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Rosaline nodded. "I might need a bit more money, too," she mused, seeing that she only had a few bills in her wallet. "How about we meet at the gate in a few minutes?" she suggested.

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Bittersweet Farewells

"Do you realize..." Andrew started to say, "that's exactly how I would feel if I let you go right now. If I let you go alone. So, I won't. Do you understand now?"


"Sounds good," said Cassie with a smile. With a small wave at her friend she turned away to start heading towards her dorm room.

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Arianna thought about it for a minute, then sighed. "Are you for real?" She asked, her eyes flickering across his face. "You're not just gonna.. Turn me in?" She pulled out her phone and sighed. "I'm leaving in an hour. If you're coming.. Pack a bag."

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Bittersweet Farewells

"Well, nothing I say is going to stop you, so yes...I'm for real," said Andrew, his voice sounding confident. Are you crazy?! the little voice in his head screamed at him. He had Gracie to worry about. He'd spent his whole life trying to protect her and now he was just going to leave to help a student he hadn't even known for more than a few hours? Was he out of his mind?

Most likely.

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Arianna spent a while thinking things over. "Your sister." She said, simply. "You can't leave her." She bit her lip, and looked down, Exaggerating her every move. "Aww. I guess i'll just have to go alone. See you around!" She said, quickly, making a dash for the door.

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Bittersweet Farewells

Of course, Andrew was faster and kept her from leaving. "Ooh, no you don't," he said. Was that a smirk on his lips? "She'll survive without me. You won't." He tried to keep the doubt out of his voice.

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Arianna's lip formed a pout. She wouldn't look him in the eye. "Hey! I'm not that bad."

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Suddenly, Gracie barged into the gym, accidently making the doors hit against Arianna. "Oops! I'm so sorry!" she said quickly, internally kicking herself for being so clumsy. "Why am I always bumping into you?"


"I know," Andrew said, the smirk still lingering on his lips, "but you'll still need all the help you can get and--" He was cut off by the sound of the gym doors opening. Seeing his sister, he let Arianna's hand drop and froze right there, his determination faltering along with his smile.

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Arianna's eyes left Andrew, and she swiftly turned to Gracie, smiling slightly. "It's okay, Don't worry about it." She smiled politely, and slightly fakely at the two of them and started edging towards the door. When she was sure Gracie wasn't watching, She mouthed carefully. "Front gate. 30 minutes." She then turned and exited the gym, running to her room.

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Bittersweet Farewells

Gracie watched as Arianna rushed out of sight, her eyebrows pulling together in confusion. But it wasn't long before she turned to her brother, eyes narrowed. "Were you just holding hands with that girl?" she asked, the corners of her lips twitching up to form a broad grin. "You were, weren't you, Andy?" She let out a small squeal. "I knew it!"

Andrew nodded at Arianna before she left and watched her run out of the gym. He wondered if she would blow him off and run off by herself before the time they were supposed to meet. Hopefully not.

He rolled his eyes at his sister when he realized she was saying something to him. "Don't be silly," he muttered, stepping out of the gym, too. "And didn't I tell you to stop calling me that?"

Gracie scowled at her stupid big brother. "But I saw--"

The guardian whipped around and placed a hand on his sister's small shoulder, trying not to let his heart go weak. "Look, Gracie, I have to go now. Stay safe, okay?"

"What do you mean--" But even before the girl could finish her question, the guardian was already walking away. Gracie watched him go, her face filled with confusion.

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Arianna reached her room, And threw all the essentials into a bag. Clothes, Money, Passport, Etc. She bit her lip, and sighed. She closed her eyes and ran a hand through her hair before leaving her room, and stepping into the hallway. She slipped down the back staircase, regretting not saying goodbye to her friends. She walked swiftly to the front gate, glancing around every so often.

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Rosaline nodded and spun on her heel, making her way back to her dorm. She came back a few minutes later, stuffing her wallet back into her purse.

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Bittersweet Farewells

((LOL everyone's meeting at the same place. xD))

Andrew stood leaning against the cold metal of the front gate, holding a travel-sized bag in one hand and a silver stake in the other as he waited. It hadn't passed a full thirty minutes yet, but as a guardian who was constantly on the run, he had no toleration for wasting time. And since he always had a bag of essentials ready in case of emergency, it hardly took any time at all to get ready to leave.

He quickly put his stake away, deep in one of his pockets when he saw a few fellow school guardians approaching. They gave him peculiar looks but thankfully didn't confront him. Letting out a small sigh of relief, he continued to wait for Arianna in silence.


Cassie had tried not to spend too much time in her dorm room, but she'd forgotten where she'd stashed all of that money her father had sent her recently. After practically turning her room inside out, she eventually found the amount of money she needed and headed out the door, hoping she hadn't kept Rosaline waiting. Luckily, when she made it to the gate, her friend wasn't there yet. But there was a familiar school guardian standing around. The sight of him made her shrink back and wait for Rosaline in hiding.

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Rosaline saw Cassie and hurried over to where she stood. She glanced at the guardian and frowned. "Damn," she muttered. "He might not let us pass..."

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Cassie sucked in a sharp breath of air when she suddenly heard Rosaline's voice. "Oh god," she whispered before taking a deep breath. "You scared me." After a moment of silence, she narrowed her eyes at the guardian. "Well this sucks."

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"Whoops," Rosaline said and stifled a giggle. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you..."

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Bittersweet Farewells

"Don't laugh!" hissed Cassie, narrowing her eyes playfully. It was only a matter of time, though, until she had to cover her own mouth with both hands to keep from giggling as well.

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((Haha :D))

Arianna made it to the gates, Shooting the other girls a confused glance as she passed them, She hurried over to Andrew, not saying a word about them. "Let's go." She murmered. She stepped towards the guardians guarding the gate then looked at Andrew for help.

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Bittersweet Farewells

Andrew raised a single eyebrow at Arianna when she arrived. "You're not actually thinking of going out this way, are you?" he asked in a low voice - which probably made his words incoherent to anyone other than the student he was talking to. "I know a way out through the back. It's safer."

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Rosaline giggled again, but quickly stopped, looking back at the guardian to see if he heard. She narrowed her eyes slightly as she watched him with the student.

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Arianna shrugged, and rolled her eyes. "Okay, Lead the way, Andie." She said, with a smirk. Her gaze kept flickering back to the trees.

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Bittersweet Farewells

Cassie watched the guardian and the student as well, the silence dragging on and on. Finally, she nudged her friend gently. "Hey, are you good at compulsion?"


"If you want to survive this trip," said Andrew, narrowing his eyes, "I suggest you don't call me that." Glancing around warily, he started to head back in towards the academy, casting a curious glance at two moroi girls in the shadows as he passed them.

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Arianna followed him, the smirk remained on her face. "Yeah, Yeah, Whatever." After a moment of silence her phone buzzed, she pulled it out, and typed out a reply quickly. "You can drive, right?" She asked Andrew. "I can give it a go, If you can't.."

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Rosaline blinked in surprise. "Sure, I'm pretty good at it, why?" she whispered back. She watched the two as they started to leave.

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Bittersweet Farewells

((Waaaittttt, are there guardians by the gate or nottttt? O.o"))

"Of course I can drive," replied Andrew, like that was the most obvious thing in the world. He raised an eyebrow at her phone. "Who are you texting?"


Another moment of silence passed as Cassie watched the guardian the student leave. It was only when they were a good distance away that she spoke again. "We'll have to get passed them," she explained, pointing towards the guardians by the gate ((???)).

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[Say, they're other guardians??] Rosaline glanced at the guardians and bit her lip. She nodded once. "Okay," she whispered.

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Arianna shrugged, and rolled her eyes. "Just some people I met while I was away. They left a car outside of the academy for us. The keys are underneath it." She said, still following. "God, How far is it?!"

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Bittersweet Farewells

Cassie began to chew on her bottom lip nervously, trying to work up enough courage for the task that was looming in front of them. "Think we can do it?" she asked doubtfully.


Andrew nodded in understanding while Arianna spoke. At least they didn't have to walk to wherever they were going. "I didn't build this academy. It's hardly my fault that it's so big," he said, rolling his eyes at her complaints. "Now quit whining and tell me where we're going?"Just a little more, he noted to himself as he looked around.

((Last post for tonight. Meh is exhausted! Dx))

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Arianna smiled slightly, trailing along behind him. "I'm not saying a word about that until we're out of here." She told him, amused.

(Bye! :'))

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[Bye byes~~]

Rosaline nodded, her face turning detemind. "Sure we can," she said with a bright smile in her friend's direction.

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