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Talk about what you dislike in the Outsiders movie, book, and fanfics. The socs. Dally and Johnny's deaths. How the stories are written. Anything.
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xXHopelessly DevotedXx
Hello there ^.^ So, I was just wondering how others felt about sister fics. I actually enjoy them if they're well done. Here are my opinions: 1.) The Curtis' DO NOT have a sister that ran away and came back yadayada...Just no. 2.) Two- Bit actually has a sister, and I've only read one Two-Bit sister story I TRULY enjoy reading (Katerine Matthews by ThatWeasley). 3.) Ok, the only canon guy I see possibly having a sister is Steve. The book wasn't based around Steve in any huge way, so if he did have a sister, I'm not bothered by her lack of mention. (Which is why i have a Steve Sister fic [Remember, There's Always Hope] in progress. I think it is very believable to have Steve be a sweet, protecting older brother, but still be all rough and belligerent around the gang). 4.) If you're going to do a Dally sister fic...don't screw Dally up and suddenly make him all kind and loving and mushy and what-not. Personally, I think Dally would treat his sister the way he treats everyone else-and be uber over protective to the point of insanity. OK basically, I'm not against sister fics at all. Hell, I'm writing one! I'm sorry my opinions are all jambled, but what i meant to say is this : The book "The Outsiders" focuses on the guys and their lives and that situation. It may not have been the "oppurtune moment" to mention sister's or w/e...even thought Two-Bit's is...AHH I'm not making sense. Anyhoo, the only Sister Stories I dislike are Curtis sister stories. Ok so if I having made you throw something b/c of how scrambled this is...haha I'd like to know your opioions on sister fics whether good or bad. Don't flame me because I like them :''( I'd just like to know how others feel.
12/19/2007 #1
Like you've mentioned, it depends on the greaser... 1.) Curtis sister fics? You mean Curtis SUE fics. Um, NO! And anyway, we know all about the Curtis family. Ponyboy was the narrator, and there is no way that he would "forget" he had a sister. The bottom line is, I hate them! 2.) I don't remember when Two-Bit's sister was mentioned in the book, but I believe it. I just don't like it to be centric in the story. Or maybe I just don't like Two-Bit centric fics much. 3.) Cade sisters: Huh? I vaguely remember one or two of these, I can't remember. But anyway, it doesn't make sense. Just like the Curtis', we know a lot about Johnny's family. So, thumbs down. 4.) The only problem I have with Steve having a sister is that he's too minor of a character. It's a little pointless, in my opinion, to mention that he has a sister if he's a minor character in the story, and the sister is only mentioned. 5.) Um, yeah...really the same as what the above poster said. So, in all cases, I don't like sister fics, personally.
12/19/2007 #2
xXHopelessly DevotedXx
THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I MEANT ABOUT STEVE!!!! sorry got a little excited...anyways... That's why i thought it was ok for Steve to have a sister b/c he is such a minor that she wouldnt have been mentioned ExtremeWriter, you are officially my hero for properly wording my thoughts ^.^ and you are very right....all the Curtis sister fics are Sue fics. I dont like them at all and Two-Bits sister is mentioned in passing when he Pony and Johnny are walking Cherry and Marcia home ( in the book) but she is left very open: no age, description etc. but i don't like Two-Bit centric fics much, either
12/19/2007 #3
Hmm. I guess I figure if Two-Bit's sister got mentioned, why would Steve's not be mentioned if he had one? I always just thought it was just him and his dad. But that's what fan fiction is for, right? I don't read any sister fics often, actually. So I guess my opinions aren't as strong.
12/20/2007 #4
[b]xXHopelessly DevotedXx:[/b] LOL! But I guess we don't really agree, because I think they're pointless. Yeah, I was re-reading the book last night when I saw the thing about Two-Bit's sister. So, yeah. :)
12/21/2007 . Edited 12/21/2007 #5
xXHopelessly DevotedXx
i just always thought two-bit mentioned his sister because he was talking to marcia....steve didnt really have an oppurtunity like that in the book...thats just what i figured and why i thought it was kind of ok for him to have a sister but i could be totally wrong cause it has been a while since i read the book
12/28/2007 #6
xXHopelessly DevotedXx
extremewriter: haha we dont really agree...but your wording was perfectfor both POVs... heehee my last comment was for soda-me btw....i prolly could have done these both together...but thatd be too easy wouldnt it?
12/28/2007 #7
LOL! Yeah...so anyway, have you ever come across a Dally sister fic? (Happy New Year, BTW!)
1/1/2008 #8
xXHopelessly DevotedXx
Happy new year to you, too yay 2008...THIS MEANS I GRADUATE IN SIX MONTHS!!! ^.^ WOW. sorry so anyways...Dally sister fics Yeah i have and just wow... There are some terrible ones (because Dally suddenly transforms into a Sodapop- like character) and that REALLY bothers me. There are a few ok ones though...and so far only one I can say i enjoy...I mean Dally is at least himself.. What about you...any Dally sister experiences...
1/6/2008 #9
I've actually never come across one! But I can totally see what you mean about the Dally-turning-into-Soda thing. I mean, remember, it's Dally! Tough cold, hard, (lovable!) Dally. But the hard thing is, he's protective. Especially when it comes to Johnny. And if he's protective of Johnny, chances are he'd be protective of his little sister, if he had one. And I don't mean Darry-like protective. Sometimes it's hard to make someone protective (but not Darry-like) without being nice. It's just not that easy. Oh, wait! There's this one story where Dally takes in a ten-year-old rape victim and treats him like his son. The author really did a good job with the whole protectiveness thing. I guess it's not literally a sister fic, but still...
1/6/2008 #10
xXHopelessly DevotedXx
Yeah, I totally agree that Dally is protective, it's just that authors sometimes don't understand that there is, in fact, a ginormous hugely amazing difference between Dally-protective ( omg who the f did this you i swear i will get them kinda thing) Soda-protective (omg come here i promise you safe now, no one will hurt you anymore kinda thing. The difference between Dally-protective and Darry-protective( well i guess you learned your lesson, but im glad you're ok and dont worry it wont happen again kinda thing) is overlooked a lot of the time too. Dally has his own almost enitrely different way of expressing his emotions...(i know they're in there somewhere...) But NOW...what about Two-Bit sister stories? The only one that actually exists...but is still rather difficult b/c she is left so open. Honestly...only one I [u]truly [/u] like... any ideas?
1/8/2008 #11
I know what you're saying about the three different protectives. Like you said, it's: Dally: Whoever hurt you is going to [i]get[/i] it! Soda: Come here, it's okay. They can't hurt you any more. Darry: Do your homework, sit up straight, and never run off, because I couldn't stand to lose you. Darry's protectiveness is the more common kind, Soda's protectiveness is usually called other things, and Dally's protectiveness is just really hard to show in writing. It really is. Anyway, Two-Bit...haven't read any yet. But if I get the time, I'll search him in the character bar and see what comes up. EDIT: I just realized something today: Two-Bit has his own protectiveness as well...kind of like Darry's but gentler, like a "Don't you dare do that! Don't even think about it! Don't be upset with me, I just want you to be careful, that's all." So, it will be interesting to see how authors handle that...
1/8/2008 . Edited 1/9/2008 #12
3/16/2008 #13
Wow...that's nice, I guess...what's with the caps? LOL
3/17/2008 #14
3/17/2008 #15
Well, I think the Outsiders has/had enough drama without adding sisters. I'm not big on the idea of sister fics. But that's just me. :)
3/17/2008 #16
thats true there is alot of drama, i still like the idea of a sister fanfic! but it is your opinion. OMG my friend would kill you if she found out you liked Soda!lol! i like Soda but probably not much as you!
3/17/2008 #17
I don't like sister fics because I find it hard to make them realistic, that's all.
3/17/2008 #18
ok. anyway like i said and others have said before we all have different opinion. no ones opinion is wrong(ok that sounded really gay.lol)
3/17/2008 #19
Arcanum Paradox

I don't understand why sisters have to be created for Outsiders romances. Two-Bit and Shepard have sisters, I can't stand Dallas' sister from New York who is both "tuff and tough." And yes, I saw that in a story.

4/8/2008 #20

You guys are so right.

The Curtis sister thing is soooo stupid I can't stand it. And when they pair the sister up with someone like Dally or something seems stupid too.

I believe that Steve could have a sister. I tried righting a FanFiction about Steve having a sister (Cause I kinda like Steve in the book and think he should have been a little more important) but all I got for reviews was "Steve doesn't have a sister!". After I got so many of those I deleted it and decided that kind of review doesn't count as "Creatively criticizing" my story.

5/12/2008 #21

well personally i like only one curtis sister fic which was with Lily (children can be cruel)

but i don't like any other sister fics, because most of the time they pair them up with people in the gang and i hate that! its just not believable and realistic at all.

7/26/2008 #22

Wow, it's been a while since I have stepped into this fandom...

Anyways, back to the original topic, I have to say I only have problems with Sisters that aren't supposed to be sisters. Like the Curtis Sister, the Cade Sister, the Winston Sister, and the Shepard Sister. There was no mention of any other siblings, (well, I can't vouch for Dallas) so why should a girl magically become apart of the family?

I'm okay with Steve having a sister, because we really don't have a backstory for him. Sure, we know he lives with his dad, but what else do we know about his family/personal life? Steve's an interesting character to play around with, yet be realistic.

The Two-Bit Sister story is okay with me, but I only like to see her as a youngster. For some reason I always saw her as a five to ten year old. (I wrote a humorous story about him letting his eight year old sister adopt a mean kitty once, but it's now deleted.) Also the fact that I think that Two-Bit can deal with younger kids. Though, if it's a character around his age, or Ponyboy's, that's still alright with me.

If it is a Sister story with one of the family names, then I hope that it's well written and not following the Mary Sue brigade.

10/30/2008 #23
Arcanum Paradox

Shepard does have a sister, she's mentioned in "That Was Then, This is Now". Two-Bit has a sister mentioned as well...

10/31/2008 . Edited 10/31/2008 #24

Okay so, the Curtis family and Johnny's family don't have a sister. Period. In my opinion, they're worse than Sue fics (unless they're REALLY well written) because they completely disregard the canon facts.

Dally could have a sister, but he probably wouldn't care about her, the same way he doesn't care about the rest of his family.

Two-bit sister and Steve sister fics are fine... as long as they stay IC.

11/5/2008 #25
Arcanum Paradox

Dally could have a sister, but he probably wouldn't care about her, the same way he doesn't care about the rest of his family.

I'm sure that the rest of his family cares less about him. If Winston had a sister, I'm sure that he would have turned out a bit differently. It doesn't matter how one tries to write it, Dallas' character would be changed if a sister is added to the mix.

My problem with sister fics is that there isn't any need for them. Why not just write in an OC that isn't a "greasy-girl" and be done with it? I'm sure there's someway to write a proper romance in the Outsiders fandom.

11/6/2008 #26
Pink Lemonade 13

I don't have a problem with Two-Bit Sister Fics or Steve ones. It's the Curtis Sister Fics that get under my skin. For Pete's sake people, the narrator was a Curtis. Surely if he had a secret sister named Candycorn who was kidnapped when she was seven he would have mentioned it. I don't really have a problem with Dallas or Johnny ones, but they seem rather hard to pull off correctly (They all are, come to think of it).

I've read a few really good Two-Bit Sister fics, Steve ones as well, and I really enjoyed them. I like well written sister fics, but I guess I'd rather it just be a regular OC.

11/8/2008 #27
Arcanum Paradox

Lol, Candycorn! And yet, sadly enough, I've seen a character named "Butch."

I kid you not.

I have a problem with The Outsiders OCs altogether, I just feel that imaginary sisters are written incorrectly for the time period. That's the largest and most potent problem I see in the fandom. The OCs never follow the actual setting. They're either wearing inappropriate clothing, have names that resemble those that have become popular recently, or interacting with the characters poorly. I do not want to see a girl fighting along with the rest of the gang, it just wasn't done back then. Would Winston honestly enjoy having a girl watch his back? No!

Girls didn't (commonly) wear leather jackets and jeans, nor were their names Devon or Butch. I know that the slogan for FFN is "Unleash You Imagination" but there's just some ideas that should be kept fenced in...

11/9/2008 . Edited 11/9/2008 #28
Pink Lemonade 13

Butch? Was it a girl or guy because that's my Grandpa's nickname. Honestly.

And I completely understand about the ideas you just shouldn't write about. I read a sister fic about Dallas Winston's younger sister who kissed and flirted with everyone in the gang and Dally was suddenly dating her best friend and turning in Soda. Then, out of nowhere the sister is making out with Tim Shepard in a dark alley. I was scared. And the worst part is that it was recommended to me by my best friend from school as an 'extremely well written fic'. WTF?

11/9/2008 #29
Arcanum Paradox

I believe people's minds become befuddled when they run into Outsiders fics.

And yes, Butch was a girl.The thing that ticks me off about the silly little bints that write the mess is that they aren't open to criticism. You give them helpful advice such as "Butch is not a name that was commonly used by females in the nineteen sixties. There are some sites that could help you come up with better, more accurate names. " And the chicks suddenly go berserkers on me! That's why I haven't read a single fic in that fandom (unless you count the sporking done by NOADs.)

I'm getting way off topic so...

Sister Fic = bad!fic

Everyone should memorize and internalize.

11/9/2008 . Edited 11/10/2008 #30
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