From the World's End to Another's Beginning
An RP loosely based on ToS. Sylvarant is a declining world. Tethe'alla is a flourishing world. Sylvarant has a chosen who is tasked with defeating an evil force. Tethe'alla's chosen is tasked with stopping Sylvarant's. What will happen to the universe?
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Mirai Dramatizer

(You may have up to two characters. Of course, not all characters HAVE to be taken. The ones that are DEFINITELY NEEDED though are: The Chosen of Sylvarant, the Cruxis Spy, the Chosen of Tethe'alla, the Assassin, the Rebel, and the Leader of Cruxis. The others are just the meat and structure to the "plot characters", to make it so much more interesting to see how you guys change the story as it progresses.)

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Powers (Maximum of three powers):

Short biography:

The roles.

Chosen of Sylvarant- Uysl

Chosen's childhood friend 1- Ares' Little Girl

Chosen's childhood friend 2- Senseless Insanity

Cruxis Spy- Uysl

Professor- BillytheIntern

Chosen of Tethe'alla- Replicaaa

Assassin- BillytheIntern

Rebel- Ares Little Girl

Criminal- Babygirl Brie

Outcast- Senseless Insanity

Leader of Cruxis- Replicaaa

Cruxis General 1- MizzRandomGurlzzBabii

Cruxis General 2- TheAwesomeCourtney

Cruxis General 3-

Cruxis General 4-

Cruxis General 5-

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Mirai Dramatizer

For my characters, I'll just be taking the Tethe'alla chosen for now, and wait for some of the others to be taken before I decide on a second one. xD

Name: Matthios "Matt" Grant

Age: 18

Role: Chosen of Tethe'alla

Looks: Matt has messy, dyed blue hair, and a pale skin color. He is around 6'1, and is slightly muscular, if not lanky. His usual traveling clothes consist of a white shirt with a black jacket over it, black shoes, and black, fingerless gloves.

Personality: At first glance, Matt is childish, immature, bratty, selfish, and self-centered, due to his role as the Tethe'alla Chosen. However, once you get to know him, he is actually good-natured, friendly, and easy-going, but is still majorly immature, bratty, and selfish.

Weapon: A sword

Powers: Enhanced speed, elemental control over fire, and healing.

Short biography: Matt, ever since he was born, was spoiled rotten, due to the fact that he was the chosen of his planet. When he turned 13, he was taught that the chosen of the other world had to be killed, no matter what, and since then, has been training himself to kill the other chosen once and for all.

3/11/2011 . Edited 3/11/2011 #2

Interesting, Jaytee. ^.^ I'll claim the Cruxis Spy for now, and will claim another one later.

Name: Desiree Suiren

Age: 20

Role: Cruxis Spy

Looks: Desiree has fair skin, a slightyl curvy body structure, and black hair down her back, with blonde high-lights. She wears a blue tank-top, white cargo pants, and black flipflops, to make her seem inconspicuous.

Personality: Desiree is very mature, having wisdom past her years. She is very composed, courageous, and outspoken, but also cold and uncaring to most others except for the chosen of Sylvarant, who she was assigned by Cruxis's leader to guide.

Weapon: Trenchknives

Powers: Flight, telekinesis, and enhanced strength

Short biography: For as long as she could remember, Desiree has been a part of Cruxis, which she keeps a secret from the Sylvarant group. Not much else is known about her.

3/11/2011 #3

Name: Velarise "Vela" Vino

Age: 17

Role: Childhood Friend of Chosen of Sylvarant

Looks: Vela has neck length, spiky, platinum blonde hair with a bang over her right eye. Her eyes are violet. She's around 5'7 and slim. Her usual attire is an indigo tank top, black fingerless gloves, torn light blue jeans, and black combat boots.

Personality: Vela has had a tough outer shell. Hardly anyone knows her true character. She's a fighter, and she's fought with almost every boy in Iselia. In fact, that's how she met the Chosen of Sylvarant. However, inside, she's caring, sweet, and would do anything for her friends. She also has a secret passion for singing. No one knows this, though.

Weapon: A dagger with a bejewled hilt

Powers (Maximum of three powers): Controlling others through song, and sees the future. (she doesn't know she has powers yet)

Short biography: No one knows the true past of Vela, except for Vela. She was born in the forest of Iselia, but her parents left her on the professor's door step when she was six. Ever since, Vela has lived with the professor. She met the CHosen of Sylvarant and his friend (the other childhood friend) when she was eight, after getting into a fight with the Chosen. She's been by the two's side since. Also (only if the CHosen of Sylvarant is a boy), Vela has had a crush on the CHosen since age thirteen.

3/11/2011 #4
Mirai Dramatizer

Both accepted! Head on over to the rp!

3/11/2011 #5

... Yeahh.

Name: Luna Vee

Age: 13

Role: Chosen's Childhood Friend(2)

Looks : She has brown eyes hidden behind a pair of rectangle lenses with a reddish auburn hair-color. Her hair is straight and it lands near a few inches above her shoulders. She's around 4"10 and is very slender. She wears a dark purple tank top, one fingerless glove on her left hand, a pair of worn black jeans, and a pair of grey flip-flops.

Personality: She tends to switch from moods, tending to be irritated, annoyed, bored, greatly amused, or crazy. However, those are just her common emotions. Upon first meeting, she seems a bit angry or awkward, usually depending on her mood or where she's at. She can be more hyper and excited, but only if she knows you very well. She's very guarded and doesn't let too many people in other than her few friends that she has.

Weapon: A small pocket-knife and an oddly large axe

Powers (Maximum of three powers): Bending rock and earth along with enhanced speed

Short biography: Her parents had abandoned her at a young age so all she could really recall was wandering through Iselia forest and finding her way to the village where she had been found and taken in by a kind but mysterious woman. Here, she met the chosen and their other childhood friend.

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Mirai Dramatizer

Accepted! Head on over to the rp!

3/11/2011 #7

(Nyeh! Thanks for inviting me but please bear with me cause I have NO idea what's going on)

Name: Roxanne "Roxie" Lyons

Age: 18

Role: Wanted Criminal

Looks: Roxie has thick long brown hair reaching down to her lower back. She has lightly tanned skin, emerald green eyes, and a curvy figure. She wears a blood red tank top with a black jacket that cuts off right below her chest, medical wrap around her wrists, black skinny jeans, and boots. She often wears her hood up to hide her identity.

Personality: defensive, paranoid, has a bad temper of you get her mad

Weapon: She carries a combat knife around with her, but honestly, anything she can get her hands on.

Powers (Maximum of three powers): mind reading (How do you think she hasn't been caught yet), enhanced perception, enhanced agility

Short biography: She was just living in her messed up world as normal, until she killed someone. Despite the fact she insisted it was self defense no one would believe her because she would insist "That bastard had it coming." So, she did the one thing she could do, and ran away. Now she wanders around making sure not to get caught and is defensive about almost anything.

3/11/2011 #8
Mirai Dramatizer

Accepted! And, it's alright, just try to follow along, and remember that, for now, your character is currently on Tethe'alla. xD Other than the two chosens's plots, the rest of the story is improv, so you can do whatever you want.

3/11/2011 #9

Name: Zia Ransa

Age: 18

Role: The Rebel

Looks: Zia has long, raven hair that goes to her mid back with bangs. She has electric blue eyes. She wears a dark green tank top, black shorts, and brown combat boots. She also wears dark shades sometimes.

Personality: Zia is a true fighter. SHe trusts no one, and never backs down. She's very stubborn, and refuses to lose. She has extreme trust issues. She also can be very manipulative and lie with ease.

Weapon: Anything she can get her hands on, but she carries a dagger.

Powers (Maximum of three powers): Ability to fight with any weapon; can memorize any fighting technique

Short biography: She was born and raised a rebel fighter. Her parents when she was thirteen. She joined a rebel group, and became the leader at sixteen.

3/11/2011 #10
Mirai Dramatizer


3/11/2011 #11

Name: Dart Jeren

Age: 18

Role: Assassin

Looks: Wears a Jester mask, and jester clothes.

Personality: Very goofy and aloof when wearing the mask, to mask his identity as a bloodthirsty murderer.

Weapon: Twin blades.

Powers (Maximum of three powers): Psychological Mind Hacking.

Short biography: Dart slaughtered a village after he was contantly beaten up and ragged on because of his kind hearted personality, he snapped and killed the whole village.

Name: Xerxes Calypsus

Age: 30

Role: Professor

Looks: Silver Hair, glasses, hair covers one eyes, dresses very oddly.

Personality: Strict, always attentive, keen eyed.

Weapon: Magical Tome (Book.)

Powers (Maximum of three powers): Magic, Super Intelligence, Time and Space control.

Short biography: He is a very enigmatic figure, all that is known is that he is very smart, and creative.

3/11/2011 #12

(Since I love being the antagonist, ima try and be the Cruxis leader too. :D)

Name: Isaac Reymes

Age: 22

Role: Leader of Cruxis.

Looks: Black hair, purple eyes, very in shape.

Personality: Cunning, charming, and decieving, will make you believe that he is an innocent ally.

Weapon: Sword

Powers (Maximum of three powers): Able to summon creatures, transformation, swordsmanship.

Short biography: Became king at a young age for slaughtering his father and everyone else in line for the throne before him.

3/11/2011 #13
Mirai Dramatizer
Err, pending. I wanted everyone to have two characters maximum, if you could pick two out of those three to be.)
3/12/2011 #14

You can have two... I decided to create another. xD

Name: Corentine Roux

Age: 17

Role: Outcast

Looks: Her hair is extremely long, an oddly dark blue in color. She has one eye that is hazel. Her other eye is red in color and appears to be metallic. Her face is pale and she is extremely thin. She is wearing a shirt with her left arm completely covered and the other sleeve ripped off. She wears shorts that were once pants and had been cut. Her right arm is covered in scars. Her left arm is completely metallic, but it looks like her own skin because of the scientists having worked hard to perfect their job on her.

Personality: She is usually trying to maintain seriousness, but she is scared and worried to the point where she'd rather hide than do anything. She's always been the freak of nature, it seemed, so she is socially awkward and extremely shy. She's naive and, for her age, is easily persuaded.

Weapon: Her fake eye and her fake left arm, anything she can get a hold of.

Powers (Maximum of three powers): Capable of creating weapons from anything, telekinesis, enhanced aim

Short biography: At a young age, the girl was abandoned, and she didn't even find out where she was abandoned at. Scientists had taken her at the age of two, and experimented on her. In the process, her eye was replaced with a device that she could use to shoot and kill with a burning hot laser. Her arm was replaced with a device that she could bring many small weapons out of. She could fight with her arm alone. However, they were bored with testing on her and released her outside the bridge of Tethe'alla. She was to wander from then and on.

3/12/2011 #15
Mirai Dramatizer


3/12/2011 #16

Forgot we can have two. xD Since Billy's still choosing who he wants between those three roles, mind if I try having the Chosen of Sylvarant?

Name: Hetalia Crosswind

Age: 18

Role: Chosen of Sylvarant

Looks: Hetalia has pale skin, and a tall body frame. He has smooth, red hair, with a couple of black stripes in it. He wears a white t-shirt with an orange vest over it, blue jeans, and tennis shoes, so not many will notice he's the Chosen.

Personality: Hetalia is calm, friendly, outgoing, and selfless. He's always happy, even knowing that he's pretty much setting himself up to become a human sacrifice. He's loyal to his friends, yet overly trusting to everyone.

Weapon: A crossbow

Powers: Enhanced senses, elemental control over wind, and healing. (I wanted to make him pretty even grounded, if not even a contrast to the Tethe'alla Chosen. ^.^)

Short biography: Hetalia has always been humble that he was the Chosen, since birth. When he turned 13, he was told that in five years, he would have to go sacrifice himself for the world.

3/12/2011 #17
Mirai Dramatizer


3/12/2011 #18

I'll just take Xerxes and Dart, unless you think taking the evil king guy would be better then taking Xerxes.

3/13/2011 #19
Mirai Dramatizer
Accepted! Head on over to the rp!
3/13/2011 #20
Mirai Dramatizer

So we'll have all of the mains, I'll take the Leader of Cruxis then. xD

Name: Barin Hysteria

Age: Unknown. Looks in his early twenties.

Role: Leader of Cruxis

Looks: Barin has long white hair, giving him the appearance of a female at first glance, and blood red eyes. He wears a hooded cloak under blood red colored armor.

Personality: Barin is cold, dark, uncaring, and sarcastic around his fellow Cruxis group, but shows that he does indeed care for them and loves them like a family. Around the protagonists, he usually plays the "Nice, strange traveling man" card, but his true evil tendencies tend to flow.

Weapon: A giant blade

Powers: Enhanced power, power over light, power over darkness

Short biography: It is unknown who exactly Barin is, but he is the behind the scenes antagonist of the plot. He will show up around both groups and show kindness to get him on their good side, even though he has evil intentions.

3/13/2011 . Edited 3/14/2011 #21
- Name: Laia "No name" -age:18 -role: Cruxis general -looks: Laia has short jet black hair, tan skinned, has one piering on her lip, and has a good body. She wears a black regular shirt, fingerless gloves, red jeans, and black boots! She also has a burn on her neck! -personality: Laia always shows no emotion at all. She quiet most of the time but she can be a total threat! -Powers: thunder and lighting -Weapons: ALOTS OF GUNS BABY! -short bio: when Laia was only 4 years old, her parents died during the cold war and she was raised by the crvxis leader. She has no memory about her past and also doesn't remember her last name (Sorry if it looks funny! Bit I'm on my iPod:3)
3/13/2011 #22
Mirai Dramatizer

Accepted! You can head onto the roleplay!

3/13/2011 #23

Name: Stephalia Nyerson

Age: 18

Role: Cruxis General 2

Looks: She has brown hair that goes down her to her back that she usually keeps tied up in a ponytail. She also wears glasses. She has green eyes and has light freckles on her face.

Personality: Stephalia is the kind of high-strung "my way or the highway" kind of person you'd expect. She likes things to go her way. Though that isn't to say she's mean. On the contrary, she tries to be nice most the time. But at the same time she can be bossy and demanding. She also has a tendency to lose her temper easily.

Weapon: A chain ball with spikes on the ball

Powers (Maximum of three powers): Control over water, healing, and enhanced strength.

Short biography: As a little girl, Stephalia was born of two normal parents. However, in a tragic fire, both her parents were killed and she had to fend for herself from then on. She's been living and providing for herself since then.

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Mirai Dramatizer

Accepted! Head on to the roleplay!

3/14/2011 #25
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