New Threats, A New Generation RPG
When the Signers won against Zone, they thought the fight was over. They moved on and made families. The children now have to deal with normal pre/teenage problems, new threats, and parental worries. What is going to happen now that new threats arise to f
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I love you Buggy Boo

Name: (First, Last)

Nickname or Alias: (Optional)

Title: (Optional)


Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:

Grade: (If in school)



Side: (Protagonist, Antagonist)


Occupation: (Optional, if they work)



Any Type of Markings:







Duel Spirit: (Optional)

Favorite Card:

Deck Name:

Turbo Deck Name:

Win to Lose Rate:

Duel Disk: (Description of it)

Duel Runner: (Same as above)


Quirks: (Does their left eye twich? Bite their nails?)

Pet Peeves: (What really annoys them?)

Pet: (Optional)

Quotes: (Optional)

Special Abilities: (Seeing Duel Spirits, Pyschic, Karate?)

Other: (Anything else you can think of)

3/10/2011 #1
Kaen Neko

Ryokai Navega

Nickname:Ryo-chan or Celestic Phantom


Date of Birth:Nov. 14, 1994

Place of Birth:Athens, Greece but he was adopted by a chinese couple who were visiting Greece on a business trip.




Family:Adoptive mother and father.

Occupation:He participates in underground duels for money, but he also works at a bookstore.

Appearance:Ryokai has a petite height of 5"7 with waist length crimson red hair with black stained bangs and black highlights, and ruby red eyes. He wears a black chinese style sleeveless shirt with white trimmings, black baggy pants, black chinese style shoes, black fingerless gloves, and a black choker with a ruby red crystal hanging from the center of the choker.

Personality:Ryokai is kind and very understanding, but he is also a bit of a loner. He often tries to stay away from people because he thinks that he may unknowingly hurt them, but he does get lonely and wishes to meet someone who can help him not be afraid of his psychic powers.

Likes:Talking to his duel spirits, learning new things, quiet places, meeting new people.

Dislikes:Arguments among friends, being judged for being a psychic duelist.

Strengths:He is very much connected to his deck and works well in a group.

Weaknesses:Being open to others, breaking out of his shell.

Duel Spirit:Gravekeeper's Visionary.

History:Despite being born in Greece, Ryokai was adopted by a wealthy chinese couple as an infant. He was born with psychic powers that he inherited from his biological father, who was also a psychic duelist. Ryokai's adoptive father was a highly paid businessman and his mother was a nurse who retired because she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Ryokai had a better relationship with his mother, but his father resented him greatly. After the death of his mother, school became even worse for Ryokai. His grades were falling and he was constantly picked on by the other students. He was expelled from school at the age of 13 after he accidentaly injured two students with his psychic powers and he was kicked out of the house. Ryokai then leaves China and sneaks into a ship that was going to Japan. Since then, he has lived in solitude and participated in underground duels with the deck that his mother gave to him when he was 5 years old. Ryokai has even managed to control his powers, but he had mysteriously developed asthma on his 14th birthday.

Favorite card:Gravekeeper's Visionary & Dark-End Dragon

Deck Name:Defenders of the Pharoh's Tomb

Turbo Deck name:None

Win/Lose Rate:8 wins 3 loses.

Duel Disk:The shape of it is shaped like a dragon's wing with red slots and trimmings.

D-Wheel:Dragon shaped with red trimmings and black wings on each side.

Hobbies:Reading, drawing, sewing, dueling, cooking, taking long trips.

Pet Peeves:When someone washes 1 dish they used but doesn't even touch the other dishes in the sink, he may snap alittle bit. He likes to have his surroundings clean even if it is not sparkling clean.

Pets:A white fox named Fotia, which means "Flame" in Greek.

Special Abilities:Psychic powers and the ability to see and communicate with duel spirits

3/4/2012 . Edited 6/19/2012 #2
Arcana Zero

Is this Rp still active? I never Rp for Yu gi oh before.

6/10/2012 #3
I love you Buggy Boo

Ryokai's birthday would be a little hard as Yugioh 5ds takes place in 2021-2 and this takes place in 2041-2 20 years later. So just adjust the date and you'll be fine.

Also Slayer has been out of power for about 20ish years so he couldnt have almost been recruited into the Arcadia Movement.

And no, no Pokemon pets... sorry.

Other then that he's a-okay.

Sorry it took me so long to reply.

6/12/2012 #4
Arcana Zero

Name: Uriel Seth

Nickname/Alias: Pyromaniac

Title: N/a

Age: 19

Date of Birth: Sept 22

Place of Birth: San Diego

Grade: N/a

Gender: Male

Nationality: English

Side: Antagonist

Family: Lisa Campbell ( Aunt) Joe Campbell ( Cousin) Anna Campbell ( Cousin)

Occupation: Barback

History: As a child, he was decipted as a happy- go lucky child, easy-going and has a great sense of humor, that was before his parents died in a car accident. His Aunt took him in and understand the same feeling as he went he lost both his parents since their the light of his world, now without his parents the world seem darker. He soon became a bitter person who take it out on his peers in school with fist fight in middle school, and a problem child for his instructors. He soon hung out with the wroung crowd who prey on the weak, skip school and etc in middle and high school. His cousin Anna one day fed up with his attittude toward his family and the world , and chanellged him toward a duel which he found humorous; that they would solve all the problem with a child card game. His psychic powers awaken during their duel, which terrify his family.

he soon left the family, and lives with a friend of his. He later scouted out by a member of the New Arcadia Movement, who seeks to revive the origanization and needed assistance from psychic duelists. Uriel believed it would be fun and decided to join without a second though and to master his powers which the member promised to help him with his powers. Few years later, he is sent to work in a bar as a barback to obtain fund for the origanization.

Appearance: Deep green mohawk, grey eyes, tan skin and muscular not extremely though

Any type of marking: N/a ( not sure what you mean by that)

Personality: He is depicted as an anger manage problem, who claim he can control his temper, however in reality he can't control his temper at all. Whenever, he lose his temper he harm others with words, saying the nastiest things, or harm them physically. He also lose his temper when someone attacks him. He pretends to care for others, but he doesn't care at all. He doesn't get along with anyone, and always found in a foul mood. He greatly disrespect his opponents & his cards. Since their just worthless piece of paper with painting & drawing on them. He tend to hold grudges against the ones he lose against in duels.

Likes: Picking fights, Dueling and underground duels

Dislike: Being bored, losing, School

Strengths: Stealing & fistfight

Weaknesses: Controlling his temper, Swimming ( not a great swimmer), being aggorant, overestimate his opponent

Clothling: A black denim with torn sleeves ( rip it off himself), red t-shirt underneath, grey denim jeans and black fingerless gloves

Duel Spirit: N/A

Favorite Card: Infernal Flame Emperor

Deck Name: Noble Volcanic

Turbo Deck Name: Burn Baby


Fire Trooper x 3

Solar Flare Dragon x 2

Raging Flame Sprite x1

Volcanic Slicer x2

Infernal Flame Emperor

Chthonian Emperor Dragon

Fox Fire

UFO Turtle x 2

Magna Drago x 2

Inferno x 2

Flamvell Archer

Flame Ruler x 2


x 3 Tremendous Fire

x 2 Ego Boost

x 2 Molten Destruction

Dark Hole

Double Summon

Graceful Charity


x 2 Back Fire

x 2 Skip of Fortune

x 2 Pinpoint Guard

Black Horn of Heaven

x 2 Face off

Breakthrough skill

Extra Deck:

Flamvell Uruquizas x 2

Ancient Flamvell Deity x 2

Win to lose rate: 7 wins 6 loss

Duel Disk: The blade of the Duel disk curves, has flame design on the tray of the duel disk and the disk is black.

Duel Runner: A red dual sport with orange flame design

Hobbies: Fist fight, Dueling, and watching wrestling

Quirk: Crack his knuckles, and steal the losing duelist rare card

Pet Peeves: People playing hero, and goody-goody two shoe

Pets: N/A

Quotes: " Burn, baby Burn"

" Burn the world down to the ground, I synchro summon-"

Special Abilities: Psychic

Other: Love spicy flavor food

6/13/2012 . Edited 12/31/2014 #5
I love you Buggy Boo

Uriel looks good. Markings however is just tattoos or scars and things like that.

6/13/2012 #6
Kaen Neko
Thanks, I'll adjust the date and I may change Ryokai's deck.
6/14/2012 #7
I love you Buggy Boo

That's okay, I dont mind.

6/14/2012 #8
Arcana Zero

Name: Mana Rizzo

Nickname: Gorilla

Title: N/a

Age: 14

Date of Birth: April. 1

Place of Birth: Venice, Italy

Grade: 8th

Gender: female

Nationality: Italian & English

Side: Protagonist

Family: May Rizzo ( Mother), Alfredo Rizzo ( Father)


History: History: As a child, she never see why everyone making a big deal out of a child card game known as Duel monster, most of her friends in school was into it including her parents much to her embarrassment since their adults and it a child card game. Unlike everyone else, who are into Duel monster she into living a normal girl life, worrying about clothes, fashion and other girly stuff. She believed the card game is for boys only and it would make girls look like tomboy if they play the card game. Her friends in school encouraged her to play the card game, since most of the kids in school mostly talk about Duel monster making her a outcast, since she the only one who isn't a duelist. Her parents also encouraged her on playing the card game after hearing from few of her friends about their daughter being a outcast. On her 11th birthday, her parents build her a deck consisted of Gusto monsters for her birthday present, although Mana wished they gave her something else instead of a deck of cards. Nevertheless she accepted the deck after realizing her parents put all their effort into building her a deck.


Unknowingly to her parents, she hid the deck in her desk at home instead of bringing it with her to play the card game like the other kids. Although Her parents soon found out about the fact she hid her deck during 6th grade. Mana decided to play Duel monster in middle school after the incident of getting a earful from her parents. She currently Duel academy learning to become a better duelist.

Appearance: light blonde shoulder length hair, with several strand of hair longer then the fringes on her forehead hang on the side. light blue eyes, has fair skin, slender built. She is 4'9".

Any type of marking: Nope

Personality: Mana is clear headed with plenty of spunk as she not the type to surrender in a duel when back into a corner. She is really adventerous as she like to sight see or explore her new surrounding. She come off sociable as she like meeting new people and making friends, as she dislike the idea of being alone. She the type abide to the rules and respect authority and elderly people.Also she respect people with positive quality. although usually polite to her seniors, she has rather informal and tomboyish speaking with her friends. sometimes let her emotions get the better of her and she sometimes forgets to take into consideration of other people's feelings, which sometimes results in conflict with her peers. She tend to have a short temper whenever someone behaves like a fool not taking situation that should be taken serious, and when dealing with arrogant people she not afraid to smack them.

Likes: Spaghetti, Pop music, Dueling, cute and adorable things

Dislike: Aggorant type of people, disrespectful people, People who hides their internal conflict

Strengths: Swimming, being observant, drawing

Weaknesses: Being valuable to cute things and refusing to harm it , cooking ( never cook before)

Clothing: a purple sweater like jacket open, with a yellow shirt underneath, short white denim jeans and white and purple sneakers

Duel Spirit: Hanewata

Favorite card: Hanewata, Winged Kuriboh, any cute looking monsters

Duel Name: Forever Promise, a Lightsworn deck with few monsters outside the archetype to summon them

Turbo deck name: N/a

Win to lose rate: 4 wins 6 lost

Duel Disk: Like Duel disk is very similar to Neo Domino duel disk, the color scheme of the disk is pink and silver.

Hobbies: reading fashion magazine and any type of novels, reading shojo manga, drawing, playing tennis and dueling

Quirk: Eye twitching when people annoys her

Pet peeves: People acting like fools in serious situation/not taking it serious, people being disrespectful

Pet: A American Shorthair cat named Lucky.

Quotes: N/a

Special abilities: Seeing Duel Spirits

Others: She's not going to reconstuct her deck, since her parents built it and she believes it would be rude to change it, unless someone convince her.

6/15/2012 . Edited 5/12/2015 #9
I love you Buggy Boo

Mana is okay, but how is she in Domino? Did her parents move there? Is she a transfer student?

6/15/2012 #10
I love you Buggy Boo

Name: Ava Riley Carmine-Atlas

Nickname or Alias: Riley

Title: Dark Princess

Age: 18

Date of Birth: February 14th

Place of Birth: Domino Hospital

Grade: Senior

Gender: Female

Nationality: Japanese-Australian

Side: Protagonist

Family: Carly(Mother) Jack(Father) Eleanor(Sister) Unborn baby Brother

Occupation: Duelist and practices Ikebana and Bonsai

History: She was born to Jack nearly nine months after he left for his world tour, Carly knowing that her father didnt want to be held down while in the circuits and made Yusei and Aki agree to not tell anyone who her father was, especially Jack himself. When she was eleven Jack reappeared in Domino and found out about his daughter. He was very upset with the fact but he and Carly worked it out and got married when she was fourteen. At fifteen she gained a little sister Eleanor was born. At sixteen she joined the pro circuits under her father guidence and quickly rose in the ranks. Last year she was almost recruited into the New Arcadia Movement, but her parents managed to get her out of it at the last second. Her parents are now expecting a boy and her mom is 8 months pregnant.

Apperance: Exactly like her mother with the exception of her blonde hair and lavender eyes which are exactly like her fathers. Shes tall like her father, and stands almost like a queen.

Any Type of Markings: A scar on her left shoulder from a duel runner accident, and the mark of the dragon over her heart and a scar from her trying to eat a knife when she was a kid her bottom lip.

Personality: She's an exeptionally kind hearted person, when she knows and trusts you. She has a habit of seeing the best in people even when, and especially when, the other cant see it themselves. Though when you get on her bad side, you stay there. However it takes alot to get to that spot as she trys to see WHY someone does something not WHAT they did. When pissed she has a sharp tongue and no trouble standing up to others when she thinks she right, including her parents. She has strong morals and sticks to them. She brave and self-sacrificing. As noticed in her protecting her mother when others called her mother a whore for having a child out of wedlock, even though she threw herself into the gossip circle in doing so. She'll go to any length to protect people, from the own demons or others, particularly her loved ones. However she is extremely Hotheaded and Impulsive like her father. And as such she is often rude to Authority Figures with the exeption of her Yusei, whom she views as a uncle figure. She can be obsessive and possesive when she wants something or something happens to her friends. She has a photographic memory and can remember/recall things from her childhood that others have forgotten over the long years. She also has a sarcastic humor and a dry wit.

Likes: Sakura Blossoms and their scent, dueling, being right, the scent of rain, dancing in the rain.

Dislikes: Freshly mowed grass, loseing a duel, being wrong, getting sick from dancing in the rain.

Strengths: Dueling, seeing the best in people, gardening.

Weaknesses: Her anger and wrath, her family, especially her little sister.

Clothing: A purple bra-like tank top with a white swinging jacket. Purple blue-jean shorts. Black knee high boots. Jewelery like her fathers.

Duel Spirit: Red Dragon Archfiend

Favorite Card: Red Dragon Archfiend

Deck Name: Archfiend Princess

Turbo Deck Name: Princess Archfriend

Win to Lose Rate: 8-2/4-1

Duel Disk: Like her fathers but Purple and Pink.

Duel Runner: A croch-rocket that is dark purple, with pink and white decalls.

Hobbies: Gardening, Ikebana, Bonsai.

Quirks: She tilts her head when annoyed, and when she wants to know something, particularly from Yusei or Jack her right hand twitches. She also scratches her chest over her heart when uncomfortable.

Pet Peeves: When people's necklace clasps arent in the back, when backpacks arent zipped up in the right way.

Pet: A pure black Pomeranian given to her by her 'Aunt' Misty that she named Pom-Pom.

Quotes: 'If you dont want my help fine, but you dont have to insult the hand that feeds you as well.'

'Daddy, Im your daughter yes, but that doesnt mean I have to be a dick like you right?'

'Sic 'em Pom-Pom.'

Special Abilities: Pyschic Duelist, Duel Spirit interaction, and Atlas Punch.

6/15/2012 . Edited 6/15/2012 #11
Arcana Zero

I suppose you could say she moved to Domino and she became a transfer student.

6/15/2012 #12
I love you Buggy Boo

Ah okay then.

6/15/2012 #13
Arcana Zero


I'm apologize for not posting in this rp, it just I couldn't think of what to post. Also you need to create a chat section, so we won't end up clustering other threads and a deck section to show what cards the oc has in their deck. More like writing the duel.

7/2/2013 . Edited 7/4/2013 #14
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