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The Honourable Evelyn Napier is a friend of Mary's who came to visit Downton in March 1913. Hoping for some time to get to know Mary, he made the unfortunate mistake to bring along a friend of his, Mr Kemal Pamuk, who Evelyn was looking after. Mary soon favoured Mr Pamuk over Evelyn, who was left out in the cold. Realising Mary's lack of regard for him, he tells her mother, Cora, that he wants a wife who will love him and so leaves Downton the nexy day. He kindly takes care of all arrangements following Mr Pamuk's untimely death. When it is thought he is responsible for spreading rumours around London about Mary and Pamuk, he comes to visit her and sets the record straight. He tells her that it was her sister Edith, not him, who is responsible for the rumours. He has recently ended his engagement to his fiancee and he seems to be quite concerned that Mary knows the truth about the rumours.

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We next hear of Evelyn when he is mentioned in dispatches and recommended for the DSO when as a captain he and twenty of so men are trapped in the German defences during a trench raid. During the day he holds out against the superior numbers of German attackers but as evening approaches the men are exhausted and ammunition is running low he prepares the men for a recrossing of no mans land .Captain the Hon Evelyn Napier begins to send the men back in small groups , each group carrying a wounded comrade. The last men begin to leave but the Germans realise this and move in to exterminate them. A desperate fight ensues and the captain is wounded in the hand and others go down on the way back across the muddy ground .Back in the British trenches Napier has his would dressed and goes back out into no mans land to try and bring back the wounded . He manages to return three wounded men back but is again wounded in the legs and face before crawling back at daybreak .

He is rescued by Grantham from a horrible hospital in Manchester to be able to recuperate at Downton Abby where he renews his friendship with Lady Mary and her sisters.

This friendship deepens toward Lady Edith and the two become lovers . Other than superficial scars he recovers his fitness and prepares to go back to active service.

Lady Edith advises him of her pregnancy, and the armistice is announced . It's the 11th of the 11th 1918.

End story so far.


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