Elphaba* I thought of something and I gave him a mischievous smile of my own. "Well...I wouldn't worry. I imagine I'll be blushing plenty on our wedding night," I said playfully with a wink, releasing his hand taking a few steps ahead of him.

*Fiyero* I could practically feel my I.Q. points decreasing, and I knew I couldn't afford to lose any. "Hey," I said slowly, laughing.

*Elphaba* I turned around and stopped walking, giving him an innocent look. "Yes?"

*Fiyero* "Nothing, I was just going to ask what you suppose we should do about the twenty or thirty girls in my bed if we ever want some alone time."

*Elphaba* I raised one eyebrow and gave a quiet, evil laugh, putting my hands on my hips. "Just leave them to me. I'll take care of it," I said evilly

*Fiyero* "Eeesh, you scare me sometimes," I teased, linking my arm with hers so we could continue our walk.

*Elphaba* "Well I have to protect what's mine," I said playfully.

*Fiyero* I raised one eyebrow. "You? Protect me?"

*Elphaba* "What is your tone suggesting?"

*Fiyero* "Oh, nothing!" I said, clearly stating it wasn't nothing. "Nothing of your concern."

*Elphaba* "What?" I whined. "Tell me!"

*Fiyero* "Nope!" I taunted, looking away from her. "I can't tell you."

*Elphaba* "Fiyero! Please?" I complained, getting annoyed.

*Fiyero* "Nope!" I said, still refusing. Honestly, I didn't have anything to say, I just wanted to see how annoyed she would get.

*Elphaba* I sighed in frustration. "What about me being possessive--and--oh forget it! You're just being difficult," I pouted.

*Fiyero* "You don't know that!" I teased, wishing to further taunt her. "I could have something really interesting to say and I guess you'll just never know what it is."

*Elphaba* "Alright then, I won't tell you my secret," I shrugged.

*Fiyero* "Don't be silly, I know all your secrets," I said confidently.

*Elphaba* My lips just curved into a sly smile and I crossed my arms, saying nothing.

*Fiyero* My first impulse was to figure out what she was hiding, but I thought better of it. "I don't believe you."

*Elphaba* I just shrugged and my smile grew. "I just find it funny. I say this in all modesty, I'm assuming I'm the most mysterious girl you've probably ever met. At least initially. You really think that you've discovered...all of my secrets? That you know every last little detail about Elphaba Melena Thropp?"

*Fiyero* I stared at her for a long time. "I didn't even know your middle name."

*Elphaba* I frowned. "Yes...it's after my mother," I said slowly. Did he really not know that? I guess we never brought it up. "Hey wait, what is your middle name?"

*Fiyero* "Ha! Now I really do have something that you don't know!"

*Elphaba* "Don't I deserve to know the name of the man I'm marrying?" I offered him my hand to shake, as if I were introducing myself. "Elphaba Melena Thropp, your future bride."

*Fiyero* I rolled my eyes and shook her hand. "Fiyero Liir Tiggular at your service, hunky winky king, and future husband."

*Elphaba* "Liir, huh?" I asked, trying it out for size. I liked the sound of it. "Well it's a pleasure to meet you and look forward to marrying you at a later date," I grinned.

*Fiyero* "Mhm, very Arjiki. I look forward to marrying you as well." I kissed her hand with a small laugh before letting go.

*Elphaba* I smiled and laughed a bit. "What else don't you know about me?" I wondered.

*Fiyero* "Your favorite color." Somewhere in the very back of my mind, I could remember a conversation about favorite colors on our first date, but I just couldn't quite remember what she had said.

*Elphaba* "Blue," I answered a little too quickly, my face flushing slightly.

*Fiyero* "Aw!" I said, nudging her side. "Let me rephrase this, what was your favorite before you started obsessing over my tattoo?"

*Elphaba* I swatted him lightly, rolling my eyes through my embarrassment. "I've always been a fan of black, of course."


"You're blushing," I said pleasantly. "Hmm you haven't explained your whole magic thing, really."

*Elphaba* I raised my eyebrow. "I've been showing signs of magical powers since, apparently, infancy. If I was angry or scared when I was young, things would just knock right off of shelves. I had no control over any of it. Oh Father got so angry when the magic happened as well," I remembered with a sigh.

*Fiyero* I nodded. "Can I ask you a rather delicate question?"

*Elphaba* "Yes, go ahead," I asked carefully, meeting his eyes.

*Fiyero* "I only ask you this because I know you so well and Im not sure of the answer. Why exactly is your skin green? Do you know?" I felt bad for asking, but even if she was offended

it wasn't like we would break up over it.

*Elphaba* I bit my lip before slowly shaking my head. "No. I don't actually have a clue, which is part of the reason it's so frustrating! My parents had no idea I would end up like this and--

ta da! Born completely green. Never understood why. I've made assumptions before but I have absolutely no evidence to back it up."

*Fiyero* "Ah, well, I thought I might as well ask. I wonder why. I mean there must be something." I kissed her forehead and looked around. "Should we turn back soon?"

*Elphaba* I nodded in agreement. "Oh, but you might be interested in hearing my dear old Father's idea about my skin. He believes the Unnamed God was punishing him with a curse," I said with bitter sarcasm.

*Fiyero* "An interesting theory," I said, rolling my eyes. What a ridiculous man. "What are your theories?"

*Elphaba* I sighed and rolled my eyes. "I'm not really sure. Something my mother took during her pregnancy? As odd as it sounds, I have a green bottle of hers with a worn out label. I don't know anything about it except it belonged to her, I keep it as a keepsake. It could be a long shot, like I said there's no evidence, but it's the only clue I've ever really found. That might explain it."

*Fiyero* "Well, if that's the case it's probably not hereditary at all, is it?" Genetics always confused me the slightest bit. "In regards to your concern you expressed about the possibility of our hypothetical child inheriting your skin color."

*Elphaba* I thought this over with a frown for a moment. "That was actually quite logical, Yero. If that theory is correct than that could possibly be the case, and I wouldn't pass it down to our child. On the other hand, it still could be anything. It could be a genetic mutation in my family line that has only showed up with me, I don't know."

*Fiyero* I took one of her hands in mine, looking at her long, slender, green fingers."You have such pretty hands."

*Elphaba* I frowned and gave him an odd look. "My hands?" I said with a slight amusement. "What's so special about my them?"

*Fiyero* "I don't know I just thought they were very..." I paused, trying to think of the right word to use. "Elegant?"

*Elphaba* "Elegant?" I scoffed, trying to hide a smile. "I've never thought myself as elegant in any capacity."

*Fiyero* "Well I think you are in some ways." I winked and kissec her fore head, "I love you."

*Elphaba* I smiled up at him with a role of my eyes. "I love you too, silly boy," I laughed. "And my favorite color isn't for your tattoos, it was initially for your eyes."

*Fiyero* "Oh!" I smirked. "So tell me, when did you decide you liked me?" I asked, nudging her ribs.

*Elphaba* I scoffed and rolled my eyes. "It's more a question of when did I start tolerating you and stopped considering you as a menace to society," I said with a hint of sarcasm.

*Fiyero* "You liked me and you know it!" I laughed.

*Elphaba* "Well not at first!" I insisted. "But what made you so fascinated with /me/ in the first place? You so liked me!"

*Fiyero* "I thought I told you already, hm?" I asked, looking down at her. "Besides, I asked you first. Answer."

*Elphaba* I sighed sharply and rolled my eyes. "What do you want me to say? That I had a school girl crush on a man that could never ever choose me?"

*Fiyero* "Charming," I said, laughing.

*Elphaba* I rolled my eyes. "Okay, yes. I was just like every girl and had a crush on you, though I'm guessing for different reasons than the lot of them. I was in denial for quite some time about it and all I could think when I realized was--this is bad. This is really bad."

*Fiyero* I laughed and shook my head. "Nice story."

*Elphaba* "Mhm," I said sarcastically. "Well it wasn't that nice at the time. You were my first crush--well second actually if you count that one time.." I thought aloud.

*Fiyero* "Second?" I asked, raising my eyebrows. "Tell me more."

*Elphaba* I rolled my eyes. "Not much to tell. You don't really want to know."

*Fiyero* "Tell me!" I said, nudging her. "Please!" I had to admit she had my attention.

*Elphaba* I smirked. "So there IS something you don't know about me? Okay, well there was one boy I was stupid enough to 'have a crush on' in high school. Not that interesting..." I shrugged.

*Fiyero* "Tell me, please!" I repeated, practically dying to know the story. "I can barely picture you younger, and only because I've seen pictures." Or a picture.

*Elphaba* "Kind of a long story. Well I got paired up with a boy named Dexter Fleetwood for a project in History, and I had seen him around the library a few times but never really

thought much of it. He seemed kind of quiet to me. So we spent a lot of time with me over a few weeks and he seemed really nice at first, never made a big deal about my skin. Called me

smart. He was really smart too--so naturally I was an idiot and thought I had a crush on him," I sighed, rolling my eyes.

*Fiyero* I nodded. Smart. He was smart. "And..? Did anything come of it?"

*Elphaba* I sighed and looked at the sky for a moment, then to the ground. "Well he asked me out, for one thing," I said.

*Fiyero* "What?! And what did you say?!" How did I not know about this?

*Elphaba* "I told him yes," I said simply with a shrug.

*Fiyero* "WHAT?!" I said with a loud laugh. "Why didn't you tell me before!? Tell me about it!"

*Elphaba* "Well, it kind of ends there. He never showed up. It was a rather elaborate prank that he and his friends had been planning for months," I explained with a weak smile.

*Fiyero* "Oh," I said, feeling badly for prying for the answer. "I'm sorry, Elphaba."

*Elphaba* "Psh," I said, waving my free had dismissively. "I should have expected it."

*Fiyero* "No, he should have showed up. That's terrible." I squeezed her hand. "I really am sorry."

*Elphaba* "It was high school, it was childish. I mean I should have known better anyway. It's nothing you should feel sorry about, I was just dumb enough to believe him."

*Fiyero* I frowned for a long moment before letting it melt into a small smile. "Yet you believed me?"

*Elphaba* I shrugged. "Well...not initially. I thought it was another joke right from the very beginning...but I took a chance," I smiled.

*Fiyero* "And look where it got you!" I shook my head. "In a whole lot of trouble."

*Elphaba* I laughed and nodded. "A whole lot of trouble. And Dexter got what he deserved. I'm usually not big on revenge, but I made an exception."

*Fiyero* "Oh, what did you do to him?!" I asked, slightly interested, partially frightened.

*Elphaba* I shrugged. "I filled his backpack completely with glue. It was fairly easy, but very inconvenient for him," I said with an evil little laugh.

*Fiyero* I laughed in disbelief. "You filled his backpack with glue?"

*Elphaba* I laughed. "You should have seen his face!" I laughed. "He knew it was me too. He deserved it, I was humiliated."

*Fiyero* "Aw," I squeezed her hand. "I imagine you were picked on quite a bit." I always felt so badly for her.

*Elphaba* "Pretty much the same amount as I get at Shiz, but much more immature. It was high school, of course. The Dexter thing hurt though, I think the only reason I liked him was that he was smart and seemed nice. Apparently he was a good actor as well."

*Fiyero* At least I checked out on nice. "Dexter?" I raised one eyebrow. "Dexter? Such an odd name."

*Elphaba* I laughed and nodded. "You can say that again. Very unappealing name."

*Fiyero* "How can you like someone named Dexter?" I teased.

*Elphaba* "Why do you ask? You're not jealous that I had feelings for someone else, are you?"

*Fiyero* "No," I denied. "That'd be ridiculous." Ridiculous, but possibly true.

*Elphaba* "Because before I found out he was a lying idiotic rat, he was quite sweet...and charming...and intelligent...and attractive..." I listed things off slowly just to mess with him. To

be honest, I hated Dexter's guts and might have always known that. I just didn't want to turn my nose up at the possibility of someone paying attention to me at the time. He made me

sick now.

*Fiyero* "Smart," I added, playing along, trying not to be so jealous, even though I now knew I was jealous.

*Elphaba* "Oh yes, that too," I pretended to sigh dreamily. "I could have seen him spending hours just reading or thinking interesting thoughts," I teased sarcastically.

*Fiyero* I could feel myself turning practically green with envy, almost to the point where I was angry. "I see."

*Elphaba* "But alas, it was not meant to be," I pretended to sigh dramatically, not catching on to his tone, releasing his hand leaning my back against a tree thoughtfully.

*Fiyero* She had in fact hurt my feelings the slightest bit. "I almost proposed once," I lied bitterly, "she had perfect skin. Perfectly white, smooth and fair. Oh, I loved it."

*Elphaba* My eyes flicked up to him instantly, feeling my heart drop into my gut quickly. "Wait...what?" I asked in a small voice, my heart pounding.

*Fiyero* "You heard me." I realized I probably should have just told her that my feelings had gotten hurt, but that didn't seem very masculine at all. It'd be like tattling only different.

*Elphaba* "What do you mean you almost /proposed/ once?" I asked, my heart still pounding. Why hadn't he told me this? Who was she?!

*Fiyero* "I bought a ring for a girl once and I almost proposed. Proposed meaning asked her to marry me," I clarified in an annoyed tone.

*Elphaba* I swallowed and looked at him irritably. "Oh," I said shortly. "And who was this girl in which you almost /proposed/ to?"

*Fiyero* I tried to think of a name, any name. "Evanna Espinosa " I didn't know if she'd see through my lie or not, but the girl did have nice skin, you had to admit it. "Haven't you ever noticed her skin? Perfect."

*Elphaba* That hit me. Hard. I may have visibly flinched. "Oh yes, just flawless!" I practically spat. "I can see why you might want to marry her! Such nice skin!" I felt my eyes fill up with angry tears, feeling my heart still pounding in my chest. I turned away from him quickly and began to walk away so he wouldn't see me cry.

*Fiyero* I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath after she turned away. By the look on her face, I knew I had hurt her feelings badly. And it didn't feel good at all. "Fae? Wait a minute," I said, reopening my eyes and going after her.

*Elphaba* "No," I said in a hoarse voice, not turning around. I crossed my arms and continued to walk, not wanting him to see me upset.

*Fiyero* I walked briskly after her and grabbed hold of her arm. "Elphaba, wait jut a minute, please."

*Elphaba* "What?!" I said harshly, turning around to face him but yanking my arm from his grasp.

*Fiyero* I took a few steps back, intimidated by her tone. I didn't know whether or not I should even say anything at this point. I had obviously taken it too far when I hadn't even meant to. I had been trying to hint to her what she was doing to me.

*Elphaba* I glared at him through bloodshot eyes, my heart still pounding. "You bought a /ring/?" I said hoarsely. "Is it the same one as mine?! Nothing but the best for the beautiful girl with the perfect flawless /white/ skin," I repeated, my eyes clouding up again.

*Fiyero* By this time I had every intention of telling her I hadn't meant harm. Only the words were caught in my throat and I couldn't catch a break between Elphaba yelling and my own loss for words.

*Elphaba* "Just forget it," I muttered hoarsely, turning around and starting to walk away again.

*Fiyero* "I lied, Elphaba!" I shouted after her. "I never even dated her. I was just mad."

*Elphaba* I turned around. "So you just made it up to deliberately hurt my feelings! I see, thank you Fiyero. That's much better!" I said, incredibly hurt.

*Fiyero* "No, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings," I said, advancing towards her. "I was trying to clue you in."

*Elphaba* "By telling me all about a pretty girl with beautiful skin?! Clue me into /what/?" I asked angrily, blinking a few times to hold back my angry tears.

*Fiyero* "You still don't see it? Oh my Oz, you're more clueless than I pretend to be." I crossed my arms angrily. "Oh, he's so smart, I was in love with him because he was so intelligent, it

was his best quality. I loved him; he was so smart! He spent hours alone, just thinking and reading. So smart!" I spat, making fun of her with a nasty tone.

*Elphaba* I looked at him with an expressionless face before sighing and putting a hand to my forehead, closing my eyes. "That's what this is all about?" I sighed wearily.

*Fiyero* "I'm going home." I decided, moving past her. "Obviously I'm too stupid to understand."

*Elphaba* "Fiyero, wait--" I sighed, reaching for his hand to stop him. "I was only kidding, I didn't mean anything by it."

*Fiyero* I pulled my hand away from hers before she could get a grip on me. "I could tell, maybe the second time you were teasing, but you meant it the first time. You loved him because he was smart. Obviously it's high on your priority list." I turned and walked away angrily.


"Wait!" I called again, slightly frustrated. "First of all, I never said I loved that creep! He might have been smart but he also led me on for weeks and then humiliated me in front

of the whole school when he didn't show up after I got all excited and dressed up for what I thought would be my first date!"


"Elphaba, you don't understand! There are very few things that you can never change about yourself. I can never be smarter for you. I've worked incredibly hard just so I could

read to you at night, just so I could pass school, but I'll never be very smart and you really hurt my feelings." I stopped to think for a few minutes. "There are just some things you can't

change. I can't be smart for you any more than you can be pretty for me." The words had left my mouth before I had even thought twice about it. "It's just never going to happen."

*Elphaba* His words sent a violent shockwave through my body and I was rendered speechless. I just stared at him with wide eyes, feeling as if I had just been violently smacked. I just stared at him, no words and no tears coming to me.

*Fiyero* I stared at her expression. "Are you making fun of me? Because I do not look like that!"

*Elphaba* I felt my throat tighten considerably and I opened my mouth to speak. "You were the only one I've ever known who has never called me ugly before," I said in a hoarse but quiet voice, in disbelief. I felt a gigantic wave of sorrow wash over me.

*Fiyero* Suddenly I realized what I had said. "Elphaba, no, no, no! I didn't meant that." I reached for her hand. "Please, you know I didn't mean that."

*Elphaba* I finally felt my eyes slowly fill with tears of disbelief and I slowly released my hand from his grasp, my limbs numb and my heart feeling like it has just been shattered in two. I gave him a small smile and shook my head, letting the tears spill down my cheeks.

*Fiyero* "Elphaba, please," I said in a pleading tone. I hadn't meant it. I meant to say something else, I never thought Elphaba was ugly, I hadn't meant...that wasn't how I intended it to be. I tried pulling her into a hug. "Fae, I didn't mean that."

*Elphaba* I gently pushed him away with trembling hands, shaking my head more with the same tiny smile of denial. "Don't," I whispered. "I knew the truth would come out eventually."

*Fiyero* "Elphaba, that's not what I think of you at all! Please, don't do this, I love you." I realized I had said something very, very, very, bad. This wasn't going to be easy to fix. If I could fix it at all.

*Elphaba* I cleared my throat and wiped away a tear with a small laugh. "It's fine," I whispered hoarsely. "Just because I can't ever be pretty for you doesn't mean you don't love me. I know that."

*Fiyero* "No, no, but you are pretty, you're beautiful, I never...that's not at all what I meant to say. I got confused with what I was saying, please understand that. You /know/ I think you're beautiful."

*Elphaba* I wrapped my arms around myself and took a step or two back. "Well you kept the act up for a pretty long time. I'm impressed," I cleared my throat again, taking a deep breath. "Thank you for sparing my feelings for all of this time but I can handle the truth."

*Fiyero* "Elphaba, that's not true. I think you're pretty, I really do." I didn't know what else to say. I had ruined everything I had said to tell her she was pretty. "I love the way you look, I love everything about you."

*Elphaba* "It's okay," I whispered again, my voice still odd and hoarse. "No secrets, right?"

*Fiyero* "No secrets." I stared into her eyes, extremely concerned.

*Elphaba* I looked up into his eyes for a minute before tentatively leaning up to kiss his cheek lightly, feeling less confident in my actions. "I think you're very smart," I whispered honestly, taking a step back.

*Fiyero* I felt terrible, I felt like I could be sick. "Elphaba, I really do think you're beautiful with everything in me. I'll swear by it, I'll swear by my mother's grave, that's not what I meant to say at all."

*Elphaba* "I'm uh...I'm getting a little tired," I said quietly, looking at my feet. "I think we should head back."

*Fiyero* "Alright," I said, finally giving in. "I'll walk you back."

*Elphaba* I nodded and began to numbly walk in the direction towards the school and out of the woods, a few steps in front of him.

*Fiyero* I followed behind her, clearly distressed. I had no idea how to fix this.

*Elphaba* I didn't say a word, or was unable to, as we walked back to campus. It wasn't until we turned a corner of the school that we actually saw someone, a boy with slightly spiky hair. When he caught sight of me it looked as if he had seen a monster. His eyes widened and he took a few steps back before dashing down the hall. Well the news was out, I suppose.

*Fiyero* I followed Elphaba back into the building and into Maureen's office. The whole way back, I had been running my hand through my hair periodically and it was now sticking out in a million different directions. I didn't know if I could fix this.

*Elphaba* I smiled politely at Maureen as we passed by but I said nothing, afraid to open my mouth again as I walked into my room.

*Fiyero* "Help," I mouthed desperately at Maureen, finding my book bag somewhere in the room and slinging it across my shoulder.

*Maureen* I looked up at Fiyero. He seemed distressed. "What?" I mouthed back.

*Fiyero* I nodded my head towards Elphaba and clapped a hand to my forehead. "Can we talk outside?" I mouthed, pointing to the door.

*Maureen* I nodded and got out of my chair. We left the room so we were out in the hall. I closed the door and crossed my arms, giving him a confused look. "What's up?"

*Fiyero* I explained to her as quickly and briefly as I could without leaving out any important details about what I had done and said to Elphaba while we had been out. It sounded terrible. I had been so mean. "And I have no idea how to fix it. Maureen, I feel awful and that's not how I feel about her at all. I really do think she's beautiful but she doesn't believe me now. I just got my words mixed up."

*Maureen* I frowned, thinking it all over. "It sounds like you're in quite the dilemma..." I sighed. "I'm sure she'll come around, girls love compliments," I offered half-heartedly.

*Fiyero* I ran my hand through my hair again, unsure of what to do. "Should I leave her alone for a while or stay with her?"

*Maureen* "Well...you know her better than I do. If you leave now she might feel more insecure, like you're avoiding her. Plus you'd give her more times to her thoughts. My opinion is that you need to do something to prove your feelings, that's up to you. I don't know how you would do it."

*Fiyero* "How does one prove their feelings?" I didn't know how to do that. I hadn't ever had to prove my feelings to anyone. "Maybe I'll run down and get some of her favorite books...or..." I didn't know what to do.

*Maureen* "Right now I don't think she needs gifts, she probably just needs reassurance. You keep telling her she's beautiful...perhaps be more specific? Prove yourself? I wish I could help more."

*Fiyero* I closed my eyes and leaned against the wall. "Thanks, Maureen."

*Maureen* I smiled at him sadly. "Good luck. I think she'll come around, that girl is hopelessly in love with you," I nodded before going back into my office. *Elphaba* I went back into the room, not really realizing for several minutes that Fiyero didn't follow me. I curled up on my side, clutching a pillow and staring at the wall. His words would not leave my head. I felt numb.

*Fiyero* After a few moments of gathering my thoughts, I went back through the office and back into Elphaba's room, sitting on the edge of her bed.

*Elphaba* I felt the bed shift a bit and I knew Fiyero had sat down, but I didn't move.

*Fiyero* I rubbed her arm with the backsides of my fingers for a few moments, trying to think of what to do about my current situation. "I love you," I offered.

*Elphaba* I swallowed and took a shaky breath. "I'm sorry," I whispered hoarsely, not turning around to face him.

*Fiyero* "Whatever are you sorry about?" I asked, finding her cool hand and warming it between mine.

*Elphaba* "I wish...I-I just wish..." the words got caught in my throat and I swallowed hard, tears burning in my eyes again as I inhaled and exhaled shakily.

*Fiyero* "Hey," I said softly, pulling her into some sort of hug. "Don't."

*Elphaba* "I wish I could be beautiful for you," I let out in a short sob, my complete resolving cracking. Something about hearing it directly from him damaged me.

*Fiyero* I pulled her into my arms, holding her tightly. "You are, Elphaba, you are," I told her, my eyes tearing a bit. I had really hurt her.

*Elphaba* "I know it shouldn't matter to me if I'm beautiful or not but--" I shook my head a little, more tears spilling. "I just want to be everything for you."

*Fiyero* I quickly wiped her tears away with my sleeve before repositioning my arms around her. "You are everything Elphaba. You're everything I could have possibly wanted and more. You are my everything."

*Elphaba* "I looked in the mirror..." I sighed shakily, blinking back more tears. Before he was gone I saw my reflection in the mirror for the first time since the accident and it was a little too much to handle.

*Fiyero* "I know it's probably a little rough right now, but all that will go away, I promise." I squeezed her hand tight.

*Elphaba* "I won't make a beautiful bride," I sniffed. I realized deep down how shallow these problems should mean to me, but they bothered me even so. My defensive wall had crumbled, at least temporarily. That's when I was at my most vulnerable. "It's just never going to happen," I repeated his words.

*Fiyero* I shifted, moving so I could see her. "Look at me, let me see your eyes."

*Elphaba* I sighed and reluctantly looked up at him, opening my eyes.

*Fiyero* I gave the slightest smile upon finally seeing her eyes, still so full to the brim with emotion and depth. "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met. You're beautiful on the inside, you're sensitive, clever, well mannered, charming, kind hearted, trustworthy, loyal, loving, and very, very good." I brushed some of her hair out of her face with a smile. "But you're pretty too, I never get tired of those eyes." I moved my hand to her cheek. "The color and feel to your hair, even when it's short. Your elegant fingers and smooth skin." I pressed a small kiss to her lips. "You're beautiful, just in a little bit of a different way than most girls. But we're different, remember?"

*Elphaba* I stared into his eyes, taking a deep breath and exhaling softly. I then took hold of his hand and carefully entwined our fingers, letting his words sink in. My heart was still pounding a little bit and I gave a small shake of my head. "I love you," I whispered softly.

*Fiyero* "I love you too." I squeezed her hand tight before leaning my head against hers. "And I hope and pray to Lurine that you trust I honestly didn't mean to say what I did. I'm sorry that I came across that way." I tapped her forefinger twice with my thumb, giving her a side glance.

*Elphaba* "It just...shocked me," I said quietly. "I know you didn't /mean/ it...well you know me."

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Elphaba in nurse's office still, spends time with Fiyero. Still has troubling nightmares. Fiyero is summoned to Vinkus and leaves for a few days. Skip time. Fiyero comes back and fills Elphaba in about his trip. The two celebrate New Years together, and Fiyero reveals that he got more diamond tattoos. Elphaba and Fiyero go walking in the woods the next day and get into a disagreement, Fiyero accidentally tells Elphaba she isn't pretty though he didn't really mean it. Elphaba is devastated. The two go back to the nurse's office, seen by a student but hasn't elaborated on that incident much, Fiyero tries to reassure her again.

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I slid my hands to rest on her hips as the song finished. "Well thank you for dancing with me my dear!"


I smiled and shrugged.

"My pleasure," I teased, sliding my hands to rest on his shoulders. "Now, next course of action?"


"What would you like to do next?"


I looked up into his eyes and raised an eyebrow.

"What do you say we...head back."


I nodded and took one of her hands from her shoulder. "Alrighty, my dear!"


I laced my fingers with his and we walked out onto the street. It was already dark by now, and the city had an odd green glow to it.

"It's beautiful here at night."


"I know, I wouldn't mind living here." it seemed like everyone in this city was so young. No one ever grew old.


"Me either," I said, looking around me. "But maybe if you actually lived in the city and saw it every day it would lose that appeal that you can only get from spending one short day here every now and then," I reasoned. I pointed us in the right direction.


I agreed and walked along, silently thinking about being Elphabas husband. I wondered where we would be at our fifth anniversary or our tenth even.


We reached the door to the hotel just as I was starting to get chilly from the night's breeze. I marveled at the fact that I had left this building as a single woman and returned with a ring on my finger.


I untangled my hand from hers and slid my arm around her waist, almost showing her off as we traveled through the lobby, up the stairs, and into our hallway.


I glanced up at him and noticed his expression.

"Oh what are you so smug about?" I asked with a sly smile.


"You," I answered truthfully. I was indeed very proud to have her on my arm. Upon looking over at her, I noticed the flower we had been passing back and forth had disappeared along our endeavors. However, I didn't fret, though I was disappointed in losing it. There'd always be more poppies.


"Me?" I asked with a laugh. "Can't imagine why. You have your key, right?"


I reached inside my pocket and withdrew my key. "You can't imagine why?" I asked, eyeing her dress. The door swung open and I flipped on the light, hanging my key in the same spot as I had before.


I grinned slyly and leaned against the doorframe with my arms crossed.

"Well aren't you forgetting something?" I raised my eyebrows.


I stared down at the floor in thought. "I don't think so..." I checked my pockets, turning them inside out. "Did I leave something somewhere?"


"Not that we've ever been a traditional couple...but isn't it customary for you to carry the bride across the threshold?" I teased.


"Oh." I set the few things that had been in my pockets down on the floor and walked over to her. "Alright," I said pleasantly, here we go." I slid one of my hands under her knees and kept the other on her back, pulling her into my arms. "And across the threshold of the hotel we go!" I laughed, shutting the door behind us with my foot. "Happy? Because I'm not letting you go."


I grinned at him wickedly and tightened my arms around his neck.

"Fine by me."


I coughed and reached up with one hand to loosen my tie. Between Elphaba, my collar, and the tie, I felt like I was choking the slightest bit.

"Well," I said after a moment. "I've had about enough of you. But I suppose a kiss would be okay to repay me for carrying you so far." We had only moved a few feet from the door.


I rolled my eyes and pecked his lips quickly.

"There, now you can put me down before you suffocate."


"It's the tie and I'm not putting you down until I get a real kiss." I smirked, kicking of my nice shoes while we were standing in the doorway.


I raised an eyebrow and slid one hand from his neck down to his tie, loosening it more with my fingers.

"If you insist," I murmured before kissing him passionately.


For reasons unknown to me, my face heated up quickly and I loosened my hold on her. Her feet slid down to the grown and I let go. "M-maybe we should get some champagne," I stuttered, gesturing to the bottle.


I raised my eyebrows again and nodded with a faint smirk. I smoothed out my dress slightly before walking over with him.

"Shall we toast?"


I nodded and poured us both a drink, sliding her glass into her delicate green fingers.

"What to?"


I bit my lip, thinking for a brief moment.

"To our bright future together as husband and wife," I stated. Plain and simple. "To us."


"To us." Our glasses made contact and I brought mine to my lips, sipping the alcoholic liquid with pleasure. "This is good champagne."


"Should be, we're paying enough for it," I winked, also taking a sip. "This whole room is so...extravagent."


I took hold of a fold in her dress and pulled her to my side. "It is quite lovely."

Very big.


I nodded.

"And cozy," I added, taking another sip of my champagne.


All of a sudden, for whatever reason, I felt the slightest bit nervous. I poured myself another glass of champagne to take away the edge. What could I possibly be worried about?

I found Elphaba's hand and laced our fingers again. "What a lovely day!"


I took another generous sip of my champagne, appreciating the foggy feeling just beginning to bud in my head.

"A day to remember," I agreed. That's for sure.


I finished off the rest of my glass but set it aside. I didn't want to be drunk on my wedding night. I looked over to Elphaba, pleased by the cut of the dress, which was lower than anything else I had ever seen her wear. I didn't mind that a bit.

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I glanced up at him and instantly felt my face flush a bit. I finished off the last bit of my glass quickly for something to do before setting it aside.


"Come here, you." I said with a smooth laugh, sweeping her to my side. "This is a very pretty dress."


"Oh is it now?" I murmured, moving my hands to rest upon his chest.


I slid one of my hands to her back, the other below her waistline.

"It is indeed, Mrs. Thro-- Tiggular."


I felt my knees go slightly weak.

"That's going to take some getting used to," I said breathlessly, moving my hands to grip the edges of his suit jacket.


I leaned down and gave her a deep kiss, more than just happy to be able to call her my wife. Finally, after months of planning, we decided to elope, to call of the wedding. I enjoyed every moment of it. I was excited for our honeymoon, too. I couldn't wait to see the ocean.


I melted into his embrace at once, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss by pulling on his shirt a bit.


I leaned down and deepened the kiss eagerly. It was one thing to kiss your girlfriend but being able to kiss your wife like this? It was indescribable. Never had I thought that I would settle down and get married. As of right now, it didn't seem like settling down at all. In fact, things seemed a little more vibrant.


I felt my blood race with adrenaline and my skin flush, only when I absolutely needed breath did I pull away. I quickly one hand behind my head and unfastened the clip, letting my hair fall free around my shoulders.


As soon as Elphaba undid her clip, I moved my hand from her back to loosen and take off my tie as well as unbutton the top button of my shirt. Finally, I could breathe again. I replaced my hand and after a few seconds, took off where we had left.


I greeted him eagerly and kissed back fiercely, tangling my fingers in his hair.


I pressed her body close to mine and stumbled forward a step. Against my higher hand, I could feel the zipper on her dress, but my hands stayed where they were. I was almost afraid to move.


I could sense a slight hesitation and I pulled away for a brief clock-tick, pressing my forehead to his as I breathed heavily.

"What? What is it?" I practically gasped.


My heart hadn't beat this fast since before I had been turned into a scarecrow. It seemed incredibly loud in my ears, "Nothing," I replied, taking a few seconds to catch my breath before kissing her feverishly and sliding my hand up her spine to the very top of the zipper.


I shivered as his fingers trailed up my spine and I moved my hands to the back of his neck. My heart was pounding like a drum, ready to burst out of my chest.


I slowly slid the zipper down her back, leaning forward and kissing her neck, just behind the ear as I did so. "I love you, Elphaba Melena Tiggular," I whispered.


My breath caught when he whispered my name to me, the first time I had heard it out loud. Something about hearing it was intoxicating to me. "I love you my dear husband," I whispered back.



My heart was still pounding relentlessly in my ears. Only, I didn't mind it as much. I stared down at my wife with a charming smile, rubbing her shoulder as I thought. Only a few hours ago, we had been at Shiz and only about a day ago, we were fighting with Frex. It was hard to believe how far we'd come.

My eyes scanned Elphaba's features, drinking in every detail of her green body. She was beautiful. I had told her that countless times but she never seemed to believe me. I wondered if she ever would. I couldn't tell her enough.


I smiled dreamily back at him, lost in his eyes that were only visible by the dim moonlight. My head rested on his chest as I took deep calming breaths. My forefinger traced the tattoos which I adored so much.

"This could be the most perfect moment of my life," I whispered to him honestly.


"Me too," I admitted softly, burying my extra hand in her hair.

I shut my eyes and drew in a deep breath, taking in her scent before reopening my eyes to stare down at her. "You're beautiful," I told her.


I sighed and looked into his eyes.

"I know you believe that," I offered softly.


I shook my head and slid my hand from her shoulder to her side, closing my eyes again. "I wish you could see it too." I pulled the emerald green covers up to her shoulders and tucked it under her arm.


I took a deep breath before gently lifting his arm and examining the smeared writing that remained on it.

"There are times, not always, where I do see it. Just for a split second," I said, delicately brushing my fingers over the writing on his arm. "Even if I can't see it, you have the power to make me feel beautiful. It just takes work to think of myself differently than I always have."


"We'll work on it," I promised, rubbing her neck with my hand that had previously beenburied in the depths of her hair. Who would have thought? The hunky winky prince from the Vinkus marries the unlikely, shy, green Munchkinlander. We were quite the odd couple, but I liked it that way. We were different.


"Just think, when we return to Shiz we'll be able to live together officially," I pointed out softly, closing my eyes. A small part of me has felt like I've been married to Fiyero for a long time, not in the legal sense, but on an emotional level. We've been absolutely committed to each other for a long time, but now that we both had the rings I felt a new sense of calm and trust that things would stay the way they were.


"And you won't have to feel guilty about sleeping with me, whether or not in an intimate sense." I laughed and settled into the covers a little bit more. "I'm turning on my side, dear," I informed her so we could rearrange our situation.


I nodded and sat up a bit, propping myself up on my elbow and holding the covers around me with the other had as he adjusted himself.

"Yes, we'll move in together, I'll buy all sorts of sexy nightgowns. It'll be lots of fun," I said sarcastically with a sly smirk.


"I've rarely seen you wear clothes that stop above your knees and that dress you wore tonight was the lowest cut dress I've ever seen you wear," I argued. "On the other hand, I do love seeing your shoulders," I teased, pulling her back into my arms once I was situated on my side.


"Yes...my shoulders," I smirked. "Well I'm usually not into showing much of my skin, in public that is."


"Well, when it's just us two," I began pulling the quilt a little lower. "You don't have to be shy," I teased, realizing that she most likely wouldn't be so shy now that I was her husband.


I raised my eyebrows.

"Well I could say the same for you, dearest. I hardly ever get to see the diamond tattoos I love so much," I pouted, running my forefinger down the length of his chest and back again.


I rolled my eyes and caught her hand. I brought it to my lips and kissed it. "Alright, I wear lower cut shirts or I'll just go around shirtless all the time," I joked.


I shook my head firmly.

"Uh uh, just around me. You are a married man now," I smirked.


"Oh, oh right! I said, bringing my palm to my face. "How could I forget?"


I grinned and moved closer to him with a contented sigh.

"We should have thought of eloping months ago," I mumbled.


I shut my eyes and listened to her voice and her steady breathing. "I agree," I replied after a few moments to myself to think.

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(MISSING POSTS 3/30/12-3/31/12)


A few hours later, I returned to our doorm, a small stack of pictures in hand. I had gotten them all in color except for one, which I had bothered to get two copies of one in color and one in black and white. It was my favorite, of her sleeping I liked the color one but I figured Elphaba might like to have one in black and white. Of course, she didn't look green in that one.

I dropped my bag by the door and waltzed in. "Morning!" I sang, "I got you something!"


I looked up, happy to see him.

"Well you're awfully chipper this morning," I said with a smile, setting a book aside.


I sat down beside her and turned her whole body towards me.

"Okay, look what I have," I said, laying out all the pictures on the floor between us.


I felt the muscles in my face relax as I saw the pictures--pictures of me. A few of them were before my hair got cut.

I picked one up and looked at it cautiously, not really wanting to. I despised looking at pictures of myself. It was almost worse than looking in a mirror, because they were permanent. I hardly ever had any pictures of myself, but I never complained. Our house was packed with pictures of Nessa and Father, but never me. It's how I liked it.

I set the picture down and gently slid it away, my face expressionless.

"Well that's nice," I said slowly, not really sure what to say. I didn't want to look at them.


"Well, don't you like them?" I asked, slightly disheartened at her response.


I frowned.

"Um..." I sighed. "Of course I do," I bit my lip, not meeting his eyes or looking at the pictures.


I frowned and quietly gathered the pictures into my arms.

"It's okay."


I sighed and touched his arm.

"No, Yero I love them. I really do, okay?" I insisted half-heartedly, beginning to stack a few of the books.


Utterly disappointed, I placed them on the table on my way to refresh my coffee. I wasn't sure what I had been expecting in bringing those pictures to her, but this wasn't it.


I looked after him, guilt weighing heavy in my chest, but also a bit of annoyance.

I stood up and crossed my arms. "Well what did you expect? You know how I view myself and feel about pictures."


"You didn't even look at them," I muttered from the kitchen.

That seemed utterly unfair.


"I saw enough," I muttered. "There's not much to see."


"Yes there is!" I argued, peering out. "I went through a whole lot of trouble just to--" I clenched my fists, not exactly angry, but almost sad. I wanted to do something nice and share something with her, but I had failed miserably. "Never mind." I disappeared back into the kitchen.


I went to the kitchen and leaned in the doorway crossing my arms.

"You're not being fair. They're just pictures, what does it matter how I feel about them?"


"Because I took them for you. I got them developed, I got up early this morning just to show you those pictures!"


"I've never made it a secret that I didn't like pictures!" I argued.


"You look beautiful in those pictures and you didn't even give me a chance to show you!" I said finally, revealing some of my true reasons to be so frustrated as I was.


"I do not look beautiful, Fiyero!" I practically yelled. I crossed my arms around myself tightly and sighed sharply. "It's what everyone agrees on."


"Well I say differently!" I yelled over her. "And if my opinion doesn't matter to you then maybe we have a problem!"


"Your opinion does--" I sighed and pressed a hand to my forehead, taking a deep breath. "It does. I just don't agree. Why does it matter to you how I view myself?"


"Because I love you, I'm married to you and you and how you feel is important to me."

I moved past her and picked up the plate that she had left out from breakfast and brought it into the kitchen to rinse and clean along with my coffee cup from the morning.


"I can't help it, alright? These thoughts have been embedded and reinforced into my mind for my whole life!"


"You're not givng me a chance to change your mind," I explained to her, putting away the plate.

3/31/2012 #28


I sighed softly and leaned my head against the doorframe, giving him a pleading look.

"What do you want from me?"


"Nothing," I replied, giving up on her. I'd let her think what she wanted if she refused to let me have a chance. "Go back to your books."


I was silent for a moment as I stared at him.

"Are we alright?" I asked quietly, raising my eyebrows.


"Yes," I grumbled.

I wished she would have just looked at the pictures, even if it was just for my sake.


I groaned and rolled my eyes.

"Sweet Oz," I muttered. "Did we pack my bulletin board?" I asked impatiently.


"I don't know," I said, wondering why she was still nagging me since I was clearly not in the mood any longer.


I walked out of the kitchen and spotted it against the wall. I dug up a box of tacks out of one of the drawers in my desk.

"Where did you put them?" I called. "The pictures, where did you put them?"


"On the table," I said slowly, leaning my head out as I scrubbed the inside of my coffee cup.


I propped up the board on top of my desk and went to grab the stack of pictures, not giving Fiyero a glance as I opened the box of tacks and beginning to hang up all of the pictures on the board without a word.


"Elphaba, don't," I sighed. "I just wanted you to see them, don't hang them up."


I shrugged.

"Don't tell me what to do," I said simply. "I never vowed to obey you."


I ran my wet hands through my hair in frustration. Why was she doing this to me this morning?

I placed my coffee cup away and dried my hands.


I finished putting the last one up and I took a step back, taking a quick look at the board.

"There. Now if they're out in the open and I look at them occasionally I might see what you see. Or I'll try at least," I said, turning my head to look at him, my arms still crossed. "I just don't want to fight."


I nodded in agreement, relenting. I didn't want to fight either.

"Alright," I said finally in a sooft tone, "alright."


I nodded.

"I'm sorry," I admitted, even though the words left a bad taste in my mouth. "And thank you," I said, going up to him and kissing his cheek. "I'll try to stop making such a big deal out of things."

That didn't mean I liked the pictures, but I decided not to bring it up again.


I smiled in acceptance of her apology.

"Thanks, Fae."


I nodded, straightening the collar of his shirt before taking a few steps back.

"So do you think we should try to finish up with the packing?"


"You mean unpacking?" I asked, giving her a quick peck on the cheek. "Also, we have to leave soon, I know we just got here, but the Vinkus is still expecting us."


I sighed and ran a hand through my hair.

"Don't remind me," I mumbled, my stomach doing a flip. "How long do you think we'll be there?"


"Three or four days?" I took a seat in the armchair that sat in the corner of the room, stretching out to relax. "I figured instead of making two speeches I'd just make one and write the other one in letter form to the different parts of the Vinkus," I thought aloud. "We aren't in a huge hurry, but I have some business I need to look after."


I nodded.

"Well that sounds like a plan," I agreed. "Oz, what am I going to wear? I don't have many nice things," I said self-conciously. "Certainly nothing...queen material."


I nodded.

"Well that sounds like a plan," I agreed. "Oz, what am I going to wear? I don't have many nice things," I said self-conciously. "Certainly nothing...queen material."


"Well I can help you with that!" I smiled proudly.


I raised an eyebrow and turned my head.


I stood and examined her, circling her as I did so.

"You just need some new clothes. When we get there, I'll have someone help you out, we'll work out something."


"Someone help me? Like who?" I asked curiously, crossing my arms.


"A taylor, someone who can give you a professional opinion and weave your ideas into it. It's actually kind of fun, getting new clothes." I eyed her nightgown and approached her. "I'm just, this night gown disappoints me, in fact," I gave her a very sly smile. "You'd better take it off right this minute."


I felt myself blush and I raised my eyebrows.

"Oh really, is it unsuitable for you?" I played innocent.


"It's terrible, you'd better take it off," I repeated, examining it as I tried to figure out how to unfasten it.


I placed my delicate hands on his shoulders and looked him up and down.

"What in Oz made you choose this shirt?" I grimaced. "Oh we need to rethink this."


I bit back a smile and leaned into kiss her. I was glad that she had gotten so used to me that she didn't mind my teasing and my constant antics such as this.

"Yes," I nodded upon pulling away, "this nightgown displeases me." I finally just tugged upward, giving up on finding some other way of removing it.


I lifted my arms and allowed him, hooking an arm around his neck and kissing him again.

"As you wish."



I looked down pleasantly at my wife. "If you decide we do this too much, just tell me," I laughed, pressing a kiss to her temple and settling back against the pillows.


I laughed a bit and moved closer to him, loving to be close to him.

"To tell the truth, I hardly mind it at all," I said in a low voice, offering a smile.


My heart fluttered just a little bit and I gave her a loving smile.

"Good, I'm glad." I ran my hand along her side gently, still wondering at how far we'd come since the beginning of our relationship. Things had changed so much for the better. "I love you...marrying you was the best decision of my life."


I felt my heart skip a beat at his words, feeling myself melt.

"I still can't believe it..." I murmured, meeting his eyes.


I thought for a long time.

"I can." What was so unbelievable about us?


I raised my eyebrows and smiled at him gently.

"What do you mean you can?"


"I can believe it. What's so unlikely about us?" I asked, looking down at her.


I opened my mouth and gestured my free hand to myself for a brief moment.

"That someone could develop feelings for me as a woman in any sort of capacity is rather unbelievable in my eyes," I said honestly.


I knew that most of that was Frexpar's fault along with practically everyone else in the world.

"What about your sister? She loves you."


I nodded.

"I know that, I know. She really had no choice though, she was biologically programmed to deal with me. But you, you didn't have to love me at all. It was pure choice...it still confuses me to this day."


I just smiled and moved my hand from her side up to her shoulder. I would have drifted off to sleep, but my coffee consumption that morning had been off the charts and I was not getting to sleep anytime soon.


I smiled a bit but gave a quick shake of my head.

"I'm trying to think...of when I realized I loved you," I said to myself. "I don't think there was any one moment."


"About when was it?" I asked, just curious to see what she'd come up with as an answer. When we discussed this topic before, she hadn't ever given me an answer.


I bit my lip, thinking it over.

"It honestly might have been after I told you I loved you," I admitted. "I was a little afraid, I wasn't sure what to say. What I even felt...I was trying to figure out how I should feel. Anyway, I'm rambling. I think it was just one time when we were walking the halls, and everyone was staring, but you just took my hand and didn't pay any attention to them...that made me feel..." I shook my head, unable to describe it. "When I realized you weren't ashamed around me."


I smiled and planted a kiss to her soft, green lips.

"I'm never ashamed to be around you." Life was in perfect order with her on my arm.


"Yes, but it took me forever and a day to realize it," I reminded him. "I felt so lucky...I still do."


"We are pretty lucky, aren't we?" I asked, slowly starting to sit up.


I sat up as well, pulling the sheets with me.

"Could be worse," I smiled slyly.


I folded my arms and leaned against her. It was amazing how we could be together for so long and she still surprised me with new information almost everyday.

3/31/2012 #29


I gave him a wide smile.

"Why do you look so happy?"


"Because I am happy!" I explained, pushing her back against the pillows before I stood and gathered my clothes into my arms. "I have a wife who loves me, and I love her, I'm passing all my classes, I'm getting better at reading, and what more could I ask for?"


I grinned and shrugged.

"Beats me. It sounds like we've got it made." I reached over and retrieved my night gown off the floor and slid it over my head quickly, not sure if I'd leave the dorm that day.


Once I had buttoned my shirt part of the way and my clothes had been returned to their prior order, I found some of my school things and decided to work on that.

I sat down with my text book for cultural exploration, an "exciting" class that I decided would be best to endure.


I stared at him for a moment, sitting on the edge of our bed. Seeing him read with his chest slightly exposed was very attractive.

"I still have that assigned reading to do," I remembered.


"Me too," I said, gesturing to the book as I searched for the assigned page. One thing I was dreading about going back to the Vinkus was reading. My dyslexia in the written Vinkun language was even worse than traditional Ozian.


I read from the assigned reading for awhile before closing it and going to get dressed.

"I want to go to the library," I decided.


"Okay," I muttered, realizing I hadn't gotten terribly far in the time I had been reading. I kept getting distracted, I couldn't quite keep my mind focused on school but since when was that new?


I pulled my hair up into a ponytail and straightened my closed. I went to press a kiss on his cheek.

"Be back soon, love," I told him, grabbing my bag and leaving our dorm.


Once she was gone, I set the book down on the floor so I could remake our bed. When I had finished the task, I sat back down on the bed and placed the book in my lap as I read.


*in library*

I was skimming through a novel I found on a shelf distractedly while standing in the middle of an aisle.

"Did you see the ring? I can't believe they actually did it," I heard hushed female voices speak from behind the shelf. I closed the book quietly and listened.

"Poor thing, I always wondered if the spell was powerful enough for marriage."

"He's a goner!"

"Yes, but I heard that now that she has tied the knot with him, she's after other boys as well!"

"No way!"

"Lance slept with her!"


My eyes widened as I heard the conversation. What!?

"He told me, they totally slept together. Apparently she seduced him, as well as another boy. I don't know him though."

"Do you think she'll go after Tanner!?"

"What's stopping that slut?"

I had heard enough, I slammed the book shut and stormed out of the library. What lies!

I headed straight back to the dorm, furious at what I had heard, but stopped short when I reached the door. Plastered all over the door were post-it notes with awful words on them. Words like 'Harlot', 'Whore', and 'Slut'.


It hadn't been more than half an hour but I was already distracted. I had begun to look through other parts of my book. It seemed I was interested in reading anything but what had been assigned. Although I only had a page left, I was going to drag the process out as long as I possibly could.


I looked at the door in horror, unable to move until I felt something press against my back. I reached back and pulled another post-it off my back, which had apparently been stuck there.

I held my breath and knocked on the door once before entering.

"Fiyero, you might want to come see this," I said in an odd tone of voice.


I leaped at the opportunity to leave my book.

"What is it?" I asked, at the door in a matter of only seconds.


He came to the door and I took a step back into the hall, gesturing to the notes on the door and unable to say anything.

There were a few people in the hall at the time, I could feel the stares and hear the laughter, though I didn't look at them.


I stared at the door, furrowing my brow. "What...?"I carefully read a few of the awful notes, taking their message into consideration. I felt rather numb and my throat was incredibly dry. "Why?"


"I don't kno--" I started hoarsely before I heard an angry voice interrupt me.

"HEY YOU!" I turned my head to see a girl charging my way. "How dare you sleep with Lance!? You complete whore! You stay away from him you filthy green slut!" she yelled, giving me a shove.

I had no idea what brought this on. I didn't even know who this Lance guy was!


"Woah, woah!" I shouted, stepping in. "I think there's been some misconception!"

Elphaba wouldn't sleep with anyone but me.


3/31/2012 #30
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