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There are more then just the flock. There are mutiants left behind. Who are they? You decided, along with their fate...
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Darling Dai

Lol, *pokes Sapphy* Staaaaallker. XD

4/23/2011 #61

Moi? *Looks around innocently* Well...maybe....*whistles* I mean, I may have a degree in Stalking from the University of Stalking and I may have a Stalking Licence and possess a suspicious anorak and a pair of large sunglasses...*coughs slightly*

4/24/2011 #62


4/24/2011 . Edited 4/24/2011 #63

Names:Itex Director (ID)

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Appearance: Wears a dark Suit

Personality: Evil. Sick Twisted

History: Took control of Itex, about twenty years ago, and has made any creatures lives miserble.

What they are: Whitecoat

*Power: Healing hands

5/2/2011 #64

Could you please add more to the appearence so people have a better idea. Also do so with the personality please.

5/2/2011 #65

Name: Othello

Age: 15-ish

Appearance: Vibrant soft curly red hair (not the frizzy kind), and almond shaped grey eyes. Tall (5ft 7 inches) and pale (she's either pale or she burns :P). Snow white wolf ears and a fluffy white tail. Large bat wings

Personality: Tough, mean and somewhat cold. She's quiet, but not timid. Doesn't speak unless spoken to. She doesn't like to be touched. Irritates easily and a very short temper. She likes jokes and funny stuff but not dirty jokes. Tough and mean on the outside, but somewhat sweet on the inside. Paranoid and sarcastic.

What they are: 5% Wolf, 3% Bat, 2% Feline

Power: Whenever she touches something, she gains its abilities, but the moment she lets go, she looses it. But if she eats it, she gets its abilities. Also, echoloction (what bats do).

5/12/2011 #66

Add history please, or else I am unable to accept.

5/12/2011 #67

Name: Aolani "Lani" Diaz

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Appearance: Dark brown/black hair, changes color depending on the lighting. Layered to a few inches short than mid-back. Sparkling dark brown eyes framed by long lashes with tinges of blue and green. Tan silky smooth skin and slim. Petite, stands around 5'1''. Her wings are a bright blue with bright green at the top and yellow edges.

Personality: Intelligent and sarcastic, she often says the first think that pops in her head. She likes to talk to new people sometimes, and she tries to be nice to people, doesn't like disappointing others. She can be lazy, and is not very good at taking intiative. Mostly friendly, but you don't want to get on her bad side. She is quick-thinking and thinks outside the box. Creative and artistic. Is very curious, and sometimes puts her nose where it doesn't belong. She is a bit happy-go-lucky and picks things up easily. She's impatient and stubborn and sometimes leaves things until the last minute.

History: Born to a Filipino couple in Hawaii, Aolani was kidnapped from her home state at age 4. Her fate was to be sent to the School to be tested on. She caught the Whitecoat's attention because of her ability to pick things up easily and her swimming ability and he wanted to enhance that. Injecting Macaw DNA in her at first, then adding the dolphin, the whitecoat hoped for good results. And good they were, her swimming ability enhanced greatly and she was able to breathe underwater. To her delight, and one of the few they were, she was able to imitate others' voices. This was one of her only amusements living in the school.

She was often experimented on, and she resented it but went along with it anyways, it wasn't like she could do anything about it. At least that's what she thought. But on her 12th birthday, she decided she had had enough and she busted out. She's been in a couple eraser scrapes, but had some help from another mutant that had busted out earlier. The two traveled together for a while, until he died from a gunshot. Now she's on the run.

What they are: 93% human, 4% Macaw, 3% Pantropical Spotted Dolphin (It's from the Philippines XD)

*Power: Water manipulation (including healing, freezing, and making it do whatever she wants it to do) voice imitation, she can imitate anyone's voice even after only hearing it once. Extremely good at swimming and can hold her breath underwater for a long period of time.



If the water manipulation is too much, I can take it off. XD

And I hope this is okay.

5/14/2011 . Edited 5/14/2011 #68


5/15/2011 #69

Thanks! :)

5/16/2011 #70

Hey is it too late to make a character?It took me AGES to figure out how to post,which,yes,is stupid because there's a reply button right in front of my face,but oh well.Anyways,sorry for the trouble,but just in case it isn't too late then here they be!

Name:Jag{short for Jagger}



Appearance:Tall and slender,5'11,Dark black hair,short and spiky,a little bit of a tan,amber eyes.Dark gray wings wing light gray streaks and black tips,has wolfish teeth,wears a gray tank top with long slits in the back,a leather jacket to hide the wings,and jeans

Personality:Kinda laid back,irresponsible,but loyal to the ends of the Earth,even though sometimes she gets JUST a tad mischeivious(what?what do you mean a little more than a tad?she's just an angel!*eyes get all wide and completely fake*

History:Woke up one night in a dog crate when she was 6,went all berserker,broke the cage,flew(to her surprise) out of the lab she was kept in,met Wolf,and has been on the run ever since then.

What she is:95% human,2% bird,3% wolf

Powers:Can go into a berserker mode where her strength is increased and she temporarily cannot feel pain,Fly,raptor vision,Can break into anything(hacking,lockpicking,etc.)Can go invisible

okay,that's one of is the other.

Name:Wolf(or Wolfy)



Appearance:Tall and lean,but muscular.6'0.Spiked up black hair,tan,expressive gray eyes,wears a black tank top with long slits,a leather jacket to hide the wings,and dark jeans.Black wings with Gray streaks and light orange edging.Wolfish teeth,Long,gray,wolf tail.three scars on each cheek looking like short whiskers

Personality:quiet at first,but once you get to know him,really fun and laid back.Loyal and Protective.

History:Grew up in a dog crate,but busted out when the scientists opened the cage door for more tests.Ran out of the holding room,through the testing room,to the main entrance then busted down the wooden door and did an up and away.He was six.Shortly he found Jag and helped her(she was sick)until she was fine.The plan was to leave when she was better but stayed with her and has been on the run with her ever since.

What he is:55% human,3% bird,42% wolf

Powers:Can shift into a wolf,Has super strength,Can speak wolf,has ice breath,Fly,Raptor vision,can teleport.

That's all.Hope it's not too late.If it is sorry for the trouble.-ZaBuZA

9/2/2011 #71

Zabu This rp has been dead for a while. But I can take into my maximum ride rp

9/2/2011 #72

Yeah that would be great!

9/2/2011 #73
Os the reborn

(Here goes nothing...)

Name: Osmius Quatarius, The eternal paranoia.

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Appearance: a bit creepy due to experiments. Pitch black skin, 3 pure white eyes, sewed shut mouth, no nose, tears of blood coming from his eyes, 6 foot 11, 45 pounds. Wears only a pair of black military cargo pants.

personality: extreme hatred towards whitecoats, has no feelings or trust to anyone else.

History: Osmius was born and raised in a top secret level of the school. He was experimented on to use fear as a legitimate weapon. Hopelessly tortured and experimented on, Osmius became the walking definition of the word fear. He escaped, and now stalks whitecoats while avoiding regular people and trying not to scare other mutants.

What they are: Embodiment of fear.

Power: Teleportation, razor claws, night vision, eternal aura of paranoia that makes people afraid when near him. Extremely high regeneration abilities, able to heal from gunshot wounds in about ten minutes for a benchmark.

Other: wields a 150 pound sledgehammer with ease, and it has the skull of his brother on the bottom of the handle.

5/4/2015 #74
Os the reborn

Ignore that previous thing, I hadn't noticed this was dead.

5/4/2015 #75

Name: Lukas (aka Ventus )

Appearance: 4'3, Cloud white wings, Black Emo hair (like Fang). Usually wearing a black tank top with camo cargo shorts and stolen green Jordans.

age: 7

Personality: Caring no matter what, even when in a fight. Very shy. Tends to hold on to ones shirt just to not feel lonely. Very emotional (like [email protected] emotional).

Bio: Was sold to whitecoats at birth. Was experemented on till I escaped at age 6 by swiping a whitecoat's ID pass and key and unlocked my cage and other mutants cage. Then we all over powered the scientists and erasers and escaped. Still currently on the run from whitecoats with no home to go to

4/12/2017 #76
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