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This is a role play forum for the books based around Sookie Stackhouse. You may select a character or make your own.
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Select one from the books or make your own oc.









Interesting info:

3/10/2011 . Edited 4/25/2011 #1
Look At Profile

I'll be Sookie XD If noone else wants her of course.

4/25/2011 #2

She is yours

4/25/2011 #3

Name: Lowell LeBeau

Age: appears to be in his early twenties / 400

Appearance: Tall dark hair pale skin brown eyes always wears a trench coat over his attire

Gender: Male

Race: Vampire / Caucasian

Occupation: Thief

Bio: Lowell was a french thief before he became a vampire. His creator died shortly after Lowell was brought over. After the Great RevelationLowell moved to New Orleans to watch over his descendants but he moved north to the Shiverport area after Katrina.

Personality: Lowell is mainly a free spirit he is very humorous for a vampire.

Interesting info: He has no glamor but he can make things explode by touching them.

4/25/2011 #4
Look At Profile

Thankyou :D

4/25/2011 #5
Flowery Lowry

Can I take Pam please :-)

5/11/2011 #6


5/12/2011 #7

If you guys are still playing, I'll like to be Amelia.

Let me know. thanks.

5/24/2011 #8

We are and you can

5/25/2011 . Edited 5/26/2011 #9
Agent Aleu

Name:Nicole Lue

Age:24 but reallly 250

Appearance:She's sexy, 5,7' pale, dark blond hair to her mid back, shaped like a hour glass, ocean blue eyes and peach lips.



Occupation:works at the bar

Bio:She was turn on her own free will, she lives alone, she used to be a monster, she doesn't like herself much. She doesn't have family nor friends but she knows a lot of people.

Personality:She's sly, not loud, fair hearted, short tempered.

Interesting info:She's pretty good at fighting and she loves B+.

5/31/2011 #10


6/1/2011 #11
Agent Aleu

Can I take Bill?

6/7/2011 #12


6/7/2011 #13
Flowery Lowry

Sorry to be a bit blond but I have read the rp 8 times now and not sure where Pam came in / is in the scene? I want to play but am confused. There is one mention of pam as he looks over at the girls but not sure who the other girl is? Help! I wanna join in.


6/15/2011 #14

He looked up at her and smiled. "I am quite old. There was not a country here while I was alive." Lowell said with a misty look in his eyes. Before he turnexd to look at the door as a female vampire he did not know entered the bar.

6/15/2011 #15
Flowery Lowry

Thanks. I took that as the vamp hi didn't know was Nicole.



6/15/2011 #16
Flowery Lowry

Thanks. I took that as the vamp hi didn't know was Nicole.



6/15/2011 #17
Look At Profile

Would I be able to be Eric?

6/16/2011 #18
Flowery Lowry

Just curious, but how does a scene change happen? Can anyone do it?

6/16/2011 #19

Yes and yes

6/16/2011 #20
Look At Profile

I can play Eric!? xD

6/17/2011 #21

I said yes

6/17/2011 #22
Rainbow Gumboots

Is this Rp still continuing?? If so could i make an OC :) (Be warned I've only just read the first book so far)

9/27/2011 #23

you may

9/28/2011 #24
Rainbow Gumboots

:) YAY!! And im just starting the second book today! :D Name: Brielle 'Bri' Moore

Age: 22

Appearance: She just under average hight and is average in size, if not a bit scrawny. She's got a white blonde cute pixie cut and a small round/heart shaped face. Has large brown doe eyes and dimples, her skin is pretty pale and she wears bright red lipstick. Very cute-sy she likes to wear vintagey looking clothes.

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Occupation: Currently unemployed

Bio: Bri recently lost her memory after a hit and run car accident. Unable to remember anyone or anything about her past life aside from her name and things that people have told her, she decided to uproot her life and move to the small town. She's renting a small trailer whilst looking for a job, she's afraid she's going to run out of money before she gets some cash flow going. She doesn't want anything to do with anyone or anything from her past.

Personality: She's nervous and jumpy. She's pretty gullible since she's lost all her life experiences but if she finds that she's been tricked or used she probably wont forgive easily. She tries to be optimistic.

Interesting info: Sookie finds it easy to read through her mind because there isn't a lot in it. (Her brains not jam packed with past memories)

9/28/2011 #25


9/28/2011 #26
Rainbow Gumboots

Cool, that was quick! :)

9/28/2011 #27

I am online that is why

9/28/2011 #28
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