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You know that you're obsessed (or maybe posessed!) when you : * order tDiR in French from Fnac ;) (ack, have to wait eight days! wonder what it's like in another language?) * start thinking about doing a DiR tour ;) (hey, if you live in europe..?) Anyone else done stuff like this (or am I the only one that needs help? @-@ S.N
2/25/2006 #1
I've read tDiR in two languages, and a tour sounds very tempting! ^^ Every time I read it I wanna go to Wales...
3/8/2006 #2
hello :) So what languages have you read it in? Do you have a preference? I'm reading it in French at the moment (and the Grey King in English at the same time). I prefer it in English though, for the moment at least. I went to Windsor once and saw the Long Park and the castle. Not sure if that is the same as the Great Park. I immediately thought of DiR and wondered 1. if Herne's Oak exists 2. If does, then where. I think I really need a hobby!! :p
3/8/2006 #3
I read it in Swedish and English. The Swedish translation is actually very good, I imagine it must be hard to capture the feeling of the book when translating it. And all songs are both in English and Swedish, thank goodness. I hate it when they translate lyrics that only exist in the original language. As I can recall, the tree that was known as Herne's Oak was cut down...
3/8/2006 #4
I think so. Or maybe I just read it too many times in English. The poem/song is in French. I only have the title DiR in French not the full series. (the Black Rider looks like he's wearing a dress .. hehe) It's a shame about the tree :/
3/8/2006 #5
Hm, don't think I know that cover. Actually I don't think I've seen any pics of the Rider. (I have the cheap paperback.) It's interesting to read books in different languages but the original language is always better, even when it's NOT better, because that's how it was intended... What's the name of the book/s in French?
3/8/2006 #6
Sargent Snarky
Never read the books in another language, but I am obsessed. Must be fun being fluent enough in a foreign language to read 'em. ^__^ Only books I've read in another language are some Suess books, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and Winnie the Pooh. Ahd those were all in Latin, and I couldn't read them that well... stupid subjunctives.. Heh. Anyway, Oh, I know what you guys mean about wanting to go to Wales and England and check out all of the places mentioned in the book.
4/8/2006 #7
fun, hmm not sure but you can pick up the differences:p For some reason the french translation has Will being born on the first day of winter. I suppose the translator didn't realise that mid winter's day is well, in the middle of winter. Or maybe they just didn't get that Will is born on the solace? It has however gotten my bf's mum interested in the series :) Guess what? I'm off to Wales! It'll only be for a day but I'm hoping to see cader, the dysanni and some of the other places!! I'm excited! (does excited, happy dance). If anyone's interested, once I get the photos developed (and scanned) I'll put them on my site and give out the link :) SN
4/13/2006 #8
Venus Smurf
The German version has a few tiny differences, too, though I never noticed any in the French. Wasn't really looking for them, though. Then again, I much preferred it in English. Part of the attraction of Susan Cooper is her language, and since I'm not as fluent as I once was in either language, I don't get as much from the non-English.
3/3/2007 #9
Anne Davies
Shadow-- I'm jealous. I've always wanted to see Dolwyddelan Castle...maybe the Snowdons.....maybe go see the Irfon Bridge in Buellt (of course for that one I'd definitely put the emotional residue thing on hold while I was there, visiting that place would be like visiting the Gettysburg battle field) and pay my respects to Llywelyn ap Iorwerth and Llywelyn ap Gruffydd and Owain GlynDwr....
5/5/2007 #10
I was pretty obsessed with these books when I first read them, and I still love them dearly. I wish I could read them in another language, preferably French cuz that's the language I take in school.
6/26/2007 #11
So, anyone following this topic knows that I'm an obsessed wacko. I now have DiR (2) in Italian.. even though I can't read it (minor detail)!! (well, I can read bit and pieces..). For the curious: the title in French (only book 2 has been translated as far as I know) is " A l'assaut des Ténèbres" the title in Italian (book 2) is "Uno spicchio di Tenebra" (and the series is called "il risveglio delle tenebre") Oh I just visited Snowdonia again. This time I climbed Bird Rock :)
8/2/2007 #12
I can't read it in another language but I've read 'Silver on a tree' six times in a week, its the only book I can read over and over w/out being I took a DiR quiz that says I'm 97% obsessed and its true...its so true! :D
3/18/2008 #13
Six times in a week... that is pretty obsessive :p Not that I can talk, I now have DiR2 in about 8 different languages, only 2 of which I can read.. sad, sad me.
3/19/2008 #14
ps. So, for anyone else who (<s>is manically obsessed</s>) likes the Dark is Rising a lot, here are the titles (and ISBN) for The Dark is Rising (2nd book): * Swedish (hardback) « En ring av järn » Isbn-10 : 91-48-50723-7 * Finish (hardback) « Pimeä nousee » Isbn: 951-0-27920-x * Spanish « Los Seis Signos de la Luz » Only stupid movie covers exist… grr 4)German « Wintersonnenwende » Isbn-10: 3-570-30303-9 * Italian « Uno Spicchio di Tenebra » Isbn: 88-04-43750-2 * Dutch « De Duistere Vloed » Isbn: 90-245-3987-0 * French « A l’assaut des Ténèbres » Isbn: 2-07-050856-0 * Japanese Isbn4-566-01502-5 * English (well you’ve probably all got access to an English copy so I’m not going to bother here) * Norwegian « Mørket Kommer » Really hard to find with the title in Norwegian ... :( * Danish « Den sorte Rytter » Really hard to find. Not sure that it exists anymore :(
3/19/2008 #15
And here's the translations of aformentioned titles (can't swear it's 100% accurate, correct me if I'm wrong); Swedish: A Ring of Iron Finnish: The Dark is Rising Spanish: The Six Signs of The Light German: Winter solice Italian: A Piece of The Dark Dutch: The Dark Stream French: The Attack of The Dark Norweigan: The Dark is Coming Danish: The Black Rider
3/20/2008 #16
(I mean solstice) ><
3/20/2008 #17
hehe, I think we both need a second hobby Bronze! :) Actually the French title translates as 'Attacking the Dark(ness)' or 'Fighting the Dark(ness)', a rather aggressive title I feel.
3/20/2008 #18
I have too many hobbies. ;_; Thanks for the correction though! I don't really get why they have to come up with a new title instead of using the original (or change it slightly if there's some linguistic difficulties or something). Especially when they choose something really ... unrelated, or just weird. (Unless, of course, the original title is even weirder...) I always check the original title when I read translatet books, and sometimes it's just W**? What were they THINKING?!
3/20/2008 #19
Sargent Snarky
Well... think of how you title a book in the first place. You pick something that /sounds good/ and will attract attention. A direct translation of a title from one language to another doesn't always sound good, especially considering idiomatic differences. With... The Dark Is Rising, in another language perhaps that doesn't have a good ring to it. Or maybe it's too easily confused with 'the dark' (as in lack of light) lifting upwards, and the translators would prefer something that delivers the same sort of oomph that the English title does. :) Also, think about cultural connections, too. Let's say a title has a pun in it in one language. Let's say in English there's a book about dealing with wildlife titled, "Bear With It," and it's a play on words, because that spelling of 'bear' can be both a noun and a verb: the big, furry mammal or 'to carry or endure.' Now... that's an English-specific pun that would make very little sense in any other language. So, the translators, in order to get the same effect, would have to use some other pun. Or, if there is no suitable pun, they'll have to go with something else. Obviously that's a different circumstance than the Dark Is Rising translation, but even so... It comes down to the same issues of understandability, attention-grabbing and culture. -nods- I bet that's probably more explanation that you wanted, though. ^__^; Hehe, I hope it was helpful nonetheless.
3/20/2008 #20
That's what I meant by linguistic difficulties. ^^; What annoys me is when the title isn't related to the contents of the book, no matter how much oomph it has. (Though if the title gets your interest it doesn't matter to the publisher if it annoys you after you've bought and read the book. -_-) Or if a direct translation would've worked but they choose some mysterious title that sounds weird and doesn't make sense. (Wish I could remember an example.) To keep it a little on topic, the Swedish translation of DiR (since I'm Swedish) sounds pretty good but it seems very random (a ring of iron). A direct translation wouldn't be that easy or sound very good but I'd have prefered a tweaked translation. Then it's the matter of choosing a title that not only relates to the story but to the style/genre/etc or conveys the feeling of the book too if possible... ^^; If the title wasn't The Dark is Rising (etc), what would you name the book/s? Or if your native language isn't English what would you translate it to? (I have to think about that one...)
3/21/2008 #21
Sargent Snarky
Remember what the first Sign was made out of? Iron. :) And it's that Iron sign that 'started' things off. Thus, the Swedish title in my mind doesn't seem random at all. You say that a direct translation wouldn't be easy, and I'd bet the translators decided that, instead of trying some variant on "The Dark Is Rising," they'd go with one naming convention and give the book the title of one of the most important items therein. So... I don't think that title's completely out there. I do agree with you, though, that some translated titles are annoying due to poor translations. Even so, a lot of titles for books start out as kind of random, so what is a translator supposed to do? Heh. Ah well. Hmm... If the title wasn't The Dark Is Rising...? I honestly don't know. That always seemed like the best title in the series, to me, and I can't think of the book having any other name. Greenwitch is a grand title, too, but if I had to pick another name, I'd give it a title to do with the sea and, perhaps, what was lost within. The Grey King I might've given a title to do with the harp, perhaps? Silver On The Tree I would have given a title to do with the Lost Land, I imagine. What specifically those titles would be, though, I have to think about. English is my native language, though, so I can't really offer a translation. Heh.
3/21/2008 #22
I don't think that in this case the titles are particularly random, strange maybe but not really random. And the differences in them, and the covers, are what makes them interesting to collect! After all The Winter Solstice (the german title) is Will's birthday, it sounds like a fantasy book title (at least to me). 'A ring of Iron' -- well that always makes me think of another fantasy series with rings!
3/24/2008 #23
somewhat off the topic, but Shrek 1 (and 2 to some extent) are an excellent example for this point about language puns. And Terry Prachett's Discworld series too. A French friend of mine has read books from that series in both English and French and says that the French version is very good - and Imo, translating puns would not be an easy task! Vaguely on the topic again, but it's interesting to note that regardless of the translation, they all have kept names such as Light, Dark, Walker, Rider etc with a capital to indicate that they're Names or titles.
3/24/2008 #24

Hello! Question: If you are this obsessed (which is not a bad thing!) are you interested in a DiR role play?

11/29/2008 #25

Roleplays on fanfiction kind of confuse me, but I'm sure you can interest some of my fellow obsessed DiR fans. Why don't you open a forum on Activeboard? That's what the other RP I'm in is on, and it's relatively easier on that. Just a thought. ^^

But, in other news, we should give DiR fandom a jumpstart. Would any of you be interested in doing monthly challenges? If at least ten on us do the challenges a month, DiR fandom should have at least 120 new fics a year, as opposed to the at most 4 a year. It's a little sad. Anyone can suggest themes. What do you think?

11/29/2008 #26

Activeboard? I don't think I've heard of that before..

I like the idea of the challenges, (not that I've actually writting for DiR YET- I started one but didn't get very far..) though I'm extremely short on time right now. I'll keep an eye on it in case my muse gets going again though!

11/29/2008 #27

It's Activeboard dot com and it lets you host a forum free. It seems to work for the Kingdom Hearts RP I'm in.

Well, even if you only do one challenge, that's one more fic in the DiR section. That's better than nothing. ^^ But we should decide if we even do a challenge first. But it would be nice to do one. This fandom is dying. I mean, if we're obsessed enough to read it six times in a week, and buy it in as many different languages possible, you'd think we'd thrive. But I myself only wrote two DiR fics, so I'm guilty too.

11/29/2008 #28

I'll look into it..meanwhile, my forums still open for any interested people. :) I think you should do a challenge though, and those who can participate should as often as possible..

11/29/2008 #29

Hello, so since we are all fans here I thought that some of you might appreciate a link that a wonderful person posted over on LJ's Light's Journal for a what looks to be a stunning DiR set by Easton Press.

I didn't even know these existed. I've ordered mine :) (totally un DiR related, but they have Earthsea too)



11/7/2010 #30
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