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Humans! Ew! (Ha ha...silly...) But yeah, anyway. So what are your thoughts? What do you like about the Terran military?

Personally, I like the fact that the army itself is versatile. Any player can take the same units, and use them for completely separate strategies! You can use Siege tanks, for instance, as mobile turrets, tanks, or even defensive roles! The Terran force is very flexible, and handles fairly well.

The drawback I'll list here is the SCV. While you don't lose your builder, like the Zerg, an SCV making a building is relatively defenseless. An enemy force could attack it while it's building, and then bam - there goes the SCV. You have to watch the SCV until it finishes. T^T

But that's just me. What do you think?

3/16/2011 #1

Versatile, eh? Well, yes, but in sc 1 that's something hard to exploit. They offer several options, indeed, but the amount of attention they require in order to carry out your own strategies is to put it? way too demanding I guess.

However, if there is something I like about them, more than any other feature they have, is their ability to nuke (as long as your ghosts don't get killed...)

6/13/2011 #2
The Terran are pretty much a well organized group. While they're super weapons(As I like to call them) are not as dangerous as some of the Protoss' like the MotherShip, or that long ranged son of a b*** that can outshoot ANYTHING in the second game in sheer range. The Thor for example. If you have Vikings and A LOT of fully upgraded marines and medics that's pretty much a force that can whip anyone's a**.Air included. The Thor itself is basically kickass but lacks any Anti-Air making it great with an escort. The Terrans also have a strong,many unit based, defense. As well as a strong enough offensive to basically make Zerg cry to their Queen and Protoss to their Priests. However there is one thing that everyone can agree on(save for noobs) To kickass as the Terran you HAVE to know what you're doing. Don't get it mixed with the Protoss. Enough of their units can beat anyone but ih's just that. Not complicated. The Terran Players have to be flexible and knowledgable. The army may be expandable at times and have great Strength unlike the Zerg and Protoss. Both are focused on one strategy and strength each. Zerg-Numbers Protoss-Effectiveness. Terran-Ability to overall used the vast numbers of the Terran race that may some day rival the Zerg's unlimited units. And strength that Can really beat the s*** out of the Protoss. Now watch when they get advanced technology. Overall as long as you know what you're doing as the Terran,you're bound to kick everyone's a**. That being said you need to be a pro and knowledgable and h*** to kick a** as the Terran. Serious Gaming for example(A youtuber)plays Strategy based game ALL THE TIME. On the hardest difficulty,gets the achievements and still wins. Terran Starcraft version included.
12/18/2013 #3
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