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Jamie Tiberia Kirk

what happened after high school and before next gen? you can decide

12/31/2011 #1
Luthien Luinwe

Bakura and Ryou were in their shared apartment.

12/31/2011 #2
Jamie Tiberia Kirk

Umeko sighed as she pulled her suit cases out of her apartment and locked the door

12/31/2011 #3
Luthien Luinwe

"When are you leaving for college?" Bakura asked.

"September. Why are you so anxious to get the place to yourself?" Ryou replied.

"Because I won't have to deal with you! Duh."

12/31/2011 #4
Jamie Tiberia Kirk

Umeko groaned as she fell down the stairs her bags fallowing behind her

Sagira stood at the top of the stairs trying not to laugh

12/31/2011 #5
Luthien Luinwe

"Remind me why I'm letting you stay here?" Ryou asked.

"Because you're too nice to throw me out on the street," Bakura replied.

12/31/2011 #6

Meanwhile with Andii and Xelus they both managed to get jobs, Andii was still working at the docks for Kaiba corp to import duel disks while Xelus got an acting job and plays main character roles for some of Shakespeareans plays...just not much ado about nothing.

1/1/2012 #7
Assassin of the Blue Rose

Kaiba sighed and got up out of his bed. His sex drive had been out of control recently.

1/3/2012 #8
Moonshimmer Shadow-Phoenix

Mokuba was downstairs - arguing with Roland.

1/3/2012 #9
Jamie Tiberia Kirk

Umeko ignored Sagira and ran to Kaiba corp, her letter of resignation clutched tightly in her hands as tears fell down her face

1/3/2012 #10
Assassin of the Blue Rose

Kaiba stretched. Kaibacorp was struggling so he'd had to take up a second job- as an actor. He was now shooting Duel Monsters - The lords of the underworld which was basically a film about him and the Yugi-tachi trying to defeat 'The lords of the underworld' played by Bakura, Yako and Pegasus. Which meant he had to put up with them ALL DAY LONG!!!

1/3/2012 #11
Moonshimmer Shadow-Phoenix

Mokuba marched into his brother's bedroom then, slamming the door open so violently and banged off the wall. "Seto, I've really had it! You need to get those three out NOW!" he looked seriously annoyed and pissed off.

1/3/2012 #12
Jamie Tiberia Kirk

(Kaiba as an actor XD oh gods that would be funny)

Umeko tugged at the doors trying to open them. She let out a frustrated scream when not even her key would unlock them

1/3/2012 #13
Assassin of the Blue Rose

"What is it Mokuba, I've got a hangover........." Kaiba asked, his words slurred. He'd also recently taken to drinking with Yako and Pegasus recently, he didn't know why. Looks like he'll be filming with a hangover, again.

1/3/2012 #14
Moonshimmer Shadow-Phoenix

"Those three 'Actors' are drizing me nuts!" Mokuba said, crossing his arms.

1/3/2012 #15
Assassin of the Blue Rose

"Its not my fault that the directors wanted to film here Mokuba, we need the money," Kaiba groaned

1/3/2012 #16
Moonshimmer Shadow-Phoenix

Mokuba muttered, "Maybe if you didn't waste so much on the Blue Eyes based products......"

1/3/2012 #17
Assassin of the Blue Rose

"Or maybe if Von Schroder didn't steal my fucking I.D and use it to pay off ALL of his companies debts...." Kaiba groaned, a blonde 'escort' got up from Kaiba's bed.

1/3/2012 #18
Moonshimmer Shadow-Phoenix

Mokuba gllanced at her and immediately covered his eyes, "AGAIN Seto? Really? Man, I really hope you don't get whiplash....." he shuddered, turning to go.

1/3/2012 #19
Assassin of the Blue Rose

"Err... Actually...." Kaiba looked flustered as three more women got up from his bed.

1/3/2012 #20
Moonshimmer Shadow-Phoenix

"Ugh!" Mokuba made a face, he kept his eyes shut tight, "I just wanted to know if you would come see my band practice? Please Seto?" he'd been bugging his brother for weeks to see him play - just once .But he always got the same response.

1/3/2012 #21
Assassin of the Blue Rose

"I'll try Mokuba... But you know how busy I am," Kaiba said and the four women left when they'd gotten dressed.

1/3/2012 #22
Moonshimmer Shadow-Phoenix

"Okay, we'll be in our practice room. If you need any help let me know, and if you decide to come see.......we'll be there." Mokuba said, smiling slightly. He really wanted Seto to see him play. "Are they gone yet?" he still hadn't opened his eyes,

1/3/2012 #23
Jamie Tiberia Kirk

Umeko called Kaiba mansion tapping her foot on the ground

1/3/2012 #24
Assassin of the Blue Rose

"Yeah, they're gone," Kaiba said before running into the bathroom and being sick.

1/3/2012 #25
Moonshimmer Shadow-Phoenix

The secretary for the Kaibas, Alisa, answered. "Kaiba Household.." she answered.


Mokuba sighed, he followed his brother in, and handed him a bottle of water and some headache medication.

1/3/2012 . Edited 1/3/2012 #26
Jamie Tiberia Kirk

"Hello, I was wondering if Mr.Kaiba was there" Umeko said quietly

1/3/2012 #27
Moonshimmer Shadow-Phoenix

Alisa assumed she didn't mean Mokuba, "Please hold," she got up and went to Kaiba's room, knocking lightly on the door.

1/3/2012 #28
Assassin of the Blue Rose

Kaiba's eyes were bloodshot. He was sick in the toilet.

1/3/2012 #29
Jamie Tiberia Kirk

Umeko sniffed rubbing tears away from her eyes

1/3/2012 #30
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