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Name: Azalea Pierce

Age: 17

Species: Moroi

Affinity: Fire

Applying to be: Student

Appearance: Short, jaggedly cut white-blonde hair with violet streaks. Much smaller and curvier than most Moroi, with big light gray eyes and a lip piercing.

Personality: Hot-tempered and easily irritated, but loyal and defends her friends violently. Has no qualms about speaking her mind and often gets in trouble with teachers.

Bio: Azalea's family is one of the richest non-royal families out there. She grew up a very privileged child, always surrounded by the finest things in life, but her parents were very oppressive and tried to control her life from the time she was born. Azalea rebelled against her parents often; even the way she dresses and cuts her hair and pierces up her body is only to show them that they can't control her. If she were born into another family she probably wouldn't dress or act the same way at all.

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Name: Aaron Tosca

Age: 17

Species(moroi, dhampir, strigoi or human?): Dhampir

Family: Has an uncle who doubles as his guardian, along with a younger sister. Parents are strigoi.

Affinity(fire, water, wind, earth or spirit?)(For moroi only): N/A

Applying to be(student, guardian, mentor?): Guardian

Appearance: Average height, fit, with slightly tousled hair

Personality: Sarcastic, very defensive of things he cares about. Has barriers to hide his true self, only the people he loves see the real him

Bio: As long as he can remember, the only family he has ever known is his uncle and sister. His parents tried to raise him as a normal boy, until they turned. Ever since then (Age 6) he has been at St. Vlads

Other (Optional): N/A

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Chhaya Gupta







tall,bold,fair skin


only care for loving one's

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