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Yakko Warner's twin

Shadow jsut sighed and went to her room

((I know. and you cna paly more the one canon on my rpg this summer. Just lettin' ya know))

5/29/2011 #31
Yakko Warner's twin

((Hope you don't mind me timeskpping))

~3 months later~

Shadow came downstairs still dressed in her black pajama shirt, and black pajma pants and placed her head on the table moaning. Her face looked paler then usual. If that were possible

5/30/2011 . Edited 5/30/2011 #32

Morticia looked to her "if your pregnant your faher is going to kill you" she sai in a sing song voice.

5/30/2011 #33
Yakko Warner's twin

shadow gulped back vomit. "I think I might be Aunt Morticia. I'm 40 days late."

5/30/2011 #34
Yakko Warner's twin


6/2/2011 #35
Yakko Warner's twin

((Since no one is posting lately))

~A few days later~

Shadow had invited Josh to family dinner hoping to make a good imperssion and to break the news. She heard Josh knouck and made to hurry to the door

4/5/2012 #36

(is it okay if I use the Wednesday from the 60s tv show? I'm Wednesday, I already claimed the character but would you prefer the tv show Wednesday or the movieWednesday?)

4/5/2012 #37
Yakko Warner's twin

((Fine by me. I already made Shadow older then her. I actually perfer the t.v Wensday too))

4/5/2012 . Edited 4/5/2012 #38

(okay :D then my Wednesday is 6 and acts sweet but isn't really. Lol)

4/5/2012 #39

Wednesday heard the door ring and rose from her where she was playing with her black widow spider. "I'll be right back, Homer," she told the spider as she skipped to the door to open it.

4/5/2012 #40
Yakko Warner's twin

((Gotcha. ))

Shadow looked at her cousin smiling opening the door "Hey Josh" she said as he stepped in.

"Hey Shadow. Your clothes changed" He noted her baggy tee and jeans

"Yeah you'll find out a dinner." Shadow said wrapping an arm around her little cousins shoulder before gagging

4/5/2012 . Edited 4/5/2012 #41
Yakko Warner's twin


4/5/2012 #42

(sorry, trying to catch my dog lol)

Wednesday looked up at the boy with the long brown hair. "Thanks, mister," she said. "I like your hair too." She continued to follow her cousin and the boy as they walked into the house. "Do you want to see my spider?"

4/5/2012 #43
Yakko Warner's twin

Josh nodded but frowned seeing Shadow puking her guts out in a nearby trash can

4/5/2012 #44

Seeing the boy nod made Wednesday break out into a huge smile as she picked up Homer from his cage to show to Josh. "His name's Homer," she told him. "Isn't he preeetttyyy??"

4/5/2012 #45
Yakko Warner's twin

Josh nodded and pointed at Shadow who was groaning "Is your cousin puking her guts out normal here?" he asked

4/5/2012 #46

Wednesday nodde a little more enthusiastically than she should. "Oh, yes!" she answered. "All the time!"

4/5/2012 #47
Yakko Warner's twin

Josh looked at Shadow and she nodded meekly agreeing. "Wednesday's right. I have been doing it awhile." she said wiping her mouth with her arm as he helped her up. "So do I meet your mother tongiht?" he asked SHadow.

"I don't have a mother" Shadow said. "I've been raised by a single parent my whole life." she said

4/5/2012 . Edited 4/5/2012 #48
Carlisle captain of equestria

Gomez: now where is that Cara mia of mine She of skin so pale, eyes so deep, and DRESS cut down to Venezuela!

6/24/2012 #49
Yakko Warner's twin

Josh: *blinks* Does he-

Shadow: You'll get used to it. *turns paler agains and vomits*

6/27/2012 #50
Carlisle captain of equestria

Gomez: ah Shadow how are you on this cloudy day *looks for Morticia*Cara Mia where are you

7/3/2012 #51
Yakko Warner's twin

Shadow: Sick, pale, depressed, I couldn't eat anytihng *vomits again*

7/3/2012 #52
Carlisle captain of equestria

Gomez: poor shadow have you seen Morticia anywhere

7/3/2012 #53
Yakko Warner's twin

Shadow :*shakes her head still vomiting*

7/3/2012 #54
Carlisle captain of equestria

Gomez: *still wearing his robe sits in his favorite chair and starts to read the wall street paper while waiting for Morticia*

7/4/2012 #55
Yakko Warner's twin

((I have no idea where the girl playing Tish is))

Shaodw: *stops vomiting as Josh rubs her back*

7/4/2012 #56
Carlisle captain of equestria

Gomez: *looks at the picture of Morticia*oh Tish where ever you are come back to me my Querida *paces back and forth wondering where his Cara Mia is and where fester is*Cara Mia where are you darling

7/4/2012 . Edited 7/9/2012 #57
Carlisle captain of equestria

Gomez: *plays with his trains crashing them races into the Living room*Tish i just had the greatest Train Crash ever

7/17/2012 #58
Carlisle captain of equestria


2/24/2013 #59
Carlisle captain of equestria


7/20/2013 #60
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