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WHAT? There's no forum in Anime/Manga category.. Well I'll make one! xD So here you can discuss all about Inazuma Eleven series and chat with fellow Inazuma Lovers. Sakkā Yaroze! :D
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Need help? Are you seriously stuck? Don't know what to write about? Questions?

Here you can find all the help you want C:

6/29/2011 #1

Well, ugh, I actually need some kind of help.

I'd like to do a story with my characters but I'm not sure who to choose.

Between these two.

Rena Akuhei and Emil Kuri Shinigami.

Plus, I'm not sure what to write about.

I'll tell you some details.

Type: Romance, friendship and humor accepted. (STRONGLY wanted Humor and Friendship or Humor and romance. I want Humor xD)

Length: A one-shot

Rated: P-13 please ;^;

Will you be mentioned: Yes, I will mention everyone who has helped me ^^

If you pick Rena: Nothing to say.

If you pick Emil (No, not me): Set in the future please? (Not 10 years later, in 2140, if you know what I mean? ;D)

Stalk my profile to know more information on them!

6/29/2011 #2

Hmm... I dunno yet, but I think that the future one would be good.

((Actually I'm planning on writing an OC's one-shot collection. :D Let's just see when I have time for that XD))

But I would like to read one that is setting on the future.I cannot think any good idea yet, but but but...

Hmm... maybe something like she was once, (when she was just a little kid) rescued by a mysterious boy. Then he left her without any words. She wanted to thank him and seached for many yeas not realising that he had always been next to her protecting her (like a childhood friend or neigbour or something...) XD... okay sorry the idea was kinda of O.o

Aiko: Where on eath you get those Ideas? Moreover the plot seems familiar??

Yukiko: The combination of one DC's case and Rizelmine... are you out of your mind?? O.o

I dunno... I have no idea what I'm writing XD

6/29/2011 . Edited 6/29/2011 #3

Ahh, wait, if your talking about Emil I wanted to make her past a little like, 'being rescued by a guy'.

But I'd like it to be like, I dunno, ugh, like something weird happens one day and, and.... I dunno what it is and how it will end xDD Or something else....

Just humours xDD

(Just in case, Emil is Ogre's Manager~ Played once, maybe I'll make it about three times and Rena plays in the Inazuma Eleven GO team 8DD)

I'll be nice I'll re-post the info xDD

"Name: Emil Kurai Shinigami English: Emil Lilith Hades Nickname(s): Age: 14 Gender: Female. Race: Human Crush: Possible crush on Badarp. Likes: Art, Metal and rock music (Mostly English/American), fighting, demonology and cats. Hates: Racists, fakers and pink. Power: Darkness Attitude: She can seem silent, but she is actually demanding, evil-ish and sarcastic. If get on her bad side then expect a punch in the face. Trust me, if she doesn't, there is something wrong there. She'll be arrogant and aggressive to you also. Appearance: Brown hair and red eyes, normal/pale skin. She has a few scars on her right cheek and a plaster on her right fore head. Common Quote: "I feel so sorry for those, little boys~" (When Ogre is about to play against another team) "Ever heard of infititive? That's our level. Infinity!" Facts: -She is very interested in Demonology.

- Her name means, Emil Dark Grim-reaper.

- In her English name her middle name is a demon and her last name is a God/King. Lilith was Adam's first wife, who appeared to be a demon. Hades, is the Greek god of the underworld.

- Her first friend from Ogre was Eskaba. Also, at first, she seemed to hate Misutore, but didn't mind him over time.

- She is Ogre's manager, she though once got to play with them, she replaced Dorah."

(Yes Dorah is a midfielder... or forward? From Ogre xDDD I found his name on the wiki.)

Well, maybe I'll do it a two-shot and the second chappy can be how she(Emil) became Ogre's manager : DD

Sorry xD

But I need something for the first one.

So yeah, I'd do Emil Kurai Shinigami. xD


6/29/2011 #4

oh my god, I'm so bad with humor... sorry... -___-''

Aiko: Says a person who... Dunno...

Yukiko: *face palm* you two are so useless ---

6/29/2011 #5

It's ok xDD;;

Hmm, though can you think of anything mysterious?

6/29/2011 #6
Chin Suginei

By mysterious... could you expand it a little?

6/30/2011 #7

Mysterious. Like something strange happens and in the end. It' just something REALLY little and like they did a lot of things for nothing xD (EXAMPLE they strat looking for something everywhere and in the end it was in someone's locker, but I'm not sure if I want to do that xDD;;)

Or, you can come up with something else really funny. xD;

6/30/2011 #8
Chin Suginei

How about... like, they were looking for someone and in the end that someone was actually among them from the start! And will... you don't have to explain how, that will increase some more imagining space for the readers.

6/30/2011 #9

Ah sorry ^^;;

Although, that would be sort of being dumb if they where there all the time cause Emil (being some sort of teacher xD) Would call out everyone's names xDD;;

Anything else?

6/30/2011 #10
Chin Suginei

You can make it like a hidden name or something... okay never mind.

Let's see... how about... they are looking for someone known as... some cool title... and then they realized that the person is actually the main character of your story. The main character doesn't know about it at first either... well, it's hard to explain, but...

6/30/2011 #11

Well, I wanted to make Emil the main character xDD;;

But you gave me an idea.

Thanks x3

(PFF, YOU should totally do that story xDD;;)

6/30/2011 #12

Of course to add it some mystery, the thing that happens should be a rumor. Like "Did you know, there's a girl who drowned last year and now her ghost appeared in there." Okay that was example rumor so please don't use it XD

Though rumors are used very often, so I dunno... maybe you should use something else, like mystery notes left by someone which leads them so someone (the target...) or something... phuaa... as always my ideas are no good XD

Aiko: Then why you're saying those all??

Yukiko: She's an idiot, that's why X)

Okay, I'm too tired to battle with you two.

Aiko&Yukiko: *smirk* Yes we won!!!

6/30/2011 #13

-Emil loves demonology, so you just gave me an idea xD-

6/30/2011 #14

oh, glad to be help ^^

6/30/2011 #15

Thanks again :'D

And thank you MatsukazeYuka w

6/30/2011 #16
Chin Suginei

I'm glad to help~! And please just call me Yuka. I hope you update that story soon~

6/30/2011 #17

i'm just a little bit caught in the middle.

OC's are a maze and plot is a riddle.

i don't know what to write

can't do it alone i tried

and i don't know why......

i can't figure it out

it's bringing me down

i know,

should i let it go?

=.=" okay, sorry, but I'm a lenka-lover! and i love this song XD

anyways, any help with "sleepaway camp" ?

7/1/2011 #18

I need help too! Anyway, hi minna! I really wanted to write out an ocs story. I meant lots of ocs in a story. I mean! ..........everyone gives ocs for my story. Yes! I've finally know what to say! However, I can't think of one. I was thinking of making a story of endou in high school and the ocs could appear in them, but I don't think it would work. It's not interesting enough.

7/1/2011 #19
Chin Suginei

Oh god... when you say interesting...

How about this? Um... you could write about Endou and the others life after graduating from UNIVERSITY. Like how they work and if they meet each other now and then... you can also write about Endou bumping into somone and suddenly realized after that guy left that it was-random character- and chase after him/her... then let the story progress from there on.

7/1/2011 #20

university... that's not bad idea... I mean like he can still study in university and then is looking for a work or something. Then he would meet like Yuka-chan already said -a-random-character- but it appeares that she/he -is-not-so-random-at-all... If a girl, maybe something like childhood crush, though not know if it works with Endou XD if it was anyone other that would work, but Endou is... how would you say it, a chara who belongs to everyone XD. But well if it's a boy (a man xD) then he can be something like childhood friend neigbour who moved away years ago and so he want's so meet this person and starts to seach for him or her XD. (Of course he can be a crush too... like Kazemaru or someone... That if you want to make yaoi story, but let's say I DID NOT SUGGEST FOR THAT XDD) In the middle of the way, both in university and at his work he meets the other Oc's and something like that XD

Ah, also I started new story, Music Roll and I need some OC's so feel free to add your Oc's if you yet haven't :))

~ deshii

7/1/2011 #21

Hmm... then about the sleep away camp :)) I dunno, maybe you should write something like they're going there by a boat (ah no I mean by a ship of course) since plane is too boring to write XD there the Oc's and IE cast slowly start to meet each other. Or the other choise is that they already arrive at the camp (some in time, some are late...) for example my twins Oc's can be late... since they always are XD

AxY: HEY!!

and then they start the camp. Some will go collect the wood, some would put up the tents and some will make the food. ((note: Aiko is the worst cooker ever XD oh and don't let her into the woods or she might faint when seeing a bug))

Aiko: HEY!!

buehee... i dunno, that's maybe it. hope it was a little of a help X)

~ deshii

7/1/2011 #22
Chin Suginei

Saku-senpai's idea is pretty good. You can say something about them doing camp stuff with their old hissatsu, or make them pair up to do different stuff... that is if you want to create romance stories... take Saku-senpai's OC Aiko for example, let's say she got tricked, or lose in a game of rock paper scissors, and she has to go in the woods to collect wood. And then she got so frightened that she couldn't walk forwards or go back, and THEN her crush(sorry, don't know) comes out and saves her!

7/1/2011 #23

well, good idea, but I want the charas to be like around 13 - 15. like in the show. I think they look cute. Being an adult is ruining their cuteness. gomen Sakuchii-san. I'm really sorry. Any other ideas?

7/1/2011 #24

the woods!


i just had a stroke of brilliance ......... haha , i think this idea might work!

Gouenji and Rika have a fight, so they have a boys v/s girls match to settle it and the team which loses has to spend a night in the woods which are said to be haunted.........

but the match gets tied and so both teams have to go.

*evil grin* now i'm gonna start writing it.

thanks for your help guys!

7/1/2011 #25
Chin Suginei

No prob, and good luck!

Okay now... Sweet-Cool-Twins-senpai...

Yuka: Don't make this harder for both of us *cracks knuckles*, shall we do this the hard way or the easy way?

Er... do not pay any attention to her... *sweatdrops* Okay... 13-15...Let's say... someone is going to transfer. How about Kidou? Let's say he's going back to Teikoku~! Then the others try to make him change his mind or stop him from going to Teikoku in ridiculous ways, you can also make it heartwarming or both. Let the story progress from there, it'll come to you after you wrote the first basic chapter or paragraph. Hope this helped~

7/1/2011 #26

gomen about that. Thankies! Then, how are the ocs in this?

7/1/2011 #27
Chin Suginei

Well... I'm not sure. May be you can have some OCs at Teikoku and some at Raimon? Then they start to butt in with the plan or you can let at least one of the OCs become the character who keeps messing things up, making Endou's plan fail every time. That OC has to be extremely dense, whil the others all figure out what the Raimon guys are doing, that certain OC just doesn't seem to get it, if you know what I mean...

7/2/2011 #28

Well.... You can drop their age to 13-15 if you want XD I mean you don't have to be in university to meet up with a person from you childhood XD

7/2/2011 #29
Chin Suginei

Well yeah, but it would be much more exciting if the IE characters... wait, you can write about how they met during their first year of middle school!

7/2/2011 . Edited 7/2/2011 #30
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