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Are you a Dark shadows fan? Do you miss the ghosts and vampires and wherewolves? Then come on in and let's talk about the show that continues to haunt us long after its conclusion. Anything Dark shadows related will be discussed.
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Would anyone here be interested in a Dark Shadows rpg? I've been wanting to start one, but I need to find a couple of people first.
6/22/2007 #1
Angelique Bouchard
It might sound stupid, but what is an rpg?
6/28/2007 #2
Yeah what is an rpg, come on tell us.
10/3/2007 #3
Sorry, I didn't see the other question. An rpg is where you play the characters in a story. Say, Angelique Bouchard could play Angelique and Blushing embarrased could play Barnabas. You two would write as your characters. Here's an example. AB would write: Angelique glared at Barnabas with fury in her eyes. This was the last straw. "How dare you!" Then BE would write: Stepping back, Barnabas realized what he'd done. He'd never seen her this mad before. He was beginning to understand how big of a mistake he'd made. Of course, the writing would be a little longer and better thought out, but it's just an example. And each person would play a character. Normally you write as your character in 3rd person. Any other questions?
10/3/2007 #4
Angelique Bouchard
Oh...I get it now.
10/5/2007 #5
So do I, but I want to play Julia, I'm a woman, guess I better change my pen name!
10/14/2007 #6
Oh, I didn't mean you had to play Barnabas. I was just illustrating a point. So, you want to play Julia?
10/14/2007 #7

Did you ever get this off the ground? I'm still looking for people to join mine.

11/12/2008 #8

Wow! This forum looks dormant, if no one wants to play Angelique, I could.

2/27/2010 #9
Lady Barbossa329

If anybody wants to do the Dark Shadows RPG, I'll be a character. I haven't gotten through many of the episodes (just starting the fourth DVD collection of the Barnabas part), but I'm sure I'll figure out everyone in time.

5/21/2010 #10

My Revival RPG is still up and running if anyone is interested in joining that. Just see me for characters available.

9/3/2010 #11

I have a Dark Shadows RPG group at

7/15/2011 #12
Red Queen Megz

Hello all =) I would like to join in with an OC?

5/15/2012 #13
Lady Glinda
I'll be creating a new forum tonight, since this one hasn't been getting anywhere. So... come to my forum, we have cookies!
5/16/2012 #14
Lady Glinda

I'm really sorry! What wrote was rude and I apoligize.

6/3/2012 #15

Is anyone still interested in doing an RP? I definitely am, I'm an RP'er by trade:) Please let me know! Oh, my name's Toni:)

12/5/2012 #16
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