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Come pick and character and play! Available characters are in bold. PM LittleMissInvisible for your desired character.
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This is from the book series and not the TV Show. This is continuing from the last series of books, and may contains spoilers.


Stefan S.

Damon S.




Princess Jessalyn

Crisitian (Meredith's twin brother)




White Kitsune



Tyler S.


Caroline's triplets - to be given names and genders.

Child A

Child B

Child C


Elena - Taken (LittleMissInvisible)






Mrs. Flowers

Vickie Bennett

Margaret Gilbert

Judith Gilbert

Sue Carson

Tami B.


Lady Ulma


Can contains up to 50 characters. Please PM a character to be added.

3/28/2011 #1
Beginning Again

Beginning Again

Are you a fan of the vampire diaries? Do you like meeting new people? You should come join a forum co-owned by me and my best friend! It's a roleplay-based forum, and that's a majority of what we do there. but if you're not sure you're interested in roleplaying then come by and spend some time in our designated chat topic. It's a great place to get to know the members, and ask questions about what we do there in reference to roleplay activities.

For those of you who are interested, I suppose I should share a bit of personal information on the forum. We started in June of 2013, and have been going strong since. There are a lot of singular plots going on with the characters right now as we've just closed our second big plot line on the forum, and I don't have the time or patience to explain every single little detail but basically the gist is we were having trouble with Klaus in the beginning. He wanted doppelganger blood, and he got it under the circumstance that he allow Elena to become a vampire(basically, just have vampire blood in her system when he drains her blood) and then Elena took the cure.

Some other stuff happened between the characters having to do with the cure, but that's not all that important and can easily be explained after joining. As for the second plot, Silas was in town when the forum started. But he wasn't getting anywhere, and people were just hiding from him. So he decided to lie low for awhile, get their hopes up and drop in when they least expected him. To do this, he faked his death and let them bury him. Once things had started to settle down and his first visit seemed like just a distant memory to everyone, he struck again and killed nearly the entire town, aside from a few people who managed to escape(basically, everyone who was taken on the master list at the time of the attack that people didn't want to die.)

He's dead now, but Amara is still around and jumped into Matt's body to stay alive. But the rest of that is all just singular plot for a few characters, so it's not much of a specific point to be covered here.

Anyway, we have a total of three characters open now. One of them is being subbed, so he's not too desperately needed(ask Kim about him if you do happen to want to play him. he has a very...painful history on the forum from our most recent plot)

The following characters are open. the rest are either dead or taken:

Alaric Saltzman - He was previously taken by Kim, the co-owner of the forum, who now subs him. He has a pretty sad history. He was married to Jenna and had a daughter with her, he and Jenna were getting a divorce though(mutual, things just sort of died is all :P) when Jenna and Jess were both killed by Silas.

Jeremy Gilbert - Jer was taken by Kim, and started dating Raina, and then was dropped and taken by Emily, and continued dating Raina, who recently left the forum. Miranda and Grayson were killed about the middle of last year, so that's something he's still working through.

Hayley Marshall - She was first taken by Mickey and was engaged to Brandon(an OC who's now traveling the world) and then she disappeared for awhile, and was then taken by Emily and not a lot happened with her, other than her and Brandon were no longer together.

That's about it for open characters. If there's anything else you want to know, go ahead and PM me or Kim :)

8/5/2013 . Edited 3/6/2014 #2
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