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Bittersweet Farewells

Haha so am I! Well, here I am. I'm like two grades behind, now...T.T

6/21/2011 #271

D'awwwww... I know how you feel.. :c

6/21/2011 #272
Bittersweet Farewells

haha I always get depressed when I think about that's so saddening. D':

OMG if my mom wakes up I may never see the light of day ever again. O.O"

6/21/2011 #273
Oops, didn't see this here... Lol, my mom shut the wireless off... :( So I'm stuck with using my cell..
6/21/2011 #274

Anyway, most of the stuff onne my app is true except I am human and my name is Alissa Emma Brookshier

6/23/2011 #275

Hmm, I never put real information in my my characters. :P I make a new one each time~ And my name's Michelle.

6/23/2011 #276

I never make a differant one, i like being Alissa Dragomir, the only thing I have differant from my apperance is the eyes i have blue eyes, in my profile pic I am the blonde one :)

6/23/2011 #277

Cool. c: I have a lot of forums and am in a lot of different forums, so I need different characters~

6/23/2011 #278

Yeah i understand, I have three forums,

6/23/2011 #279

I have.....*loses count* :/

6/23/2011 #280

lol, i saw them, i am just now reading the hunger games

6/23/2011 #281

Hunger Games is awesome. :3 I can't wait for the movie~

I'm in a lot more forums, too. :P

6/23/2011 #282

katiniss is amazing, I cried when she took Prim's place

6/23/2011 #283

I know. :c It gets sadder further in the book...

I've only read the first book so far because I couldn't find the other two online. I'm going to have to look for them along with City of Fallen Angels and Clockwork Angel whe I got back to Canada......

6/23/2011 #284

You live in Canada?

My guess is Peeta and katniss fall in love

6/23/2011 #285

Nope. Me lives in China~ But I'm Canadian and moving back there this summer. 8D

Yep. And then at the end of the book Katniss does something that pisses Peeta off. I forgot what.. :/

6/23/2011 #286

thats cool, i have always lived in London, England


Can't wait!

6/23/2011 #287

I've always wanted to go to London~

LOL! The ending's kind of sad, but I hate Peeta for some reason. I prefer Gale. c:

6/23/2011 #288

I loved gale! I hope Peeta gets killed and Kateniss wins and goes back to Gale

6/23/2011 #289

I hope Peeta dies a slow, painful death. XD

And I heard Gale kisses Katniss in the second book. :D

6/23/2011 #290

I totally agree with you

ohhhh and I bet peeta dsoes not like that

6/23/2011 #291

Who doesn't? :3 And I'm more pissed that Alex Pettyfer turned down the chance to play Peeta, much as I hate him. He turned down playing Jace, too! :/

Yep! And I think Katniss starts to have some feelings towards Gale~

6/23/2011 #292

OMG! What the [email protected]@ (excuse my languge) how old are you?

6/23/2011 #293

Meh, I don't mind language~

And 15... Why?

6/23/2011 #294

Mum wants me to check age before I go cussing, I am 17, but who cares right?

6/23/2011 #295

Ooh~ My mom doesn't really care. I swear with her right beside me sometimes... Well, most of the time. XD

6/23/2011 #296

haha, Allsion is the bad twin, i am the goddy good as she likes to call me

6/23/2011 #297

I can be both good and bad. XD Most people who don't know me well think of me as innocent. :3 But I'm usually also a goodie goodie..

6/23/2011 #298

Yeah, I go to a boarding school in the middle of London, it is called the london Academy and it is the best school ever Allison hates it cause she hates school :) lol

6/23/2011 #299

I go to a Chinese local school and it's hell.. Mostly because my Chinese sucks and everything here's grades, grades, grades. -.- I hate school, too. ;)

6/23/2011 #300
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