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I'm sure you know what to do here :)

5/27/2012 #1

Celestial wandered though the forest, Tranquility dutifully following her. She paused and looked up at the sunlight flowing through the trees and took a deep breath. "Being in the forest away from everyone is so nice, isn't it Tranquil?" She asked with a smile turning to face her guard.

"Yes, it is rather calming." Tranquility admitted with a slight nod of her head, still listening and watching for any possible dangers.

5/27/2012 #2
Chase 'A' Winter
Heimley, the young knight of Gondor, wandered in a forest with his horse. Lost in this forrest he looked everywhere searching for signs of life and hopefully a way out.
5/27/2012 #3

Celestial tilted her head slightly. "I hear something up ahead." She said and then said to Tranquility. "Shall we go and see what it is?" She asked.

"Very well, but stay behind me Princess." Tranquility said and started towards the sound, bow at the ready and Celestial following close behind her.

5/27/2012 . Edited 5/27/2012 #4
Chase 'A' Winter
Heimley, had a strange sense he wasn't alone and heard someone coming. Being careful, he placed his hand on his hilt as he let his horse go ahead, using it as bait so to see who approaches.
5/27/2012 #5

Tranquility ignored the horse letting Celestial deal with it and continued ahead.

Celestial whispered something to the horse and pet it's nose before taking it's reigns and gently leading it as she followed Tranquility.

Tranquility raised her bow at Heimley when she spotted him and said. "State your name and purpose here."

5/27/2012 #6
Chase 'A' Winter
Seeing the arrow Heimley went into a combat stance drawing out his shield, raising it up, and pointing his spear at her in defence while his sword remained sheathed. "What trickery is this elf? Why try to vex me with a question your comrades know?" he says in a confused but solid tone.
5/27/2012 #7

"The one I am with does not know who you are or why you are here either." Tranquility said and then asked. "Do you Celestial?" She asked.

"No, I have no inclination as to who he is or why he is here, unless my mother and father are expecting a human soldier to arrive and forgot to inform me." Celestial said petting the horses nose with her free hand.

5/27/2012 . Edited 5/27/2012 #8
Chase 'A' Winter
He raises a brow at this and he takes a glance at Celestial. He has heard stories of the peaceful princess of the elves but had not laid his eyes on her. They seemed genuine, so he slowly lowered his weapons. "My commamder and our men were ambushed by elven-folke. You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you?" he says holstering his spear but not his shield which was still raised.
5/27/2012 #9

"Elves do not ambush people for no reason, what you saw were probably Uruk-hai. When they make sure you don't get to close of a look at them they can look like dirty elves with there pointed ears." Tranquility said lowering her bow.

"What she says is true according to my mother." Celestial told him.

5/27/2012 #10
Chase 'A' Winter
He stands now replacing his shield on his back. "Forgive me then, i have been wandering these forests for 3 days and have lost my nerve. I am Heimley, son of Heikenmir." he bows in introduction, his voice relieved but weary.
5/27/2012 #11

"It's nice to meet you Heimley. I am Celestial, daughter of Alastegiel." Celestial said curtsying.

"Tranquility, daughter of Trancella." Tranquil said.

5/27/2012 #12
Chase 'A' Winter
"Alastegiel?...Princess Celestial? i never knew." he kneels on one knee. "I am on my way to Mordor. I have an important message to deliver from the king, i would be grateful if you pointed me in the direction." his voice getting weaker.
5/27/2012 #13

"The message can wait, I am sure Aragorn would not want to dieing of exostion before reaching your destination." Celestial said with a smile and then tilted her head listening to something her mother was telling her in her mind before saying to Heimley. "Please, come rest in the city for a day or two and then you can go deliver your message. My mother will inform your king of what happened and he will understand." And then said to Tranquility with a smile. "Ellamaria has arrived."

5/27/2012 #14
Chase 'A' Winter
"I must decline princess, it is-" he's stomach growls loudly before he could finish. "Well, i am quite famished..thankyou." he says giving into his stomach with a guilt face, as he hears her saying something to Tranquility.
5/27/2012 #15

"Let's return to the city then." Tranquility said as she sling her bow over her shoulder and then said to Heimley. "We can get you some food when we get there."

"We didn't bring any food with us today because we knew we wouldn't be out here long since we were expecting Ellamaria." Celestial said with a smile.

5/27/2012 #16
Chase 'A' Winter
"Who's Ellamaria?" Heimley asks as he comes closer, approaching his horse and starts to stroke him.
5/27/2012 #17

"Ellamaria, daughter of Thrandiella, my fathers twin sister. You may have heard of Ellamaria's father Boromir, he was once a great captain-general of Gondor." Celestial explained.

5/27/2012 . Edited 5/27/2012 #18
Chase 'A' Winter
"Thats right, he was once part of the fellowship together with your father. You two must be very proud." he says mounting his horse ready to go.
5/27/2012 #19

"Very proud, of all four of them." Celestial said and started walking back towards the city, Tranquility next to her.

5/27/2012 #20
Chase 'A' Winter
"I've never been to the elven cities. What's it like?" The young knight fascinated by his first visit and outing.
5/27/2012 #21

"The city is very beautiful, especially at night." Celestial said. "As long as you don't have a fear of heights like my aunt Ella I think you'll like the city." She added.

5/27/2012 . Edited 5/27/2012 #22
Chase 'A' Winter
"I'm quite used to them. I've only heard of how beautiful it was, how handsome the king is and how.." he looks at them both then smiles "..beautiful the women were."
5/27/2012 #23

((Zibras can't drive! Only penguins and people can drive! XD))

"Thank you." Celestial said with a smile.

Tranquility simply nodded and then said. "Here we are." As the city came into view.

5/27/2012 #24
Chase 'A' Winter
( penguins of madagascar? Lol )Heimley's eyes widened as a mystified light graced his eyes, he was in awe and lost for words as it came into sight.
5/27/2012 #25

((Close, Madagascar three xD))

Celestial saw someone with white pants and a brown shirt up ahead and picked up the bottom of her dress so it was off the ground and ran to her pulling her into a hug. "Maria." She said with a smile hugging her older cousin.

Ellamaria turned around in the hug. "Hello Celestial." She said with a grin hugging her cousin back, despite being older she was about 6 inches shorter them her 6' 2" cousin. She had inherited her mother small stature to an extent compaired to how tall other elves were. "Why do you insist on wearing that veil?" She asked reffering to the see-through green-white veil that was draped over Celestial's head and shoulders.

"I told you, because if I don't bugs bite my face." Celestial told her cousin letting go of her.

"That would be Ellamaria." Tranquility told Heimley.


'Loriala, Araya is here if you want to see her.' Alastegiel told her in her mind.

5/27/2012 . Edited 5/31/2012 #26

Loriala smiled."where is she?"she replied mentaly. She was currently grooming her mare who nickered as Loriala had paused.

5/31/2012 #27

'Shes with me in my study.' She told her.

5/31/2012 #28

"im comming"

She replied and set down the brush. She patted her mare and set off to the study.

5/31/2012 #29

"Loriala's on her way Araya." Alastegiel told Araya.

"Alright, thank you." Araya said with a slight smile.

5/31/2012 #30
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