Night's Wish
My first Roleplay, come sign up as a third-former student and live an adventure in My House of Night as you work to become more than just fledglings, but Vampyres of the World.
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I kneel down next to him. "Hey, you're going to be ok, alright? People are coming to help." I keep talking to him, and keeping him company until help arrives.

4/18/2011 #31

Ayla answers the door and loud classical music pours out of the room. "Is something the matter?" She asks. "Are you alright?"

4/19/2011 #32

"Theres a boy, b-b-bleeding a-a-and I d-don't know if e's d-d-dead or a-alive, h-he's b-by the g-g-irls d-dorms!" Cali stammered out scared.

4/19/2011 #33

"Take me to him." Ayla responds with a serious look on her face. She follows you to where Celeste and Pierce are, looking at him scrupulously.

"Well, he's not bleeding, and he seems to be alive. We'd best get him to the Hospital wing inside the gym. She closes her eyes and concentrates for a minute. "Sammael will be there to meet us, as well as Rayn."

4/20/2011 #34

"Professor, what's going on? What about the person that got away?" I ask as we head to the Hospital Wing.

4/20/2011 #35

Cali looked around earlier wondering what was going on. More importantly how it was happening. She decided to stay silent for now.

4/20/2011 #36

Ayla looked at her, then at Pierce who she was carrying with ease, then back at Celeste. "Who escaped? Do you know what happened to this poor boy? I myself would like to know why he was all the way by the girl's dorms..."

4/20/2011 #37

"Maybe he.....waassss......looking for something he lost?" Cali suggested trying to help.

4/25/2011 #38

Ayla doesn't say anything as she leads the way to the Hospital Wing. Once there, Rayn and Sammael are there, Sammael is wearing a very serious look from his normally jovial expression. Ayla set Pierce on a bed in front of him and takes a step back.

After a moment of observing the boy, Sammeal speaks. "There's a nasty bump on his head but I don't think it's serious. He should wake up soon enough and tell us what happened." Then he looks at the both of you and Ayla. "Thank you for bringing him here, I'll keep him through the day and make sure he's fine."

"Now its best if you head back to your rooms, and try to get some sleep." Rayn stepped in between you and the bed, where Pierce looks pale but his slowly moving chest tells you he is alright. "In the evening you can come back to visit Pierce but for now let him rest."

4/25/2011 #39

Cali looked at him then at the proffessors the nat the door. "Alright then, Good night" Cali said before walking away. ".....I don't even know that dude" she said as she made her way to the rooms through the dark.

4/25/2011 #40

"Professor, what's going to happen to the person that ran away?" I ask, slightly worried someone could do this so easily in a school full of vampyres and teachers.

4/25/2011 #41

Ayla shakes her head and looks at Rayn. "I sensed nothing. I couldn't tell anyone was nearby except the girls. I don't know how I could have missed someone with such malicious intent, enough to attack a student?" She whispered harshly.

"It's all right." Rayn said patiently, and put a hand on Celeste's shoulder. "I'm glad you told us what was going on. Pierce is a special student, and anyone who would want to hurt him should be found and put to justice. I advise you to stay close to the school until they are found, alright?" Then she turned and put a hand on Pierce. "It won't be too difficult to find out who did this, if Pierce saw the attacker with his own eyes."

4/25/2011 #42

"Special? What do you mean?" I ask, confused.

4/25/2011 #43

Rayn looked down at her hands. "It wasn't well known--and still isn't to the rest of the students and teachers but us here now--but Pierce has an affinity for visions, and Nyx has granted him one of great importance. When he later prayed to Nyx about it, asking for an explanation, she gave him a task. He came to me about it right away of course, but there was nothing I could do, the task was given to him and though I asked Nyx for the power to help him, I received no answer." She looked down sadly at the boy, and breathed in. "Now I believe that this attack had something to do with that mission, but to make sure, I have to see his past." And she touched his hand.

Rayn went rigid for a moment, her eyes open and calm for a moment, then they became bloodshot and her mouth opened in a silent scream. After a moment she released Pierce's hand.

"Well?" Sammael asked, leaning in.

"I couldn't see anything, but I heard voices. And I have no idea... they didn't sound Human or Vampyre, they sounded... unnatural. Whatever or whoever this was, this isn't something we'll have an easy time tracking down."

"Well, what did the voices say?" Ayla asked nervously. "Maybe we can find something out from that."

Rayn shook her head. "It only said; 'I need the ring now. then the other three.' I know the ring was probably meaning Pierce's red Pearl signet ring, which explains why it wasn't on him when you brought him. But I have no idea what 'the other three' are."

4/26/2011 #44

"Professor, I want to help you find these people." I just stared at the unconscious boy.

4/26/2011 #45

Rayn looks at you, thoughtfully at first, then shakes her head. "This is too dangerous a job for one young girl. It's best if we leave this to a team of Vampyres, together they should find something." She places her hand on your back, leading you out of the room. "I know you don't know Pierce that well but I understand your desire to help. I'm sorry but you alone cannot do much."

4/26/2011 #46

"If I can get someone to help me, will you let me?" Celeste asked, already forming a plan.

4/27/2011 #47

Caliope stopped as she sat next to her window. "Scary to think that something bad can happen to fledglings. I thought we were safe here" she thought worriedly as she stared out of it. resisting the urge to open it and feel the breeze. She sighed as she crawled back into her bed....

4/27/2011 #48

Rayn shrugged. "It's not really up to me. I can't stop you, I can only advise you. I am your mentor, not your master." She smiled. "Now I'd advise you to get to bed and get some sleep. From what I've seen of your past, I can ascertain that you'll have a very long evening before you."

4/27/2011 #49

I sigh. "Yes ma'am." With that I ran back to the girls dorms. When I get there, I start knocking on doors until I find the girl that had been with us earlier.

4/28/2011 #50

Caliope's head whipped towards her door when heard a knock. She turned on her flashlight as she crept towards the door and opened it s crack. "Who is it" she whispered shinging the flashlight out the crack.

4/28/2011 #51

"It's Celeste. I'm looking for the girl that helped me with Pierce." I said, slightly awkward that I didn't know her name yet.

4/28/2011 #52

"That would be me" Caliope said as she opened the door enough so that Celeste could see her.

4/28/2011 #53

"Can I come it? We need to talk. By the way, I didn't catch your name."

4/28/2011 #54

"Sure" she said as she opened the door and waved her in. "I'm Calliope Odair" she said with a nod.

4/28/2011 #55

"Nice to meet you." I say as I walk in and sit on her bed. "So, how freaky is it that this happened? On the night of the ritual, no less! There is no way this is a coincidence."

4/28/2011 #56

Calli closed the door and sat on the opposite side of her bed. "You think thats the one day we're safe. Personally I'm wondering why he was over here so late at night, actually I'm wondering why he was here at all." she said with a slight frown as she put her flashlight(still turned on) on the bed facing the roof.

4/29/2011 #57

"Wanna help me find out?" I can't keep the excitement out of my voice.

4/29/2011 #58

Cali bit her lip in thought. "should I? Or should I not?" she thought. After a few more seconds her curiousity won out. "Alright then. But we should probably not alarm the others" she said to her.

4/29/2011 #59

I couldn't help but smile when she agreed. "Of course. We can't let anyone know, except maybe Pierce, cause he should know who did this. Hey, maybe we should go check out the are we found him." I asked, the idea of adventure exciting me.

4/29/2011 #60
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