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Status (alchemist, soldier, civilian, etc.):

Personal mission/goal (if any):





Name: Luna Winterbell

Age: 17 years

Gender: Female



Hair: (Only silver)

Chimera form:

Personality: brave, outgoing, sweet, nice, gentle

Status (alchemist, soldier, civilian, etc.):Great Wind Alchemist

Personal mission/goal (if any):none

Bio: She was turned into a chimera when younger, but doesn't let it stop her from being herself, she often uses her chimera ability to fly around when on patrol, her older brother left her for hid duty, when he was transported to Briggs, but it doesn't stop her from seeing him once in a while

Family:Alphonse Winterbell (18, Older brother)

Miscellaneous:Enjoys being in chimera form often


Name:Alphonse Winterbell

Age: 18 years

Gender: Male



Personality: Quiet at time, Hard working, like to be along sometimes

Status (alchemist, soldier, civilian, etc.): Lietenant

Personal mission/goal (if any): Keep a eye on little sister

Bio:Has lived with Luna sence she was born, and kept a close eye on her until she was sixteen, then Left for Fort Briggs (Joined military at sixteen), Is a wolf chimera, but can still talk, has both a human, and wolf form, and can't resist but to howl his heart out once in a while

Family:Luna Winterbell (17, Sister)

Miscellaneous: Is often in human form



Age: appears 10

Gender: Female


Personality: Quiet

Status (alchemist, soldier, civilian, etc.): Homunculus

Personal mission/goal (if any): none

Bio: just a quiet, young homunculus, rather attached to her creator, Ichiro, so she calls him, "Father"

Family: other homunuli, Ichiro

Miscellaneous: has a poer to focus on a person's mind, and send them immence pain

3/12/2011 . Edited 3/12/2011 #1

Name: Ichiro.

Age: 19

Gender: Male.

Appearance: http://www.flickr.com/photos/likemagic/2481479848/

Personality: Ichiro only cares for himself and his Homunculi.

Status: Villain.

Personal mission/goal: To rule the world.

Bio: TBR

Miscellaneous: N/A


Name: Jason.

Age: 18

Gender: Male.


Personality: Jason is laidback, but can be serious when he needs to.

Status: Soldier.

Miscellaneous: N/A


Name: Anger (Mimi Skyler)

Age: ??? (Looks 16)

Gender: Female.


Personality: Anger has the tendency to get angry at even the slightest little thing.

Status: Homunculi.

(I'll make the rest later.)

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Approved, Approved, and approved

3/12/2011 #3
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and gotcha

3/12/2011 #4

Name: Plague

Age: (looks) 7

Gender: Male

Personality: He tends to hide his emotions and think more with logic. He doesn't really care about others and is a bit of a curious person.

Alias: Eric

Status: Half Homunculus, half human.

Appearance (Pic or description): (except maroon eyes and no ear ring) He wears all black.

Family: Technically speaking Loathe in his mother. Father is unknown. Death, War, Famine are family by spirit.

Bio: He was created in a lab using human and homunculus DNA (which happened to be Loathe's)

Likes: Chess

3/12/2011 #5
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3/12/2011 #6

Name: Ty Flamel

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance:Stand's 5'0. He is caucasion and has black hair and blue eyes. He wears a sleevless shirt and cargo pants. The shirt is a faded black with a silver/white line running from the arm to the bottom in a straight line with two on each side. The cargo pants are pure white with a chain attached from the right pocket to where the belt buckle would go as it is attached via a clasp like object. He wears black running shoes with silver lines along where the laces would be. His hair comes down to his neck and for some odd reason stays straight even when he goes to sleep resulting in him hardly ever brushing. He also wears two black fingerless gloves with circles on them for transmutations.

Personality: He's laid back. He likes to sleep a lot and is very fond of cold climates and water. He will help out if he can and loves to see smiles from the people he helps.

Status: State alchemist.

Personal mission/goal (if any): None

Bio: Can I add tommorow?

Family: Dead parents. Unknown sibling.

Weapon: Katana. And some throwing knives.

Miscellaneous: He always carries a metal canteen filled with water.

3/12/2011 #7
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approved, what happened to nick?

and yes, i will let you add on the bio later

3/12/2011 #8

It's a pain in the butt to rethink of the profile. And at the moment I can't remember everything about him.

3/12/2011 #9
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oh, kay ^W^

3/12/2011 #10

Please don't deleate this one for the love of god. TT~TT

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3/12/2011 #12

Name: Nick Valens

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Appearance: He stand's 5'11. He has brown hair and brown eyes with a scar running down his left eye. He wears a modifiyed military in the form that the top has been replaced with a black sleevless shirt and the pants are camoflaughed for urban and desert environment. He wears a mask that covers the bottom of his face from his nose down and occasionally wears sunglasses. He wears a camo'd cloak with a hood he has on him at all times. He wears camo combat boots with a knife holster on the side of the left one. The tips of the boot souls are rigged with a knife that appears when he kicks the tips together.

He has a holster on his right leg that holds his pistol. He wears a harness with pouches along the chest and leg that hold various items and ammunition. He keeps a weapons cleaning kit on his left thigh. He has pendant around his neck that is hidden that has a photo of his little brother on it.

Personality: He's a cold hearted killer. He is willing to complete the mission whatever it may be without hesitation and will follow the order to the very end. He is able to kill anyone regardless of type without remorse ore regrete. He often goes on his missions solo and hates working with others considering his lone wolf personality. He never speaks except when it is absolutily nessessary and when he does it is with great thought and care. His actions often speak louder than his words and he has expierenced so much violence in the war it has all but killed all emotions but the will to serve and survive.

Status: Military sniper

Personal mission/goal (if any): ?

Bio: Add tommorow.

Family: Little brother.

Weapons: A sniper rifle with anti personel round and a silcenced pistol. Several knives hidden in his uniform.


3/12/2011 #13
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Nice... approved

3/12/2011 . Edited 3/12/2011 #14

Name: Patrick Johnson

Age: 15

Gender: male

Appearance: with black jeans and grey sneakers, and tattoos visble on his neck.

Personality: Patrick is the calm guy, except when someone either insults or hurts his friends.

Status: Alchemist.

Personal mission/goal: To become the best alchemic fighter ever.

Bio: Born in the small village of Brenzterg, Patrick worked for living. He worked a lot since his mom was very sick. He lost his mom at the age of 8, and lived alone with his father for 3 years until he got killed by assasins. Now, Patrick has sold the house and lives on the open road.

Family: Grunder Johnson (father), Gitran Johnson (mother).

Miscellaneous: The tattoos on his body works as his alchemic boost. That way, he doesn't need to draw all those circles and such.


Name: Aramis von Stricktrov

Age: 17

Gender: male

Appearance: (yes he is actually that pale)

Personality: Aramis is very polite.

Status: Alchemist.

Personal mission/goal: To make his father proud.

Bio: Aramis was born in the Stricktrov family, which is a very rich and famous family of alchemists. About 4 years ago, he decided to travel the world to see how it was.

Family: Porthos von Stricktrov (father), Elikan von Stricktrov (mother), Athos von Stricktrov (older brother).

Miscellaneous: his title is the "crimson rose alchemist". He works for Ichiro.

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I love them both!

Approved and Approved!

Welcome to the RP

3/14/2011 #16
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Age: 19

Gender: Female


Personality: Bright, joyful, sometimes quietly

Status (alchemist, soldier, civilian, etc.): Soldier

Personal mission/goal (if any): none

Bio: She joined the military, and is known for her advanced archery skills

Family: twin sister, Kekosha

Miscellaneous: is said to have eyes of a eagle, therefore giving her great accurecy, good twin, Kekosha is the evil twin

3/15/2011 . Edited 3/15/2011 #17

Looks cool.

Do you want Ichiro to try and make her evil?

3/15/2011 #18
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Good luck with that


3/15/2011 #19

Yes or no?

3/15/2011 #20
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sure, go ahead


3/15/2011 #21


This gonna be fun.

If you still allow lemons, then Ichiro could seduce her?

3/15/2011 #22
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yes i allow lemons

3/15/2011 #23
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3/15/2011 #24


Do you want me to have Ichiro try and seduce her?

3/15/2011 #25
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yes, try

3/15/2011 #26


3/15/2011 #27
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*Cant wait to see the results*

3/15/2011 #28
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Name: Kekosha


Gender: female


Personality: Dark, quiet

Status (alchemist, soldier, civilian, etc.): Evil

Personal mission/goal (if any):none

Bio: entered central as a criminal

Family: Twin sister Ketruna

Miscellaneous: evil twin, Ketruna is the good twin

3/15/2011 #29

Name: Dread.

Age: ??? (Looks 18)

Gender: Male.


Personality: Dread is stubborn and will never take no for an answer.

Status: Homunculi.

3/17/2011 #30
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