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Christmas is here!

12/1/2011 #1


12/1/2011 #2

Ahaa, i love christmas! It's 14 days till my birthday as well which means only 24 days till christmas! ahh! im way too excited you would think i was still five

12/1/2011 #3

Lol :P

12/1/2011 #4

Awww, I'm jealous. Birthdays in December always seem so cool.

Pfft, who cares? Like anyone actually acts their age on christmas! ...Unless you're a parent, in which case you really do have to act your age. At least I have younger sisters to hide behind with my excited giggling. :D

12/1/2011 #5

Right, I'm off. I'll speak to thee tomorrow. Night, all!

12/1/2011 #6

This has become a chat thing rather than a rp thing, okay byeeee, i have to go to a uni tomorrow with people i dont no im nervous lol

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12/1/2011 #8


12/1/2011 #9

its an expression

12/1/2011 #10

I just growl at things when im angry so i thought u were angry...

12/2/2011 #11

You're right, I think we should start the RPing off. We just had to familiarize ourselves, I think. :D

12/2/2011 #12

so should we continue from the other one here? or start a whole new dramaless one?

12/2/2011 #13
I vote for d
12/2/2011 #14


Alec sat in the living room craddling his baby girl who had just fallen asleep.

12/2/2011 #15

"I'm sure Alice wouldn't mind if you name her just for now."

12/2/2011 #16

Emmett hummed a merry little song to himself, arms ladled down with tinsel, christmas lights and streamers, not forgetting the circle of holly perched on his head. Walking into the living room, he saw the sleeping baby and melted into a tiptoe walk, eyes wide and focused on being quiet.

12/2/2011 #17

Alec placed Dallas down lightly, laughing quietly at Emmett. "She's not that much of a light sleeper you know?"

12/2/2011 #18

Emmett nodded, grinning.

"Yeah, I guessed," He whispered. "But, Rosalie threatened my manhood if I upset her, so..."

He mimed zipping his lips shut, turning back to the colourful mess. Quietly dumping them onto the ground, he stared at them for several seconds before curiously glancing at Alec out of the corner of his eye.

"Hey... When you were with the volturi, did you celebrate Christmas? It's just... I once met Heidi and she complained about the lack of festivity."

12/2/2011 #19

Alec chuckled, "Well, jane celebrated in her own special way but it wasn't exactly a big celebration, no tree or anything unless you had one in your room and most of the time we were off sorting things so we were never there, so not much christmas really." He said. "You want help with the decorations?"

12/2/2011 #20

Emmett frowned, hands full of tinsel frozen in mid air.

"Well, that sucks." Brightening quickly, he smiled at Alec. "Well, now's a perfect time to learn how the Cullens celebrate Christmas." He gestured him over, nodding. Looking down at the assortment of Christmas goodies, he rubbed his hands together. "We've got lights, tinsel, holly, streamers, mistletoe, lametta," He held some stringy object up, squinting in confusion. "And we've got whatever the hell this is." Throwing the unknown object back, he grinned. "Take your pick, Broseph."

12/2/2011 #21

Rosalie held Alice's hand, "Please.. Something"

Alice tighten the grip on Rosalie's hand.


12/2/2011 #22

Emmett dropped the christmas ornaments, eyes rising to the ceiling.

12/2/2011 #23

"Thank goodness, you are in there" Rosalie smiled brightly.

12/2/2011 #24

Lola no drama remember;)

Alec started to put up the mistletoe.

12/2/2011 #25

DX She's waking up thats not dramaaa

12/2/2011 #26

This is a seperate one, she could just be shopping rather than half dead

12/2/2011 #27

Emmett shook his head, glancing at Alec.

"Sorry man, my phone vibrated upstairs. Damned instincts." He smiled at the mistletoe in Alec's hands, absentmindedly untangling the christmas lights. "Lot of good memories there, my friend. Make sure you hang one up in all entrances," He winked. "Christmas is the best excuse for stolen kisses."

12/2/2011 #28

"I bet Rose loves it." Alec chuckled, "There's enough decorations to cover the house twice over!" Alec said shocked going through the stuff

12/2/2011 #29

Emmett nodded slowly, eyebrows furrowed.

"Well, yeah. We've got the outside to do as well. The girls like the festivity; the quicker it's done, the sooner the fun." He plugged in a long wire of christmas lights, smiling at the silver glow. "We don't do things half-hearted here."

12/2/2011 #30
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