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Deeth Irteen

This is where members may describe their systems of Magic. Here's mine:

There are a total of twelve elements of Magic, six geared towards Light, and six geared towards Darkness. The six Light elements are: Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth, Memory and Time, while the six Dark elements are: Wind, Sound, Flora, Fauna, Pain and Space. When all twelve elements are combined together, they create a powerful Purple energy known as Convexity. There are two variations of Convexity, each one composed of either the six Light or six Dark elements. They are: Convergernce (Light), and Concurrence (Darkness).

3/23/2011 #1

My system of magic is comprised of three sections. Elemental, Fairy, and Spellcraft. For now, I will talk about the basics of Elemental magic, which is the primal magic used by dragons.

All dragons are born with the ability to use magic, with the sole exceptions of Albinos (which I will discuss in Sub-Elements). There are ten basic elements found in dragon society: Fire, ice, earth, lightning, wind, water, fear, poison, shadow and light. Some of these elements are rarer than others (eg. there are more Fire than light).

Elemental magic is derived from the world around the user, and is fuled by the spirit energy that naturally gathers around dragons, and in magic crystals. A dragon is coloured depending on the type of energy that gathers around the dragon: red/orange/pink for fire, light blue for ice, yellow for lightning and so on. It is for this reason that Albinos are called colourless dragons, they have no element and therefore no colour. Elemental magic is focused through the dragon, and channeled to their whim. Most of their powers are channeled out of the mouth (as this is the easiest method), but that is not always the case.

Fire is known as the most destructive of elements, everyone can picture a dragon breathing flames, but there is more to this magic than meets the eye. It uses not just fire, but also the other aspects of fire, such as heat and smoke. Fire dragons can manipulate heat energy, and breathe clouds of smoke as well as controlling fire. This makes them a versitile and highly dangerous breed of dragon.

My second example, of earth, controls the soil and stone around them, but it comes in many shapes and forms. They can use raw earth magic, which is a green energy, or form it into solid stone. It also can be used to amplify the physical abilities of the user, this is done by channeling the magic into the desired part of the body, and reinforcing it with power. Earth magic can also be channeled around the user, changing the shape of the landscape in the direct vicinity of the dragon. All of these abilities combine to make this the most veristile of all magics, despite sounding so simple.

Fear and poison are abstract elements in the fact that normal dragons don't use them. There are two sub species of dragons that use each element respectively. Ferans use fear, and Stryders use poison. these dragons are different not just in element, but also in appearance: Ferans have bat ears, manes and cat tails. Stryders are more animalistic, with fur rather than scales, feathered wings, wolfish heads and barbed tails.

Fear is a psychic blast that directly affects the target, paralyzing them with terror. It also damages the body by scrammbling the body functions and acitvating pain receptors. It is a simple magic, but effective in its own right.

Poison is surprisingly more complex. It is not just acidic venom like most people tend to believe, it also has other effects such as hallucinations, infections, and even the ability to remove any such toxins from the body. The Stryders actually possess no natural poison, it is more them using magic to create toxins in their victims body. When they strike with a claw or tail blade, they channel their magic into their victim, and create a poison or chemical in the body itself. The actual breath attack with poison is the vemon and acid that we so often see, but the real danger is not the one we see, but the one we don't see.

I will stop for now on basic elemental magic, and move on to the other two forms next. Eventually I may list individual elements and the various ways to use them, but for now good bye.

3/24/2011 #2
Deeth Irteen

In my canon, there are five different types of dragons: Normal Light, Normal Dark, Purple, Black and White.

A Normal Light dragon is a dragon born with one of the six Light elements. Their Hide color depends on the element they wield: Red/Orange for Fire, Blue for Water, Yellow for Lightning, Brown/Pink for Memory, Brown/Green for Earth, and Gold for Time.

Normal Dark dragons are a bit different. Most of the time, their Hide color is dark grey, although, depending on their element, they can be a different color: Dark Red for Space, Dark Green for Wind, Dark Blue for Sound, and so on.

A Purple dragon is a Light dragon with the ability to wield four of the six Light elements. The number of Purple dragons born with each generation has increased dramatically since the defeat of Malefor. However, all purple dragons are much less powerful than Purple dragons of old.

Black dragons are an extremely rare breed. The first Black dragon of the new age, named Nexius, was the son of the Legendary Heroes Spyro and Cynder. Nexius was able to wield all twelve of the elements. When he reached adulthood, he became the King of Clan Capricorn, the clan of Space dragons, and eventually had a son. Nexius's son was a Black dragon as well, as was HIS son, and the son that came after him. SO, every King of the Clan of Capricorn was a male Black dragon, and the tradition has carried on into the present day.

White dragons are equally rare, but for different reasons. A White dragon is created when a Light dragon mates with a Dark dragon. Because of this combination of Light and Darkness in the dragon's DNA, they're able to wield all twelve elements, like a Black dragon. Their Hide is White because the color White contains all other colors within it.

3/24/2011 #3

O.o And that is why magic talk makes my head hurt. SOOOOOOOOO many rules and exceptions!! XD

Well, I guess I can tell you that my magic is based off a triangle, sort of like Zelda. There is Spirit, Mind, and Body. Spirit works basically the same way as Dardarax described. Dragons are the more common users of this form and the more knowledgable Dragons can literally tap into their spirit and perform abilities that they wouldn't usually be able to perform at their current level using "Spirit Energy". For example: if a child was aware of their spirit, then they could essentially sent an entire city block on fire. Unfortunately, use of Spirit Energy can severely weaken the user to a comatose state or death if too much is exerted at once. Most of this knowledge was either lost, destroyed, or hidden by the Ancestrals after the First Rebirth.

Then we move into Mind Magic. It's split into three forms: Knowledge, Illusion, and Telekinesis. Knowledge is basically the ability to increase understanding of a subject or obtain knowledge from another being (think of the Vulcan Mind Meld), Illusion is the abillty to make others see what you want them to see, while Telekenesis is the ability to move objects at will and communicate telepathically.

Body Magic is split into two: Sword and Shield. Sword allows the user to increase the size of one's body or strength and Shield allows for increase durability.

Both Mind and Body Magic can cause severe side effects if left unchecked, such as mental handicapps and decreased muscle mass. Both these sides of the Triad of Life are currently only practiced in the Scarred Lands and only the Ancestrals know of their location. The general population hasn't been aware of it's existence since the Great Purge, not even the Guardians...

Well, I'm already giving away plot details, so I'll stop for now.

3/24/2011 #4

Now I will talk about my other forms of magic, Fairy and Spellcraft.

Fairy magic, or Free magic, is similar to Elemental in the fact that it dervies its power from the world directly, and the fact that it can only be innately possessed by a creature, not learned. Where it is different is in how it is used. Free magic is not channeled through the user, but rather molded around the user. This means that it usually has no definable shape at any given time. At one time it could be fire, and then at another time it can be a shower of petals. This by no means mean that it is useless, only that it can take any form the user wishes it to be. It is also the only known form of magic to be able to heal a wound. Water element magic can speed up the healing process, but it cannont instantaniously heal wounds like Fariy magic.

The most common beings that possess fairy magic are actual fairies, fauns, unicorns, dragonflies and other such mystical creatures who have a gift for the magical. Some of the other races are capable of Free magic, but it is rare in the extreem. Free magic is exactly as how it sounds, free. It has no constraints like Spellcraft, and no set boundries, like Elemental. The user has no need of incantations or focuses that Spellcraft requires, and as such is far more easy to use, requiring no training to get the desired effects. Only the imagination and amount the of power the Fey (which is the name for Fairy magic users) possess.

While Fairy magic is near limitless in its possibilities, it lacks the sheer power of the other forms of magic. It cannot match the primal force of Elemental magic, which out classes it in the field of its speciality. Fire element magic is nearly five times more potent than anyting Fairy magic can cook up. And it lacks the focused power of Spellcraft, which outclasses it in every sense, but takes years of study, practice and requires incantations and other channelers to use.

This brings me to Spellcraft. Unlike the other forms of magic, any creature can use it, though the magnitude of success is different for everybody. It also takes its power from the world, but in a different way. Where Fairy and Element draw it and mold or focus it, Spellcraft forces the powers of the world into the shape the wielder wishes. Using focus items such as staffs, wands, circles, and anything else imbude with power, the user can channel their will and take command of some of the spirit energy around them, and then use it to their whim.

Because of the amount of training, patience and dicipline this art requires, few take up the call. And even those who do rarely can do more than shift some earth and make a measly fire ball or two. Most Spellcasters, take up the call of Mages, which are simple, all around dabblers who specalize in making magic trinkets and doing small time magic for everybody.

Some become what is known as Wizards. Wizards are far more focused in their trade, and constantly practice their magic over the course of a life time. They tend to stay in isolation, training their art to perfection. Wizards are usually talented, but not as much as to be overly gifted at magic which is why they spend so much time perfecting it, as they have the skill to go far, but not as much as to be able to do it with ease.

Lastly there are the Sorcerers, these are usually the most innately gifted of spellcasters, able to affect the world with far more ease than any other. They rarely need a focus for anything less complicated than a summoning, and can call up the primal powers of the world on a small scale with the same ease that a child makes a snowball. These spellcasters are usually out and about in the world, making a name for themselves, or serving under powerful rulers as advisors and protectors. They are, fortuanately, fairly rare amoung the people, so not many can cause mischief at any given time.

Spellcraft is widely considered the most dangerous form of magic. It possesses the power of Elemental, and the adaptability of Fairy magic (with the exception of healing). The only downside to this form of magic, is the training and sheer amount of will required to use it. The incantations and other focuses, and other such details that must be applied in the art of Spellcasting.

Next I will move back to Elemental magic, on the topic of Sub-Elements.

3/25/2011 #5
Deeth Irteen

Although my Cann doesn't have Sub-elements, it's possible for Blacks, Purples and Whites to combine two of more elements to produce new effects.

One example is the combination of Pain and Water. When used in Conjunction, the wielder can heal a companion's wounds and ailments almost instantaneously, and without the mild aches of the normal healing process.

Another combination is Blood Lightning, which is the combination of Lightning and Fire. Blood Lightning is an attack, composed of Red-colored Lightning, which both hotwires a target's nervous system AND burns their organs from the inside out. It's a deadly combination, and the trademark attack of Black dragons.

One of the more grand-scaled combinations is Water, Lightning and Wind. Depending on the power of the wielder, by merging these three elements, ther wielder is able to summon a thunderstorm into existance.

3/25/2011 #6

My next topic, Sub-Element magic.

Sub-Element magic is a form of Elemental magic where two elements fuse to create a new element. This is most commonly seen in Sub-Element dragons, where their mixed parentage results in the offspring to be born with a special power. All Sub-Element dragons are born from the ten basic or 'true' Elements: fire, water, earth, wind, lightning, poison, shadow, ice, light, and fear. These Elements occasionally fuse when the conception of the child occures, and become the offspring's magic. This is a rare occurence, with a mere 8% change of happening.

Albinos, which are the most common of all Sub-Element dragons, lack any form of Elemental magic, and usually most other forms as well. A few Albino mages have been recorded, but they had very little Spellcasting ability. Albinos are the most common Sub-Element because they can be born from any union, but most commonly from Elemental pairings whose Elements clash. Firexice, earthxwind, waterxlightning, fearxpoison, lightxshadow. These pairings have double the chance of producing an Albino (16%). It is supposed that all Albinos were supposed to be a different breed of Sub-Element, but for some reason the parent's Elements could not fuse properly and left them powerless, but no proof exist to support this fact. An Albino is also known as a colourless dragon, for their white scales. Because colour shows the ability of a dragon, the fact that they lack any such colour shows them to be 'inferior', which is why so many make racial insults against them, as they are less than dragon.

Purples are the rarest, and most respected of all Sub-Element dragons, they are known for being able to use any form of magic, from Elemental, to Fairy, to Spellcraft. Purples are almost always classified as sorcerers when they learn Spellcraft, and this is rarely a surprise, as Purple dragons are innately skilled in all forms of magic. Their power is not, as many suppose, all kinds of magic. It is actually raw spirit energy that they can channel into any shape or form. This is what lends them their near limitless supply of power that they are so famous for. It also allows them to channel the incredible power of Convexity, which is pure magical energy. Though when channeling it, it slowly weakens their spirits and minds, and if overused, will fray their sanity and eventually lead to madness. no one knows how or why Purples are created, as they have hatched under every parent combination possible. The only fool proof way to get a Purple, is to breed with a Purple, as they have a 50% chance of producing one. Purples also have the oddest trait: They cannot breed basic Element dragons. For whatever reason the only types of dragons they can breed is other Purples, or Sub-Element dragons. They can create any kind of Sub-Element dragon, due to the fact they can use any basic Element. But why they are incapable of breeding basic Elements is as much a mystery as how the Purples are born in the first place. There are myths from ancient legend that state there are more powerful dragons than the Purples called "Monarch dragons", but this is dismissed as a foolishfictional tale as no such dragon has ever been recorded in a factual document.

A mulitude of other Sub-Element have been born from every kind of union imaginable. Forest, Charm, Dream, Memory, Blood, Force, Dual-Element, Sound, and countless more all with unique and incredible powers. Some are upholded in society as bringers of prosperity, while others are hunted down due to the dangerous nature of their power. Regardless, Sub-Elements are capable of great good, or great destruction with their power.

This will conclude my Sub-Element section for now. And I would like to take some time to make a request: If anyone can think up a cool new Sub-Element using any combination of the ten basic Elements I will list below, then youare welcome to tell me, preferably on this forum. If it is good, I may inculde it in my story Dark Legacy as a side character, villain or so on. Credit will go to the person who came up with it.

You must list the power's name, what you can do with it, the required elements the parents must possess, and what the dragon would look like when hatched.

Here is the ten basic elements: Fire, ice, water, earth, lightning, fear, poison, shadow, light, wind. And here is an example of what is should look like:


Parentage: Earth, water.

Appearance: A dark shade of green scales with a leaf patternig. Horns are resemblance of tree brances, and have an almost mossy feel.

Power: Control over plantlife. Can manipulate the growth rate of plants, and even take control of nearby plants and use them to attack. Breath attack is a cloud of spores that caused small plants and fungus to grow on whatever it touches, even living beings. Often uses their power to help farmers grow better crops. Can 'talk' with plants and animals. Fury is the ability to take control of a large area of plantlife and bend it too their will. They can see what the plants 'see' and control them flawlessly. Cannot move from spot while fury is activated.

Now I will either move on to the individual basic Elements, or disucss the myths of Monarch dragons. Until next time.

3/29/2011 . Edited 3/30/2011 #7
Deeth Irteen

You might want to fix that. It looks like a rectanble of text. :P

3/29/2011 #8

1) "rectangle"

2) You're right: it's like playing Tetris with words...and I SUCK at Tetris! XD

3/29/2011 #9
this is just the basic info as i don't want to give to much away at this time There are six basic elements these are Fire, Earth, Ice, Lightning, Wind, and Shadow. each of these elements has one or more sub elements these include but are not limited to heat, light metal, crystal water, mist magnatism, energy sound, pressure mind, fear there are also ten different types of dragons including one for each element as well as a couple of my own creation
4/23/2011 #10

Mist dragon

Parentage: Water, Ice.

Appearance: Dark blue hide, with a lighter shade of blue as an under belly. Scales have an almost foggy glaze to them. Long, sharp horns of a crystal substance, makes it look like icicles are growing out of their head.

Power: The same healing abilities a water dragon possesses. Their breath weapon is a fine mist that cools to a glaze of ice upon contact with a solid object. Mist dragons can control fog and mist, including their own breath, allowing them to shape the fog. They can condense or spread out their mist breath to make it more effective, or cover a wider area. Their fury is a very unique ability that allows them to temporarily become mist. The mist cannot be dispersed by conventional means such as a common wind breath, or even a strong breeze, though these do weaken the effects of the fury. The dragon can then pass through objects and can freeze anything they touch. The ability lasts a limited amount of time, which is determined by the strength of the dragon, and the amount of energy they have left.

Credit for this Sub-element goes to XdragonhatchlingX. And I've decided that Sleet's twin sister, Crystal, will be a Mist dragon. Thanks for the inspiration. I've changed a few things to make it better, hope you don't mind. :)

4/27/2011 #11
Deeth Irteen

Mist falls perfectly under the Water category in TLoR canon.

4/27/2011 #12

Darda, a cool sub-element dragon from the union of a water, wind, or a lightning dragon. A Storm Dragon.

Abilities: Varied if the union is of a lightning and a water. Then the dragon controls those and the fury is it summons a huge cloud into the air and creates a gigantic lightning storm. Hitting enemy the storm dragon concentrates on.

If it is wind and Water, then its fury would be a huge twister.

And Ice and Water, A huge Blizzard

6/9/2011 #13
Deeth Irteen

Nope. If two dragons of opposing elements mate, an Albino would be born.

6/9/2011 #14

No Deeth, if two dragons of opposing elements mate, Albinos have a better chance of being born. It's not a guarantee.

Love the idea Ozy. When you first told me it i was impressed, i just forgot to put it up here. Silly me. :P

6/9/2011 #15

Its fine its just I was exploring some of the forums and luck me I remembered about the element. Applause for me *Clapping is heard* Thank you Thank you

6/9/2011 #16

Monarch Dragons.

Many legends surround this mysterious breed of dragon, but never has one been actually recorded in a factual document, leaving the truth of whether or not these mythic beings ever actually existed. They are frequently mentioned in poems, songs and story books, usually as god-like figures, or demons of mischief or demise, but all of these are nothing but fanciful tales, with no real fact to them. More often than not, names are changed between the dragons, and their actions or powers don't match from story to story. One can be a merciful saint with healing abilities in one poem, and a shapeshifting monster in the next.

Despite these uncertainties, a number of names have consistently matched with specific actions and powers. Four all told. Their names being: Alchahcla, Teronus, Hyterill and Zallagoth. Each one has specific attributes associated with them, along side their powers.

Alchahcla was a seeker of knowledge, and bringer of prosperity. She spent much of her life discovering the secrets of the world, and exposing them to the world. She is depicted as strict, but fair, and very reserved. Alchahcla's power is that of Matter. She could mold the landscape around her, changing the shape or state of the world to suite her needs. She could turn solid stone to liquid or gas, and back again. Shift the shapes and matter types of objects (Ex.Turning a steel sword into a combustible material). It also allowed her to change her own body into different materials and phases. She could shift into gas to slip through a door, or become metal to ward off a blow and improver her own striking power.

Hyterill was a wanderer and a vagabond. He went out of his way to have a good time, often at the expense of others. While rarely resorting to criminal acts, he never passed up a chance to play a good prank. He also enjoyed the physical aspects of life, drinking, eating to excess, and finding pleasure in females. His power is know as Warp. Being able to open portals to pocket dimensions in the realm of Convexity, and through it, to other places in the world. This power could be used as both a tool of travel and storage, as well as a weapon, being spun about, and flung at enemies, whereupon they would close on their victim, sealing them, or parts of them in an alternate dimension.

Details on Teronus's life are few and far between, but he is however, always seen as a vengeful dragon, spiteful of everything the world holds dear. His reasons are as unclear as his life, but he is nearly always a destroyer, and murderer. Though sometimes he is a helper and a kind hearted dragon. His power is that of Nature. He has command over all the primal forces of the world, from the plant life, to the earth, sky and water. Even most animals will heed his power, though the poems and stories are not always certain of this. Despite the good his powers could do, he frequently uses them to harm and destroy. Tearing up villages with earthquakes and tornados. Swamping seaside cities in tsunamis, and drowning crops in torrential rain. The stories relating to Teronus are always noble heroes going out to do battle with the Monarch. The name Annabell crops up as the leader of the heroes the most often, but who this is is never really explained.

Lastly, there is Zallagoth. Possibly the most commonly referenced Monarch, being associated with murder and despair. Zallagoth was once the most beautiful dragon in all of the world, his appearance perfect in every way, but he was eventually ravaged by a plague, that nearly cost him his life. His life was only spared through extensive use of his power, which is referred to only as "Decay". While his life was saved, his body was not. His once perfect features resembling little more than a bloated walking corpse. Zallagoth started destroying all he comes across, not intentionally at first, as his undead body eternally holds the plague that he was inflicted with. He was shunned because of this, and it is assumed he eventually goes mad, as abruptly he shifts to a mass murdering monster. The plague he carried infected all he came in contact with, but it is not the most devastating thing about him. His power, Decay, destroys anything he wished, rotting everything that he saw as more beautiful than him, (which was everything). He eventually earned the name: Lord of Decay. Supposedly he was immortal, untouchable by blade or magic, though if he was, there is no reason why he shouldn't still be walking among the living, this being the most common argument for disbelievers. The counter argument being a reference to a story where a large group of dragons from every element, led by a purple, manage to seal him in a magical vault for all eternity. Zallagoth is worshiped in some small cults as the god of death, who will return to the world to take the life of all in the world, and create the land of perfect bliss: A world of undeath.

There are other Monarchs mentioned throughout the world, in countless different books, songs and tomes, but only there four stand out among them. There four are the only monarchs who are repeatedly referenced, with consistence attitudes, and powers. If any of these beings were to exist, it would have been there four. Though considering none has been born in the past several hundred years, it is unlikely any ever existed at all.

6/20/2011 . Edited 6/24/2011 #17
Deeth Irteen

I previously said that there were only five types of dragons in TLoR canon. This was incorrect: There are seven. The two yet to be described are Chaos, and Deity.

Chaos dragons are, for lack of a better term, the opposite of Purple dragons. While Purple dragons are able to wield the legendary Convexity energy, Chaos dragons wield an energy known as Nothingness. Nothingness has no element to speak of: Instead, the Black-and-White energy is able to dissolve anything it comes in contact with into pure energy, which can then be transformed by the wielder into any form of mass, or used to increase the wielder's power. Chaos dragons are even more rare than White dragons: The only known Chaos dragons in all of history were William, the first King of Clan Pisces, and Enzo, the son of the Purple dragoness Adpetis. It's possible that other Chaos dragons can be conceived, though it is extremely unlikely, as the only way a Chaos dragon can be born in the New Age is for a Black dragon and a White dragoness to mate.

Deity dragons aren't really a subspecies so much as a theory. It is a being that would be able to wield both Convexity and Nothingness in conjunction. Having the ability to alter not just the Corporeal layers of the world, but manipulate Time and Space, resurrect the dead, and a whole host of supernatural things. Of course, it's seemingly impossible for a Deity dragon to exist, as the ability to breed such a dragon seems impossible. All attempts in the past have resulted in absolute failure. There are theories that one such dragon has existed at some time in the past, but this highly doubtful.

6/21/2011 #18

WOW WOW WOW stop right there Deeth. Diety Dragons? Holy crap, wouldn't want to be in a dark alley with that dragon

6/24/2011 #19
Deeth Irteen

They don't exist. Yet.

6/24/2011 #20


6/24/2011 #21
Deeth Irteen

Pay attetion to the name Teronus.

6/24/2011 #22

Speaking of that, what do you think of the Monarchs?

6/24/2011 #23

Honest opinion? They sound like Generic gods from Generic pen and paper rpg. or am i even entitled to say anything about them?

6/26/2011 #24

That's okay. There are flaws in their powers, but legends never talk about those. :P

For instance, their powers don't draw from the normal spirit energy bin that most magic draws from. It draws from the very essence of their beings. So, while their powers are by far more powerful than most, it also means that said powers will result in their inevitable death, should someone not kill them first.

But what do you think of the powers themselves?

6/26/2011 #25
Deeth Irteen

Do you think the same thing about Deity Dragons, Mr. RFA? I'm just curious.

6/26/2011 #26

Their powers makes sense in a way. and they are properly named.

6/26/2011 #27
Deeth Irteen

Well, they don't really exist. Think of them as an overexaggerated version of the Monarch dragons.

By the way, are you interested in a collab between Dardarax and I?

6/26/2011 #28

Thanks. :)

6/26/2011 #29

nah. i am bad writer (if you haven't noticed by reading my fic. it gives chills even for me sometimes) . and i have that military service coming up s i won't have time to do any writing.

6/26/2011 . Edited 6/26/2011 #30
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