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Fallen RP

3/28/2011 #1

this is where u RP after you have bee approved

3/28/2011 #2

Kate walked down the halls of sword and cross looking glum after all you would be two if u were stuck in one place for 4 years. But of course she didnt have have a choice either. After all she was the reason she was here anyway. Kate was on her way to class when the bell rung . Crap im late she ran down the halls to the classroom and burst through the doors. The teacher snarled and handed her a detention slip just great kate thought

10/9/2011 #3

Arabella glanced up when the girl burst into the room, an eyebrow arched slightly, before looking back down at her book.

10/9/2011 #4

Kate noticed the girl staring and walked over to her and sat down on the desk next to her. she smiled slightly. Im kate she reached out her hand.

10/10/2011 #5

Arabella looked up at her and nodded slightly, "Arabella."

10/10/2011 #6

Kate nodded but tucked her head in a book and tucked her sunglasses on so she could sleep.

10/10/2011 #7

Arabella rolled her eyes and watched the teacher for a few minutes before pulling out a notebook and sketching lazily.

10/10/2011 #8

when class ended kate startled and woke lazily. she tiredly walked through the halls

10/10/2011 #9

Arabella stood up and walked out of class at a leisurely pace, not paying attention to anything aside from the ground.

10/10/2011 #10

Kate lazily walked into a teacher without looking. Sorry she cried before running out of the teachers evil clutches of detention she didnt even notice when she tripped on a book. Crap she said as she tumbled to the groud. Her hands spread out infront of her and she cought herself easily only using a little of her powers.

10/10/2011 #11

Arabella saw her fall and sighed, walking closer, "Are you okay?" she asked quietly, holding her books to her chest.

10/10/2011 #12

Embaressed kate nodded. Im fine she stood up slowly hoping that arabella hadn't noticed her use of power. she brushed the hair for her eyes totally forgetting that there was a scar there.

10/11/2011 #13

Arabella raised her eyebrows when she saw the scar but didn't comment on it, "Okay then."

10/11/2011 #14
Kate nodded and got up brushing herself off. I'm gonna be late she sighed before picking up her books. "thanks" she said . Noticing that her scar was showing she pushed her hair back over it and without looking back she walked down the halls waving behind her. (Sorry if It takes me a bit to reply )
10/11/2011 #15

Arabella sighed and walked to her next class silently, the thought to skip was in her head but she decided it would be better to go.

(It's okay)

10/11/2011 #16
The lunch room was full of kids and anna happily skipped to a table sitting next to kate. "How was your day she asked happily" You can cut the peachy keen act" kate said glumly. Anna"s smile vanished. "someones in a bad mood" anna sighed. kate frowned, Obviously she sighed,
10/11/2011 #17

Arabella walked into the cafeteria silently and sat down at a table near the back of the room, picking at the sleeve of her sweater.

10/11/2011 #18

Kate noticed the girl and motioned for her to join her at her table

10/27/2011 #19
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