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Come roleplay as the characters of Kate Brian's Private series. But you need to register with me first!
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Hello all and welcome to P r i v a t e fourm. This forum was created by myself specifically as a way of doing something. There are forums on here, other than this one, that capture discussions and others that allow you to roleplay with others. This one just kind of puts them together. If you find the idea interesting, or are even just wondering how bad I might screw up running a forum, you can check it out and see what's going on. Now, I have a few rules here. They are very simple and they are below.

The Rules for RolePlaying:

1. Enjoy yourself

2. Keep it PG-13, or T. I don't want anything going into the M-rating. Feel free to ask me if you're unsure where I'd draw the line.

3. Do not insult, or rag on, others. If you and someone have a personal vendetta, keep it off the forum.

4. You cannot move another person's character, or speak for them, unless you have their approval before hand.

5. Before you venture off into the roleplays, go to the characters thread and leave either a bio for an original character, or a request for a canon character.

*Note: For those who might not know, canon characters are basically the characters from the book. ie. Reed, Noelle, Josh, Ivy ect.*

6. Do not reveal your last name, address, phone number, or any personal information you would not want shared. This is the internet, let's be realistic people.

7. Unless you have a unique nickname that will let us not get confused, do not have the same name as another character.

*Note: That includes the canons. Sorry, but there can be no Josh, Thomas, or Dash's. None of the girls' names can be doubled either. Feel free to use the initials.*

8. All characters must be over the age of fourteen, unless run by a mod first. This is just to make sure that the character will not be getting into any situations that may be too mature for the age level of the OC.

9. Do not automatically assume that anything you say will be alright with everyone. If someone requests that you stop doing something, or saying something, that is bothering them, it'd be in everyone's best interest if you refrained from doing so. if you do things after people have nicely asked for you not to do it, or keep doing things after i request for it to stop, i do have the liberty to ban you.

10. Be respectful.

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