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Ah, the Protoss...the mighty warriors of the Starcraft universe. So what are your thoughts? How do you think the race plays out in practice? Any flaws or advantages you can think of?

My favorite thing about the Protoss is their sheer power. The units are super powerful, and do massive amounts of damage. The Zealot, for instance, is like a supercharged Zergling!

The biggest issue I have is time. Sure, they're powerful, but it takes a while to get them set up. Until your Zealots come up, you're vulnerable.

3/16/2011 . Edited 3/16/2011 #1

The Protoss are the first born, and despite lacking the purity of essence the Zerg has, their religious disciplines and traditions somehow compensates that drawback.

It's a pretty good race in practice, even for beginners, but they turn out to be very dangerous if microed with skill. Just a bunch of them can face big numbers of enemies. I don't know you, but in my opinion, they look to me like the right counter to the Zerg swarm, being completely the opposite.

They have their own flaws, indeed, such as their slowness. Nonetheless, once you can turn the conditions of the battle to your favor, just add some micro and you can be sure your opponent wont have it easy.

6/13/2011 #2

it depends on which game you're playing. 1 or 2? anyway, regarding the protoss strategies, for 2, warp prisms and the Mothership recall ability are saviours for getting the jump on the enemy, in my opinion. I never really played as the protoss in the first game, i prefered the terrans and zerg.

10/3/2011 #3

I'm playing starcraft 2, but I used to play a lot of starcraft 1 before(I still do, but seldom). Still, protoss don't depend too much on numbers. For me is way usual to use warp prisms, mainly for immortal drops right behind the mineral line and then warp in a few zealots to get rid of more workers, and if possible, kill the nexus(which is the reason for why I do the drop). If I can't take the nexus out, well, sniping a tech structure would do. As for what concerns to the mothership, personally I don't use it too much, even less in 1 v 1. Now, in 3 v 3 or 4 v 4, well, maybe then I could get one out. After the first time they showed the mothership, it got nerfed to death. Still, it has some uses, how effective it turns out to be, will depend on the situation. If I get it, I either, use it for hit and run attacks (i.e: send my whole army to attack my opponents' bases and when things get ugly, mass recall the army, then attack again, and so on, until a change of strategy is required, or, in the super late game, escort her with void rays, carriers, maybe some phoenixes and observers). I don't think it's a good idea to leave the mothership alone, unless your opponent doesn't know where it is or that you have her in your base. I played all the races in the first game, often, I played as zerg, but I liked protoss a lot too, and later, I ended up getting used to roll protoss. As terran I was horrible( yeah, yeah, I know the basics for terran, I just can't use them as good as I'd like).

10/3/2011 #4
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