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Arianna glared at him, and rolled her eyes before turning her body away from him and looking out the window. "Please?" She said, quietly.

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Bittersweet Farewells

A small sigh escaped the guardian's lips and he closed his eyes, as though he was tired, but he really wasn't. "Why do you want to know so badly?" he asked in a voice even smaller than hers. It sounded like he was giving up.

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Arianna shrugged, looking down at her hands. "Because obviously something's happened to you.. Don't you trust me?" She asked, sounding slightly hurt.

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Bittersweet Farewells
"Lots of things have happened to me," said Andrew, his voice failing to get any louder. "The same for you, and everyone else. What's your point?" His teeth clenched slightly but otherwise ignored her question about trust.
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Arianna frowned, and glared out of the window. "I think you should pull over.. So I can get out, and you can go back to the academy."

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Bittersweet Farewells
Andrew's expression softened a bit, along with his tone of voice. "Sorry, but I can't do that," he said. Was that regret in his voice?
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Arianna gripped the door handle. "Look, You obviously want to go back. I don't care, Go back. I can make it on my own, And if not, Whatever. Then I won't. So, Pull over!" She said, annoyed.

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Bittersweet Farewells
"No, that's not..." Andrew started to say, but just sighed instead of finishing. "I can't let you do this by yourself...You're not going to try jumping out of a moving car, are you?"
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Arianna sighed, and shrugged, tightening her hold on the door handle. "Would you try and stop me if I did?"

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Bittersweet Farewells
Andrew turned his head fully and locked his gaze on the student beside him. "Of course..." he said slowly with a wary glance her hand that was on the door. "Please...Let go..."
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Arianna sighed, but slowly released her grip on the door handle. She lied back in her seat and closed her eyes. "Can you.. Can you turn up the heat, please? It's freezing in here." She said, snuggling into her seat.

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Bittersweet Farewells

Andrew let out a sigh of relief when she seemed to be giving up on getting out of the car. Putting his eyes back on the road, he shook his head slowly. "You should've dressed warmer," he murmured, adjusting the controls on the car to turn the heat up. Then, with another sidelong glance at her, he skillfully let go of the wheel and rumaged through his bag for one of his big sweaters. When he found it, he maneuvered the car with one hand and put the sweater over Arianna like a blanket. His gaze lingered on her for a moment too long before he put both hands on the steering wheel again and focused on his driving once more.

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Arianna smiled faintly at the sudden warmth before her hands gripped the side of the sweater and pulled it more tightly to her. She murmered a quiet 'thankyou' to him, Before yawning and drifting off slightly.

8/1/2011 #1,213
Bittersweet Farewells
Andrew made no audible response, but just silently continued driving, instead. Was it an hour that had past? He wasn't too sure, but it was pitch black out when he found a decent motel--one that was at a comfortable distance from the airport--they could stay at until morning. After parking the car, he gazed over at the sleeping student beside him, the corners of his lips twitching upwards for as long as a heartbeat. With another sigh, he shook her gently to wake her, though he was reluctant to disturb her in her peaceful sleep.
8/1/2011 #1,214

Arianna jolted awake, alarmed. She looked around herself, confused, then remembered everything. "Where are we?" She groaned, burying her head back under his sweater.

8/2/2011 #1,215
Bittersweet Farewells

"At a motel," Andrew replied, his lips twitching upwards again. "You're not planning to sleep in the car all night, are you?" He grabbed their bags and got out of the car, and after another moment, moved around to the other side of the car to open her door. " you expect me to carry you in?"

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Arianna huddled further under the sweater. "I'm.. tired. Let me sleep." She whined, squeezing her eyes tightly shut.

8/2/2011 #1,217

Rosaline looked at her friend and shook her head. "No," she said and smiled faintly. "I'm just trying to figure out how long it'll take us..."

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Bittersweet Farewells

Andrew opened the door a bit more. "I'll let you sleep when we get inside. I can't let you sleep out here." After a few more moments of silence, he let out yet another sigh and shifted the bags to one shoulder. " asked for it..." he muttered as he scooped her up, making sure to keep the sweater on her. Then, kicking the car door closed behind them, he started walking towards the motel with the student in his arms.


"Oh..." Cassie continued to look around. "Are you sure you know the way?"

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Arianna smiled slightly, shifting around to get more comfortable. She leant her head against his chest, one of her hands gripped his shirt. "Sorry.. I'm heavy.." She muttered.

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Bittersweet Farewells
((Awww she's so adorable! x3)) Andrew glanced down at the student and rolled his eyes. "Nonsense," he said quietly, "I've been training my whole life to fight strigoi. I think I can handle a student like you."
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((Hehe :))

Arianna shrugged, and rubbed her eyes, tiredly. "I.. Can walk." She murmered, yawning. She climbed out of his arms, and stumbled almost immediately.

8/2/2011 #1,222
Bittersweet Farewells
Andrew caught Arianna's arm to stable her just in time. He let out an exasperated sigh and looked at her. "Wanna say that again?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.
8/2/2011 #1,223

Arianna blinked slowly, and shrugged. "I'm fine!" She told him, yawning again. Taking another few steps forward and stumbling again. She regained her balance and tried walking again.

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Bittersweet Farewells
Andrew stepped forward with her, sweeping her off her feet again a little too suddenly. "Stay still for just two minutes, will you?" he asked her, picking up his pace as they neared the motel.
8/2/2011 #1,225

Arianna nodded, a slight smile on her face. She buried her head underneath his sweater, her hand clutching a fistful of his shirt again. She shivered slightly, and tightened her hold on his shirt, as a reflex.

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Bittersweet Farewells
"Are you that cold?" Andrew asked in a murmur, his eyebrows pulling together slightly. He held her a little more closely to himself, hoping to provide some warmth. He regretted doing that, however, immediately feeling a strange tightening feeling in his chest.
8/2/2011 #1,227

Arianna shivered again, though this time, for a different reason. She slid her arms through his sweater, then wrapped her arms around herself. She peeked up at him through her eyelashes, and smiled slightly. "Thank you." she murmured.

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Bittersweet Farewells
Making the mistake of glancing down at her again, Andrew swallowed with difficulty, his throat suddenly feeling dry. "No problem," he managed to say, though his voice was barely audible. He tried not to look at her for the rest of the walk to the motel, and successfully made it to the entrance. Luckily, the doors were automatic and he could get inside easily even with his arms already...occupied.
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Arianna flinched at the bright lights in the motel, and buried her head into his chest, squeezing her eyes shut. She found herself pressing herself against him more tightly, as an instinct. "There's money, In my bag." She whispered.

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