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Jersey Wolf

I started this thread on a board on a different site so I thought I'd bring it here.


Alright, first things first...I've noticed a shocking amount of ANGRY in threads concerning P2 on other sites. Let me just say I'm not here to start any fights with anyone so if you're here to start a fight please note that you will either be ignored or responded to in a ridiculously polite manner, neither of which I believe are the goal of an argument. Anyway, onto what this is really about.

Thomas. I'm not going to get into the whole "is he a bad person?", "he was just lonely", blah, blah, blah, stuff. That just sounds like looking for trouble. I'm simply looking at the character and having some thoughts that I don't believe delve into "right" and "wrong". Also, I'm going to keep my personal thoughts on the movie being "bad" or "good" to myself for this particular thread.

First question, do you think his name has any meaning to the character? I looked up the name Thomas (because I'm fascinated with the meaning of names) and this is what I found:

"The boy's name Thomas \th(o)-mas\ is pronounced TAH-mas. It is of Aramaic origin, and the meaning of Thomas is "twin". Biblical: one of the 12 apostles known as "doubting Thomas" as he has an unusual mixture of pessimism and zealous faith."

You can find the rest here:

Personally, when I look at this I can definitely see shades of Tom's personality. The whole twin thing makes me think of his constantly shifting moods. He's not an entirely different person, but there's definitely a shift there. Also, the mention of Doubting Thomas also strikes me as intriguing. "he has an unusual mixture of pessimism and zealous faith." Now, I don't know about you, but that just seems to scream Tom to me. He flips between feeling justified in his actions to awkward, nervous, and agitated the next. Of course I could just be looking too much into it, but hey...I enjoy doing that.

Ok, onto the next thing I looked into concerning Tom. His mental illness (because I think we can all agree there is something not right in that head of his). Another interest of mine is psychology, especially abnormal psychology. After some thought and such I think Thomas is schizophrenic. Also, schizophrenia is not to be confused with multiple personality disorder. They are unique conditions and it bugs me when people mix them up. Here's a definition I felt summed it up well. (all the schizophrenia stuff I'm going to quote is from here: https://health.google.com/health/ref/Schizophrenia. It puts everything in pretty simple to understand English. Take a look at it and I think you'll see what I saw. That and I'm too lazy to pick apart the whole thing in relation to Tom. Maybe I'll do that another day.)

"Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that makes it difficult to tell the difference between real and unreal experiences, to think logically, to have normal emotional responses, and to behave normally in social situations." Now, if that's not Tom then I don't know what is. Also, upon looking into the different types of schizophrenia Tom appears to have the "undifferentiated" type since he has characteristics from each of the other 3. After looking at the film another time here's the ones I feel he displays most prevalently.

-Catatonic type:

* Agitation

* Decreased sensitivity to pain (The whole fork thing O_o)

* Negative feelings (And I quote..."Yeah, that way he can go back to his kids and his family, and you can go to your sister's, and I can stay here! In this parking lot! All by myself! 'Cause that's obviously what everybody wants!" That is rather negative I feel.)

-Paranoid type:

* Anger

* Anxiety

* Delusions of persecution or grandeur (Messed up vigilantism!)

-Disorganized type:

* Child-like (regressive) behavior (Tom and the whole wanting Angela to open the present just came off as so "like a child" to me.)

* Delusions (Well...yeah)

* Inappropriate laughter (ok, so maybe he's just laughing at his own odd humor but still...it's creepy)

* Social withdrawal (Tom has like...no social contact. At all)

So yeah...I get the feeling Thomas has schizophrenia and an oddly appropriate name. Any thoughts on that? Also, any comments on how "HAWT" Wes Bentley is will simply prompt some "good grief" feelings from me. I'm not saying he's not, but really now. That has no relevance to the discussion.

Oh, and I owned a rottweiler for several years, and my cousin had two. They're perfectly agreeable animals. At least the ones I've known.

3/20/2011 #1

I'm not sure if this forum is still checked or what, but I came across it when I realized that people were actually writing/discussing P2. It was a fandom that I knew I'd get into as soon as I saw the trailer, but never one that I thought there would be fanficiton about and dabbling with myself whether or not to write it, I think I made that decision earlier.

My name's Georgia, I'm 20, a Forensic Science student who next year's going onto do Forensic Psychobiology and I love any form of horror - I was drawn to P2 the moment I had heard of it (It's particularly tough to find in the UK and I've not met many people that have seen or even heard of it). Anyway, back to replying to this post.

I agree that Tom possibly has some form of schizophrenia and the way his character is perceived as he is socially awkward, but can manipulate himself into seeming rather confident leads me to believe that he is a sociopath as well, who has stumbled across a woman that might have glanced at him once or twice in a friendly manner that to him could have sent alarm bells ringing in his head. Thomas was probably abused as a child. To him, the world has forgotten him, he's stuck working over Christmas which leads me to believe he has no family (this also links into him being alone all the time). He's belittled, he's not that smart, he's ended up as a parking attendant. He speaks about Angela wanting to get him fired which indicates that he's scared of moving on or away from new things.

Because the job is that similar to a police officer, it is probable that he wanted to go into law enforcement but didn't make the cut and has been forced to downgrade to a parking attendant.

He has attachment issues, he probably doesn't have any experience with the opposite sex and he probably didn't have a stable relationship with his mother.

As for him having regressive behaviour, I completely agree with that. Not only does his voice sometimes sound as though he is a child, that he is not getting his own way and therefore it will lead to a tantrum, he was indulgant in wanting Angela to open the present, a child-like glee on his face (One I'm not sure whether that was because he was fantasizing about her seeing the tape or her actually opening it).

And his name? I believe that most of the time, when writers set out the names of the characters in films, particularly films that have psychological elements in them are picked on purpose. The meaning of the name is 'twin, Thomas most definitely has a multi-personality disorder, whether it's schizophrenia, dissociative identity disorder or another form of multi-personality disorder. The name is the character in this, he switches at any given point, from someone that seems calm, pleading and misunderstood, to changing within ten seconds and filling an elevator with water because Angela wouldn't respond to him.

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