The Official Psych Roleplay
This is the official psych roleplay that is open to anyone who wants to join. You can either be one of the characters or make up your own OC. Let the fun begin. :
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Note: Character's might be taken so please look at this post carefully. The one's in bold are taken and the one's in italic's are reserved. For reservation, please PM me...DO NOT POST RESERVATION'S ON THIS FORUM! PLEASE PM ME.

Shawn Spencer: Magical.Whovian.Cumberbatch

Henry Spencer: Riddles of the Werewolf

Burton (Gus) Guster:Luna Blue Magic

Juilet O'Hara:EideticGirl

Carlton (Lassie) Lassiter: Shassie- Face

Chief Karen Vick: Firespin98

If you can think of anymore characters, please add them to this post:

OC Skeleton:







3/18/2011 . Edited 2/4/2012 #1

Name: Ophelia Colcuttus

Age: 15

Bio: When she was 9, her parents gave her up to an orphanage because of there financial problems. She grew up there and eventually turned to the bad side of society. One day, when Sean/Shaun/Shawn is denied to work on a case, he confronts Vick. She tells him that he can't work on another case unless he shows some responsibility. So, being himself, he adopts her and uses as her as an 'apprentice'. Little does he know, she is a troublemaker with the law.

Occupation: Apprentice

Likes: Messing with people, money, pineapple, guys.

Misc: Absolutely hates it when people start voicing there opinions based upon their religion, has a strange fear and anxiety towards paintings hung up in doctors' offices.

4/12/2011 #2
Riddles of the Werewolf

Could I write for Henry Spencer?

5/4/2011 #3

sure, you can write for Henry Spencer. :D

5/4/2011 #4


name: Emiliana Francesca Clarisse Rinalia (and yes, Shawn so does make fun of her for that)

Age: 23

bio: PI, hacker, eidetic memory, goes by pretty much every name but her own, Shawn calls her Emmy cause it drives her crazy, now on the good side of the law although she wasn't always, light blue eyes, pale skin, ashy blond hair, parents were rich and couldn't care less about her, met Shawn when she was hired to check him out in Kazakhstan, he was really excited at first cause he thought he had his first real stalker, she's five-five, Gus met her once in Mexico but he thinks her name is Sofia-los Pantalonesde Fuego and that she's a ski instructor from Argentina, she throws knives, and Shawn doesn't know that she was at the Con for one of his very first cases and she'll never admit it, she has a secret love for trust falls, the most memorable of which took place while she was sky diving, idolizes John McClane, takes Shakespeare's word as law, doesn't trust anyone, and in case of a crime, she knows its always the spouse, the lover, or the butler, she was haunted by a serial killer, falsely convicted of robbing a bank, she dresses like a guy half the time and like a goth the other half, reads way to much, she's slightly paranoid, she used to be a bartender, she sends Shawn hand sewn pajamas for his birthday every year after a memorable day when she found out first hand that twenty-six year old Shawn Spencer slept in the nude (it isn't breaking and entering if you have an eidetic memory and remember years later where someone always hides their spare key, is it? She was just going to stop by and leave him a note since she was in the area). she lives in Florida, drives a Triumph Rocket, if you search her real identity you'll find out she was reported as a missing person when she was fifteen years old, there was a suspect but her parents didn't bother to press charges, she knew Jules in Miami, and she has 'borrowed' guns from Lassiter's house twice, she is seriously afraid of being handicapped, she has a longer medical record than Shawn and Gus combined. She grew up in Wildwood Estates in Georgia.

Occupation: PI

Likes: large storms, extreme sports, reading, pina colatas, traveling, irony, Shakespeare, drunk dialing Shawn every year on her birthday (ok, so she may not remember it, but she always feels better after screaming obscenities at someone), sharp objects, heavy metal music, classical music, acting, playing massive pranks

Misc.: Instead of normal quote offs, Shawn and Emmy have pick up line offs (its where he go the if you had to choose who to be stuck with on a deserted island thing), she ballroom danced with Shawn in Argentina, She considers Shawn her best friend, she may or may not tip off Shawn occasionally, the necklace Shawn always wears is from her, she heard so much about Henry that she tracked him down (she introduced herself to him as a door to door pineapple saleswoman. he bought three.)

8/28/2011 #5

Name: Crystal Chase

Age: 25

Bio: Crystal (or Crys) didn't exactly have the best childhood. Her father left her mother when she was pregnant (so she's an only child), and her mother isn't really a good caretaker. She has quite the temper, but only talk about dating or being teased by a friend could really set her off. She has a verbal memory (once she hears something, it's permamnetly etched in her brain). She's never held a job for more than a year, and moves a lot from apartment to apartment because of her constanst job changes. She doesn't have a whole lot of friends, and she's never had a boyfriend.

Occupation: She wants to try her luck at being a detective, but if that doesn't work she'll go back to being a weatherwoman (her previous occupation).

Likes: teasing others, being the absolute best at what she's at

Misc.: Appearance- pale skin, high cheekbones, narrow slanted brown eyes, high arching eyebrowns, dark straight brown hair

12/11/2011 #6

Can I be Lassie-Facw?

12/20/2011 #7

Can I be Lassie-Facw?

12/20/2011 #8

can i write for jules?

2/26/2012 #9
Mrs. Horan 16
Name: Jamie Smiles Age: 21 Bio: Sh was always happy until her friend did a crime. she always wanted to be a police officer from then on and ends up actually signing up for an internship. She finds she likes Gus and Shawn after working with them. She becomes Friends with the guys fast. Occupation: Intern for the SBPD. She is assigned to Juliet. Likes: she likes Big Time Rush. She likes happiness and jokes. Laughter makes her happy too. Misc: She hates when people r too serious. Gus is the only exception for this because he is her friend. She has Haters!
2/28/2012 #10

Can I be Buzz and my OC because Buzz is hardly on ANYTHING.

5/28/2014 #11

Name:Channing Mitchell


Bio:Channingi is a recent college graduate who got an internship at the Santa Barbara police station. She is a girl who's life it pretty normal but unlike Shawn Spencer she REALLY is a psychic and believes he is really one too and admires him for being brave enough to share his gift with others because she was osticized as a hild for her gifts and have hidden them ever since. has a small crush on BOTH Gus and Shawn... doesn't really get along with Lassiter who seems to think she's in the way.

Occupation: intern

Likes:movies, Shawn and Gus

Misc: dreams of being a cop and hides her secret as best she can.

7/2/2014 #12
NiggaBob BlackPants
Name : Timothy Jeffry Pangamiano Age : 31 Bio : a guy whom has a best driving skill with any type of vehicle(tuners, muscles, luxury sedans, suv's, supercars, hypercars, and motorcycles) and best at sneaking, and his current vehicle is his McLaren 12C Spider Occupation : Street Racer Likes : excessive speeding, drifting, any music that's fit for him to high speed driving Misc : sometimes he found to be a coffee and alcohol drinker when he's not driving
11/17/2014 #13
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