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Choco Scorpion Bat

Some people thought it was crap, some people thought it was epic. I thought it was epic and outrageously hilarious.

3/17/2011 #1

I thought it was epic! Definitely funny at times...and just as upsetting as the cartoons when Optimus dies. :( Amazingly with the movie I didn't cry, but it was close. How could our axe wielding friend be taken down just as he was in the most epic battle?

6/4/2011 #2
Choco Scorpion Bat

AGH! So true!

6/4/2011 #3
Simmons was pretty good in this movie. Favourite part is where he is on the radio "I'm directly beneath the enemys s***" looks up, wrecking balls dangling just above him!
6/4/2011 #4
Choco Scorpion Bat

I always laugh so hard every time at that part!

6/4/2011 #5

Pardon me, but I have a question for you, I'm working on a Transformers (movieverse) fic that is based off of something that happened in the second movie. Would this be a place where I can either ask questions or advice on writing it? It is my first Transformers fic, and I do not want to fail in epic proportions at it just because of something stupid I wrote wrong because I didn't know that much about the series. It's currently a semi coherent 10k word drabble lurking on my hard drive.

8/24/2011 #6
Choco Scorpion Bat

Sure! You can ask anything you want here!

8/27/2011 #7

First of all, much love for answering.

The concept I am following for it starts off with the fact that Offlined Mech's souls do not linger, but return to the Well (or Pit if you're a Decepticon). My storyline came about from this, what if when Sam used the Matrix Optimus did not come back? If his (Optimus') spark had in fact remained wherever it is they go once they are offlined. When Sam used the Matrix, it repaired all the damage to Prime's systems, it also did something more. It gave the shell of Optimus Prime a spark, or at least part of one... but not it's original one.

Does it make sense so far? Or sound the slightest bit interesting?

8/28/2011 #8

Sorry, I forgot to check I was logged in when I replied, CrimsonChoucho's post is actually mine, sorry 'bout that.

8/28/2011 #9
Choco Scorpion Bat

no worries. and the storyline sounds very interesting indeed. Keep it. I'd love to read this.

8/31/2011 #10

That's good to hear, so first random question then. What are Will Lennox and Bobby Epp's ranks at the end of Revenge of the Fallen? I thought Lennox was a major, but I can't remember Epp's to save my life.

8/31/2011 #11
Choco Scorpion Bat

I cant remember Epps's rank, though I think Lennox got his rank as major back for saving the world complete annihilation, lol.

8/31/2011 #12

I'm not sure about Epps' rank either but I have heard some fanfictions refer to him as Staff Sergeant. Their ranks may have changed after Dark of the Moon but I am yet to write a fanfiction set in that time so I haven't done the research. I'm pretty sure some of the major writers of Transformers Fics will know the answer to that. My suggestion is to ask Faecat or Taralynden or DaemonicKitten. Hopefully they will know the answer as I know they are brilliant authors who put a lot of effort into their research.

8/31/2011 #13

I believe it was someone here who asked to be notified when the fic was posted. The story id is: 7432303. And the title Tempus Vernum. Thank you for your help, I will return if I have more questions. :)

10/3/2011 #14
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