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Yes, there are rules here. Failure to obey and you get your sorry ass banned. Don't worry, you get three strikes.

Rule 1: My word is law here as I am both the Admin and the Mod. I can create and/or delete topics, I can edit any posts at will, and I can assign new Mods. Be nice, or get banned.

Rule 2: Unless you can't speak or write English AT ALL, I suggest you check over you post before actually posting it. A few grammar and spelling errors here and there is fine, but no chtspk. At all. If I see any of you talking like that, you get banned.

Rule 3: No killing/manipulating/using other member's characters without the creator's and my permission first.

Rule 4: Everyone is treated equally here. I don't want to see any hating, sexism, racism here. NONE. Unless, of course, you want to get banned.

Rule 5: The profanity filter is off and swearing is fine with me, but if other members aren't comfortable with it then I kindly ask you to stop and edit it out.

Rule 6: No chatting on the actual Roleplay unless it is important or urgent. Chatting won't get you banned, but I'll be ticked off. I will create a topic for chatting so please say whatever you have to say there.

Rule 7: Try to be on as much as possible, that way it will be easier to RP. If you're going to post, try not to post once and then suddenly disappear. It's very hard for other members to Roleplay around your character. If you HAVE to leave, then please let us know.

Rule 8: You can have as many OCs as you want, as long as they're reasonable and you can keep track of them.

Rule 9: If you're planning something big in the Roleplay, please tell me beforehand.

Rule 10: Try to Roleplay in third-person. If you must, then you can Roleplay in first-person, but it will get very confusing. Oh, and try not to write something like "She nodded her head." or "'Okay.'" They're too short and we have no idea who is speaking.

I repeat, failure to obey these (simple) rules will get you banned. And I'm not a very forgiving person.

Have fun! :)

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