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I thought this might be a fun topic and it's inspired by some great you tube vidoes I've seen for Downton Abbey and a thread a while ago on the RP forum.

So, have you heard any songs that you think just scream a certain character, couple or pairing and why?

3/13/2011 #1

I was actually just thinking about this today, I have a whole list somewhere of possible songs for once a fairly well-known fanvidder friend of mine gets around to showing me how. *hunts bedroom for list*

Most Lifehouse songs and either Anna/Bates or Mary/Matthew. Also, Olly Murs' Heart On My Sleeve is very much M/M to my mind and Westlife's Obvious (yeah, I love Westlife. Don't judge me, lol.) could be either that or Sybil/Branson. Ooh, or William/Daisy, probably more than the others. I want to make that video now, even though I don't really care for that pairing. And Queen's Break Free about Bates' marriage to Vera. (Yeah, I know. Shush.) Make You Feel My Love strikes me as Cora/Robert, and Your Song could be Sybil/Branson.

3/13/2011 #2

"Almost there" from The Princess and the Frog is so Gwen.

3/13/2011 #3

There is a clip on Youtube with Anna/Bates, Ewan MacGregor singing "Your Song" - it is very cleverly done and really very touching!

3/13/2011 #4

I've tried to watch that Your Song vid, but it's been blocked sadly.

I've never heard of lifehouse, so I'll check them out on you tune. I agree that song from Princess and the Frog is great for Gwen.

Oh and there's nothing wrong with liking Westlife! (She says hugging all her Westlife Albums! LOL!)

3/14/2011 #5
bijou156 This song is called "Hardest of hearts" and is an AMV dedicated to Matthew/Mary.

I really like because I think it represents well what their whole relationship has being about. (e.i. arguments, stubborness, pride, passion, etc)

3/15/2011 #6

I really love that video - I think it's beautifully edited and the song is a great fit for Matthew/Mary.

3/15/2011 #7

That Hardest of Hearts is my favourite YouTube video.

The song just describes them both so well and it's really beautifully edited.

3/15/2011 #8
"Cooler than me" could SO be M/M. (or is that just me?)
3/15/2011 #9

@Stuck in the Past - Just listening to that song now and it really is so Mary and Matthew, early on in the series anyway!

She really does think she's cooler than him! LOL!

Can't quite see Matthew singing this song though, but perhaps thinking it! LOL!

3/15/2011 . Edited 3/15/2011 #10

True, I'm glad that you Rose and silverduck were pleased with it.

I think the AMV maker did a good job in choosing that song for them, it fits them perfectly. I really like that line "Oh, darling I loved you from the start, what a fool I've being". This line sums up Mary perfectly. It also reminds me that after Matthew's proposal she says to Cora that she might have being in love with him for longer than she realised.

Another possible song for them could be "So in love with two" by Mikaila. Pamuk would be No.1 and Matthew No.2.

2 possible songs for Sybil and Mary could be "Fashion" by Lady Gaga, and "Rumours" by Lindsay Lohan. This is because they want to be independent and be able to chart their own destinies.

A possible song for Branson could be "Crush" by David Archuleda (can't remember his surname ^^')

A song for Matthew could be "Everything I do, I do it for you" by Bryant Adams, and "Feel" by Robbie William.

3/15/2011 #11
She's Like The Wind for Sybil/Branson?
3/15/2011 #12

I actually thought of that song for Mary/Matthew (sorry one track mind!) but it fits Sybil and Branson much better

3/15/2011 #13

There's a Matthew/Mary and Sybil/Branson YouTube vid with the song Centre of Attention. I think that song fits very well with Matthew/Mary

I'm so tempted to make my own Mary/Matthew fan video, but I don't know how (and I need a good song first!)

3/15/2011 #14
Make a Man Out of You from Mulan for Robert and Matthew (platonic I swear!!) and Like Other Girls from the sequel for Sybil. If I Never Knew You from Pocahontas for Anna/Bates maybe?
3/16/2011 #15

Maybe "Reflection" from Mulan would fit Sybil. She will possibly have to choose between conforming to society or or follow her own path when it comes to political interest and an enventual love affaire with Branson.

3/16/2011 #16

Listening to "Let Love In" by the Goo Goo Dolls makes me think Anna could sing that to Bates.

4/15/2011 #17

Branson singing to Sybil: Blue - Guilty. The lyrics are perfect! " If it's wrong to tell the truth, what am I supposed to do? All I wanna do is speak my mind. If it's wrong to do what's right, I'm prepared to testify, If loving you with all my heart's a crime, then I'm guilty." Beautiful!! :')

5/8/2011 . Edited 7/31/2011 #18

Ok, here's another thought. If you've seen the musical caled Chess or heard about it or know the plot, then i think the song, "I know Him So Well" is Anna and Vera's song. Anna being the character Florence and Vera being Svetlana. I also think that the song, "Anthem" sounds just like Branson's song. The resemblance in both songs is uncanny! Anna and Vera talking about Bates. Vera is the wife loosing control of her husband, Anna being the new love interest plagued by the thought of his wife. In "Anthem" you can either take the lyrics as if he's talking about how he loves his homeland, or how he loves the girl who is part of the "enemy" establishment, but he doesn't care. It could be about both, the contradiction in his heart. If you don't know this musical or these songs then go and listen to them! Think of these characters when you listen and you'll see it's as if the songs were written for them!!

7/31/2011 #19

Anna/Bates for S2 - Adele "Set fire to the rain"

8/28/2011 #20

Oooh! That's a good one Nina! I think that song really fits all the pairings, but Anna and Bates most of all i think. In fact, i can imagine the series 2 trailer fitting really well to this song. Just had an amazing mental image on Matthew running across no man's land, explosion's everywhere, Anna crying her poor heart out, and the stormy war clouds over Downton whilst this song playing in the background.

8/29/2011 #21

That's exactly what I was thinking too, Jo! I think it would fit that nasty S2 trailer very nicely!

And, when we get the Vera crisis, I think a video could be made of that triangle to that song!

8/29/2011 #22

Wohoo, I was also thinking of Set fire to the rain (Adele) for Anna/Bates! I think it fits very well.

9/11/2011 #23

Hi again!

I heard this song today; White Flag (Dido). I think it fits very well with Anna/Bates! What do you think? Listen to the text and tell me your opinion :D

9/30/2011 #24

This is late but. "Just a kiss good night" for Anna and Bates. Bates wants to take time and do it right

"Blooming heater" for Branson and Sybil. She is reluctant to join him

"Down the road" Robert about Cora and Mary (this one fits best) He really loves Cora and fears for his daughter.

"Scarlet tide" Daisy and William

"Hear I am" Edith :( (could be all the girls) She just fades into the background when it comes to the other memebers of the family.

"Just like you" Evelyn and Mary ('cause I like him)

the possibilities are endless!

10/21/2011 #25

Oh yeah and very Branson and Sybil.

10/21/2011 #26

"Bound to You" Burlesque Soundtrack, Anna/Bates, i dunno, i think it works =)

11/1/2011 #27
Amabel Reynolds

There's also something on Youtube with Anna and Bates clips set to Enya. Really sweet.

5/23/2012 #28
Amabel Reynolds

For Matthew and Mary 'Something There' from Beauty and the Beast.

5/23/2012 #29
Black Swan Song by Athlete for Matthew and Mary in WW1. Go and listen to it, it's just beautiful and perfect and kills me. Though it could also be applied to William and Daisy. Also, I really want to see Mary and Sybil do a duet of Fairytale by Sara Bareilles, because it's just great.
7/28/2012 #30
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