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Welcome to Horitsuba Gakuen, a school like no other. This is basically what it looks like, a Horitsuba roleplaying forum. You can be one of the teachers or a student, it's all up to you!
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A chat room... so chat about stuff! Like... I just got my hair cut yesterday and when it grows out a little I can cosplay Fai! WOOT!

3/13/2011 #1
Lady Ningrum

em... i don't really feel comfortable here ^_^

no! it's not what you think asuka-san! i like that you made a forum in this fandom! really am! (i mean this is like the first forum in this fandom! asuka-san you really have your heart for the twins)

what I'm not comfortable is that I'm the first to actually reply...

where is everybody?

actually asuka-san i came here because i owe you an explanation ^^

you see. do you remembered when you updated "the porch" and said that you made a horitsuba forum? yeah well, i did search for it but,....

i search it in tsubasa chronicle fandom so, i didn't find it that day....

until now...

i was bored so, i went to the forum section(as i like to call it) i never actually ever written anything in a forum and i rarely go there... until now...

so, i tried to checked in horitsuba's forum and am i surprised i finally found this forum!

though it's kinda sad... no! not this forum! i mean the fandom! i really am sad for this fandom...

i mean everyone actually love to write horitsuba gakuen fics in tsubasa chronicle fandom why didn't they just put it here? in this fandom?

it's sad to see this fandom only have over 31 fics and almost every fics are kurofai(or syaoyuui which i found very surprising) not that I'm against it(I'm neutral and believe me it's a tough place to be) and pretty much they are all romance... i don't want to remember the M rated one...

i really wish people would come to this fandom and write some humor in here!

not just that! i really really am hoping people would write and put their fics in the right fandom...! so, i could find them easily ^_^

5/27/2011 #2

Ah, well I think this whole thing is pretty much due to the fact that the Horitsuba section was added to pretty recently... whereas the Tsubasa one has been here forever.

You're right, though, there is pretty much only yaoi here. It makes me sad...

I also think that a lot of people don't know that there is a Horitsuba section. They probably just assume that all the Horitsuba stuff goes under Tsubasa...

5/27/2011 #3
Lady Ningrum

hm... maybe... but, asuka-san i have a question.

you have several horitsuba fics but, you post them in tsubasa chronicle and not in here...

why is that?

6/13/2011 #4

Well, that is because I wrote them before there was a category for Horitsuba... and it also took me a while to find it, as well. I could technically change where they are posted, though, which I probably should do.

6/14/2011 #5

Is this still open?

6/19/2015 #6
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