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Yeah, where the heck have you been?! *angry complaints*

This is very true. Except Steven Moffat said THE Doctor was getting married twice in season 6.

4/4/2011 #121
domina tempore

Yesterday I was out of my house and it was lovely (and I was corrupting my friend with stuff from this thread, actually!! IT'S A LEGITIMATE EXCUSE OKAY!?) and today I had to work. But aww you missed me? xD

Mmmm... *conceeds* Just throwing random theories around. It seems like too much of a *huge* spoiler to be true...

ps. I think you should go look at the fic trailer test-thing I posted on my youtube before I take it down to re-work it and make it better :p. *shameless plug* It's for that biiiiiiiiig story that I've been working on. ;)

4/4/2011 #122

Yes, I missed you. I missed you so much I almost DIED, how dare you. (LOL)

Oooh! Trailer! *runs off*

Also... I keep wanting to see pictures of Tennant's baby. But I know they totally don't exist anywhere. *sigh*

4/4/2011 #123
Ace of Gallifrey

Considering it's the same episode in which "an old acquaintance with a new face" appears, I kinda doubt it, but it's certainly a possibility. Moffat LOVES his red herrings...

Hm. Shall definitely check out that trailer if you post a link!

4/4/2011 #124

I don't see the trailer anywhere. :(

Also Ace, you need to watch this:

^One of domina's videos that I adore.

4/4/2011 #125

Found it!

4/4/2011 #126
domina tempore



Oh, um, I mean, DON'T DIE YOU'RE AWESOME. Yeah. That works. *nods*

Wait, baby was born? When was this?! I wanna see tooooooo!


Guh I'm embarassed already...*posts anyways*

4/4/2011 #127
domina tempore

Ohey you posted first!! :p.

Aww and my Best Friends vid? *blushes* That one needs to be reworked too...I'm glad you love it (:

4/4/2011 #128

Lmao I know, my only purpose on Earth is to provide people like us angsty Doctor/Donna fics.

Yes, the baby was born, just a few days ago. It's a girl and they named her Olivia. *approves*

Of course I love it, it's cute and amazing. *goes off to watch the fic trailer now... and read your new story*

4/4/2011 #129
domina tempore

...and this is a bad thing? *confused*

Gah really? Why did I not know this? Oh, that's nice.

Aww thank you...^_^ Haha once again, IGNORE THE AWFUL QUALITY OF IT. Please O:)?

4/4/2011 #130
Ace of Gallifrey

Actually, all the sources I've found have said that her name is Olive.

And I'm just gonna say right here and now that that trailer is so much better than the trailer I made for my Phantom fanfic... I'm a terrible trailer-maker!

4/4/2011 #131
domina tempore

Huh. Well, either way, I bet she's adorable. I mean, look at her parents :p.

I'm sure it's not, but thank you so much!!

4/4/2011 #132

Olive, really? But Olivia is so much better... *sad face*

Watching the trailer... Started crying 10 seconds in... Damn you. *shakes fist*

That trailer is amazing... Am I allowed to be your beta?! Please please please please please?!?!?! *puppy dog eyes*

4/4/2011 #133
Ace of Gallifrey

No, trust me, it is. It's very rough, mainly because the two characters the story is about never actually met on-screen, so making it look like they're interacting is almost impossible. Oh, and then the audio got all screwed up. :/

Also, I've been put in such a Donna-loving mood by that Best Friends vid (which is AWESOME, by the way) that I feel a strong urge to confess something: The entire reason I dye my hair red is as a tribute to Donna.

4/4/2011 #134

I didn't know you dyed your hair, I thought it was natural... *scratches head* That shows how observant I am, I suppose.

4/4/2011 #135
Ace of Gallifrey

Nah. I was born with red hair, but seeing as I was overcooked, it all fell out after a couple of weeks and when it came in again, it was randomly blonde. And in the last year or so, I've been dying it red as a tribute to Donna and all her gingery awesomeness.

4/4/2011 #136
domina tempore

Haha really? I have that kind of power? *ego inflates*

Thank you (:. Hahaha depends on how heavily you feel like beta-ing, 'cos this story is my baby... But I can send you the current version lol.

Ace, honey, did you *hear* half my audio? No? Exactly.

And I'm glad you both liked the vids. And I sort of really want to dye my hair for the same reason. (and you got me all excited for a minute because I thought you were going to say you were going to write Donna!fic and make my night).

4/4/2011 #137

Lol You've already sent me one version of it. Did you write more since then?

I would dye my hair, but:

1.) My hair is brown, so it wouldn't take up the red all too well unless I bleached it first

2.) Bleaching my hair is a very bad thing because it's already half dead as it is

3.) I actually really like my natural color and my curls/waves

4/4/2011 #138

And I can't stop watching that fic trailer!

Seeing 10 regenerate and Donna die and all this stuff over and over again is making me angsty. *scurries off to write something sad*

4/4/2011 #139

Okay, I know which of the... *counts* 8 unfinished Doctor/Donna stories I'm writing next.

Is there such a thing as angst-fluff? Cause if not, I'm inventing it right now.

4/4/2011 #140
domina tempore

There's about 3000 words further, and a couple of added scenes in between what you've already read?

*blush* It can't possibly have been *that* good... But if it makes you write angst, I certainly won't *complain* O:).

Angsty-fluff? I think that's becoming your specialty.

4/4/2011 #141

Awesome! I look forward to reading it.

Oh this one's an awesome idea. Not sure why I didn't write it sooner, to be honest.

Lol Perhaps it is. God I hope not. I love my pure, untainted angst.

4/4/2011 #142
domina tempore

Would you rather I DocX it or email it?

I have no doubt that it is awesome. I LOOK FORWARD TO READING IT. *hints*

Haha you do both beautifully, don't worry ;).

4/4/2011 #143

Either or. Whichever you prefer.

Haha, well I'm actually about half done already. I type fast.

Thank you. :) I try. Lol

4/4/2011 #144
domina tempore

Hmm which way is easier for the lazy-person? :p

GOOD. Does this mean that it could possibly be finished tonight? *hopeful*

4/4/2011 #145

Lol Whichever one you want? xD

Probably. And if not tonight, then first thing in the morning.

4/4/2011 #146
Ace of Gallifrey

Man, ff.n needs to get an option where they won't send you more forum updates until you've visited the thread... ;P

Seriously though, my audio's worse. It has random chords from the songs and random bits of TOTALLY RANDOM dialogue thatdoesn't even match the scenes that are shown on-screen at the time. Having audio that's hard to hear is one thing. Having random people talking coming out of FREAKING NOWHERE is a totally different thing. Especially when it's covering up the awesomeness that is O Fortuna (most epic song ever? I think so...)

Don't believe me? See for yourself:

4/4/2011 . Edited 4/4/2011 #147
domina tempore


Yes, definitely. I keep coming back to 20+ emails in my inbox, all from this thread... is different than clip editing, though. And I was darn awful at that :p.

4/4/2011 #148
Ace of Gallifrey


Well, I'm signing off for the evening, because I have a charming thing called "eight a.m. class" tomorrow, so you won't see me polluting the thread anymore with my TOTALLY OFF-TOPIC nonsense...

4/4/2011 #149

Lol No such thing as being off topic! (I'm constantly on every topic.)

Goodnight! :)

4/4/2011 #150
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