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OOC: RP is now open!

Yui had to say, he was a bit surprised to open his classroom door on the first day of school and find Yuuko in his room rifling through some files in his desk. He dropped his bag on the floor and stared at her in pure astonishment, unaware of the fact that a few papers fell out of his bag and scattered on the floor in the process. "What... are you doing?" he asked. Yuuko glanced up at him and grinned.

"I'm looking for those pictures from the Cultural Festival next year when Kurogane and your brother dressed in maid outfits."

Yui picked up his bag and the papers and stood in front of the desk, folding his arms and looking casually across the desk at Yuuko. "And what makes you think I have them?"

Yuuko raised an eyebrow. "You took them, after all."

3/13/2011 #1

'Sugar! she remembered that' Yuui thought. "well you won't find them in here!" he said gesturing around his classroom.

Yuuko's eyebrow rose higher as she turned her gaze to his adjoining office door.

Yuui didn't need to turn around to know what she was suggesting. "and I doubt you'll find them in there either." He continued flatly, "But feel free to browse my bookcase and search my files in there if you must. I confess I have been looking for an excuse to re-catalogue everything throughly anyway and declutter my cabinets"

Smuggly he put his bag under his desk and turned to write on the board.

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(OOC: Yaaay, someone else joined! Just as a quick question, who are you roleplaying right now? I was planning on RPing both Yuui and Yuuko, but I don't mind if you're one of them for the time being :D )

Yuuko had half a mind to sneak her way into Yuui's house and find the pictures, because she knew that if the blonde teacher was keeping them anywhere, it would be there. But then again, it was not like he had any reason to hide them, after all, they were of his brother and Kurogane. If anyone did not want those pictures found, it would be Kurogane.

"I should just ask Fai," she muttered, still peeking through the cabinets. Yuui was watching her absent-mindedly, taking a break from whatever he was writing.

"You could," he replied. "I don't know if he knows where they are either."

"Why do I get the feeling Kurogane stole them and hid them somewhere?" Yuuko sighed.

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