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Bittersweet Farewells

Andrew simply blinked down at her. "What do you mean?" Was it just him or was the room getting stuffy?

((LOL who knew he'd end up being so...clueless? xD))

9/25/2011 . Edited 9/25/2011 #1,471

Arianna rolled her eyes again, fighting back a laugh. "Not the flirty type.. Noted." She muttered, mostly to herself. (Hahaaha :P)

9/25/2011 #1,472
Bittersweet Farewells

"Not like you didn't already know that," Andrew muttered as well as he willed for his face to return to its original color.

9/25/2011 . Edited 9/25/2011 #1,473

Arianna snickered. "True.. But it doesn't hurt to try. So.. Go ahead. Flirt with me." She suggested, highly amused. She watched his face, waiting for his reaction.

9/25/2011 #1,474
Bittersweet Farewells

The guardian felt his eyes widen and his cheeks grow hotter. "I think I'll pass," he managed to say, his voice sounding strained.

9/25/2011 #1,475

Arianna smirked, and edged closer to him. "Why? Do I make you uncomfortable?" She asked with a smirk.

9/25/2011 #1,476
Bittersweet Farewells

Andrew did everything he could to keep himself from flinching back, and instead stayed still in his place. He wasn't going to lose to a student. So, fearing his voice would betray him, he silently shook his head.

9/25/2011 #1,477

Arianna let out a tiny giggle, enjoying this very much. "C'mon. It's not hard to tell. I make you uncomfortable!"

9/25/2011 #1,478
Bittersweet Farewells

Andrew gulped involuntarily, but worked to keep his gaze even. "So? Is that a good thing?" It seemed she was enjoying this way too much.

9/26/2011 #1,479
[I can't believe I did that! D;] "Lukas?" Rosaline said and chuckled. "Hmm..." she mused as she thought about it, her head cocked to the side.
9/26/2011 #1,480

Arianna struggled to contain her laughter. "You admitted it! I knew I made you uncomfortable!" She stated, with a laugh, trailing her hand up and down his arm in amusement.

9/26/2011 #1,481
Cedric Walker

[Hello, can i join with my character Adrian?]

10/8/2011 #1,482

(I don't know why nobodys been on lately.. But i'm sure they won't mind if you join in!! (: )

10/29/2011 #1,483

(Where is everyone!?)

12/4/2011 #1,484
((Imma pop in with some randomness...)) Ash muttered what sounded like 'Hell' under her breath. She was currently in the library, nibbling on the edge of her pen. She hardly noticed a boy around her age sit next to her. "So, an Ivashkov, eh?" He asked. She turned to him, and smiled sweetly. "Yes. And I have no business with you. So go. NOW." She said. Her voice was sickly sweet as she stood up and walked out. ---——————————————––––––– CiCi groaned, not wanting to move another inch. She had just sparred with a friend. And failed so hard. She sat on a bench, sprawling out on top of it and whistling the tune to 'My Darling Clementine'.
8/26/2012 #1,485
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