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Heian and sokka hung back, leaving the three to have a moment.

Aang stood up, a slight slouch because he still felt a little saddened by the death of the airbenders, but a smile on his face as he said "Thats awesome amara...and thanks katara."

12/24/2011 #91

Sarii looked at the water and took a stance to try to bend again. Even though she didnt notice it, she had been in earth bender stances the entire time.

12/24/2011 #92

"Yea. But I always thought of you as a brother anyway so it doesn't change much." Amara said and then looked over at Monk Gyatsu's remains. "We should bury him....."


"It's more like this." Akarui told Sarii taking a stance of a waterbender.

12/24/2011 #93

Aang nodded breifly...still feeling awful.

Heian realized what they were on must be earth, in some form or fashion...he could probably bend them a hole.

Sokka took his boomerang and began trying to make a hole with it, then with a puff of aggravated breath he said "Hey, earthbender, could you please bend us a hole here?"

(Is it alright if heian bends it or...just checking.)

12/25/2011 #94

(( yea, its fine. Did you look at my character sheet for Akarui???))

12/25/2011 #95

(XD can I post for airbender in this or will it be counted as a double post? and I took a look at her: Pretty awesome chari.)

12/25/2011 #96

((I was just wondering because I dont think the earth bender I'm going to be making will be a good match for Heian.......but I think Akarui might be a good match for him if you want to pair them together.

and just make a post after this one with it in it.))

12/25/2011 #97

(Alright, that'll be fine. Just so long as he has a pairing, i'm fine with it.)

Heian bent the earth out from under the skeleton gently, and then slowly he built a cocoon of earth around the bones, giving it an ornate airbender pattern as he did so.

Sokka looked at it amazedly and said "Woah! how'd you do that? More of that magicky stuff?"

12/25/2011 #98

Sarii noticed her stance."oh..sorry im a bit wide arnt i?"She shifted her feet a bit closer together giving her less the look she was about to push a boulder and more like she was going to be flexible and bending.

12/25/2011 #99

"Its not magic Sokka." Katara said.

"Its earthbending." Amara told him.

((Maybe he can have heard about her, The Faceless Hero is the name I was thinking the earth kingdom people could have given her since just about no one has seen her face but shes always saving prisoners if war in the earth kingdom.))

12/25/2011 . Edited 1/1/2012 #100

((well, what if I do you one even better! could she have possibly been the one who released him from his former capture? if you read his new imperfections, he has burn marks from interrogation, and we can say she's the one that allowed him to escape.))

Aang nodded and said "Yeah sokka...but it does look nice. Thank you heian."

Heian smiled and said "No should always pay homage to the dead. And they're right really gotta get over this thinking its magic thing you're in."

Sokka sighed and said "Fine...I'll start calling it "Bending" if thats what you want."

12/25/2011 #101

Amara kneeled in front of the grave and started whispering something under her breath with her head lowered.


12/25/2011 #102

Sarii atemped again in the new posture and found it much easier.

12/25/2011 #103

((anyone up for a slight timeskip, or what?))

Heian said prayers silently to himself, and sokka bowed his head in respect. Aang also knelt, and said a few kind words to the fallen monk and teacher.

12/25/2011 #104

What Amara had been doing was blessing Monk Gyatsu grave, to the other airbenders she had officially been known as Sister Amara because she was over 18 and a master airbender, she is one of the few left who has the right and knowledge to bless an airbender grave. She stood up when she was done and said. "Rest in peace Master."

((I'm up for one.))


"Much better." Akarui said.

12/25/2011 . Edited 12/25/2011 #105


Sarii nodded and stopped to relax.

12/25/2011 #106

(Ok...just when the fuck should we skip to, LoL....wanna jump to the earth kingdom arrival?)

12/25/2011 #107

((I say we skip to when the gang gets captured by the kyoshi warriors, either thatbor after it when they are in the village.))

12/25/2011 #108

((go to when ang goes koy surfing XD))

12/25/2011 #109

((I like kayla's first idea of skipping to when they kiyoshi's capture them.))

12/25/2011 #110

((aww fine. meh.)

12/25/2011 #111

((Who wants first post? its up for grabs...))

12/25/2011 #112

Sarii sat talking with a few kyoshi warriors that had remained in the village. For some reason they had wanted her to come to their village. The leader and the others had vanished off somewhere..she think it had to do with prisoners..or something..

12/25/2011 #113

Aang and the others were currently tied to the base of the avatar kiyoshi statue.

Akarui was standing in the crowd with her blue scarf over her mouth, nose and above her eyes. Her fire nation symbol tattoo covered by the end of her scarf but her water nation symbol tattoo in full view.

12/25/2011 #114

Heian blew a puff of air and said "Great...just where I wanted to be."

Sokka struggled against the ropes before giving up.

Aang was looking around and wondering why in the hell they were tied to the statue.

(Hope I got that right..)

12/25/2011 #115

Sarii noticed the crowd leaving and she folllowed down to the statue. She noticed people tied up and looked conserned.

12/25/2011 #116

"Who are you? Are you fire nation spys?" Suki asked the group.

"No!" Amara said.

"Prove it." Suki said.

"Aang, do some airbending to show them your the avatar." Katara whispered to Aang.

12/25/2011 #117

Aang thought fast, and quickly showed some of his airbending (Couldn't type out exactly what he did...have awful memory.)

Heian puffed out air and said "I'm an earth bender for crying out loud...I'm part of the resistance."

Sokka quickly said "I'm from the southern water tribe! do I seem like a spy to you?"

12/25/2011 #118

When Akarui heard Heian she stood on her toes to see who was talking because he sounded familiar. 'Isnt he one of the guys I rescued?' she thought and worked her way up to the front of the crowd to get a better look.

People started whispering about Aang being the Avatar.

"I'm sorry Avatar." An old man said as the kiyoshi warriors untied the others. "We did not know it was you." He said.

12/25/2011 #119

Serii pushed her way to the front of the crowd."the avatar...water tribe? really?"Maybe there was a water bender. She vlined strait for the kids dressed in blues."is it true you guys are from the water tribe?!"

12/25/2011 #120
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