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Rainbow Gumboots

Bri looked him over curiously. "You can't be a day over 25." She declared with a laugh.

9/29/2011 #91

"You must not keep up with popular culture." Lowell said chuckling softly.

9/29/2011 #92
Rainbow Gumboots

"If you must know, I had been residing in a hospital for the past 3ish years of my life." She said with a huff. "Oh and my bad for losing every thought in my little head." She sniffed, knocking on her head lightly for effect. 'How am i to know about some magic skin cream they've come up with.' She thought annoyed.

9/29/2011 #93

"Wow and here I thought everyone had her about the reformation." Lowell said in a bored voice.

9/29/2011 #94
Rainbow Gumboots

Bri looked at Low blankly.

9/29/2011 #95

"The outcoming party of vampires." Lowell said as he drank from the glass.

9/29/2011 #96
Rainbow Gumboots

Bri sat still for a minute, thinking it over. Did she remember vampires? No. Was that to mean they didn't exist? No. She bit her lip nervously, taking another glance at Low's mystery drink.

"Holy shit!" She yelled out loud causing a few glances from people. Her eye's widened and she took another giant sip from her drink, finishing up the contents. "I've sure missed a lot." She said wonderously.

9/29/2011 #97

"Yes you have but that is life." He said softly.

9/29/2011 #98
Rainbow Gumboots

"Are there lots of vampires?" She asked tentivley, not wanting to come across rude.

9/29/2011 #99

"There are some but not too many, most are old." Lowell explained as he finished the second glass of blood.

9/29/2011 #100
Rainbow Gumboots

Bri thought about this. "So most have been around for it all then, wars, the discovery of electricity?" She asked with interest. 'I wonder how old he really is?' She thought to herself.

9/29/2011 #101

"Some have been around for too much I think." Lowell said as he set down the empty glass.

9/29/2011 #102
Rainbow Gumboots

"Oh." Bri said, curiously wondering who he was reffering to.

9/29/2011 #103

"That is the cold hard truth of immortal life." Lowell explained softly as he twirled his fingers in the air absentmindedly.

9/29/2011 #104
Rainbow Gumboots

Bri smiled softly, living past all your friends and family would have to be a tough burden. "Not as pretty as is seems." Bri realized.

9/29/2011 #105

"No most people are too foolish to believe the truth about immortality" Lowell said sadly as he lookedat her.

9/29/2011 #106
Rainbow Gumboots

She studied him silently for a moment. "Do you wish that you weren't a vampire." She asked quietly, instantly wishing she hadn't asked. "You don't seem very happy.." She murmured, blushing red.

9/29/2011 #107

"I am lonely in my old age" he said as the air twirled around his fingers.

9/29/2011 #108
Rainbow Gumboots

She watched his hands momentarily. "I'm sorry." She sighed. "I guess it would be easier if we all weren't dieing in the blink of an eye."

9/29/2011 #109

"It is not as if you can help it. You are only human." Lowell said chuckling at his own joke.

9/30/2011 #110
Rainbow Gumboots

Bri couldn't help but smile at the vampire's sense of humour. "That I am!" She laughed smacking her hand on the table.

9/30/2011 #111

"You draw plenty of attention to yourself." He observed dryly

10/3/2011 #112
Flowery Lowry

~~Scene Change~~

Pam tapped on Eric's door. She pushed it open, crossed the office and deposited herself on his couch with the grace of a cat.

"And exactly why couldn't you have done that?" She asked Eric in a snippy tone whilst reclining on the couch.

10/14/2011 #113

@everyone I am working on a twilight roleplay "forum" that is taking place in the world of true blood. If you're interested in it let me know and when it's ready I'll give you guys a heads up.

9/27/2019 #114
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