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Deleted Word Document
Chloe broke a window in a warehouse and climbed in, not bothering to pick up the broken glass. She lied down and fell asleep.
4/11/2012 #5,971

((Well, I was looking for this website that led to this thing for talkting to my spanish friends, and then, this ad for um *coughs* gay porn popped up, and of course I accidentally click it, and now I have just been scared......... ten fold....... 0__________0 Um, anyone have a gun so I can blow my brains out now????))

4/11/2012 #5,972
alice nallie
She tilted her head to the side. "Wha- Nevermind. Um, anything, whatever we have, I guess." - Wolfy regained himself before answering, "W-We're still NAKED!"
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Deleted Word Document
((sorry blue))Rya sat down on another bench and covered her face with her hands in shame of herself. If she was just more organized she wouldn't have lost it!!!((g2g eat, brb in 20min at most.))
4/11/2012 #5,975

((Thats not the problem, it's the fact that I couldn't find the exit button for about a minute....... 0_____0 ))

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4/11/2012 #5,978

((I plan on it =--------= I feel so......creeped out now O_____O ))

4/11/2012 #5,979
Deleted Word Document
Not an hour late Chloe woke up to a sharp pain in her side. "*bleep*" she muttered.
4/11/2012 #5,980
Deleted Word Document
((aw bye Eric))
4/11/2012 #5,981
JuliaOdom is Dauntless


4/11/2012 #5,982
Deleted Word Document
((hi Julia))Rya headed back to the library to print another copy of the paper.
4/11/2012 #5,983
JuliaOdom is Dauntless

Arith smiled and took his hand.

4/11/2012 #5,984
(O_O Well then... *AWKWARD TURTLE*) "I can make...." Kris thought of the things he could cook. "Toast?" *+*+*+*+*+* Caramal collapsed in a fit of giggles, waving her feet around in the air. She slif her feet up Wolfy's short because they were COLD! "Coldness!"
4/11/2012 #5,985
Darling Dai

(Hey-lo, guys! How are ya'll doing?)

4/11/2012 #5,986


4/11/2012 #5,987
alice nallie

(What I'd like to know is why you clicked the ad...) Alice smiled. "Works for me... Now, run and do that... I have a surprise." - Wolfy giggled and shivered at the feel of her cold toes. He pulled out her foot, kissed it, and played This Little Piggy with her toes.

4/11/2012 #5,988

((Well, I was on the website, and you know how those big pop ups appear right on your screen as you click to go somewhere else...well yeah, I was trying to find my friends name on the site, and it randomly popped up right as I clicked.... *facedesk* I hate my life......))

4/11/2012 #5,989
Deleted Word Document
Rya reached the library and proceded to print another copy of the paper.
4/11/2012 . Edited 4/11/2012 #5,990
Kris ran and did just that, returning to the room with 4 pieces of toast, one with grape jelly, one with butter, another plain, and the last with strawberry jam. On the tray there was a large bowl of colorfuk fuit, cantalope, blackberries, blueberries, and the most romantic fruit of all, strawberries. "Here you go." *+*+*+*+*+*+* Caramal squealed and laughed like a little kid because mentally she was still one. Shutting her eyes she wriggled around, trying to free her feet.
4/11/2012 #5,991
Deleted Word Document
Rya snatched the copy of the paper up and carefully placed it in her bag. She walked out of the library with her head down, hoping nobody would see her, but knowing that her hair that hung in her face at the moment was to oddly colored for at least one person not to notice, and there weren't many people around.
4/11/2012 . Edited 4/11/2012 #5,992
Darling Dai

(Hey, Coke~ *glomps back* How are you~?)

4/11/2012 #5,993
Deleted Word Document
((Anyone got a charachter who can notice Rya or whatever?))
4/11/2012 #5,994
alice nallie
Alice spun around, now wearing a fancy, strapless ball gown that reached her toes and spread across the floor. She spun around. "Do you like it?" she asked, beaming at him. - Wolfy laughed with her, smiling as he blew into the palm of her foot.
4/11/2012 #5,995

((Boogy: *kidnaps kloe*))

4/11/2012 #5,996
Deleted Word Document
((DA HECK?!?!?*turns into kitten*M-mew.))
4/11/2012 #5,997

((Boogy:*pets kloe*))

4/11/2012 #5,998
Deleted Word Document
((MEOW!!!*runs away*))
4/11/2012 #5,999

((Boogy:*holds on to kloe cat*))

4/11/2012 #6,000
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