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There are more then just the flock. There are mutiants left behind. Who are they? You decided, along with their fate...
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Yay! Thanks! Someone else can still make him if they want; I'm really bad at RPing boys......

4/21/2011 #31


4/21/2011 #32

He is all yours! :D

4/21/2011 #33


Age: 5

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long silvery blonde hair, pale skin and extremely skinny. She is about 3 foot high and looks very undernourished.

Personality: Wise beyond her years, shy and scared of others, Cassandra mainly observes instead of acting. She is scared of and tormented by her powers.

History: She lived in a school in England for most of her life. She was neglected by the scientists, who thought that their attempts to give her a power had failed. This continued to the extent that they didn't actually notice when she developed a power. She was eventually taken away from that school and ended up at...well which ever school we're in now.

What they are: She has dove dna, resulting in pure white wings.

*Power: She gets visions of the past, the future and the present.

4/22/2011 #34

CASSIECASSSIECASSSIE!! *Drags into the roleplay*

4/22/2011 #35

Yaaaaaaaaaaay! She's my baby....

4/22/2011 #36

Names: Alex

Age: 15

Gender: male

Appearance: short dark brown hair, dark eyes which are almost black. large build. six feet.

Personality: Silent. He is also a bad guy but shhh no one knows.

History: Was left and English school. Now in the other one.

What they are: 2% Peregrine Falcon.

Power: Telepathic

4/22/2011 #37

Aislinns twin?

4/22/2011 #38

Yeah, he okat?

4/22/2011 #39

He is very awesome :D. And it is also a coincidence, as my name is Alex XD. Well, that's what my family call me anyway. My name is so flipping long, that I have loads of abbreviations, so different people call me different things XD.

4/22/2011 #40

lmao really!? //smart

4/22/2011 #41

You are indeedy a mind reader XD. Funnily enough, one of my nicknames is Andi....XD. Along with Alessa, Aly, Arya, Ara.....XDXD

4/22/2011 #42

what about Ari?

4/22/2011 #43

What as in my name or the character? XD

No one's called me Ari yet, actually....

My first name is Alessandra-Rose.....ouch....:S

4/22/2011 #44

The Arya came from the fact that it sounds a bit like the ra part at the end of my name, and also because I sing quite a bit of opera XD

4/22/2011 #45

Even if it's meant to be spelt Aria with an I in opera. Meh, my friend Becca named me, and we thoguht it would be interesting to spell it with a Y XD

4/22/2011 #46
Darling Dai

I have 12 random nicknames, just because my friends can't remember or pronounce my real name..

4/22/2011 #47

:S. What is your real name? That's a stalkery question, sorry, feel free to ignore it XD

4/22/2011 #48

Who me?

4/22/2011 #49

I meant Skittles, but you can say if you want :D.

4/22/2011 #50

My name's Brandon

4/22/2011 #51

Cool :D. Well y6ou already know mine, so feel free to call me whatever you want, though most people call me Sapphy/Saph/Sapphire. :D I am a girl of many names XD Oh my user picture changed!

4/22/2011 #52

Chuu my Sapphy!

4/22/2011 #53

And you are my Puppy *Glompage*

4/23/2011 #54

hey saph. How are you on this fine day?

4/23/2011 #55

Heeyyy! okay so i hust read the whole thing and i think you guys are doing soo great, i would absolutly LOVE to join in :)




Appearance:She has jet black hair with sky blue eyes, she has VERY pale skin, 5'2, and has black wings with white running through them, she also has a pure white and black tail, that of a white tiger.

Personality:Skye is very shy and usually only talks when spoken to, unless she really likes the person. Earning her trust is a huge feat, but once you have it she trusts you absolutly.

History:Skye lived a happy life, up until she was 3 anyway, the day after her birthday her parents were killed in a hit and run. Her older sister took care of her then, but it wasnt the best life because her sister had a drug addiction. At the age of 5 she was taken from her home while her sister was lying on the couch passed out. She was mutated almost straight away, causing her to have wings and a tail.

What they are:Human avian tigerx


Thanks all :D

4/23/2011 #56


BTW your about to make me cry with all this saddness :'(

4/23/2011 #57

Accepted...but why are we making you cry?

4/23/2011 #58

i dont want Jak to go but its all good, thanks :)

4/23/2011 #59

Lmao ))

4/23/2011 #60
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