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Deeth Irteen

In this thread, everyone may describe Original Characters from their stories. Posters may be as detailed and anal-retentive as they please. But please note that Pre-existing characters from the games are not allowed, no matter how different they are from their original incarnations.

I'll begin with my title character...

Name: Rune

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Race: Black Dragon (dark dragon),

Element(s): All twelve

Appearance: Black hide, grey underbelly, grey horns, grey mane, golden eyes, shining blue glyphs on sides and front upper arms.

Family: Mother: Elenar , Father: Bane , Siblings: Cyrus and Tyrrany, Grandfather: Urobos

Personality: Rune's personality is a complicated one. Most of the time, he is a kind, honest, compassionate young dragon. However, he is also prone to being angered easily, and sometimes finds himself getting enraged over the smallest things. Even so, he always puts others before himself, usually jumping into dangerous situations to help those in need.

Biography: Rune's past is a checkered one. When he was born, he was one of the two princes of the Dark dragon Monarchy. At first, his life was happy. But then, when he was seven years old, he made the mistake of revealing the location of his Kingdom to an opressive group of Light dragons known as the Darkstalkers. The Darkstalkers then tracked his home down and destroyed it. Many innocent dark dragons lost their lives, including Rune's mother, Lady Elenar. Blaming himself for what happened, Rune ran away, and eventually fled to the southern continent. When he almost died of severe starvation and Dehydration, he was rescued by Hontus, a Fire Guardian of the City of Glenhaven, and his mate Seraph, a Water dragoness. The two brought him to Glenhaven, and eventually adopted him.

Fun Facts: Rune is a rare black dragon. Because of this, his is able to wield twelve elements instead of just one. Rune doesn't realize it, but he's allergic to walnuts. Rune has a passion for reading history books at the Glenhaven librarey. Despite what one might believe, Rune wasn't given his name becasue of the rune-like birthmarks on his body; He was actually named after his great-grandfather, Runileon the Wicked.

3/23/2011 #1

Here is one of my main OC's:

Name: Has nicknamed itself "Orypsit"

Age: Millenia

Gender: Varies based on need

Race: Daemon

Abilities: Can literally absorb the material of another being and their abilities. Can seal an entire being inside that being's own heart for easy transportation and access, mold the flesh of its victims into different shapes depending on the situation, and appear & act exactly like one of it's victims for infiltration. After using a certain amount of their flesh and spirit, the captured beings hearts are turned into Dark Crystals and are converted into life force so that the Daemon can conitnue to occupy the aquired flesh.

Appearance: Anything (as long as their is a supply of beings stored)!!

Personality: Will take on any that it needs, but feels no actual connection or emotions to those it interacts with.

Biography: Dark Spirits sealed inside the hearts of other beings, they are extremely difficult creatures to manipulate, let alone control one. They serve no real Master, for they are constantly connected to the Dark Realms and rely on "Handlers" to moniter them. Have been known to take down even the strongest Corrupted Convexors. If one has a strong enough will, they may be able to influence a Daemon's decisions. "Orypsit" was sealed away by Ancestrals wanting to use it as an emergency last resort in case of imminent power collapse (at the cost of hundreds of lives). This had the unfortunate side effect of severing "Orypsit" from the Dark Realms, which means there is nothing from keeping it in check.

Once it was freed by the "Prophet", it had no real agenda and could do as it pleased. However, this doesn't stop its primary mission, one that Daemons were specifically created for: altering time. May the Ancestors have mercy.

3/24/2011 #2
Alex the Dragon


Age:Two centuries


Race:Dark Dragon

Elements:Fire and Ice (So far)

Appearance:A Dark Dragon but is a bit more purple but still black His eyes are Dark Purple

Personality:Emotionless,Not so "Nice" to people

Bio:He grew up in the wilderness with his father (A purple dragon) learning different elements when his Mother (A dark Dragon) killed him while he was hunting.He has been searching for his mother ever since

4/16/2011 #3
Deeth Irteen

Oy. That's gotta suck.

4/16/2011 #4
Alex the Dragon

I know right

4/16/2011 #5
Deeth Irteen

I'm no stranger to fucked-up backstories.

In The Legend of Rune, the title character, the Black dragon Rune, accidentally ended up getting hundreds of his own kind killed by a Light Dragon Cult called the darkstalkers when he was a cub.

4/16/2011 #6
Alex the Dragon

Wow So...Is my OC excepted?

4/16/2011 . Edited 4/16/2011 #7
Deeth Irteen


Careful, though: Our Roleplay thread's bat fuck insane.

4/16/2011 #8
Alex the Dragon

I'll keep that in mind Lol

4/16/2011 #9
Deeth Irteen

There's also a story going on. Feel free to add what you want.

4/16/2011 #10
Alex the Dragon


4/16/2011 #11
Alex the Dragon

Name:Shadow Flare

Age:twenty-five millenniums (Damn she's old)


Race:Dark Dragon

Elements:All twelve (Yep she's learned a thing or two...Or twelve)

Appearance:All pitch black


Personality:Merciless,Never happy

Bio:She was a survivor of the Darkstalker attack and fled into the wilderness then meeting A Purple Dragon and doing "Stuff" witch led down to what's happening now

4/16/2011 #12
Deeth Irteen

Wait a minute. All twelve elements? Darkstalkers? And a mentioning of Glenhaven?...

....Are you writing a fanfiction of my fanfiction?

4/16/2011 #13
Alex the Dragon

Yes! No! Maybe!

4/16/2011 #14
Deeth Irteen

It's okay. You're not the first one. You can come out and say it. I don't really mind.

4/16/2011 #15
Alex the Dragon

Then the answer is Yes and Holly Crap that rp really is batshit insane!

4/16/2011 #16
Deeth Irteen

Can I get a full rundown of the plot?

4/16/2011 #17

Me 2 by the way i need a timeframe and events

4/17/2011 #18
Deeth Irteen

You see, Ozy here's writing a prequel trilogy to TLoR, The Legend of William.

4/17/2011 #19

well, i am not surprised that about those "dark" pasts. in fact, it's getting bit old.

4/17/2011 #20
Deeth Irteen

Maybe I could write a backstory of Deeth Irteen, and make it hilarious.

4/17/2011 #21
Bolt Greywing

Name: Mist

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Species: Sinawing

Element: Water

Personality: Unknown

Bio: She was saved from drowing in the ocean by a certain dragon. However do to being under the water for a long period of time she developed the ability to use the water element.

6/4/2011 . Edited 6/5/2011 #22
Deeth Irteen


6/5/2011 #23

Name: Magnis(Marble) -LOR VERSION

Appearance: Normal greendragon with an average build, (Its alright if he has red hair right?) and a scar across his LEFT eye.

Age: 16-17

Race: Earth Dragon

Element: Earth

Family: Not known, died while he was a child

6/30/2011 #24

He'll have to be 14-15 in War's Aftermath, but otherwise accepted.

6/30/2011 #25

Ok, I was basing that on the ages of the characters you had on your profile, but still to the Roleplay

6/30/2011 #26
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