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0m3ga's Z3r0

So, we all know that we want pairings in this. Any suggestions?

6/26/2011 #1

As I said in the RP thread, some one-sided Heian and Snow seems good to me. I really don't know for Grace, since there's only on straight guy and I've already confirmed that she has no feelings for him what so ever. Anyone want to be a lesbian? :D

6/26/2011 #2

um... my person already has a crush... so,,, and she's strait ... soo....

6/26/2011 #3

Hm, I thought as much. Maybe some one-sided Grace and Garnet seeing as she's unaware the other is a girl?

6/27/2011 #4
0m3ga's Z3r0

I was literally just about to suggest that. :)

6/27/2011 #5

Great minds think alike!

6/27/2011 #6

one sided grace and garnet?.. hmh.. i dont mind garnet being bi.. and always being confuse by her sexuality! XD but is it on the game or in rl?.

6/27/2011 #7

If you're willing to make her bi, then I just got an amazing idea based on Grace's in-game and real life personalities. In the game, Grace is chasing after and teasing Garnet. In real life (if they meet) it becomes the opposite and it's Garnet flirting with Mai, seeing as they don't know who the other is! Do you like the idea?

6/27/2011 #8

I adore the idea ~! :D.


what about the real life pairngs?..

6/27/2011 #9

*thinking* Alrighty, let's do this. The only thing we have in real-life is some Wéi nuó flirting with Mai. After re-reading Ming Yue's bio, I remembered that she had a crush that she went to school with, so she's not a possibility. Of course, I also have Ning. He's 100% straight, so we need a lady for him! He's helpful, determined, and just plain attractive (I may be cleverly leaving out his bad points, but who cares!). Also, according to the image in my head he's just adorable when he pouts!

7/3/2011 #10

oh~! lets have a love triangle shall we?, mai and wei nou and ning.. muahahahah what do you think?


7/5/2011 #11

So, Wei Nou likes Mai, and Ning likes Wei Nou? I like it!

7/5/2011 #12

Im going to be cruel to Wei Nou so... WEI NOU WILL LOVE\LIKE EVERYBODY~!!~!.

Im very evil at my beloved OC arent i? :)

7/10/2011 #13

So, as we all know, there was a long period of time where this thing seemed dead. I'm glad we managed to get it back up again, but I figure some of our thoughts about pairings may have changed. I like what we had planned, but people's thoughts change and we also have another new character to factor into the equation (the lovely Kira).

With this in mind, I think we should discuss pairings again. Currently with my characters, it seems like Grace is still trying and failing to seduce everyone and Snow is crushing on Kira. (Although you may not believe me, I didn't intend for that to happen. She's just the first "girl" he's met that actually likes silence, and they rest just sort of came from there.)

12/1/2011 #14

Ming is just left alone... thats sad :(

12/1/2011 #15

I'm sorry about that. Do you want Grace to double her efforts of trying to seduce her? ;) It can be arranged.

12/1/2011 #16

um..... can try... but.... i ont know how that will turn out (knowing my own character)

12/1/2011 #17

oh my..theres going to be some pairing wars in the future i can tell.. -just saying peeps ^_^'-

12/2/2011 #18
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