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There are more then just the flock. There are mutiants left behind. Who are they? You decided, along with their fate...
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Project Areo are the ones telling me this.

5/9/2011 #31
Darling Dai

What's Project Aero?

5/9/2011 #32
Project Aero? The ones that go around reporting stories?
5/10/2011 #33
Darling Dai

Er, I'm confused? What is it? oAo

Sapphy, would it be okay if I moved Cress, if you're not posting?

5/10/2011 #34
I think it's this forum that go around reporting fics they think aren't good enough and sub your own...:S

Sure, of course, sorry. I've had a concert today and it's late now so I'm getting ready for bed and won't be able to go on many forums, sorry...:(

Oh and Coke, if they get on your back about spelling and stuff, I'm a beta :D.
5/10/2011 #35
Darling Dai

Oh, that actually sounds kind of... Cool.... 0/////0

No biggie... It's just that Riksie's charries are alone, and I don't want to leave them like that..

5/10/2011 #36
I don't like conflict so I'm not going to take sides...:S

S'okay; you can also feel free to control any character I may have if I'm not online at any time :D

5/10/2011 #37
Darling Dai

No, I was talking about the concert... I've never been to one..

No! I... I don't like over using people's characters... I always get worried I'll do something wrong..

5/10/2011 #38
Oh sorry! XD. It was actually a school concert- I was singing :). I've been to a Nerina Pallot concert though, and few others; my dad owns a stage lighting company, so sometimes I tag along to gigs :).

Aw, okay, don't worry about it then :). Someone else can do it; they'll need to, my exams start on Monday...:S brb, taking out contacts...

5/10/2011 #39
Darling Dai

Oh, coolio~ I've sang in concerts, actually, I have one soon.... But I've never been to one! I want to go to one so bad...

5/10/2011 #40
Oooh, good luck! What type of singer are you?

I'm going to a Within Temptation concert in the autumn :D

5/10/2011 #41


5/10/2011 #42
Darling Dai

Primarily Soprano One! I can go down to low tenor/high beritone, though!

Lucky! :P

Hi Puppy!!

5/10/2011 #43

Dats so cool Dae~


5/10/2011 #44
Darling Dai

The only good thing about my singing is probably my range. ^^ It's totally insane, I think it's eight octaves...

5/10/2011 #45
Cool :D I'm a Dramatic Coloratura Soprano, according to Wikipedia, anyway :D. My highest recorded note is D7 (But that hurt!!!!) and myblowest note is still in dispute, but it's at least F2...:)

:P I have no clue what to wear...:S

5/10/2011 #46

Oh wow awesome!!

5/10/2011 #47
5/10/2011 #48
What's your range, using scientific pitch notation?
5/10/2011 #49


5/10/2011 #50
Darling Dai

Right! I love my range! Shame, I don't like my voice, it's too.... Innocent?

My highest note is a... high E, I think. I don't know my lowest. It's just what my director told me... :3

5/10/2011 #51
Well wow, if you have 8 Octaves then you could take on Georgia brown; she has the world record for biggest vocal range; G2-G8, 8 octaves! Look up Georgia Brown vocal range on YouTube! :D
5/10/2011 #52
Darling Dai

Oh, no! I'd rather sing in a choir... Last time I sand alone, I fainted.. ^^"

5/10/2011 #53
Aw no! :(. That's not good! Mind you, I did nearly throw up on stage today because I was so scared...
5/10/2011 #54
Darling Dai

Aw! You okay?

5/10/2011 #55
Yeah, I'm okay now :D I was going to put the video on YouTube...but then I watched it and heard how bad I was and I'm having second thoughts!
5/10/2011 #56
Darling Dai

You can't be that bad, Sapphy! ^0^ I say post it, anyway!

5/10/2011 #57


5/10/2011 #58

hey people

5/10/2011 #59
I could be....I hate the sound of my own voice! Well I have three song covers up already, so you can make up your own mind whether I'm good or not (I'm not very :S). My channel name is SapphireLovesTheSea :)
5/10/2011 #60
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