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Spell for the RP: Ancient spirits we call thee.

Cross the Divide, and be set free.

Erase our history from time and space.

Leave no records in a mortal place.

May the magical world never overlook,

What from the mortals, we now have took.

But keep a barrier for us to see.

Perform this magic. So mote it be!











2/17/2012 . Edited 9/14/2012 #1

Name: She is known by many names, the Greeks knew her as Hecate and Aphrodite, and Egyptians knew her has Isis, but her original name is Alexandria Corvinus. Right now she's going by Alexis Brown in public.

Age: Lost count[25]

Gender: Female

Race: Witch

Appearance: She is very beautiful, she has dirty blond hair with golden eyes, though she can change her appearance at will. She's about 6' tall, with natural curves, and has a beautiful smile.

Personality: Alexis Brown: She has been very sad since her father died, though normally she's very happy and positive and strictly follows the Wiccan Rede she created for her descendents to follow. Though she will kill if it means protecting innocent lives.

Alexandria Corvinus: As Alexandria she speaks in a different dialect, matching the era she grew up in, her voice is ancient and full of powers and she is very serious. She feels the conservation of vampires, werewolves and witches is very important, as some of them may do evil, but enough of them do good to balance it out. She is very formal when Alexandria, and refers to most as 'child' or in the case of her decendent's 'my child'.

Powers: She can change her appearance at will, though she can't change out of a human form. Spell Casting, Potion Making and Scrying. Telekinesis, Suggestion and Premonition.

History: Alexandria has always stayed close to her father, after her first husband tried to kill her because she wasn't aging, she took her mortal children and brought them to her father and asked him to give them and her safety in his home and he agreed, and even though her children were mortal they still had powers like her.

Alexandria was there when her father Alexander Corvinus died, she tried to convince her brother not to do it but he did anyway, and she couldn't stop it because she had made an oath long ago that she would never to anything to interfere with the affairs of her brother's.

When her father died the Cleaners decided that they would still serve, but that they would follow Alexandria, she has unintentionally fallen in love with one of them.

Crush: Jack

Other: She has actually separated her personality into two parts, Alexandria Corvinus whom acts as the mother of the race of witches, a prophet for the three super natural races as well as the last original immortal and Alexis Brown who acts as the leader of the Cleaners, and the last of the original immortals

Anyone is aloud to make her descendents.

2/17/2012 . Edited 8/8/2012 #2

Name: John Bane

Age: 253(17)


Race: Vampire

Appearance: He's a handsome young man, with pitch black ear length hair and crystalline blue yes. He's about 6'3 and he looks in good shape like most others of his kind.

Personality: He's silent, but dangerous. He has a calm, but decisive way of handling things, and his age has only made him more cynical and hateful as time has drawn on. However, beneath all the ice lies a good heart, that hasn't seen daylight in a long time. He may show it ever now and again accidentaly, if he see's someone hurting badly. He doesn't kill, just takes the blood he needs and leaves.

Powers: He's naturally about 6 times as strong as a human olympic athlete, 6 times as fast, and agile, with heightened senses of sight, taste, hearing, smell, and touch to allow him to close in on his prey. The only thing he posesses that a natural vampire might not is an odd bluish-white aura he can channel, but only when his life or one he cares for dearly's life is placed in harms way. He also has the benefit of being able to walk in the light, for some unnatural reason.

History: He was a young man, lured in by a vampiress when he was 17...she saw the good in him, and how warm his heart and soul was and decided a fate even worse than death for him: To have to feed off of others to stay alive, and watch as time replaced his trust and caring with cynicism and hatred. However, after he returned to life after the transformation, the first thing he did was to kill her while she slept one afternoon, and he's been on his own ever since.


Other: I'm gonna need a good crush for

2/18/2012 #3

Name: Katerina Patrova

Age: 583[20]

Gender: Female

Race: Vampire/Witch

Appearance: Long waist length red hair that is normally French braided from the right side of her head, goes around the bottom of her scalp and then the rest is braided down over her left shoulder. Her eyes are bright green and she's about 5'10", she normally wears black pants, black shirts and a black trench coat.

Personality: Katerina is very kind, she never attacks humans but rather feeds off animal's, or steals blood bags from hospitals, she is trained as a death dealer, but left her coven and now only kills those who try to kill humans, though she'll let a little blood being taken from them go, as long as they aren't killed.

Powers: Normal vampire powers plus Cyrokinesis, spell casting, potion making and scrying.

Sensing: Katerina can sense where people she knows are, as well as being able to sense when other witches are close by.

History: Katerina fell in love with a vampire, he was a very nice man and wasn't planing on changing her but simply living with her as she was, but then she got sick, she would have died except the man changed her, he brought her to his coven and they lived for awhile, then one day he was killed by a Lycan well out of the coven, she was distraught and left the coven soon after, having already been trained as a death dealer.

Crush: will be John when she meets him.

Other: She is not only a vampire, but a decendent of Alexandria Corvinus.

2/18/2012 . Edited 3/1/2012 #4

Name: Jack Woods

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Appearance: He's tall and handsome, with green eyes, blonde hair, and a nice trim, fit figure. He always has a happy smile on his face, despite his job.

Personality: He's kind and trusting, and he's got a thing for alexis

History: Work on it later...

Crush: Alexis

2/18/2012 . Edited 2/18/2012 #5

Name: Rowwen Scholts

Age: 22

Gender: female

Race: vampire

Appearance: Tall and fair with golden colored hair of her mother. Her eyes are brown but turn ice blue when she activates her powers. She wears white. Always. In the beginning she will be wearing a white long sleeve blouse with a white skirt. The skirt and shirt and embroidered with gold and silver thread. A cross necklace given to her by her mother.

Personality: kind and what the others call soft and frown upon her for.

Powers: increased speed, strength and endurance. She can heal rapidly.

History: Her father tracked down her human mother for a reason. Her mother was a decendent of the third son. Rowwen doesnt know of this. She was raised by her mother untill she was five. At that time her father came and stole her away from her mother. He raised her from that time on telling her and everyone else that her mother was a weak vampire that was killed by werewolves. He later died from them himself when she was 18. He was unable to fufill his unknown plans with his daughter. She left and lived by herself on the edge of a human town after her father died. Many vampires frown on her saying she inherited her mothers weakness. The people there fear her and call her a monster because she lives by herself, never goes into town, and is generaly never seen by anyone. But they have no proof to act upon currently.Eventualy when she turned twenty they didnt care and chased her off. She traveled on and eventualy found her way from city to city.

Crush: none yet.

Other: She is an introvet. She doesnt exactly trust anyone. no matter if they are her kind or not. A bite from the other race would supposedly kill her. Her father purposely chose her mother so it would not. Instead she would become a hybrid.

((didnt notice last name clash...))

After bite.

race:vampire-werewolf hybrid

Her eyes turn an odd pale blue so bright and clear it seems silver.

2/20/2012 . Edited 2/27/2012 #6

I just request you change third child to third son, since I made Alexandria there are 4 children of Alexander Corvinus.

2/20/2012 #7


2/20/2012 #8

Name: Arwen Lawrence

Age: 142[24]

Gender: Male

Race: Lycan

Appearance: shoulder length blonde hair, cut in layers with a side flip. He has violet eyes that turn ice blue when he uses his powers. He's about 6' tall.

Personality: He's very kind, he never really got the battle between Vampires and Lycan's and so one day he just left, he got a cheep apartment and a job and started living a meager life.

Powers: Normal Lycan powers.

History: He was changed 120 years ago in a Chicago alleyway, about ten years after he was changed he left and started living a meager life, every 5-10 years he moves on to a new city.

Crush: None yet

2/20/2012 #9

I edited Personality and Other on Alexandria.

2/21/2012 #10

Name: Ro'thera. was what she was last known as a century ago. ((tjhe last time she was human) her birth name was Mariabeth

Age: forgotten...

Gender: female

Race: shape changer

Appearance: in her human form she is a woman with golden blonde hair and a fair appearance. Her clothing is always green or made of hides. She seemes to glow as a human. Her animal forms are always white. Her eyes have a glint in the light like an animals.

Personality: calm and wise..she also looses who she is often.

Powers: to change into animals and influence the growth around her of plants...but not godmod like..just stuff like making a flower bloom. the animals she can change into are as followed-wolf,fox,rabbit,raptor(hunting birds like hawks),fox,bear,crow

History: Born as the youngest child of the third son. She went out at night to pick some flowers. The virus in her blood was more....various..than her brothers. Her brothers went about their lives normally. She fell from a cliff an toppled to near death. Over the night the smell of her blood attracted many things. And many things fed on her. Including some plants that took in her blood. She healed rapidly though. She layed there for days. Unable to move. unable to cry for help..only suffer. Finally when she mended enough to move she got up..only not to know where she was..and the smells around her were strong. She was on fours instead of her own legs. She was a silver white fox. Her imediate family assumed her dead and she remained of legend. Barely going around humans. She was spotted a few times and unfortunately humans started legends about her..goddess of the wood..mother nature..that such nonsense. She had many children. her children were blessed with a human form if their father was animal...if her child was human born she sadly left them be in the human world. being of her blood though they would inherit some traits of her. She has often lost herself in one form for long streches of time and often her uncles or such could snap her back to herself. Currently she is in the form of a crow flying over the city. She has no clue about what is happening.

Crush: none

Other: anyone can make a desendant. ((if thats fine) and limit it to the animals she can be. her human children will have a bit of influencing or they can get enhanced senses. She will appear briefy. never for long periods unless needed. Her children are immortal. unfortunately their children are not.

((if anyone wants her they can have her...but if someone wants to take her you have option of changing the name. otherwise i will play her.))

2/21/2012 . Edited 2/22/2012 #11

hmmmmm cant think..wait i know how to bring her in..

2/22/2012 #12

Name: Shelby Patterson

Age: 22

Gender: female

Race: witch

Appearance: Tall and willowy she has deepset dark blue eyes. Her hair is raven black and strait. She is fine boned and in athletic shape.

Personality: cool and calm. she is also very kind.

Powers: untrained. She doesnt know how to tap or use them. but she calls herself 'lucky'

History: Her mother died in childbirth so she was raised by her grandfather. Her grandfather was human and could not understand why his divorsed wifes side of the family wanted the babe so. He raised her. He was a cop and she wanted to follow his footsteps. He died when she turned 20. She joined the local police department and slowly worked her way up the ladder. She is known as being lucky. Always able to catch the criminal. Never getting hurt on the job. Resently shes heard the whispers of there being something out there. something that would hurt humans. Shes reserching to find out everything she can and stop them.

Crush:none yet


2/22/2012 #13

Name: Bi(Beauty)

Age: 83[22]

Gender: Female

Race: Bald Eagle Shape Shifter


She wears leather shirts and pants.

Personality: She's very quiet, she was born as a bird so she's not used to the human world but she's adjusting. She is amazed by street lights because she grew up in a wooded area

Powers: Shape shifting into a white bald eagle.

History: Bi was born as a bird to Ro'thora and about a year ago she decided to shift to human to see what life would be like as a person.

Crush: None yet.


It said bird's of prey, so I figured Bald Eagle was OK to use.

2/22/2012 . Edited 2/22/2012 #14

animal children are imortal. and bald eagle is a raptor or bird of prey so yes its fine.

2/22/2012 #15

Name: Roland Highwater

Age: 19


Race: half human born shifter half witch

Appearance: He has an odd haircolor. The roots are black yet the tips are naturaly white. He is of athletic build. He is gothic dressed.

Personality: stern and quiet..but can be nice when he wants to be.

Powers: able to use minor magic. He is able to hear, smell and has better reflexes than humans but the other lines could easily overpower him.

History: Born to a female human child of Ro'thera and a many great grandson of alex. He was raised well and has begun training from his father.

Crush: none yet


2/22/2012 . Edited 2/22/2012 #16

Name: Linda Taylor

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Race: Witch


Personality/History: She's very kind and care free, she's a very powerful witch and has been trained as a wiccan high priestess by Katerina. She is a descendent of one of Katerina's sister's. She's an art major at collage.

Powers: Projection using drawings, conjuration, spell casting, potion making and scrying.

Crush: None yet.

2/22/2012 . Edited 8/8/2012 #17

Name: Ashley Rennolds

Age: 25

Gender: female

Race: Lycan

Appearance: Tall. about 6'2. She has black strait hair cropped off at her shoulders and pulled back into a ponytail at the base of her neck. Her eyes are flinty grey and hard. She has an athletic build and high cheekbones. Her eyes turn a golden hue when she taps her abilities. She has a silver cresent mark on her shoulder that curves up her neck.

Personality: cold and untrusting. she shoves a person away with sharp words but it only is to protect whats left of her.

Powers: greatly enhanced physical attributes. While in their Lycan form they possess enhanced strength, reflexes, coordination, speed, agility, endurance and regenerative abilities superior to that of most vampires, and are able to crawl across walls with great ease and speed. They also have equal or greater physical abilities to Vampires in their human forms.

History: She was a normal human untill she became in a relationship with a man named Hector Wilkins. She loved him and she trusted him. In her teen years she was very trusting and kind. But he didnt want her human. he wanted her to be with him as a lycan. The night he proposed and she said yes he bit her. That was when she was 20. She left him and he followed but she could never forgive him for doing this to her. She has tried suicide several times and there is scars on her arms to prove it. Now she travels alone and likes it that way. that way no one else can take hold of her and smash her into pieces again.

Crush:none yet

Other: she hates other lycans more than she hates vampires. and she tends to growl at vampires on sight or attack them.

2/23/2012 #18

Name: Holly Vericetti


Gender: female


Appearance: her left eye turns blue her right eye turns a honey gold she wears a tight leather corset and pants. She wears a leather jacket as well. Her high heel boots are slightly above her knee and lace up.

Personality: fierce and inteligent she is not afriad to speak her mind

Powers: normal vampire powers

History: Born from two noble vampires. She was named heir to their places. They owned several placed and were wealthy. No one cared that they never went out in the day, actualy living on a private island no human ever noticed. They had other non-humans for servants..not slaves..they were paid. Her parents died in their rooms from sunlight. She doesnt know what happened but when she was 8 she was awoken by her parents screams. A servant..she cant remeber who it was. Grabbed her told her to be quiet and hid her in the wall. After what seemed like hours they fetched her and took her from the island..but not after she saw what was left of her parents as she fled. She is whats known as a modern vampire. She can blend in with humans easily when she goes out at night. People think her a goth or such but she wears all black because she still remebers her parents screams vividly.

Crush: no one

Other: even though she is a vampire she carries things that would take down other non-humans live silver bullets and uv items.

2/24/2012 . Edited 2/24/2012 #19

Gonna have to use a different pic cause Selene is mentioned in this, and might make an appearance.

2/24/2012 #20

darn. i changed the eyes though lol. actualy i wanted to do selene at first but i changed my mind-goes to hunt down a female vamp pic-

2/24/2012 #21


2/24/2012 #22

Name: Marina and Mason Wolf

Age: 132[24]

Gender: Marina: Female

Mason: Male

Race: Marina: Vampire/Witch

Mason: Lycan/Witch

Appearance: Marina:

but her skirt goes all the way around, it's got a slit going to about where short shorts would end though


but he usually wears a ripped up black shirt

Personality: Marina: Marina is very calm, calculating and thinks thing's threw.

Mason: Mason is very rash, and makes a lot of rushed decisions, he has a bit of a temper and the only one who can really calm him down is his twin sister.

Powers: together, they can control the weather. Spell casting, potion making and scrying. They have a telepathic link with eachother.

Marina: Cyrokinesis, Hydrokinesis and Arokinesis. Normal vampire powers.

Mason: Pyrokinesis, Electrokinesis and Geokinesis. Normal lycan powers.

History: Marina and Mason were wandering around the woods around there country home one day when they came across a fight between a vampire and a lycan, mistaking them for humans the lycan attacked Mason and the vampire attacked Marina, they then left them for dead, there mother went out looking for them and found them, when she found them she quickly ran back to the house and got her husband and her other son and they quickly came and got the two and brought them back, because they were a family of witches they knew what had happened and waited for the two of them to wake up changed, for years they kept the two hidden until one day Marina and Mason left in the middle of the night, never to be heard from by there family again.

Crush: None yet.

2/25/2012 . Edited 2/25/2012 #23

Name: Senri Vincent

Age: 563[24]

Gender: Male

Race: Vampire/Witch

Appearance: Senri has dark red hair that goes midway past his ears to is shoulders, its normally in a neat messy style. He has green eyes like both of his parents and has the body of a male model.

Personality: He is usually impassive, and often detached to the rest of the vampires except for his mother Katerina. He rarely expresses emotion, and may seem like he doesn't care about his surroundings. Because of his reserved nature, he keeps to himself, and never has much to say, but when he does it is noted in an article about him that he can be very blunt with his comments. Laid back to the point of seeming apathetic, Senri doesn't have much of an interest in anything and possesses little motivation, although he is responsible about his modeling career and duties.

Powers: Controlling all types of liquid, including blood, Sensing, Spell casting, Scrying and potion making. He is immune to the suns effect because he was born before Katerina was changed. Empathy.

History: Senri was born to Katerina and Riley about a year before Katerina became sick and was changed, when they went to live with the coven they brought him with them, keeping the fact that him and Katerina were also witches a secret, knowing how Victor feared the blending of any of the species. When his father died he left the coven with his mother, for the last 6 years he's been working as a model, using a glamor to make it seem like he was aging. He's about to come home on a little 'Vacation' after his mother sent him an email about what's going on.

Crush: None yet

Other: He's protective of his mother.

3/2/2012 . Edited 3/2/2012 #24

Name: Hige Grangerforde

Age: 28



Appearance: brown hair in a messy style her haas brown eyes as well that turn wolf-yellow. He wears a yellow hoody with the sleeves roles up and a long sleeve shirt under it. He has a band of leather aroud his neck that stays with him in wolf form.

as a wolf he is a big brown wolf.

Personality:quirky and layed back hes slightly spoiled and gives up easily. He is curious and a jokester. He chases women a lot.

Powers: able to shift human.(really a wolf) He has a stonger sense of smell than the average shifter wolf. he has hightened reflexes and senses and speed that could rival the other bloodlines.

History: Born between a normal wolf and Ro'thera. He lived with his father untill his father died by hunters and set off on his nose going to whatever place seemed interesting at the time.

Crush:none yet


((finish later XD)

3/2/2012 . Edited 3/2/2012 #25

Name: Blue

Age: appears about 22

Gender: Female

Race: Wolf Shapeshifter

Appearance: As a human Blue is a tall, slender, fairly young looking woman who appears as if she is in her late teens or early twenties. As her name implies, she has light blue eyes which might be a theory on how she got her name. Blue has a coffee colored complexion, her hairstyle is short, messy and has a tomboy-ish air to it.

When she learns of her human form she'll wears a long-sleeved, navy blue buttoned trenchcoat which has a matching belt, the collar of her coat sticks up. She wears matching thigh-length, navy blue heeled boots and a short, red-ish pink scarf.

As a wolf-dog; she had very dark blue colored fur and her same light blue eyes. wear's a silver, metal studded collar which she'll get rid of when she leaves her human.

Personality: She is a fairly calm, level-headed individual. Though she seems laid-back she will become fiercely protective and angered if anyone endangers anyone close to her.

Powers: Shifting into a dark blue wolf dog.

History: Blue is a wolf shapeshifter on her father's side and a husky on her mother's side, and is the great great great grandaughter of Mariabeth. At one point Blue's mother ran away from her owner's house well chasing something and when she came back she was pregnant, she had Blue and two other pups in the litter and once blue was old enough she was sold to a family, once she find's out she can shift to human she's going to leave her owner's behind.

8/3/2012 . Edited 8/8/2012 #26
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