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This is where you RP Wolf's Rain.

10/17/2011 #1

Amaya ran down the street towards where she had seen the kitten with a small paper bag in her hand. She slowed some when she saw a boy, no that wasn't right. When she was a wolf in a human form kneeling down and picking up the kitten.

10/17/2011 #2

Toboe chuckled as he scratched the tiny kittens chin and said "You're an adorable little thing, arent you?" before picking it up. It looked up at him with big blue eyes as he rubbed it that were so innocent....then he turned and saw a girl.

Eiyuu was standing a floor up, listening to someone being mugged outside his abandoned apartment....they were right about to be shot when he turned into a wolf and leapt down to attack the gunman, a large black wolf with big red eyes was a very, very scary thing.

10/17/2011 #3

"Um, hello." Amaya said. "I-i was just bringing her something to eat....." She said. "I don't have much but she looked hungry......" She added quietly and reached into the paper back and pulled her hand out with a small piece of fish in it and walked closer to Toboe and the kitten and held the piece of fish out to the kitten.

10/17/2011 #4

Eiyuu ripped the gunmans hand nearly clean off, before tackling one of his friends, bouncing off her chest after slicing his throat with fangs, and hitting the third with a bite to the heart that dropped him almost instantly. The other two were screaming loudly, and it could be heard very well.

Toboe smiled as the kitten at the fish and said "Aww, she's so cute when she eats! My names toboe...whats yours?" Then he heard loud screams that sounded like humans in pain....

10/17/2011 #5

"I'm Amaya....." Amaya told Toboe well turning to look in the direction of the screaming.

10/17/2011 #6

The man who's neck eiyuu had ripped had bled to death by now, and the gun man was trying to lift the gun with his other hand, still screaming. The girl he'd saved was screaming as well, as he finished off the gun man before turning around to go to her...he didnt want to hurt her, he just wanted a friend. She didnt see it that way, as she screamed and looked at him as though he were a monster.

Toboe's eyes widened "Want to go see what the matter is? We might be able to do something about it."

10/17/2011 #7

"Alright." Amaya said with a nod and started towards the screaming.

10/17/2011 #8

Toboe had already started, and running he reached the alley way first. He saw a big black wolf approaching a girl at the end of the alleyway, and three bloody corpses laying dead. His eyes widened and he realized by the wolfs posture that he wasn't trying to hurt the girl....he was neutral. The wolf turned around to reveal dazzling red eyes that showed fear when he saw another human.

Eiyuu panicked when he saw someone and he quickly jumped at the wall, putting all four's against it, and launched himself up and into the abandoned apartment building.

10/17/2011 #9

The girl got up when the wolf left and ran out of the alleyway and away from there.

Amaya ran over and jumped up into the apartment building after Eiyuu.

10/17/2011 #10

Eiyuu quickly turned around, snarling and showing his teeth at the human....he was so scared right now all he could really do to defend himself against them was look ferocious.....he hated the taste of human blood and couldnt stand killing.

Toboe followed up after them, and saw the growling wolf, who he immediately began trying to calm. He whispered reassuringly "Its alright.....we're not going to hurt you....."

10/17/2011 #11

"Were like you." Amaya said and went into her wolf form.

10/17/2011 #12

Eiyuu wasnt sure if he trusted them, but he turned back into human form anyway. It was a drastic change from wolf form, his hair becoming silver and eyes blue. He quickly covered for himself saying "I-I-I didnt wanna kill those people but I didnt have a choice! They'd have killed that girl if I hadn't intervened!"

Toboe sighed and said "We understand....dont worry, you can talk to us."

10/17/2011 #13

Amaya nodded in agreement to what Toboe said and then changed back to her human form.

10/17/2011 #14

(Sorry, my faggot brother has schoolwork to do, right when I get the chance to be on without my stepdad at home...he's such a little fag. He even told me he was just doing this to piss me off.)

Eiyuu relaxed and leaned against a wall, before asking "So....what're your names?"

Toboe looked at him and said "toboe."

10/17/2011 . Edited 10/17/2011 #15

"I'm Amaya." Amaya said.


Juri walked threw the town in her human form looking around wondering how she could get some food.


10/17/2011 . Edited 10/17/2011 #16

"I'm eiyuu." Eiyuu said quietly introducing himself before saying "Sooo......" he was sort of bored now that the drama had died down.

Toboe looked at him and asked "How long have you been alone?"

10/17/2011 #17

Juri tilted her head up and saw the dome that surrounded the city. 'How I long to see the sky again.' She thought longingly as she lowered hber head again to look where she was going, it was time's like this she wondered why she had let the little indian village she grew up in, when she was so tired she could fall where she stood and when she was so hungry that her stomach felt like it was eating itself, it wouldn't be so bad if she could bask in moonlight, but that was an impossibility when inside this dome. it was only her determination t find out where that flower like smell was coming from that kept her from falling to the ground.


"We should probably leave the area before police come to investigate." Amaya pointed out. "That girl probably went to report what happened. We can go to my apartment, but we'll probably get kicked out with in the next couple of days."

10/17/2011 . Edited 10/17/2011 #18

Eiyuu chuckled bitterly, a caustic sound, and then said "Why even bother? Why not just let them imprison us or kill us? No matter what or how much we do for them they dont care....we're just "Monsters" because they never look at the real us....." He sounded so jaded and cold.

Toboe cringed and said "Oh c'mon...please come along? I dont wanna leave you for dead." and then he sighed sadly.

10/17/2011 #19

"Yea, you should come. Things usually seem better when your around your own kind.....I know thing's used to be better for me before my mom disappeared 2 week's ago....." Amaya said.


Juri walked past a hotdog stand and was half tempted to take one, but she didn't because steeling was wrong and it just wasn't in her character. So she continued along to try and find someplace she could rest for the night.

10/17/2011 #20

Eiyuu sighed and said "'ll be better than staying here and fading away or being shot by the police. Lets go, lead the way."

Toboe smiled as the wolf agreed and he said "Alright, just try and keep up."

10/18/2011 #21

Amaya walk over to the window nd jumped out and waited for the others before she started at a running pace towards her one room apartment.


Juri turned down an alleyway, she found a small stoop and changed into her wolfdog form and curled up on the top step.

10/18/2011 #22

Eiyuu jumped out the window, changing mid-air and running alongside amaya in wolf form.

Toboe was out the window and keeping pace with amaya and eiyuu.

10/18/2011 #23

Amaya stopped infront of the stoop to her apartment seeing Juri, she walked forward and shook her slightly.

Juri lifted her head to see who had woken her up.

10/18/2011 #24

Eiyuu was still in wolf form, and trotted up to the other wolf, juri, and put his nose to her to comfort her. it was obvious she was very hungry and hurting.

Toboe saw the wolf and ran over, bending down to pet its head, and say "Its alright...we're friends."

10/18/2011 #25

"You can come inside if you'll move so I can unlock the door." Amaya told Juri.

"Alright, thank you." Juri said and changed into her human form and stepped off the stoop.

Amaya stepped forword and unlocked the dooor and opened it and walked in leavveing the dooorr open for the others

10/18/2011 #26

Eiyuu finally turned back into human form, before walking in with toboe. First thing he did was follow amaya to get a general idea of the apartment layout.

Toboe followed along with eiyuu and amaya, and the new wolf, wondering where they were going.

10/18/2011 #27

Juri walked iinto the apartment and closed the door.

Amaya walked over to the small kitchen area to the right, the livingroom area was on the left and then there was one bedroom and a bathroom. "Are you guys hungry?" Amaya asked.

"If it's not to much troble I am very hungry." Juri said.

10/18/2011 . Edited 10/18/2011 #28

Eiyuu shook his head and said "Not really..." And then his stomach grumbled loudly, then placing his hand on his stomach and sweatdropping he said "Ok...maybe I'm a little hungry...."

Toboe chuckled as eiyuu's hunger became really apparent. He must've been trying not to eat amaya out of house and home...

10/18/2011 #29

"Well I don't have much, but your welcome to share what I do have." Amaya said with a smile.

Juri figured now was as good a time as any to ask."Have any of you noticed the over powering sent of flowers in this city?"

10/18/2011 #30
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